Non-Sequitur Extravaganza

Every once in awhile I just need to purge my brain of a bunch of unrelated information. It helps me control the crazy.

So, that being said, I apologize in advance for the disconnected randomness that’s about to happen.

It might be best to just nod your head and pretend like it all makes sense.

– TJ Maxx has really stepped it up with their selection of lamps.

– In the last few episodes of “The Hills,” Justin Bobby’s hair looked like Prince during the “When Doves Cry” era.

– Zaxby’s chocolate milkshakes are delicious.

– I think these kelly green shoes are adorable. But I wonder if I could ever incorporate them into my daily fashion routine.


– The CMT Crossroads with John Mayer and Keith Urban is Music Happytown, and everybody needs to visit. I LOVE IT.

– Football season starts in six weeks. This is excellent news.

– I read an interview with Simon Cowell the other day. He said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Harry Connick, Jr. is the new judge on American Idol next year. DO WE DARE TO DREAM?

– David Crowder Band’s “Oh, Happiness” has become our theme song for the summer.

– I haven’t seen any of the Twilight movies. And I’m one of seven people currently residing in the US who still hasn’t seen The Blind Side. So I’m pretty sure that I’ll be asked to leave the country soon.

– Last night, right after I started putting the bedroom back together again, Alex told me that he was proud of me for finishing with painting. Then he said, “You know, Mama, I’m SO proud of you that I think I may have to cook you breakfast in the morning.”

And then: “But Mama? I don’t really know how that would work out since I can’t cook.”

Bless him.

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  1. okay-I get the no Twilight thing. It doesn’t appeal to everyone including me. However…you are a die hard football fan. And love Mississippi. And the SEC. You HAVE to see The Bindside.

  2. ditto what joyce said…no on the twilight, you MUST watch the blindside.

    love those shoes!

  3. I have not seen either movie. 1. b/c that vampire stuff is just a little much and 2. my husband is a State fan and refuses to watch the Blind Side.

  4. trixiefan says:

    I got The Blind Side for my birthday in April and still have not watched it yet.

  5. I cannot tell you the flak I’ve gotten over not seeing the Blind Side. “But it’s about adoption! You of all people HAVE to see it.”

    Sadly, my rebellious streak has reared its head and now I refuse to see it JUST BECAUSE. Even if my Sandy Bullock did win an Oscar for it. THAT’S how ornery I’m feeling.

  6. No Blind Side?! Oh my goodness. You must stop everything as of right now and go rent it. I’m totally serious. You will LOVE it.

  7. You seriously have not seen The Blind Side yet? What are you waiting for? Ha!! And your son is too precious!!!! :)

  8. I don’t often comment, but really, I had to say, that Alex of your has such a precious heart.

  9. That is so cute!
    P.S. – Thought I was the ONLY ONE that hadn’t seen any Twilight movies!

  10. Those shoes! I WANT!!!

    Harry as an AI judge?! They ARE listening to me!

    and since I haven’t read or watched Twilight anything except Twilight Zone and I too have not seen The Blind Side…may I suggest that when they make us move that we move to Puerto Rico?

  11. I haven’t seen Blind Side OR any twilight movies, but I’ve read all the aforementioned books. So that counts for something, right?

    Also, you lost me with John Mayer. Yuk yuk yuk! Did you read any of his interview? He is one cocky somebody.

    Love the shoes, but also don’t know how I would incorporate them in my daily life. I’m just not that fancy, though I admire those who can pull it off.

  12. I have to have the shoes…where oh where did you find them???

  13. Harry Connick, Jr.?! I would actually watch Idol then. Love him-swoon!

    Yes, the college football countdown is ON!

    I have no desire to see or hear about Twilight anymore. BUT, since you are Southern and know and appreciate football, watch The Blind Side. It’s like watching a friend. It really is a fun movie.

  14. I haven’t seen Twilight or The Blind Side either. Maybe we could have our own country or something. You could totally wear those green shoes there.

  15. I’ve not even read the Twilight books that are floating around work. Ugh.

    Not seen Blind Side either….I’ll move with you and let’s choose somewhere with lots of shopping opportunities. Oh! And good restaurants. And warm weather.

