The Whirling Dervish Has Been In Fine Form

So we bought this house, what? Three and a half years ago?

And when we bought this house, I vowed and declared that I didn’t need to change a single thing – but if I were to change anything at all, it would be the color of our master bedroom. I loved the sage green walls at our previous house, and this color was very, very burgundy. With a slight dark-purple tint. An aubergine, if you will.


When it came right down to it, the prospect of painting our bedroom totally overwhelmed me. The room is big, and there are doors or windows on every wall – which means lots of cutting in (here’s a fun fact: I am NOT A FAN of cutting in). Plus, the color was so dark that I had visions of 2 primer coats and 2 paint coats and STILL seeing little glimmers of burgundy-with-a-hint-of-aubergine peeking through.

And besides all of that, I have been endlessly indecisive about a color. I wanted something that would be soothing but still have enough richness to anchor the room (have I been watching too much HGTV? because I’m pretty sure that last sentence sounds like something that Candice Olson would say). And since we’ve had the same coverlet and shams for ten years, I felt like the new paint color would usher in new linens, and how, HOW COULD I EVER MAKE SO MANY DECISIONS, HOW, I BEG OF YOU?

Remember, I am a person who can take upwards of 20 minutes to pick out a salad dressing.

But last weekend several of the puzzle pieces started to fall into place. And within a couple of days, I had the wee beginnings of a plan.


I’ve been painting. And I love the color so much. It’s nothing that I ever imagined for our room, but now that it’s on the walls, it’s exactly what I didn’t even know I wanted. Don’t you love it when that happens? I tend to overthink color choices (SHOCKING, I KNOW), so this time I asked my husband to go to Home Depot with me, and thanks to his decisiveness, we’d picked out a color we both agreed on within ten minutes.

This is certainly some sort of record.

And oh my goodness – I am so in love with the paint I’ve been using. It’s Behr Premium Plus Ultra (nobody asked me or paid me to say that, JUST FOR THE RECORD), and the primer is built in, and IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER. Totally covered the burgundy-aubergine on the first coat. That is no small feat, my friends. I’m doing two coats just to make sure that the color is even all the way around the room, but the paint is a dream come true. I would dress it up in a tuxedo and take it out for dinner and dancing if I could.

But of course I can’t. Since it’s a paint can and all.

Anyway, I’ll have some before and after pictures in the next couple of days. I still have to paint behind our bed and then get the room put back together again. This hasn’t been a quick project because the little man has had lots of company the last few days (that’s not a complaint – we love the company), and there have been lots of breaks for pool time and Words With Friends time and Despicable Me time and church time and maybe even a little bit of The Hills time (THERE WERE SEVERAL MARATHONS, AND I AM NOT A ROBOT, PEOPLE).

So that’s what’s been going on here. And the color, by the way, is a Behr color called Atmospheric. It looks gray in the can but blue-gray on the walls – with a little hint of green late in the afternoon. Here’s what the first coat (still wet) looked like on the wall next to the Previous Owners’ Enormous Headboard Structure That Was Apparently Cemented To The Drywall And Therefore Cannot Be Moved (seriously – if we try to take it off, the whole wall will come down, and that is why I have turned it into a little bit of a feature wall, but that is another story for another time, especially considering that the four or maybe even nine of you who are still reading this have endured quite enough for the time being, oh thank you).

Admit it. The color is so soothing that you’re totally relaxed now, aren’t you?

May I offer you a pillow? Or perhaps a fleece blanket?

Okay. I need to fire up the DVR before I go to sleep so that tomorrow, when I start painting again, I can rest in the peace of knowing the outcome of the camera challenge on The Next Food Network Star.

After all, I believe it’s important to stay up-to-date with current events.

You never know when there might be some sort of quiz.

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  1. That’s a beautiful color!

  2. I’ve been wondering if that paint was all hype or if it actually worked. I’m so excited to hear it works. I have nothing to paint as I am currently renting and will be for the next year at least, but it makes me feel good. And, as apparently the one reading, I want to know about and see the wall! The next post, I feel, should be picture-intensive!

  3. I love the paint color – it is very soothing. I, too, am renting right now in a foreign country where ALL walls are white! Once back in the U.S. I’ll have to give that paint brand a whirl. Thanks for the info and I agree with poster #2, more pictures, please.

  4. I am in love with that color. Well done. And I AM a fan of the cutting in. So recruit a sista, won’t you?

    And let’s do some swimming soon. Preferably over a plate of nachos and considerable laughter.

