The Opposite Of Exciting

We left the house at 10 this morning.

Here’s where we went:

1) gas station
2) library
3) Walgreens
4) a cute little place for lunch
5) Steinmart
6) Ross
7) shoe store
8) bookstore
9) thrift store

It was retail overload. Even if I only bought a tank of gas and 4 Berenstain Bears books at the thrift store for a whopping 39 cents each.

Mama didn’t buy a thing. But she really, really likes to “look.” She can “look” all day long. And today, she did just that, because we got home at 4 this afternoon.

Then I made homemade pizza.

Then I slipped into a post-retail haze and watched the entire HGTV Thursday night line-up.

And now I need to make a grocery list, but I’m struggling because I’m tired and I’m distracted by a girl on House Hunters International who’s wearing a full-length caftan in Greece in the summertime and I’m worried that she’s burning up.

Maybe it’s a dry heat.

Anyway, I have a question: what are y’all cooking for the 4th? Because while I know I could go the standard hamburger/baked beans/homemade potato salad/homemade ice cream route – and I still may – I’m sort of feeling the urge to do something different. Only I don’t really know what “something different” might be because I think this post is probably proof that I’m not so strong with the coherent thoughts right now.

So. Thank you in advance for your culinary insights and collective wisdom.

And just so you know, the caftan girl picked House #3. I hope she’ll be happy and cool there.

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  1. We have root beer floats for breakfast on the 4th, I highly recommend it! Hubby also smokes a brisket or pork all day for BBQ. What do you put in your tater salad?

  2. I have 2 t-bones and 2 ribeyes and will put potatoes in the oven before we head off to church. We normally do the bbq, but this year steaks just sounded better!

  3. Totally unhelpful comment here, since I don’t have plans for the 4th aside from staying cool and drinking lots of diet Pepsi- but your planned food sounds splended. Especially the homemade icecream part.

  4. Seriously, you watch House Hunters International? Okay then I’m going to apply to be on their show. A friend of mine sent me an invitation to apply but I ignored it because I thought it was a nothing show. But now I know Boo Mama watches it – that changes everything!

    Please watch for me on the show. I promise I’ll dress seasonally appropriate. I don’t want to worry your co-dependent side. :)

  5. I mail-ordered ribs and pulled pork from Corky’s. It is almost Hubs’ birthday and we are celebrating in style, with lots of sauce and dry rub.

    Yes, I have resorted to dry ice and 2 day over-priced shipping for my BBQ needs.

  6. I LOVE House Hunters International!!!!

  7. I’m coveting the possibility of your grilled hamburgers…we’ll be back in the States for our visit the 11th and will just have to reenact the holiday! As for us, we’ll have hotdogs on the stove, baked mac ‘n cheese, and perhaps I can find some watermelon!?

  8. Doesn’t House Hunters feel like a game show where the contestant ALWAYS wins!! I love that! Especially HH International…but I wish they would show a quick shot of their primary home…so we could know just how rich they are :)

  9. I decided to skip the usual grilled hamburgers this year too. Instead I’m going to shred a smoked Boston butt and serve the meat in tacos. For sides I’m making homemade salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips, and queso. Dessert will be Nutter Butter banana pudding and peach-blackberry cornmeal cake. Happy Fourth!

  10. In the July Southern Living there was a menu/recipes for a lemon chicken and we made that whole menu for friends a couple weeks ago and they RAVED and so did I (I’m humble that way)over that meal!!! It’s not your typical 4th of July bbq or burgers but oh my at all the deliciousness.

    Oh wait! I forgot D doesn’t like chicken. Scratch that.

  11. Check out for some 4th of July menues. The website has recipes from Southern Living, Cooking Light, Coastal Living, etc. I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire you!

  12. What about chicken aoli on the grill with a chilled orzo salad and some fresh grilled corn? Wait, D doesn’t like chicken?! How ’bout nice marinated flank steak, twice baked potatoes, a crisp spinach salad? BBQ ribs, cole slaw and bbq beans? Probably if we just wait around a day or two, Ree’s going to post a 4th of July menu that’ll make us scrap whatever plans we were hatching and go grocery shopping all over again, right? That’s what always happens to me!

    Whatever’s for dinner, I do know we’ll be having Paula Dean’s Not Yo Mama’s Banana Puddin’ for dessert ’cause that has become an annual tradition on the 4th here. It’s just EXPECTED now (and I love that so much!) Enjoy your weekend, Sophie and family! :)

  13. Brenda says:

    I don’t know who PHH is or where she lives, but I’m wrangling an invite to her house!

    But just in case that doesn’t come in, we’re having baby back ribs cooked in the crock pot (yes, I said crock pot!), baked beans and fresh picked Kansas corn on the cob that’s good enough to slap your neighbor.