  16. Love the shoes: with jeans and a white sweater in the fall. Green accessories to tie it together.

    Harry Connick, Jr. = swoon

    I’ve also never seen Twilight movies or The Blind Side, but I read the book, and let me tell you, those “Christian” coaches should have their mouths washed out with soap. Great story. Terrible language.

  17. I would not worry about not seeing Twilight. I saw the first one and could not understand what all the hullabaloo is about. It’s just 90210-Vampire/Werewolf Edition. I am floored by how many grown women are salivating over that 17 year old werewolf – kinda disturbing.

  18. I had heard the hype about the Blind Side, so was determined not to like it. I was wrong. It really is wonderful.

  19. You have the sweetest little boy (not including mine of course, though my son has never offered to cook me breakfast)!

    I think the shoes are super cute, but I never wear green….

    Yeah for football season approaching and you really would enjoy the Blind Side. :-)

  20. If you have those shoes…(in a size 10) I won’t care that you haven’t seen the Blind Side. (It stinks not having a SteinMart around. The clsest one is 2 hours… That is assuming they are at SteinMart of course, because the shelving looks like SteinMart.)

  21. I think if you can walk in those shoes you should definitely get them!

    I haven’t seen the Twilight movies either, but the blindside is another story. I’ve seen my fair share of sports movies because of my husband, and I LOVED the blindside. I love Sandra Bullock too though and have watched the specials on the real life family, so I might be biased!

  22. I LOVE those shoes. I am shocked you haven’t seen The Blind Side what with it being about the South and football and all. Plus Sandra Bullock makes an awesome Southern mama. ;) And I really think you should buy those shoes.

  23. Love that Crossroads, it is on my DVR permanently. You gotta catch the one with the Zach Brown Band and Jimmy Buffet…also permanently on my DVR. So good they even mesmerize my 2 year old!

    Yeah for football season…Big 12 on Saturday, NFL on Sunday! Can’t wait!

  24. Lindsay says:

    I read the Twilight books before they cast the movie and the Edward in my imagination is much hotter than Robert Pattison, so I am boycotting those movies. I also haven’t seen The Blind Side simply because everyone keeps telling me I HAVE TO SEE IT! What is wrong with me?

  25. I just saw, “New in Town” with Harry Connick Jr. It had gotten bad reviews, but I really liked it!

    Forget Twilight, but you really would be blessed by “The Blind Side!” It is all about all things southern…so you would be blessed.

    PS Your boy? He is the sweetest!! I can only pray my girls will find such a tender-hearted man someday.

  26. I’m pretty sure football season starts seven weeks from tomorrow, unless your counting some sort of scrimmage game? LOVE Harry! Since I was 15 I’ve loved Harry. He is the best! EVER!!

  27. I want to dream! Please let me dream! Oh, Harry. I would be so very happy.

    I haven’t seen the Blindside either. Not for a lack of want. Just haven’t made it happen. I have seen Twilight. If you haven’t read the books and aren’t a junkie, you probably don’t need to bother.

  28. Cute shoes!! You should really get them. Surely you can pair them up with an outfit or two!

    Harry Connick, Jr as an AI judge?? OH, I hope so! I really, really do!

    I loved the Twilight movies but I don’t think they are must see movies. The Blind Side however, you should probably make a plan to see that. I think you’ll love it!

    YAY for football season! Go Huskers!

  29. I think you’ve subconsiously avoided the movie cause they’re sending him to Ole Miss. Could that be the reason? :) but it was a good movie despite that.

    love the green shoes. so happy.

  30. Your boy is so sweet! I love it! Also, those shoes are adorable! And, I haven’t seen any of the Twilight movies (or read the books) and I haven’t seen The Blind Side either, so I imagine I will have to leave the country with you as well!

  31. 6 weeks until football season! Hooray!! I trust you read this article in USA today about the Bulldogs? Just in case you didn’t, here’s the link:

    Hail State!

  32. 1. I think you’re approaching the shoes all wrong. The question to ask is, “What WOULDN’T look good with those shoes?” Nothing. Nothing at all. I have green wedges, and I wear them with whatever I fancy.

