In Which I’m Tempted To Return To My Early-90s Roots

Late this afternoon I went to the DSW to kill some time (and to try on some flip-flops that Megan recommended) before I met David for supper, and after about 15 minutes in the store, I started to shake my head and giggle.


They’re just perfect for an afternoon of chasing kids around the park or the pool, don’t you think?

And please don’t get me wrong: I’m all for a cute wedge or a kicky heel. But if I wore any of those shoes? I’d only be about four quick steps away from a broken ankle.

Now I realize that there are some darlin’ women who are running around this summer in some gravity-defying heels (or as I like to call them: stilts), but Mamaw here needs some arch support. I can still handle a sensible (and dare I say sassy) wedge like this one –

– but if my foot has to deal with a shoe that has more than about a 20 degree angle, I’m toast. I’ll walk around in three-inch heels (and often do) as long as the base of my foot is on a level surface, but as far as wearing shoes that require a steep incline? OH NO MA’AM.

The good news, however, is that my time at the shoe store was not for naught. Because I rediscovered an old friend.

I didn’t buy them, mainly because when I tried them on I had flashbacks of a time when my days consisted of listening to Hootie & The Blowfish and watching the first season of “Friends” and wearing those pleated palazzo pants from The Limited that came in either solid colors or – SHIVER ME TIMBERS – earth-toned floral patterns.

It’s not necessarily a fashion era that I care to revisit. Purely for personal reasons, you understand.

But there’s no question that for sheer comfort, Birkenstocks can’t be beat. I’d forgotten how they’re supportive in all the right places. Well-made. Dependable. And you know what else? I think they’re due for a comeback.

So, just because I’m curious (read: nosy) and because nothing will delight me more than looking at and thinking about shoes all day, let me ask you this: what are your most favorite, most comfortable shoes in the whole wide world? Leave a link if you want. And if your most comfortable shoes are some sort of stiletto-ish wedge, then please know you have my envy and my undying admiration.

My flip-flops and I just think the world of you.

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  1. I wear sandals from Mar to Oct. I switch to Crocs for winter. I do own some white Keds that I wear when it rains year round. And of course, I have boots. It snows once a year here in Virginia and that is good enough for boot wearing!!!

    Sadly, I don’t wear heels much anymore. They are cute, but I am getting old and clumsy. I have some nice sensible black clogs for dress. I don’t even own a dress any more…

    Can I join your Mamaw club?

  2. my bare feet

    nothing better!

  3. Volatile wedge flip flops…Rainbow brand flip flops…Toms. I do wish the Birks would come back into style!!

  4. I live in Europe, so it’s morning here, and time to make the coffee!

    I love my Birkenstocks and wear them a lot here.

    But for all-around comfort, for all seasons but Summer, I love my Dansko clogs. They’re a bit tough on big cobblestones, but overall they are great travel shoes for me, with wonderful arch support.

    In the summer, besides my Birks, I love my Tevas: flip flops and classic velcro-strappy sandlals.

    I walk a LOT over here, and these shoes work great for me!

  5. They’re ugly as sin, but my Crocs are just about the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my feet. Saved my soles in Vegas. :-)

  6. I am in a lifelong pursuit of a pair of comfortable good-looking high heels (higher than 2″) that cost less than $100. If someone leaves a comment here that leads to such a pair of shoes please please do post it on your blog.

    And in other news, I was chatting with my sister yesterday and she said, “Oh, Boo Mama!” She’s a new reader. I said, “I know, isn’t she great?” Blogs are the new reality TV and you’re one of our favorite shows.

  7. Melissa says:

    I teach and so I am on my feet most of the day, so comfort is extremely important to me. I tried Danskos for a while and I loved them, but now they have been retired to the back of my closet and my Alegria shoe collection takes center stage. I have both sandals and closed in shoes and love them both. – sorry I couldn’t get the link to link. :)

  8. I’ve had these for years and they are on their last legs. From Target, in the flip flop aisle….Speedo had a sort of flip flop (nothing between the toe, just the sandle part that goes over the top of your foot). I’ve been told it’s what swimmers wear when they get out of the pool. I LOVE THESE and would wear them to the office every day in the summer if I could.

  9. Ditto what someone else has said about Dansko clogs. At first they don’t seem like they would be comfy, because they’re kind of stiff – but then you realize that they actually support your foot & make everything aligned, from feet to knees to hips to back. And all is right with the world. :-)

  10. Well, I could live in heels. Not the super duper high high heels but a decent sized heel. I have flat feet and I think they look better in heels. I love a flip flop too but I like heels.