    Happy 4th!

  14. Ribs, typical sides, banana pudding….. Happy Birthday USA!

  15. strawberryrose says:

    I saw that HH too! My husband turned it to that channel and asked if I wanted to watch it. I usually don’t watch HGTV with him so that was so nice.

    We’re going to a friend’s for the 4th. I’m not sure what we are having for dinner.

  16. We’re going to a BBQ where we will have grilled fajitas (sp?) and other Mexican delights. I am bringing a Pepper Bean Salad (yellow pepper, red pepper, black beans, pinto beans, corn, lime dressing–easy peasy and no “cooking”–just some chopping, served cold) that is delish.

    What about a theme? Red White and Blue? Foods that start with an “A” for America? Either way…I’m confident you’ll have a great menu! : )

  17. I don’t know what we’re eating on the 4th…but, seriously, what kind of jobs do those people have that allow them to buy second homes in Greece/Buenos Aires/Tanzania? Most of the people look pretty ordinary, except for the occasional wife who resembles a Vegas showgirl…I don’t get it…

  18. Maggie C says:

    We ALWAYS do BBQ but this year we are having the family over for a Shrimp boil -We do it all outside – boil the shrimp, new potatoes & corn – and pour it out on a table full of newspapers. Couldnt be easier – oh ya and my husbands homemade cheesecake!

  19. I love knowing that I’m going to smile every time I stop by here. You crack me up!
    since I have no food suggestions of my own I’m going with Maggie C’s suggestion of a shrimp boil. Sounds YUMMY!

  20. I’m like you, we usually always do the hamburgers thing. And, finally, this year we just thought it was time for a change. But, we didn’t want to be in a hot kitchen on a hot day, or over a hot grill. So, we decided on all sorts of hoagie/sub sandwiches and lots and lots of side dips, fruit, veggies, and pasta salads. Several cold salads and a couple of warm dips too. We’ll get all sorts of breads,spreads, and cheeses too. I’m sort of excited about it. Different, but filling, and a cool meal (not cool as in hip, but cool as in not heating up the oven) :) It just may become a tradition, we’ll see how it goes.

  21. My oldest daughter’s dreams of me making jambalaya or Mexican cornbread for the 4th were squashed.

    So it’s the usual. Grilled chicken, sausage and hamburgers with baked beans potato salad (homemade indeed) and I don’t know what else.

    I’m thinking of mixing it up and cutting little pieces of cheese sticks to insert in the burgers. Lately we’ve mixed our ground chuck with Jimmy Dean sausage and I’ll tell you–DELIGHTFUL! So there’s a nice tip for anyone who hasn’t already tried that.

    And speaking of cheese sticks, I’ve been on a marathon of making Ree’s Fried Mozzarella Sticks. And they are a hit as well. So maybe I’ll throw in some of those.

    Saw a suggestion in the comments about a shrimp boil and I’d love nothing more than some seafood.

    The whole oil in our beaches is causing much grief.

  22. I’m with you – I’d like to mix it up a bit from the standard Independence Day fare. Last year I made a berry trifle, that was barely eaten and strangely familiar….and then I realized I had made it the year before with the same barely eaten results. So…no berry trifle this year.
    Would like to do some sort of festive dessert though.
    Hope you have a great weekend and find a truly unique recipe to try.

  23. how i love HGTV!!

    ok, this is different and SO GOOD for the 4th: grilled meatloaf. recipe and some pictures i took of how to do it here:

    there’s also a recipe on there for mexican street corn that is amazing!

  24. I’m kind of tired of the hamburger thing, too. So I’m grilling corn on the cob (in the husk) boneless pork chops and chicken breasts. Think I may stick with the baked beans, though. It’s one of my in-laws favorites of mine!

  25. We’re usually a hamburger crowd for the 4th, but this year we’re doing crockpot pulled pork bbq sandwiches. My mouth, it is a-waterin’ :)

  26. Paula Dean’s ribs with the dry rub that has brown sugar and chili powder.. DIVINE!…

  27. Grilled shrimp, grilled corn on the cob with spiced parmesan butter, coleslaw, chips and salsa. Followed by desserts with friends before the fireworks: watermellon, apple pie, brownies and berry cobbler. Bluebell icecream, of course, for whomever needs a “topping.”

  28. We’re having BBQ ribs! With corn-on-the-cob, broccoli salad, and baked potato! Can taste it all now, but it’s to be stinking hot!

  29. I love that someone mail ordered Corky’s! I live in Memphis or a suburb I should say!

    We are having the traditional burgers, dips, baked beans, etc. AND, I make this YUMMY strawberry pretzel salad with cream cheese. YUMMY! Delicious! We just had it two weeks ago and I can’t wait to eat it again Monday! It has been a pregnancy craving!

