When we moved in this house we put our bed in front of the windows in our bedroom.

I liked the set-up for several reasons: 1) you were facing the foot of the bed when you walked in the room 2) the leaves or branches or whathaveyou looked really pretty as a backdrop when the blinds were open and 3) I didn’t have to worry with hanging anything above the headboard.

Because here’s the thing: I’m no good at hanging stuff. It stresses me out. I feel like I never know what to hang, and then when I finally figure it out, I have no idea if I’m hanging it too high or too low or if the thing is too big or too small. Are the colors too bright or too subdued? Do I need a grouping or is the one thing okay?

The choices, they overwhelm me. Which is why I typically just stare at the wall for 15 minutes, then fix myself a diet Coke and some Cheez-Its and settle in for an episode or four of House Hunters.

And yesterday, I spent a good portion of the afternoon walking in the bedroom, staring at this, and then walking away.

The bed is on a different wall now, mainly because we can use the space in the room so much better when the bed’s not hanging out by the windows. But oh, all that wall space – it intimidates me. I keep thinking that maybe a grouping of plates would look pretty there (all my favorite home decor bloggers are wizards with wall groupings of plates and platters), but I don’t really have a collection of plates and probably wouldn’t know the right way to hang them if I did.

I know that I could get a big canvas and let everybody pitch in and paint it and then hang it there, but we’ve sort of run that route to death in our house. I love the clean look of the new pillows and stuff, but because they’re not quite as overtly traditional as what we had, I can’t seem to figure out my decorative direction.


Plates? Platters? A photograph? Sconces? A wagon wheel? An old chair?

I’m only sort of kidding about those last two things.

Because I’m very desperate.

The end.

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  1. well I am entirely not an expert, and if you saw my bedroom, which has absolutely nothing on the walls, you would laugh that I’m even daring to post here, but I think you should go out and find something you love and put it up there because it will make you happy. Whatever it is. Who cares what other people do? It’s your house and your room and you’re the one who has to look at it every day, so if you are inspired by a giant portrait or a plate grouping or an abstract painting or some vinyl words or a bunch of framed photos or a wagon wheel or a Beverly Hills 90210 poster, I say go for it. Although I’m mostly kidding about those last two. :)

  2. Did you check out Larysa Herbert’s beautiful egg and feather prints yet? She does them on this beautiful paper and they are a STEAL! because they are so gorgeous! I only have one but I want more!

    Here’s the link again:

  3. Definitely check out Larysa Herbert’s Egg and Feather prints! They would be beautiful on that wall!

  4. I vote for photograph like maybe a black and white with lots of depth. But not mountains, maybe something with trees to mimic the leaves in the pillows. I love that I just used the work mimic. :-) You could even hang an artsy black and white close-up of your son there. Ok, you are making me need to do something with my walls. I should go. Toodles! (I can’t wait to see what you come up with.)

  5. I think something in the darker color you have there would look amazing on that wall. Something black, or brown, or in the black and white scheme like recommended above. BEAUTIFUL!!

  6. Why not hang an old chippy window? Does that even make sense? It would add texture and character.

  7. First of all, I MUST know where you got that bedding! I absolutely love it and want to steal it from your little house. So if you don’t tell, be prepared to come home to a stripped bed one of these days. :)

    Here are a few options I came up with. My first choice would be a precious (and big – always go big) picture of you and your hubby. Something professional and romantic, probably in b/w.

    If that’s not your thing, here are a few others.

    The vinyl letters gig:

    The muted colors gig:

    The leaves and birds gig:

    The favorite team gig:

    Avoid a chair. I just think that has dangerous potential. :)

  8. Alas, I hate hanging stuff on walls too. My husband always thinks I hang stuff too low, and I think he hangs stuff too high – possibly has to do with the fact that he’s almost a foot taller than me…

    So I’m waiting for you to come up with some wonderful, amazingly creative ideas for me to use. :)

  9. I just saw something at my friends’ house that looked nice over their bed. It’s a wrought iron decorative thingy that looked great in their master bedroom. I think they found it at Kirklands but said they also found some at Old Tyme Pottery they liked as well. One VERY important note – make sure you use a heavy duty hanger because I’d hate to think what damage that could do in the event of a freakish accident.

