A Holiday Rebound

Now I don’t want to sound like Nellie Negativity, but last year we had a string of holidays that ’bout near put me in the bed. Maybe it was because our family and friends were a little scattered. Maybe it was because of poor planning. Maybe it was because of THE RAGING HORMONES OF FIRE. Regardless, that whole time frame from my birthday last fall to this past New Year’s Eve?

Not my favorite.

But this past weekend? And all the 4th of July celebratory-type activities that went along with it?


Oh my word. I hardly even knew what to do with myself, what with the wrapping up of a long holiday weekend and not feeling overcome by a strong and powerful desire to stay in my pajamas all day and watch reruns of House Hunters and fry chicken.

Which reminds me. Y’all offered the BEST suggestions for 4th of July food, and I totally changed my menu as a result. I cooked a chuck roast, shredded it, then made a big ole pot of black beans and a batch of homemade salsa. We fixed soft tacos, and then I sauteed some fresh squash and zucchini for a side dish. I think my parents may have wondered what in the sam hill I had against potato salad and baked beans, but they persevered. And also: we went bowling. That story may need to be told in the form of a six-part dramatic series, but in the meantime I just want to say that I think my daddy has been hiding his bowling light under a bushel.

I mean, we just had no idea that he was skilled in that particular area. In fact, I don’t think I’ve bowled with Daddy since I was, oh, ELEVEN, but I mean to tell you that he doesn’t mess around. And it just tickled D to no end to see Daddy walking around looking for just the right bowling ball so that he could put the appropriate angles on his release. D said he felt like he gained a whole new understanding about the source of my competitive spirit, and while there’s no question that he made some other valid observations about my gene pool, quite frankly I don’t really remember them because I was far too busy calculating how I could stage a three-frame comeback and bump my very own child into last place.

But in the end? My child SMOKED me in bowling. As did my husband and my daddy. I’m still not over it.

Anyway, in addition to having All The Food & Fun, I actually made some headway on a few house-related projects this past weekend. And since I like to go where the momentum carries me, I’m going to take a little bloggy break. I’m hoping to do some painting and rearranging and whathaveyou, and if I know anything about myself at all, I know that whenever I start the painting and the rearranging, I tend to get a smidge obsessive.

And by “smidge,” of course, I mean OBNOXIOUSLY OVERBEARING.


I’ll see y’all in a few-ish days. Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Just the first paragraph made me smile.

    When I read “’bout near put me in the bed” I laughed. Hubs does not understand why I put THE in front of bed. Why don’t I just sleep in bed, not in THE bed? He is baffled by this.

    I am glad to know others are with me in our need to use the proper articles.

  2. Don’t stay gone too long!

  3. This post just made me smile. Sounds like a lovely and yummy weekend. Also…I can completely commiserate on your bowling loss. Both my sons and husband consistently beat me (I mean they win…not literally “beat me”, of course! =) at everything. The nine year old has now surpassed me in golfing ability, as well. This is my lot in life…sigh…

  4. Merritt says:

    I painted my living and dining rooms over the weekend. Love em!

  5. I used your recipe for the London Broil this weekend. (aka: that good meat you cook.) Seeing as how my husband won’t eat any kind of beef that is somewhat pink, I went through extraordinary measures to make sure it was well done. Needless to say, I burnt it to a crisp. But we chewed on it for two days regardless, because I will not waste a $10 hunk of meat. Our sore jaws were rewarded with wonderful flavor, but maybe next time I won’t char it. Yours just looked delish!

  6. Happy painting, rearranging, and whathaveyou. So glad you enjoyed your Fourth!! :)

  7. Me too! Delightful 4th,competitive, projects, rearranging, obsessive. . . Off to paint the garage steps;)

  8. Yay! I love remodeling! Goodluck! And don’t overdo it! You don’t want to end up back in bed! :(

  9. Well okay but what will I read if you are taking a break? Couldn’t you just paint something and then tell us about it? Normally I’m just one of the masses who read and chuckle every day! I don’t think you realize how funny you are and that we really miss you when you don’t write a little something. So please paint and rearrange quickly…..and then take pictures.

  10. Well, that sounds just wonderful!! I’ve got to remember that little Bowling tip in Memphis!! ;-)

    Guess we’re not going to Cali! ;-( We HAVE to get the boys together—-ya know??!!


  11. Love this post. . .wish I had some of your home compulsion.

  12. Well I’m impressed! My arms don’t move right for a couple days after bowling…I’d paint crooked for sure. Good luck with the project…I hope it’s a fun color.

  13. Oh, Sophie! I am loving your sense of humor! Your “hiding his bowling light under a bushel” had me LOLing for real. I just read your article in the magazine Homelife called Heavenly Saluations and was laughing and having to read parts of it to my husband and kids. Too funny! I was so excited to see that you are from my neck of the woods. Too cool. I hope that your blogging hiatus will not last too long. You are funny! I now plan to use my email address as my salutation. His love is unfailing, R.

  14. My sister looked whole internet to post related to this field….. Thank you very much

  15. This is late, but I just posted a recipe today for Perfect Summer Salad with Perfect Summer Salad Dressing. My husband’s grandmother came over last night with this yummy salad/dressing and she gave me the recipe – from my husband’s great-grandmother! I had to pass it on – http://www.cookingupfaith.com
    Have a great weekend!
    Big Fat Mama