  11. I just got these in May. They are my new favorites and so comfortable – plus they have a wedge! But sorry, no stilleto.

  12. misslisslee says:

    I cannot. wear. flip-flops. Really, I just can’t deal with the thong between my toes. This seriously limits my summer comfy sandal possibilities, but I recently found a pair of Croc sandals (strappy slides) that are fabulous. Perhaps even more comfortable than my well-loved Birkenstocks!

  13. I love my Rainbow sandals and my Toms, but in the fall, when I pull my blue jeans back out, I have been known to wear my birkenstock clogs with them! :) …The chocolate brown suede from 1997..I heart them!

  14. These are my go-to shoes this summer for date nights and church and such:

    However, my everyday, wear around the house and pool shoes are these:

    Whatever help I can get, I’ll take!

  15. Flip flops and only flip flops. Even in the winter. Unless my husband takes me to a VERY fancy dinner, I can make flip flops work. I have ’em for every occasion. I’m a Florida girl, what can I say?

  16. Apparently the Birks have made a comeback over on QVC…check it out and enjoy!

  17. Hey! I have always worn REEFS and loved them, but this year my sister turned me on to a flip flop made from yoga mat – the brand is SANUK – they are out of this world! Nothing short of heavenly!


  18. I’m all about the birks on QVC. They have some cuter styles now! I am more of a comfy shoe girl, too!

  19. I think my town (Austin) must be the Birkenstock capital of the world. Or America. We have our own B’stock re-soling factory. Comfortable then (those high school/college years), comfortable now.

  20. I have found a wonderful shoe company called Josef Seibel. They make very comfortable sandals and loafers. I have one pair I’ve worn every summer for 6 years! Good shoes…. (I get mine at Dillards).

    For high heels (and I’m with Mamaw on this one, you just can’t catch a kid in 4 inches), I have discovered Sofft by Bjorn. They are actually comfortable high heels! Love them…

    The older I get, the more I’m trending toward Birkies again…. Looking forward to the day when they are “hip” again…

  21. I am a high heel girl, just can’t help it. Momma loves her some good pumps and wear them daily.

  22. Yellow Box flip flops!!!!

  23. Chacos. I wear them spring through fall. I always hate giving them up in the winter. Although that gives me some time to wear my birkenstock clogs. :)

  24. Michele T says:

    Well, I actually have a broken ankle at the moment. I bought these Merrell sandals for stability and support and OH MY WORD, the comfort!

  25. Flip flops and bare feet are my favorite – but if I have to dress up and wear something a wee bit nicer than rubber shoes or no shoes at all… Mootsies Tootsies make the most comfy shoes ever and I can wear their heels forever and not have ouchie feet.

  26. Hi, love your blog. Have followed you for years. Would like to invite you to visit and/or follow my blog. I’m at:

    Thanks and have a blessed day!

  27. I never left my early 90s roots. I still own and wear my tan suede Birkenstocks in that exact same style. 15 years old and still the most comfy sandals I’ve ever had on my feet!

  28. I’ve had one pair of Birkenstocks in my life, and boy were they comfortable. Ugly, but so comfortable. My husband hated them. Arch support in is so very important at this time of my life. Easy comfort these days comes from New Balance slip on tennies in cute patterns. New Balance also has an awesome insert for their shoes which I highly recommend.

  29. You should totally revisit the birkis. They have a brand called papillon that has cute shades and patterns. I use to wear flipflops from target and old navy a lot but after some foot and ankle issues I switched to these. Go to a Birkenstock store and check them out. Your feet will thank you.

  30. Tevas. The one must-have in my shoe wardrobe. Love ’em!

  31. Those Birks look just like the ones I wear every day (only new :). I also had a few pairs back in the early to mid 90’s… I got rid of them, but after my first kiddo was about 18 months (2003) I decided I needed another pair. I wore them for a while, then they disappeared into my closet. When I noticed my son’s hippy teacher wearing a pair, I missed mine! So, they are my sandal of the summer :) I love them! I’m no fashion guru to be sure, but as a mom of three capri pants and Birkenstocks treat me just fine thank you very much!

  32. I love my Birkenstocks! I put my first pair on in 1990 and I haven’t found anything more confortable!!

  33. Carrie in NYC says:

    Your comment about The Limited completely tickled me. The Limited was the only non-department store in my hometown mall, and I bought absolutely all my clothes there. I wish I could show you my favorite outfit: matching coral raw silk sleeveless blouse with ruffle collar and linen shorts combo, paired with a hoop-y gold belt. It was HOT.