  10. Get black gallery frames with off white mats- on sale at Hobby Lobby and Target right now in a big size- find two or three favorite photos- turn them into black and white and have them printed- hang above your bed- very clean and classic- and fairly cheap and requires little artistic effort. Good luck!

  11. Perhaps something with metal like this?

    Here’s a way to bring more of the greenery in:

    Would this color go with your new paint?

    Wicker would look nice…but less clean. Here’s an idea for it, though:

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    Thank you!!/event.php?eid=114662278581692&ref=mf

  13. I recently redid my guest room and have been struggling with what to hang above the bed as well. After more weeks than I care to admit, I finally decided on a mirror last night and I absolutely LOVE it!

    It added an extra dimension to the room and, quite frankly, it’s hanging high enough that it just looks pretty and doesn’t provide any additional angles for me to critique my hair. :-)

  14. how about those stick on monograms or just the first letter of your last name? i think there’s a company called upper case living that has scriptures, sayings, monograms…etc.

  15. Why not just enjoy the plain wall for a while. I think the color looks gorgeous with your bedding.

  16. I too am decorating challenged, & many of these comments have lovely suggestions. Here’s one I think would look beautiful as well (though don’t ask me how high you hang it, again, decorating challenged!)

  17. How about an old fireplace mantle? Then you could put candles etc. on it…

  18. I know you didn’t ask for this, but I think you need a third big leafy pillow. It would keep things from looking too symmetrical and help fill in that space a bit more. Ha! How’s that for unsolicited advice! I love the colors you chose. . .beautiful!

  19. Jennifer says:

    How about some of those decorative metal wall tile thingies? You know, they look like old metal ceiling tiles? I think Southern Living at Home has some. Or check out Busybelle Art (you can find her on Facebook). She’s an AL artist who, among other things, converts photographs into watercolor painting. I’m thinking about having her do one of our first house. Maybe she could do one of a Diet Coke and Cheezits! :) That would promise sweet, sweet dreams.

  20. Ok. How about a favorite quote or bible verse cut out of vinyl? Maybe chocolate brown? (I think that is the color on your pillows.)

    I will look handpainted and be a personal touch.

  21. Take a look at a magazine of a bedroom you love and figure out what it is exactly that you like about it. Example: I love Pottery Barn Magazine and have duplicated the look already “put together.”

  22. I agree with Kim. I love writings on the wall. I’ve seen some hanging in bedrooms, the most popular says:
    Always Kiss me Goodnight
    I have a friend who put words over her little girls bed that said:
    Rest your wings, my sweet angel

    However, with all of that said…I really loved your bed in front of the windows. It is so cozy looking.

  23. How about a black and white framed photo (obviously large) of something you love, like MSU football or basketball, or just a campus shot if you don’t want to bring sports into the bedroom.

  24. 1) Your initials over the bed in either a vinyl monogram (you can take it off!) or, as actual letters (think Hoby Lobby)

    2) Canvas B&W portrait of the 2 of you or your favorite place-you can do it yourself through Winkflash or use Modern Bird

    3) Circular mirror to bring in a different element-too many squares and hard angles. I also think a suburst mirror-but more abstract wouldlook great

    4) Vinyl branches decal

  25. I loved the idea of a family painting. Abstract with colors that go with the rest of your room…It could be tragic, but it could also turn out really pretty. How much would you be out if it failed? $20 maybe? I’d try it!

  26. Jennifer says:

    2 ideas: 1) Hang a sample piece (or scrap) of a nifty wallpaper and frame it with narrow moulding for that nice paneled look or a chinoiserie panel look. You can do 1, 2 or 3 panels. Examples of the chinoiserie look:

    2) I like the shape of quatrefoil mirrors – there is an inexpensive one currently at Lowe’s

  27. How about something like this:

    You can’t beat the price and I think it would be about the right size for the area.

  28. I am going to order a monogrammed wall decal for above our bed. My (crazy) husband has some strange fear of something hanging above his head and thinks it is like going to fall on his face during the night sooo…….we are getting a vinyl decal like this one:

    We have other decals in the house that are monogrammed or personalized or whathaveyou and I LOVE them. They look nice and are seriously relatively easy to apply.

  29. and also i forgot to say i am LOVING your new bedding.

  30. I agree with one of the posters above — you need a 3rd leaf pillow — I’m just sayin’.

    I love black and white photography in a bedroom.

    OR, just go look around TJ Maxx or Homegoods, and see what you like.