    2. “Oh, Happiness” is my 3 year-old’s favorite song. Every time we get into the van we have to listen to it. It never gets old!!

    3. I am halfway through your pastor’s book, and cannot stop talking about it. Thanks!

  33. So all I can think to say it YES…get the green shoes! and wear them with EVERYthing!!! They are sooooo cute!and fun!

  34. Dido on the Twilight….I’m really sick of it, what with it being EVERYWHERE!
    And yes, you do have to see The Blind Side, it’s a “cryer” and a “laugher”….and I dont even care for football!

  35. You have to see The Blind Side. Have to. Tonight. You’re gonna love everything about it!

  36. You have to watch The Blind Side. Tell us what you think about “the watch” that everybody is wearing because of Sandra Bullock wearing it in the movie.
    Do they have those cute shoes in another color?

  37. first, the green shoes. I would make work! Cute.

    and second: HARRY ON IDOL!! Would totally redeem that show for me. Totally.


  38. don’t feel bad. i haven’t read or seen the twilight movies either. and i haven’t seen the blind side. but i want to. just haven’t yet. so if they kick you out, i’ll be with you.

  39. honey-child, I haven’t seen any of the twilight movies OR the blind side. Haven’t even read all the twilight books. You make me feel better.

  40. I’m curious if dumping all these random items on the blog really helps with the crazy cause I could use some of that! So I’ll try here by answering some of your questions:

    Harry Connick – Yes

    I really think you should get those green shoes and start a new fashion trend!

    John Mayer and Keith Urban – Wow!

    Your sweet boy – love that he wants to do something nice for you even if he doesn’t have the logistics down.

    Thanks for helping with my crazy, too! ;o)

  41. The green shoes- pair them with your white jeans or a denim skirt or capris. A bright lemon yellow or hot pink are good with that green too. Picture a white gauzy top with. a yellow tank and denim capris with some accessories to tie it together.
    Wow- I got a little carried away there

  42. I am pretty sure I will never see a Twilight movie. I also haven’t seen The Blind Side. It is on my Netflix list but seeing as I’ve had my current Netflix movies since May, I will not be getting The Blind Side anytime soon.

  43. I’ve not seen The Blind Side.

    I’m not proud of this. I HAVE seen two of the Twilight movies (1 and 2). I’m REALLY not proud of this. (No, I don’t plan on seeing the other two.)

  44. You must see The Blind Side. If only for the cameos by current and former SEC coaches. Seriously, it is such a good movie. Sandra Bullock is so good in it.

    Six weeks til kick off!!! I have two words:

    GO GATORS!!!!

  45. Marianne G says:

    I have not Seen Blind Side either, more of us than you thought out there huh? I have seen the Twilight movies, 1, 2 and 3, but only because I have read the books. I’m not into the vampire thing, but it’s more of a love story and I’d take Edward Cullen any day! If you haven’t read the books, give them a try.

  46. I think kelly green is the new nuetral. I think you need those shoes, and I think I may also need them.

    Harry on Idol? Yay!!!! I love him, Idol needs some southern spice.

    Completing projects is certainly breakfast worthy. Teach that boy how to make pancakes and prepare for a full day of kitchen cleaning. Maybe toast in the toaster would be a better choice.

  47. I had never seen an episode of The Hills until yesterday when my daughter forced me to watch the marathon with her until 11 in the PM. I concur about Justin Bobby’s hair and in my mind I call him Ricky Bobby.

  48. Who has time for anything in this world. i haven’t seen a movie or read a book.

    Coffee is on.

  49. “I haven’t seen any of the Twilight movies. And I’m one of seven people currently residing in the US who still hasn’t seen The Blind Side. So I’m pretty sure that I’ll be asked to leave the country soon.”

    Me TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’ll happily go into exile with you.

  50. pam-tastic says:

    Three words: Buy. The. Shoes.