    I also had Birkenstocks, but they were of this variety: I wore them with wide-leg jeans and muted color shirts (pea green, gray, etc.) because it was during the Nirvana/Pearl Jam era, and I was trying to be edgy. KY meets Seattle grunge, if you will. I clearly remember my mom asking, “When do you think you might start wearing color again?”

    As for my current comfortable shoes, I’ve been running to and from work in these: As for sandals, my college years in NC made me a Rainbow worshipper: Over time, they mold to your feet, and the leather makes them a little dressier than a Teva or a Reef.

  34. My son and I spent some time in the airport at West Palm Beach yesterday. There was one lady there who was hobbling around on pencil thin spike heels. We both thought she was nuts.

    I got a pair of payless’s version of Keens. They’re super comfy!

  35. Since back in the days when my father owned a shoe store, I have been in love with Born’s. Alas, I can’t afford them anymore and have to settle for their knock-off cousins at the cheap shoe store. But, if I squint just right, I can almost convince myself they say “Born” and not “Bjorn.”

    As for your 90’s self, I totally expect to see in in St. Louis for LPL this weekend wearing some fab. palazzo pants. You SO need to make that happen.

  36. Bare feet or yellow box flip flops are the way to go in the summer!

  37. Merritt says:

    Since I now need arch support as well, I tried “Fit Flops” and LOVE THEM!!! Please get a pair and see. I wear them every single day. They are a little pricey for flip flops but come in lots of cute colors, and I promise your feet will thank you.

  38. Birke! Pretty much the exact ones in the picture except a suedey plush leather. And they make a new footbed now that is more plush and padded. Love them. I used to be a flip-flop girl all the way but broke my foot while wearing them and my foot dr and PT person would only “allow” one sandal..the Birk! So that began my love affair with the ugliest shoe on earth. : )

  39. These have to be the most comfortable thing I have EVER put on my feet!!

  40. My reef flip flops! I have almost worn holes in the bottom!!

  41. First, I would like to give a shout out to Susan, commenter #4, who lives in Europe and talks of cobblestones. Because my fantasy life in a castle in Europe just did a happy dance.

    Now, my comfortable shoes are: Teva flip flops (I have 300 pair in every color/pattern), Volatile wedge flip flops (seriously, the most comfortable semi-dressy flip flop on the planet), and Uggs (duh.). I do like my Crocs, but am a bit embarrassed that I own a pair AND that they’re bubble gum pink, but comfort is comfort.

    And if the Birk comes back in style, I will also be a happy girl. Takes me straight back to the grunge look of 93 AKA my freshman year in college. Will have to find me some ridiculously thick oatmeal colored socks to wear with them, tho.

  42. Definitely brown leather Rainbow flip-flops. They come in multiple colors now, but the brown will always be classic. They are more comfortable than being barefoot and they don’t look bad, either. Well, at least they didn’t before I spilled stuff all over them.

    These are the ones that I am currently sporting. They are a little pricey as far as flip-flops go, but totally worth every penny. I wear them year after year and am now pining for a pair of the thin strap ones.

  43. Sperry Topsiders – can’t beat ’em, and they come in so many great styles/colors/patterns now!

  44. Flip flops, flip flops and more flip flops. Sometimes I wear Teva mush flip flops. But my favorites are the wedge flip flops from J. Crew with the grosgrain ribbon.

  45. I had no idea that FitFlops were so loved. I am intrigued…

  46. my most comfortable pair of shoes have got to be my jcrew ribbon flip flops! I love those things! Now, I do have to say that when I wore professional clothes (read: suits) every day, I rocked some serious tall pumps. (My favorite were Jessica Simpson brand – I got tons of compliments on any of her shoes I’d wear.) And somehow those crazy shoes were comfortable to me. I felt like I could run 5 miles in them. Now that I wear flip flops every day my feet have forgotten that they loved heels. Now, when I put on my sexy pumps, my feet hurt:(

  47. I discovered Dansko clogs this past winter. They are my new shoe obsession. I wear the professional style…it has a back that doesn’t actually touch our heel. I teach, so I am on my feet ALL day long. In the flip flop category, Reefs can’t be beat in my opinion.