    But as was mentioned, it’s fine to live with it plain for a good long time, and find something you really love.

    I wouldn’t do plates or platters – to me that is too kitcheny or dining-roomy.

  31. I’m thinking that a ton of stunt pillows are a southern thing? Do tell. I know that Martha is quite a fan.

  32. I would get down to Home Goods and look for a starburst mirror. You seem like a starburst kind of girl!

    It looks beautiful!

  33. Thank you for the great post, even if it did take quite a large time to complete reading. (English is not my first language) May I ask where you get your sources from? Thankyou!

  34. I’m sure you’ve thought of this…when I saw the picture, my first thought was “ooh, she needs a big black and white photo (or two? Three?) of the boy with black simple frame(s).” I think that would look so good with the walls.

  35. My husband will not let me hang anything over the head of our bed (and we don’t have a nice headboard, just a mattress on a bedframe!) He swears I’m trying to kill him in his sleep when I mention hanging something. Of course the fact that once, in the middle of the night, we woke up to a picture falling off the wall and glass shattering everywhere isn’t helping my cause too much. He now refuses to let me hang anything by myself and he buys these monstrous hangers that will hold 100 pounds and hangs an 8×10 picture on it. We have issues.
    Anyway, I love wrought iron stuff in the bedroom for whatever reason. We have a big, square one in our room (not over the bed, obviously) and I love it. We got it at Kirklands. I say you’ll know what you want there when you see it.

  36. we have walter anderson prints above our bed – i did my first initial, my husbands 1st inital & our last name initial. very southern, so it’s personal & inexpensive…so, there you go :). I can send you pictures of it.

  37. My initial thought before I read the comments was definitely a starburst mirror. I was happy to see that a couple of other people thought the same thing!

  38. You karate chopped the pillows, didn’t you? Just like Chad on Million Dollar Listing. Bravo. :)

  39. Ok. I am back.

    I have NO authority whatsoever, HOWEVER, when reading through the comments, I have to say that I agree with Vicki.

    I think another large, possibly brown, pillow in the center of the two leafy pillows would look wonderful.

    And, really, can a person have too many pillows?

  40. -a scrolly metal piece

    -something metal or wood w/ scripture on it from Mardels

    –with the vinyl you could do:
    —family saying
    —scrolly monogram!!
    —a big letter of your last name (in brown?)on the left and then a grouping of 3 family pictures (or plates)staggered (lengthwise) on the right side of the letter (like the top and bottom one lined up the same w/ the middle one further to the right).

    -old window pane or door…white, but antiqued and chipping…you could put the plates or pics in the squares or just leave it blank and let the old window be the art!!

    LOVE the color & the bedding!!!!!!

  41. Kirsten says:
  42. Did you notice that your bedroom kinda matches the pretty dogwood? magnolia? flowering tree? motif at the top of your bloggy page?

    Is that how you get inspiriation? You go to bed dreaming of your blog and then get up the next morning and type it up? Maybe you can do some kind of mind meld with your laptop and it will type it up as you dream.

    Is this the weirdest post you’ve ever had on your blog?

    Can I please stop using a question mark?

  43. OK, I just went back and read the other comments…as for a 3rd leafy pillow, I think another pillow would be great, but not leafy…I would look for a large brown pillow (if it had blue trim that would be better!) to stand out more and add more depth.

    And, for a scrolly metal piece, check antique stores and flea markets! I got a light one that is 4 feet long that hangs over my entertainment center (long narrow sopt that was blank for YEARS) and only paid $10 for it at Canton (trade show/flea market). A grouping of 4 cieling tiles in copper or antique white would also be great.

  44. Cynthia says:

    Alrighty- I hate to be a repeater but you really do need another leaf pillow. And, here in the south we LOVE monograms- but- I would monogram the white pillows in the blue color (his and your initials). Then a simple thick brown framed mirror (which would reflect the pretty window across from the bed that you loved looking at anyway!) How was breakfast?

  45. I think one of those vinyl monograms on a painted canvas, or directly on the wall, would look great. Search Etsy, you’ll find loads of options.