  5. I’m elbow deep in a painting project right now too. We started this weekend re-doing my daughter’s bedroom. It all started with a new comforter and here we go. I wish I had known about that paint. Ours is looking great, but it has been a ton of work-especially going from a darker color to a lighter. I “cut in” ALL day yesterday and am like you…not a fan. I think I do a pretty darn good job of it (Lord knows I’ve had tons of practice over the years), but blech!! We’re not done either, so tomorrow I’m hoping to get the painting DONE! Then the fun of putting it all back together. :) Have fun!

  6. Love it! Most of our first tiny house was painted that color. I wish I could say it only took us 10 minutes to select our smokey blue gray color. Let’s just say a friend of ours got a beautiful purple bedroom out of the deal. And I learned a valuable lesson, that you seem to have also learned. Let the husband help. ;)

  7. So the built-in-primer paint actually works?! I thought it was a total scam! That color is BEEEAAUUUTIFUL!!! I think you definitely need some Laryssa Herbert prints on that “feature wall”. I love her stuff.

  8. Beautiful color! I’m working up to (and by this, I mean talking my husband into) redoing our guest room. It’s mustard. It matches his comforter/sheet set he’s had since before I got him and so we left it. But it’s mustard. A lovely shade of mustard, I suppose, but I am NOT a mustard girl. At all.

    I want to do it a pale blue or pale aqua with all white stuff in there so it’s light and airy. (It’s a small room, so something not quite as oppressive as mustard.) :)

  9. Had a big long response in my head, but the babies are waking up. So…
    1) adoring the paint color
    2) been curious about the primer/paint mix, thanks for the info
    3) really must know more about the headboard/feature wall

    The end

  10. We just painted our bedroom a gray, too. Very soothing. And it only took me six months to pick that color.

  11. I was painting my kitchen this past weekend. I started it last week, which involved two coats of primer, much cutting in . . . Since I purchased the paint last year, I had to roll with the invidual cans of primer and paint vs. rolled all in one. I had that in my living room with Kilz Casual Colors (Papaya Smoothie) and it was wonderful.

    The walls are a lovely La Fonda Terra Cotta and soon the cabinets will be painted a fantastic Chocolate Cherry. I mean, how can we go wrong with Chocolate Cherry?

    Paint on B-Mama. Paint on.

  12. I love the color…I’ve been considering a similar Benjamin Moore color for one of the bedrooms and I think I’ll check this one out too.

    ‘All work and no play’…glad you are taking breaks for some fun.

  13. fabthemayor says:

    You are just what I needed this morning! I have, once again, started stripping wallpaper off after I swore last time I did that it would never happen again. Because the wallpaper is glued directly to the sheetrock. So I’ve been trying to decide what kind of paint to buy that will not look like I just threw something up on the wall. Thanks for the pic – I love the color!

  14. Love that color. I have about 99% convinced my husband to paint our master bedroom a Martha color called “Slate”…. now I just have to drag him to the store to actually buy everything we need and get it started!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. That Behr paint rocks! I repainted my son’s room a couple of weeks ago. He had a Green Bay Packers room (dark green & white) and wanted to switch to off white walls. I put it off for a year because I was scared of trying to cover up that green and the Behr paint did it in 2 coats with no extra priming. Now I’m going to paint our bathroom!

  16. I LOVE that color!

  17. The perfect color. (And I love that YOU loved it so much you photographed it while it was still drying for us! THAT is paint love.) Re: Candice Olson and the word “anchor”. I think we need a forum on “What has happened to the nice Vern Yip since “Trading Spaces” made him a star and now he is all mean to everyone on “Design Star”. Remember from whence you came, Vern, remember from whence you came.

  18. OMGosh – that color is PERFECT for my living room!! PERFECT!!!

  19. Love it! I had told BigMama about this paint on her blog when she was trying to decide on a color. I was a paint snob and fell head over heels in love with paint. One coat of Tibetan Orange in my kitchen (only used half of a gallon) made me a believer.

    Glad you had success with the choice. I am sure you may be thinking hmmmmm what can I paint next? It’s just not that intimidating when you know how well the paint covers, right?

  20. I love the color! I am planning to paint our bedroom a very similar color (just slightly darker) once the kids are back in school this fall.

  21. Beautiful color! Can’t wait to see the finished product and ALSO hear about the built-in headboard turned into a feature wall.

  22. Wow, I love it! All it takes….is some headstrong decision making and some muscle to make such amazing changes!
    Now you’ll be happy all the day!
    I love what paint does to my house…and my attitude!