  48. Sally Rogers says:

    I love and adore my birkenstocks in the summer and anything by Bjorn in the fall/winter. :)

  49. My Birkenstocks! I have flat feet and so I wear them all day, mostly every day. This is how I avoid foot and back pain. Thankfully, in Colorado, they have never gone out of style!

  50. I’ve been having a lot of foot problems in the past year and let me tell you Birkenstocks cannot be beat – even the doctor recommends them. So, don’t be afraid! I wear mine ALL THE TIME! And I still love Hootie!

  51. Shannon says:

    Wait, did Birks ever go *out* of style? I think they’re a classic, like denim.

    I love mine. I never liked the two-strapped ones because they felt a little too granola-no makeup-I-was-a-lesbian-in-college to me, but the three strap ones are divine.

  52. Oooh, I love those UNISA shoes you pictured. I am also a huge fan of the WEDGE.
    As I linked to you earlier – I think the Born shoes are my new OBSESSION. Comfy and sooooo cute. I am just in love with all the cute flower numbers they’ve got out right now. LIke these (and while they look like a non-wedge, they are all level ground heels, which I must have.):

  53. I am a big fan of Born shoes. I find them to be a bit pricey at retail BUT you can sometimes find them at TJMax and Marshall’s. I snatch them up when I find them there.

    I literally wore out a pair when pregnant. They are my go-to shoes. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BORNS!!!

  54. My Nike foam flip-flops! It is against my principles to pay more than $5 for flip-flops, so it was a big deal when I bought these. They were SO worth it, though! When I realized how much I loved them, I went back and bought two more pair because anytime I fall in love with something, the manufacturer always discontinues it.

  55. My favorite shoes this summer are Merrell sandals. They are glued to my feet!

    Did you see the photo of Lady GaGa falling yesterday on her 12″ platforms? Yeah, that would be me only a whole lot less graceful.

  56. As a Colorado girl, who went to school in Boulder, I can say Birks have NEVER gone away here. I live in and LOVE high heels at work and when I’m out at night. When I’m with kiddos, however, I am all about Birks or Havianas for summer and Dansko clogs for winter. I cringe at the ugliness of my birks, but I cave to the comfy.

    My latest Dansko addition:

  57. Sarah McGalliard says:

    My trusty boots are my most comfortable shoes by far! And cute!!! I absolutely adore them.

  58. Dansko clogs are my go to shoe. I began wearing them about four years ago when I had plantar fasciitis. They come in a bunch of colors and have the arch support and ankle lift I need. They are not at all attractive, but I am of the strong belief that if your feet hurt, everything hurts, so I wear comfortable shoes instead of fashionable ones. If I ever got on What Not to Wear I know that I’d argue with Stacy and Clinton about shoes, and my Florida Gators t-shirts!

    For summer I wear NAOT slides. Wonderful Israeli made shoes. Pricy, but the foot bed can be replaced, which I have had done on all three pair.

  59. It’s my slip-on Champion tennies from Payless! I got them when I was 6 months pregnant and couldn’t wear heels anymore and I haven’t taken them off since!

  60. Michelle R. says:

    I in fact own that exact pair of Birkenstock sandals. They are divine and your feet will never hurt. Plus, they actually make some fairly stylish shoes now, so indeed, they may be headed for a comeback!

  61. Nita in South Carolina says:

    Clark’s clogs. Love, love, love. And they look cute with pants or skirts.

    I DESPISE flip flops. I don’t own a pair.

  62. Nita in South Carolina says:
  63. I agree with the Sperry’s topsiders-just got some a few weeks ago and I wear them every day. They are some of the most comfy I have ever owned. I also have some Birkenstocks that look like these:^4375$/template-b//
    except they’re red (got them back in high school), and they are heavenly. And, they’ve never gone out of syle, at least here!
    Other must haves: Teva water sandals, Old Navy flip flops.

  64. A couple years ago, I broke my foot while wearing a pair of flip flops. I’m not saying the flip flops are to blame, but they certainly didn’t help. Since then, I’ve been trying not to wear flip flops every day during the summer but trying to find something with a little more support that’s still cute, but not stifling.

    My favorites right now are a pair of Crocs called Patricia.,default,pd.html?cid=11A&cgid=women-footwear
    I can wear them casual and I can wear them with a skirt. They have a little bit of a heel and they cover my overly-long toes in just the right spot. And they’re super comfortable!

    I still have my Birks too!

    I feel like I’ve written too much. It was like all this was bottled up in my head, just waiting for someone to ask my opinion on comfortable summer shoes!