    Something like this:

  46. LOVE your bedding. Can you share where you got it?

  47. Stephanie says:

    So, I thoroughly believe that immitation is the highest form of flattery. That said,since you like the idea of hanging plates,go to The Nester’s website, look at her plate collection over her couch, search the house and anyone else’s house that will let you, pick a few (I’m thinking maybe 5–one for the middle and 4 around it?)and hang ’em up! The Nester has her’s pretty much in a diamond shape, so if you just play with it on the ground first it will be less scarey. Next I suggest making templates of each plate you are hanging with newspaper or paper sacks and taping them up on the wall in the arrangement you think you like. Maybe een live with the paper on the walls for a bit to be certain it’s what you like, then just commit! You can do it!

  48. Dear Desperate,
    I’m thinking a grouping of B&W photos special to you. Remember two things, different sizes look good in roundish groupings vs. identical frames in lines/squares Also, odd numbers are ALWAYS more pleasing to the eye.

    That’s all I know in NE

  49. Gorgeous wood bed, by the way and I LURVE your bedding! I agree with needing another brown pillow. I would live with the walls plain for a while – such a lovely paint color. So many options for decor – take your time. Enjoy your beautiful room! It seems quite serene. P.S. Is your head spinning yet after reading all the comments? ; )

  50. Michelle says:

    I haven’t read all your comments so this may be a repeat….

    – A scroll tealight holder.
    – Target has a wall puzzle candle holder
    – Several (like 5) modern wall sconces and candles in a row (nothing swirly, just bold and “blocky”).
    – Empty picture frames hung with ribbon and at different lengths.

  51. Leanne from Canada says:

    I have to say that I love the idea of words on the wall….either directly or in the form of a largish print. “Always Kiss me Goddnight” has already been mentioned but there are lots out there….”Just because two people fell in love…..”….etc., etc. Have fun. A blank wall is nice for a while too…enjoy the calm!!

  52. Are you old enough to remember the bas relief of leaves in an arch? They were either brass or black. Just to be simple and pick up the lovely leaf pattern on the pillows. Or just as it is.

  53. Take your picture up to the steinmarts and you’ll find something perfect for the space!

  54. I am the last person to give decorating advice but wanted to say I read “sconces” as “scones” and thought that would definitely be an interesting decorative element :)

  55. That bedding is really pretty! You could put a canvas picture of you and your husband(you know,wedding pictures type of thing)or a favorite picture with/of Alex.You might like wall vinyls. There are SO many different choices and styles,and if you don’t like it after a while,just take it down! Can’t wait to see what you do! :)

  56. Whitney says:

    You could do a collection of crosses. A mish-mash of metal, hand-painted, antique crosses would look beautiful and be inspiring.

  57. I don’t have any advice, but I painted my bedroom about the same color as yours (from what I can tell) and I LOVE it. It’s so soothing and relaxing- I just love this color. Just thought I’d share- can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

  58. I like the words idea as well.

    I used to have a friend who had a picture of her and her husband kissing under a waterfall (taken on a family vacay to Hawaii). They had it blown up and hung on their bedroom wall. I always thought it was just about the sweetest, sexiest thing I’d ever seen!!! So have someone grab a camera, and just start smoochin’ on your hubby. You might end up with a fab photo…and if not, you’ve had some fun!

  59. I vote for a vinyl monogram sticker. Very classic, easy to remove when you get tired of it later, no holes in the wall…

  60. I have no decorating advice at all because I’m a horrible decorater myself, but you saying that about hangin plates and platters on the wall made me die laughing because it reminded me of my friend that had some pretty antique plates hanging on her wall when we were in high school so when we went off to college we hung some solo cups and paper plates on the wall to make her feel more at home! We were silly kids, but I had forgotten about that until now!

  61. Lynn L. says:

    Sophie, before I even read your post (I LOVE your new bedding and pillows, btw!) I was thinking to myself that the area above the bed would look lovely with a collection of plates, probably cream or off white ones. It would also balance out the more contemporary linens, with your previous traditional decor. I am also furnishing a new house and am having fun mixing in my new obsession, contemporary!, with my traditional stuff. I vote go with your original idea – PLATES! I know you could find a trillion placement ideas on the decor blogs. The Nester, for one has gobs of plate arrangements. Good luck! The master bedroom is the hardest room to decorate, I think.

  62. Girl– go to and browse around. There are a ton of CUTE things you could personalize for yourself (or just get what they have) and you can even CHOOSE THE COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For the record, I don’t work for them or anything. I just bought my son a baseball decal with his name personalized from them and am in love with that company right now. :-)

  63. something simple. black or dark colored. nothing to overwhelm or take away from the bed itself, which is beautiful. Maybe simple letters that spell something profound, REST or PEACE or something like that. Love the color!