  30. A caftan? In Greece? In the summer? I’d heard they had some problems over there, but how sad that it’s come to this…

    The menu you are eschewing (?) sounds good to me.

    Happy 4th!

  31. Have you tried Brunswick stew? We eat it a lot for the 4th. My daddy spent part of his childhood in Brunswick County, NC where they make it in huge pots outside and invite the whole neighborhood, and then eat it with plain white loaf bread. It’s a lot like vegetable soup, but very meaty (it has at least 3 kinds of meat: beef, chicken, and pork) and very spicy. It has to be just floating with black pepper. Delicious with hushpuppies (unless you want to be “authentic” and go the white bread route!) We’re having it Saturday night with BBQ. Yum!!

  32. I am recovering from surgery, so I will probably be eating everything finely chopped or if worse comes to worse, my old stand by yogurt. But the family is having bbq ribs, strawberry pretzel congealed salad, pasta salad, Sister Schubert’s rolls and my alltime favorite Eagle Brand Lemon Pie. Yummo.
    But I did buy a bag of burger patties and XXL hot dogs from Kroger. Just in case we get to jonesing for them!!
    For some reason, I have not been in to trying new things much, except for the French’s Frenchfried Onion Chicken. Oh My Goodness. Recipe on the onion can and 3, did you hear me 3 ingredients. My kind of cooking, sister. Happy 4th to you!!

  33. Nita in South Carolina says:

    On Sunday the church is grilling burgers and dogs after 11:00 worship. On Monday, I’ll make some turkey and/or ham sandwiches to take to the beach.

    I am very tired (last night of VBS!) and somewhat lazy, so no inspiration from me. Sorry!

  34. MissTammy says:

    Regardless of what main dish we’ll have, I always make a huge pasta salad the night before. It’s an important psychological element for me to know there will be at least one cold dish and an ice cold watermelon on hand to enjoy after all the cookin’ and and runnin’ after a house/yard full of excited babies.

  35. Wish I knew how to cook,,,i’d share. :) Ha! Love your blog. :)

  36. Lorinda Morey says:

    Ribs and tater salad and roasted veggies with lots of beer and diet coke!

  37. Hi there Boo! I’ve been a lurker for a while and love your blog, but apparently I’m excited enough about my 4th of July meal to come out of the lurking closet.
    I’m making this:
    with this:
    with grilled zucchini and onions. Yum!

  38. If you can use your oven (ie, not too hot to cook inside):
    Awesome. Made it for our town picnic and had strangers finding me to ask for the recipe. High recommend.

  39. lavonda says:

    We’re with friends on Lake Norman for the weekend and are doing a low country boil on Sunday after church. Harris Teeter had crab legs on sale for $2.99/lb. We have shrimp! We have crab legs! ($130 worth for $50) Figured we better get while the gettin’s good seeing as all the oil in the Gulf is probably going to ruin local seafood for a year or ten.

    Then the men decided tonight they’re going to head to the farmers market in the morning and buy several bushels of corn to shuck so us women-folk can cut it off and make creamed corn. (you should see the excitement in our eyes).

    All that said, the highlight of my weekend is taking pictures of the kiddos tubing and water skiing and wakeboarding.
    I say taking pictures because, mama don’t wakeboard.
    Mama likes to ride in the boat and take lots of pictures.

    Have a great weekend with your family/friends!

  40. Oh, I love to window shop too! We’ll probably do burgers. We’ve been so busy around here, I honestly haven’t thought about it!

    Happy 4th-

    New visitor here and I like what I see!

  41. We’re going to a birthday party on the 4th. My husband is making his incredible brisket! I’m guessing we’ll have cake and chips as well.

  42. Pioneer Woman’s Sloppy Joes (hello fabulous), Pioneer woman’s salsa, pioneer woman’s best ever baked beans…notice a trend? friends are bringing the rest

    and red hot popcorn (google it)


  43. amanda says:

    I too saw that episode of House Hunters and I was so worried about those darned cicadas and how were they ever going to be relaxed enough to be on vacation with all that crazy loud buzzing non stop. It was outrageously loud! Like they might get damaged hearing loud. And they were everywhere they went!

  44. Speaking of HGTV, do you watch Sarah’s House? I am completely hooked. Partly because she’s such an interesting designer, but mostly because I am fascinated–FASCINATED–with her cute hair.

  45. Sorry – didn’t read this in time – we had hot dogs and cauliflower potato salad and strawberry pie.
    we don’t watch HGTV because we quit having cable or satellite or whatever about 4 years ago – amazing how much time we have in the evenings now!

  46. Only me and 2 of our 5 kids so we made peach cobbler and fresh sweet corn for dinner. Our lunch was at Chili’s. It was too hot to try to picnic in the yard or grill. Can you guess it was just us girls?
    Hope your day was a fun one!