My Goodness The Internet Is Helpful

So this morning we went to the pool about 10:30, hung out there until about 1:00, then went to the grocery store(s) and finally got home about 2:00.

This is all riveting information, right?

But my point is that I was away from the computer for a chunk of the day, so when I sat down to read all of your comments after I unpacked the groceries, my decorative wheels were a-turnin’. I just can’t thank y’all enough for all of the great suggestions. I read every single comment, looked at the links you left, gained a whole new understanding of the vast array of wall vinyls that are now available (I HAD NO IDEA) and learned what “quatrefoil” means.

The internet is just a wonder.

One of the first comments I read suggested a black and white print over the bed – maybe something with trees to mimic the leaves on the pillows. And since I am a person who is just a teensy bit obsessed with trees, that idea really resonated with me. So did the comments where people suggested that I add a third leaf pillow to the bed and maybe throw a little more brown in the mix. And I loved the idea of monogramming the smaller white pillows – I’d never even thought of that.


By the time I finished reading the comments, I was certain that a third leaf pillow was my destiny. So I grabbed my keys, told the young’un to hop in the car, and headed to Home Goods. Again. For, like, the 46th time in 10 days.

But do you know what? They had another leaf pillow. THEY DID. And they had a cute brown pillow that I thought would add some color and texture to the increasingly elaborate stunt pillow arrangement. (By the way, in the comments for the last post, Bailey’s Leaf asked me if stunt pillows were a Southern thing. I told her that, as a general rule, Southerners think that if you don’t have to WORK to get in your bed at night, you don’t have enough pillows on the bed.)

Anyway, after I got the (home) goods, I came home and introduced all the pillows to each other. They were fast friends. And see? It’s all very different now.

That third pillow was critical, y’all.

And here is my husband trying to figure out why in the sam hill a pillow would have sequins on it.

I’ve never seen him more perplexed than he was in that moment. He turned over the pillow a few times, then looked at me and said, “Really? REALLY?”

Yes. Really.

Finally, a few of y’all asked where I got the stuff for the bed. I got the comforter set at TJ Maxx (comforter, shams, three small pillows), and the leaf pillows are from Home Goods. If you look really closely you’ll see that the blues don’t match exactly – the leaf pillows have a little more green in them – but I loved everything together so much that I just couldn’t make myself care. It blends. I’m fine with that.

Hopefully I’ll get some more stuff on the walls this weekend, and I’m sure I’ll also spend some quality time obsessing over my black and white photograph options. The fun never stops!

Have a great weekend, y’all.

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  1. Dear Really? REALLY?,
    Yay for odd numbers! They do something for you and your decorating will never be the same… we all love the odd ball, right? The brown for contrast is a perfect touch too! My vote is still for B&W photos… can’t wait to see what you decide!

    Headed For My Pillows in NE

  2. You had me at Home Goods.

    It is such a magical, magical place full of wonderment and joy and candles. And brown sequined pillows.

    God bless America.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for the visual of the 3 pillows – awesome! I love the brown sequiny pillow – how cool is that! Proof that they are not for laying your face against!

    I think it’s great that your colors don’t match exactly – because really, you don’t want things to be too matchy. It all looks really nice!

  4. Ah, poor Hubs! I thought that the sequin pillow was plastic! Now, I don’t see anyone snuggling up with that one. Oooo! If they do and they actually fall asleep, just think of the pattern! You could take a close-up picture of that and hang it on your wall. It could be titled, “What happens when you fall asleep on the stunt pillows.”

    See, I figured it all out for you! :)

  5. Husbands in general don’t understand the need for excessive pillowage. Looks lovely!

  6. Your bedding looks absolutely wonderful!!!!! :)

  7. Leslie Ruth says:

    Ok, how did you convince your husband to be ok with a white comforter? Because I am DYING to have crisp,, clean, gorgeous white on our bed. We have a perfectly lovely slightly darker than Carolina {that’s the Tarheels kind} blue duvet cover on our bed and it’s fine and all, but it’s been four years. FOUR YEARS. I am over the muted, subtle colors. I need light!

    So, please Boomama {and her loyal readers}, help me come up with a convincing argument that will withstand his “I’ll feel like I have to shower before I sit down on the bed” argument.

    Oh, and I am alllllll about the stunt pillows. Amen and amen.

  8. I just love your blog way too much and couldn’t help but comment this morning on the necessity of excessive pillows! I was born and raised in Texas and, growing up, never had fewer than six pillows on my bed. Now living in Boston with my Boston-born boy of three years, we recently encountered the mentally exhausting task of picking out new bedding, as my pink paisley Ralph Lauren set that my mama bought for me when I moved had apparently worn out its welcome. After battling the boy in every store in town that sold bedding and shooting down shimmering golds and dark plaids (I swear his mother was channeling directly into him), we agreed on a lovely, crisp, white/gray/lime green set, complete with two standard shams, two European shams, and a roll pillow.