  64. Why don’t you do a grouping of photos? My friend, Erin, just posted about this: Hope this gives you some inspiration.

  65. Melissa R says:

    Here’s a picture of a friend’s bedroom wall (her son is jumping on the bed). I think those are vinyl butterflies and wooden letters. Simple, clean, easy.

    Or you could find an old, abandoned window frame and hang it above your bed. :)

  66. I haven’t read all the comments but skimmed over them. For me in a master bedroom, I always think about looking for something sensual and romantic. There’s obviously a whole range of things and those words mean different things to different people. Maybe spend some time thinking about just you and DH and what that might mean to you guys and creating a retreat just for you. Looking great!

  67. HA! The wagon wheel reminds me of When Harry Met Sally! :)

  68. to Michele (comment 46)

    I JUST got the same bedding and love it! Came from Marshall’s here in my area (northern VA/DC). It’s a pretty great price as well! Boomama-I have several paintings from a place called Z Gallerie that are in the same color scheme of painted cherry blossoms. Goes really well but sort of adds an Asian touch to the room. Not sure if you like that route or not. Also we have monogrammed pillows that go well with it. Adds to the clean hotel feel.

  69. I’m picturing one large (or several small) metal hangings, like this quatrefoil:

    (Thus concludes the first–and last–time in my life I will ever use the word “quatrefoil”.)

  70. I haven’t read your comments, so someone may have already suggested this, but ….

    how about a vinyl monogram? either your last initial alone of yours and your husband’s first initial on the opposite sides of your last initial.

  71. We’ve picked out one of our favorite photos from our last trip to the beach and we’re going to have it posterized to hang on one of our walls. Not sure how we’ll frame it… I’m a bit like you with the DMD (decision-making disorder) when it comes to frames, but I’m tending toward a rough, driftwood looking frame in keeping with the photo. Anyway, knowing your love of the beach and that you probably have SCADS of photos to choose from, thought I’d pass along our little idea :)

  72. While watching “Real Estate Intervention” yesterday, that Sarasoto girl was helping out the bald guy with the mustache. (I’m not so good with names.) Anyhow, while staging that house, she said to always have the foot of the bed facing the door because it makes the room appear larger. You totally didn’t ask for that advice, and probably don’t need it since your bedroom seems huge anyways, but there are my two cents. Also, I agree with most of the above suggestions. I KNOW – ASK “THE NESTER”! She’ll know what to do! :)

  73. What about a nice picture of you and your husband? Black and white would be classy. :-)

  74. I am so sorry to tell you this – but I don’t hang stuff over the head of my bed – ’cause it can fall down and totally RURIN my sleep or even cause damage to me and/or dearest husband. If you put something up there – make it like feathers or some such – NOTHING HEAVY – of course this is myownpersonal issue and perhaps TMI

  75. The first thing that came to my mind BooMama was “words.”

    Paint a few words up there.

    I had a friend who did this by using an overhead projector, but if you’re talented or know someone who is, you can freehand them in pencil and then paint over them- seems like chocolate brown words would be nice with that color scheme.

    Some affirming, inspirational words- maybe 1 or 2. Maybe a scripture. You can even buy clear stick-on hangings with inspirational words on them now.

    Just a thought :)

  76. Glad to see I’m not the only one with the decorative indecisive gene….

    What about a wall decal? You could go with a tree or something like that or a verse. That’s what I want to do. I’ve thought about getting all Candice Olson and putting the entire chapter of 1 Corinthians 13 in our bedroom…

  77. I love 3-dimensional stuff, like my husband and I used to have a wrought iron candalabra thing above our bed (found at an antique store). An earlier commenter linked to Target’s art wall sculptures–great choices there.

  78. Antlers. Trust me on this.

    (ok…so I’m just as lost as you…)

  79. It looks like there is a lot of white in your bedding. On that gorgeous painted wall I think I’d put a collection of plates..maybe all just plain white. I have plates in my kitchen on the wall. I have used some that belonged to my great-grandmother, grandmother, mother in law, grand and great grandmother in law, and my mom. It’s cool to think that so many women in my life and my husband’s life have used those plates to feed their families. I added other plates/platters and some bowls and saucers to mix it up a bit. Most of those I found at antique stores or estate sales. People always ask where I got them, so it’s a conversation starter as well. Just a thought to share….