    Once you get them home and she all the happiness they bring you and your tootsies you’ll be AMAZED at what all they will go with :-)

    Trust me…My name is Pam and I’m a shoe-o-holic :-)

  51. If HCJ was the new judge on AI, all of my hopes and dreams would be fulfilled.

    I used alot of acronyms up there. Me and acronyms are MFEO.


  52. You haven’t seen The Blindside? Gasp! Also, I used to like John Mayer but he ran his ugly mouth so much that I think he is on the same level as a compost pile. Except not as useful.

  53. First off, since randomness is my everyday norm, I’m loving this post. It made just fine sense to me.

    The shoes are adorable. They’d look great with a black dress or black capris or jeans. If you want to go all 80’s, then rock ’em out with something hot pink (does anyone else miss Pappagallo?).

    Not only have I not seen the “Twilight” movies, I haven’t read the books. I feel pretty good about that.

    I also haven’t seen “Blindside” but not for lack of interest, just lack of time.

    And, embarassingly enough, I have never watched AI, but oh my if Harry Connick Jr is on? I will be a faithful fan. I would pay to hear him sing names from the phone book.

    Finally, your boy sounds like a sweetheart. Could you please bottle some of that and send it my way as my almost 8 yr.old boy child is currently on an attitude path that is making me crazier than normal.

    Thanks so much for your writings. I don’t comment much but I so love reading what you have to say.

  54. I agree with you on the vampire stuff, I don’t read it and I don’t watch any of it. Football, I can’t wait for some SEC football, and don’t kill me, BUT (GO GATORS!!!!!)

    The Blindside though, I agree with everyone else, it is a must see.

    Also, maybe I am the only other adult in our “age range” LOL that watches The Hills and The City, but OH MY WORD at the finales. I dvr’d them and watched once everyone else was asleep, because I knew I’d cry, and I did. Sigh. Anywho, it’s Big Brother time, and I have GOT TO KNOW who the Saboteur is, LOL:)

  55. I love the kelly green shoes. I recently purchases some cute green shoes in a similar color. I plan to wear them, as I do all my brightly colored shoes, with outfits that lack color. Jeans, a brown blouse, and bright green shoes and an orange bag, or black dress pants, a grey shirt and purple shoes and a teal bag – I’m too scared of color to actually WEAR it much – I just carry it, or put it on my feet ;-)

  56. Lissalulu says:

    I haven’t seen Twilight, I haven’t seen Blind Side (yet), and I don’t have a Facebook account. It is almost like I don’t even live in the USA.

  57. If you are deported and decide on Canada, pick me up on the way. I have wanted to see it, but since I go to a movie a year and quit the netflix, the movie watching doesn’t happen too often. Maybe I’ll put it on my to do list for the weekend. Stuff happens when I write it down…

  58. Oh BooMama! As an SEC football fan…”The Blind Side” is a must. You will need tissues…but is one of those movies I can watch over and over.

    The green shoes…I say BUY THEM! They are precious…and I think you would probably find things in your closet that would go with them. Of course, I have been known to buy shoes before I had an outfit to go with them…so take this advice with a grain of salt! ;-)

  59. Are you serious? Simon said that? HCJ would make me watch the show no matter how bad the season was. Let’s all hope.

    I’m with every other commenter: See The Blind Side NOW.

    Twilight? It’s fine with me if you never see the movies.

    Teach that boy how to cook so you can get breakfast in bed! So sweet.

  60. lavonda says:

    please Sophie, as much as you love football, and for the sake of all humanity, watch The Blind Side soon. It will make your Top 10 favorite movies. and if you see it before football season starts back up, you’ll enjoy watching Michael Oher play for the Ravens. My kids and I root for him whenever we see him on the field now!

  61. Sallie Baker says:

    yeah….a friend who ALSO hasn’t seen The Blindside!

    Love Alex…wish I could ” hear” him talk.
    Bet it’s southern….just like his mama!

  62. I have seen The Blind Side THREE times. I would drop everything I am doing right now and watch it a FOURTH time.

    You MUST see it. And wear the new green shoes. It will be a red-letter event. I promise.