  65. i’m still a birkenstock fan! my newest ones look like this:

    there is no way i could wear those high heeled shoes! craziness.

  66. I got a pair of Sanuk yoga mat flip flops this summer. They are so comfy!!! I wore them every day on our trip to Disney World, and my feet were not sore!

  67. trixiefan says:

    I have recently discovered Toms. They are so comfortable! I have some birks, but I don’t find them to be all that comfortable. Maybe I just haven’t worn them enough to break them in.

  68. Oh, I love Merrell brand shoes! Virtually every good pair of shoes I own is Merrell because I started having foot pain a few years ago and they really help.
    I have a regular pair of Birks that I love and three pair of Birkie’s which are adorable and comfortable. They fit my “Barney Rubble” feet (read: short, stumpy toes that make my feet look like total rectangles!) really well.

  69. yellowbox flip flops

    crocs, various styles

    bare traps sandals

    haven’t worn a heel since i birthed my first baby!!

  70. Oh, this is my favorite pair of Birki’s that I have:

  71. oh my word how did i forget my TOMS. love, love my TOMS.

  72. Rainbow Sandals (flip flops). I live in them in the summer.

  73. Colleen says:

    Birks are my favorite – check out the Birkis and Betula lines – usually you can find cute, colorful ones at QVC or HSN – and usually a few less than $70 – but the comfort and happy feet are worth the money!

  74. I love those “sassy” wedges in the picture! I may be at DSW this weekend hunting them down. I’m short so I like a wedge…flats do nothing for my short legs. Now that two of my children are taller than me I feel like the little sister when I’m with them without a bit of heel.

  75. I LOVE these:
    They are the Birkenstock “Gizeh,” and they are the most comfortable things in the world. I have had two strangers tell me how cute they are in the last week, but my female family members and close friends are not so kind. They have some highly hurtful things to say about these shoes, as well as comments about what the shoes say about the person who wears them.

    Also, I commented once before here and you wrote me and email back, but I was too nervous and starstruck to respond, but thank you for the email. It tickled me to pieces to get it.

  76. Oh my word. In Poland cutest new Birk styles ever. They went by birks. Would link but not sure if I can do that here. Will try when back in the us. Btw, reading you from Rome.

  77. I would totally rock a pair of birkenstocks…at home…on a sick day…with the blinds closed.

  78. I thought Birks were always in style! Love mine! My current fave is the Cozumel model.

  79. Mary Craig says:

    Oh I laughed at the “Hootie-friends-birks” memories I have those from college, too! Last summer during the last months of my 3rd pregnancy I developed plantar fasciitis in my foot. PAINFUL. I was so distraught when I learned every shoe I owned was making it worse. I could barely walk. And then.

    A friend told me I needed to start wearing birks. I nearly cried. But I got some cute ones (if that’s possible) and my condition has disappeared because I wear them everyday! Check zappos- I had no idea they came in so many new styles! Still cant bring myself to wear the ones like in that picture, but They have cute metallic thongs, patent leather…pretty cute and very comfy.

  80. I love my Birks, and most of my shoes these days are clogs/mules which slip on and off so easily. I loved the BOC(slash through the O) brand of shoes that I could find at Gottschalks—can’t find them up here now. They are so comfortable!

  81. My current favorites are my crocs sandals. And oh, how I wish I’d worn them yesterday! I started out to, then changed to a leather wedge sandal at the last minute. Then last night, as I left the grocery store after choir practice, I turned my foot and felt a pop – and yes, I broke my foot! Walking! How crazy is that?

  82. I love my Birkenstocks. I have them white, black and brown. Looking for some new soon – at a discount of course.

  83. My favorites are some little ballet flats from Land’s End – SO COMFORTABLE!! I have a couple pairs of Land’s End shoes and they are cute and comfy. Can’t beat that. : )

  84. Ha! I wore birks for years and my feet spread as a result. Now I wear pretty sandals and high-heeled boots and go more for looks than comfort. I know; I did it backwards.

  85. I bought some Skechers about 3 years ago that I have worn them slap out. Actually they’re still in great shape and just as comfortable as ever, but they are a little faded. I tried to find a link but they don’t make the exact same style any more. This is the closest thing:

    Love, love, love them. Seriously the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned.

  86. Volatile flip flops are the best!!

  87. i love my birks. wore them today. they’re only 12 years old. only. i love love love chacos of all styles. and for exercise, my 993 new balance shoes. and for work, dansko marcelle clogs. and that is my summer shoe lineup.