  80. I have the SAME affliction! I can NOT commit to hanging things on the wall. That being said, I have seen LOTS of nice looking ideas that I have never tried but would love to recommend to you ;-) My favorite is matching frames, 3 across 3 down, in a cube formation. Now you could either find 1-3 complimentary fabrics, scrapbook papers, or even just paint colors that match other things in the room. You could also do 3 tall vertical frames? You could put your favorite photos of you and the hubs in black in white in either example and I think it would be beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  81. First off, I ADORE the new spread/pillows and the wall color is GORGEOUS!!!

    Second, don’t stress too much. As long as YOU love what you put there, that’s all that matters. Some thoughts that pop to my mind on first notice:
    *a set of 3 square somethings (prints, canvases, old tin ceiling tiles)
    *a collection of some sort – I am working on a collection of different crosses to hang somewhere in my house – only thing is with the CLEAN look you have created, I would keep the collection within one color (like all black or all wrought iron)
    *A quote or phrase done in vinyl
    *One of those vinyl “scenes” that you find everywhere now could be really cool there

    Good luck and ENJOY finding something you love (whether it meets decorating standards or not) :)

  82. We have a similar spot above our bed and I hung a round mirror framed in black. I think it came from Crate and Barrel. Since our bed faces the window, the beautiful trees are reflected in the mirror.

  83. I love the idea of the oversized black and white photo. Do you have a picture of A at the beach that you love so much? If you made that black and white it would be perfect!

  84. I love the furniture and picture/lamp arrangement of the first picture and the bedding/pillow update in the second! Also think a big b and w picture of your family would be pretty if you stuck with the second arrangement.

  85. pam-tastic says:

    First of all…LOVE the paint, bedding, etc…soooo beautful! Looks like a very peaceful and tranquil bedroom.

    Secondly, sorry…i have to say, no plates or dishes; it’s a bedroom and dishes belong in a kitchen, not over your head.

    Thirdly…I think something metal/iron that hold candles would be lovely. Kirklands usually has great 2 or 3 piece sets that I think would be perfect!

    Again…so pretty!

  86. pam-tastic says:

    First of all…you did a fantastic job! The paint, the new bedding, everything is beautiful!

    Secondly, I have to say “no” to the dishes. It is a bedroom, not a kitchen, so I don’t think you need dishes above your head.

    Third…I think something metal or iron that holds big candles would be lovely. Kirklands usually has 2 or 3 piece sets that would be perfect.

    Again…soooo pretty!

  87. Oh how I feel your pain.

    I just painted my bedroom a few days ago {ok I painted one wall so far, but it’s the wall behind the bed} and I’m really excited about hanging something great above the bed.

    Problem is, I don’t know what to hang. So, I’m just going to leave it blank until I get inspired. Looking at blog and trips to Home Goods helps as well. I have nothing in mind right now but I want something different. Maybe?

    oh and have you seen her driftwood branches? From Life in the Fun Lane?

    Easy, cheap, fun, differnt

  88. PS I forgot to tell you how much I love your bedding forget about the wall, the pillows and such steal the show!

  89. My friend how is decor savvy, told me to make a silouhette of my girls’ out of black paper and mount it on white and frame it in a cool frame. You could do one of Alex, it would be so cute!

  90. Amy in MN says:

    Beautiful bed!
    I can’t help- I am very decorator-challenged, but I know if you asked my husband (because I asked him this same question years ago- What should we put on the wall above our bed?) he would say “A fish or deer head mount” Our bedroom is the only room, aside from the bathrooms, where he doesn’t have some of his hunting trophies. If you decide to go with a fish or deer mount in your beautiful room, I have many I could send you… free of course. Actually, you can have all of them : )

  91. How about a beveled or mosaic mirror?

    and yes, I totally just sent you a link to the walmart – ’cause my home decorating ideas are awesome :)

  92. Heather U says:

    Just catching up on all the blogs I read regularly. Anyway my 3yrs old Ian just came in to check on me, looked at the before and after pictures and promptly said, “hey! I wanna go there!” Looks like your makeover is a hit, even with the very young! So when can we come visit? No really ;).