  63. Ok, so you need to know that Wade and I are right there with you in not having seen The Blind Side (or the Twilight movies for that matter…)….and really unless someone knocks us over the head, ties us up and gags us, I’m pretty sure we won’t be seeing it anytime soon. He feels pretty strongly about it. In the meantime…EA Sports College Football came out Tuesday, and you should totally see how cool the jumbotron looks! Go Dawgs!! Love you from AZ!

  64. Dear Random,
    Gasping with the giggles… those are some seriously disconnected thoughts, hon! Strangely, I feel like I’m taking a peek inside my own scattered thoughts!

    Understands The Feeling in NE

  65. I think Harry Conick Jr is SEXY. If he was on AI, I’d definitely try out even though I can’t sing as well as they look for. LOL

    I love those shoes.. I say GO FOR IT! (coming from a shopaholic)




    It’s terrific. I wasn’t dying to see it either, and finally rented it on DVD. You will truly love it. You, of all people, will so appreciate all the football references!

  67. Totally buy the green shoes – I bought a sassy green jacket on a recommendation from YOU a while back and love that thing to pieces – green is perfection with denim or khaki!
    Don’t even think twice about the Twilight foolishness – creepy stuff.
    BUT Blindside – you need to watch it just like you are about to see a football game. The Touhy’s (real people basis of story) are in Dallas this week and on local Christian radio – they are SO wonderful – what a hoot. Must see this movie
    other thing – that boy of yours – is SOOO stinkin’ adorable – I think there are women with young daughters out there plotting to stalk him once he gets of marryin’ age! (of course that is like 30-40 isn’t it?)
    Almost the end – wanted to say- Miz Sophie – thanks for blogging – you make me smile

  68. I’m with you on Twilight and The Blind Side. I haven’t seen either or any of those, I should say.
    The green shoes are adorable but I have no idea what in the world I’d wear them with!

  69. I had the exact same shoe quandry a while back. I found these ADORABLE shoes that were like a floral pattern – kelly green, orange, yellow – sounds ugly, but they were ADORABLE little wedges. I talked myself out of them because of the “impracticality of fitting them into my wardrobe”. Then one day I walked into another store (same store, different town) and they had the shoes in my size on the clearance rack. But by then I was BROKE (and my husband was with me). MUCH harder to sneak the shoes into the house if he’s with you when you buy them. :) It’s also REALLY hard with green floral wedges to say, “What? THESE? I’ve had THESE for AGES and AGES!!!” :) haha!

    OH, and I’m apparently the second of the 7 people in the US who hasn’t seen The Blind Side OR any of the Twilight movies. And I’m ok with that. We seriously never watch movies. It’s not because we don’t like them. We used to watch tons and tons of them. But now we both work full time and have a two year old. When we get free moments, we sit and stare into nothingness. :) I had this conversation with my sister-in-law (who is ten years younger than I – gasp!) just today:

    Her: “Have you seen X movie?”

    Me: “No, you know we never get around to watching movies.”

    Her: “OH yeah. Y’all don’t watch movies. Y’all read BOOKS.” (And “read books” was said with the same disgust one would say, “eat your own poop”.


  70. OH DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT get those shoes….
    I have a pair. A black pair. I’ve had them for about three years. I thought they were super cute. They do not stay on your feet. I think I have almost broken my ankle twice attempting to wear those things.

  71. Catching up while on vacation-
    I LOVE that you karate chopped your pillows.

    You are one of 8 people who has not seen The Blind Side. I also never saw The Passion.

    I think a lovely photo of the trees would be one of you looking up through the branches. Well, not necessarily YOU, but the you in perspective.

    I have no idea where you would find one of those.

  72. ahhhhh….he wants to cook for you! well i say get that boy in the kitchen! my husband started cooking at age 6 to help his mom and he is THE cook! you’ll love it!

  73. HC Jr? Yes!
    Shoes? Yes!
    Breakfast? Teach your sweet young man to cook bacon in the microwave, have a can of aerosol waffles or pancakes (they have it at Walmart) on hand & a waffle iron he can safely use, and have some OJ he can mix up & voila! You baby CAN make you breakfast, and some day in the long, distant future, his wife will thank you, too. You’ll be her favorite MIL in the whole wide world.