  23. I painted my bedroom last week too! I feel so accomplished. Love your color.

  24. Love the color and anxiously awaiting the pictures…..

  25. Oh! Good!! I was hoping you would share the color, Sophie! And ATMOSPHERIC?? I LOVE it! I would like a cup of tea to go with my blanket, please…and a good book…and a cozy pillow…oh, and a babysitter for ALL.THESE.CHILDREN!

    Okay, I feel better now, just saying that has relaxed me.

  26. I cannot wait to see your finished product! I have been in the “paint everything you can” mood lately…but not so big a project as a whole room…so Go GIRL!!! thanks for who you are…

  27. Found your blog after reading your recent column in Homelife about e-mail closings…hilarious! I’ve had the same thoughts many times.

    Pretty paint color!

    Delighting in His love (wink),

  28. I love that color. We recently moved into a new house in our new city and because it’s a rental we cannot paint the walls (everything is builder beige with ivory moulding), BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t paint my furniture sweet and calm colors, right!? Anyhooo, I just love this color and think I have a few pieces of furniture just perfect for it.

  29. Love, love, love the color. It’s very soothing..can’t wait to see the end result. Did you not LOVE Despicable Me? Do you watch Big Brother. Have a blessed day and thank you so much for making my day everytime I read your wonderful blog :)

  30. Love the color! I also love Behr paint. I’m a Lowe’s gal,and typically buy everything there, but when it comes to paint, I’m Behr all the way. All the rooms in my house have Behr paint and it is great!

  31. I gave a little squee when I saw this because it’s *almost* the exact same shade I’m going to paint my bedroom. And I LOVE that Behr paint. We used it in my daughter’s room to cover Nic’s ATOMIC VOMIT–with a pale, pale pink–and it went on beautifully.

  32. Ohhh! It cheered my heart to see you posting again! Anyhoo, love the color. Blues can be tricky to get just right. I may have to use that somewhere in our home!

  33. I painted my master bedroom this weekend too! We moved in our house three years ago, and painted everything but our bedroom. It freshens things up and made me feel so good to know I my base boards were scrubbed and cleaned! I love the color!!

  34. Dear Bluemama,

    I’d say the paint would LOVE to go out dancin with you… you could ‘paint the town’ and do the ‘can-can’!

    Singing The Blues in NE

  35. Love the color!! I picture charcoal gray bedding with lighter gray accents. Can’t wait for pictures!

  36. Love the color! I also love that Behr paint!! I used it to paint my 3 year old’s room purple and we just bought 15 gallons of it to paint the exterior of our home. Excellent choice!! Can’t wait to see your finished project. (are new linens involved too?!!)

  37. pam-tastic says:

    Love, love, LOVE the color! I just helped a friend of mine paint her guest bath a very similar color. It’s also suprisingly versatile. Can’t wait to see you new bedding!

  38. Hey girl. LOVE the blue. We have a blue bedroom, too. I love it. The color is very soothing. We have blue porcelain plates and whatnots for decor and Ralph Lauren’s Blue Porcelain bedspread. But I need an update. I’m so bad at liking something and keeping it for-ever!

    I’m thinking about spicing it up with some brown accents – you know the spa feel. But I’m afraid my blue plates and bowls and things won’t match. Then I’ll have to buy new stuff – and I’m just too cheap (read poor) to do it. Then what do I do with the old stuff. I’m too attached to most of sell it at a yard sale.

    See? I need help. AAHHHH! Hope you summer is going well. :)

  39. Well i’m new to this but i really liked your post. i just had the same dilema three weeks ago when i was trying to find a paint for my bedroom….you picked a really nice soothing color;)

  40. Our bedroom is on the list. I have the bedding. I have the rugs. I have curtain material picked out. I can see it in my mind – except for the color. The bedding is white and the accents are black and white. Why can’t I pick a color??

  41. It looks great!!! As one of the 4 or 9 who read your blog (ha! you don’t give yourself enough credit) I always appreciate your humor and perspective – plus that’s a really lovely color.

  42. I vote that you put some small pictures above the headboard, and try hanging curtains or painting a design in the center of the headboard. Just an idea.

  43. That is a very nice color. I love HGTV too so don’t feel bad.

  44. It’s lovely! And I can see that BigMama’s daughter Caroline got her color name savvy-ness from spending time with you! ;)

  45. This is EXACTLY the color I want to paint my bedroom but it will have to wait a while since we want to move in the next year or so.

  46. aaaaaahhhhh, I’ve missed the ramblings!!!! They are my fav! I love that color. I too have been deciding on a color for going on 7 years now. The master bedroom walls are still plain white.

  47. LOVE the color, I have something similar in my bedroom. We’re re-doing the bottom floor of our split level, and I sooooo relate to the decision making dilemma!