  88. I have never strayed from the Birkenstocks. I bought a pair in the summer of 2003 and wore them up until a couple weeks ago when I had to bid them a sad farewell. The cork footbed was falling apart and the tread was slick. Granted, I’d worn them around (inside the house, even!) for the better part of 7 years and my arches were very thankful. Recently, I’ve been battling a weak left ankle and can barely get out of bed some mornings. Lo and behold, my mother came through. As it turns out, she had bought the same exact pair of Birks as the ones I just buried. She didn’t care for them after the purchase and had never worn them, so she gave them to me! They broke in nicely and my heels and tendon have never been so happy to have their old friend back! I highly recommend this pair – it’s not the classic Birk style and I’ve gotten compliments on them for years! They look like this except it’s one strap straight across instead of two…

  89. I wore a brand new pair of Birks under my wedding gown at our outdoor wedding and it was the best decision–so comfy! I still wear them and love thinking about the first time I wore them.

    My go to shoes (other than flip flops with arch support) when I need to stand or walk a lot are Crocs. Equally as ugly as most Birks but life savers especially on pregnant feet.

  90. Birkenstocks & Danskos are the best! Sometimes Clarks are good too. Like you, I need some arch support! :)

  91. Merrells. I have plantar faschitis and almost any other brand is agony. The idea of me wearing heels is laughable, as I gave them up when pregnant with my baby, who just turned 23. Merrell makes some great sandals and flipflops, and boots, and about everything else. The downside is I can only afford to buy a pair a year. The upside is, they last for-ev-ah.

  92. Flip-Flops

    The sad truth is that my feet stink in the summer and need to air. I’m doing the world a favor by sticking to flops.

  93. pam-tastic says:

    I wear some type of heel almost everyday of my life. I’m short…and I really hate it, so heels are my answer! I love that a wedge heel is back in style, because they are certainly more comfortable for a day in-the-life of my marketing job. If I dare wear anything low…and by “low” I mean “less than 2 1/2 inches” all day long I hear “gosh…I didn’t know that you were sooo short, hee hee hee…” So…heels for me, it is meant to be…

    twitter: pam_tastic

  94. For every season but summer – DANSKO!!! Love my dansko clogs <3 I am a teacher and on my feet with my 2nd graders all day long and they are the only things that don't leave my feet in pain at the end of the day.

    In summer, I am a cheap flip flop (read Old Navy) kind of girl but I do have a pair of Sperry flip flops I got on sale that are awesome!

  95. Ok, these are my most favorite shoes of the world! They are flip flops…but not the rubbery disposable kind. They are Teva Ventura thongs and OH.MY.COMFORTABLENESS. These are hands down, the BEST flip flops I have EVER owned. Had them for about three years now and they are still as cute and comfy as they were when I first got ’em! Here’s a link to see them…LOVE them!

  96. I have a pair of strappy croc flip flops that are beyond comfortable. And when I’m a little more dressed up, super-light ballet-style flats are my fave. My ankles throb a little looking at those shoes (even the ones you wear!).

  97. Well, I’m with you. Who wants to chase kiddos around all day while CAUSING cramps in one’s calves?! Not I! Funny you should bring up the Birkenstock. Because I just wore mine tonight. :) The very same ones I’ve had since high school. THAT’S how well-made they are. I’ve not stopped wearing them all these years. (But there was never any Hootie for me. I’m more of a Paul Simon gal.) I mostly wear them with shorts or, like tonight, with a peasant skirt. And, I admit, they don’t look all that great anymore. But comfortable? Yes, they are. I also really like Yellow Box flip-flops. Oh! And anything by Born.

  98. Barbara says:

    Absolutely LOVE my Croc flip flops — the Capri style. More comfortable than barefeet.

  99. I wear these just about every day of my life and buy a new pair every summer.

  100. Birkenstocks are a staple of mine. I have several pair. I understand that they look like elf shoes, but I work retail. That’s 8+ hours of standing. Oh, and I am part of the display staff at a gallery, so it is up, down, all around on counters (to hang things), on ladders (to hang more things), underneath things (to plug stuff in) . . . you get the idea. Birk’s work great.

    Saucony is the only tennis shoe that Hubs and I will buy. Again with the explanation above. Rinse and repeat.

    Clark’s leather flip flops are my dear summer love. They are wonderful. I’d like to live the big life and buy myself a pair of Teva mush. I’ve tried them on several times.

    Happy shoe reading!