    I was blissfully happy, he was ignorantly confused. His protest? “We need two pillows on the bed- one for you, one for me. There is NO NEED for all of these- you can’t even sleep on them.” Well of course you don’t sleep on them, silly. And who needs all of these gorgeous, fluffy pillows on the bed? Southern girls, of course.

    I guess they just learn at some point they’ve got to just smile, go along with us, and deal. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. The sequined pillow made you my decorating idol.

  10. You are too cute! Stunt pillow?! Who knew?! LOVE the picture of D. staring at the jazzy pillow – priceless! So here’s the question: WHERE, pray-tell, do you put the stunt pillows when you are actually going to SLEEP in your bed???? : )

  11. Oh my. It’s gorgeous. I do not know if I would have dared bring sequins into the bedroom, but you did and it is stunning. My husband also does not understand the need for pillows that are not used for direct resting of the head, but has since given up all protests due to several yes-we-need-ten-pillows-fits I have thrown during the course of our marriage.

  12. Love it, love it! The third pillow was the clincher. Not surprised that your husband was questioning the sequin pillow..LOLOL.

  13. It really is a trait that runs deep in the southern girl’s blood…..we make all our decorating decisions upon difficulty!

    I love the look!
    You are a natural…..let this beast free!

  14. Love the 3rd pillow & the addition of the brown!!!

    So, I MIGHT have just been browsing Etsy again…but TOTALLY for me this time…and saw this and thought of you…an might have rushed over here to share the link! I know that the colors are off, but it looks like she can customize it! (I also love the birch paintings and several others that she makes)

  15. I’m with Leslie Ruth. I envy your meticulous, white bedding. And I wonder how you trained, er um,I mean got lucky enough to have a husband that doesn’t destroy white linens!?!

  16. thank you.


    husby and i were just (pseudo-) fighting about our bed last week. turns out he hates all the stuff on it. poor thing just wants to be able to simply pull the covers down and go to bed each night. but you’ve explained it perfectly here! i’m going to march into the living room right now and read your explanation to him. i couldn’t have said it better! i don’t know what his deal is…we’re both native southerners, for crying out loud!!

    although when this first came up, my oh-so-sassy reply to him was, “let’s work some figures on the ratio of nights i turn the bed down versus YOU! ok, then…that’s what i thought. so suck it up, brotha!!!!”


  17. There will be a day when I WILL have all white linens with one very beautiful and ridiculously expensive Ralph Lauren throw at the foot of the bed.

    It may be in my nursing home, but I WILL have it.

    This is beautiful.

  18. Heck, I just wanna know what you did with the OLD stuff! It was gorge-mous and would look fabulous in MY bedroom!


  19. I was blissfully happy, he was ignorantly confused. His protest? “We need two pillows on the bed- one for you, one for me. There is NO NEED for all of these- you can’t even sleep on them.” Well of course you don’t sleep on them, silly. And who needs all of these gorgeous, fluffy pillows on the bed? Southern girls, of course, thanx for sharing.

  20. I love the look of your new bed! I am not a southern gal, and will never put the “extra” or as you’ve called them, stunt pillows on, but your bed looks so wonderful! By the way, I have been recently hearing that odd is “in.” :)

  21. I never knew the extra pillows had a name. I’ve just been calling them extra pillows. Stunt pillows – that’s genius. I grew up in New England and my mama was not a stunt pillow kind of person. They had the standard two pillows and maybe two shams, but that was it. I’ve always loved pillows on my bed. The more the merrier, right? The current count is 8. The two regular pillows, two euros with shams, two standards with shams, and two stunt pillows. Fortunately, my boyfriend doesn’t care. He likes my taste, so he leaves all decorating decisions up to me. How I got so lucky, I have no idea.

    I too am determined some day to have an all white bedding ensemble.

  22. As you may remember, I am from Alabama too. I have been in Ga for about 20 years – alabama is still home. Anyway, I too use the decorative pillows. The big difference is that my 5 year old ACTUALLY uses them as “stunt pillows.” ARGHHH! Why do I even try?? LOL!!

  23. Just saw this AWESOME branch & leaf art tutorial and thought of your new bedroom remodel. It would be so cute above your bed! Of course, this project might cut into your Bravo time…but I thought it was worth passing on anyway!

  24. Melissa says:

    To quote my 12-year old daughter who watches HGTV probably as much as you do, things don’t have to be matching, they just have to “go”. Looks FANTASTIC. I love the colors together with the brown. Similar to my new couch and living room paint color. Had I only known of that paint color before…well, maybe I can steal your color and put it in my master bedroom! Love it!

  25. deb bongiorno says:

    It looks so comfy that I want to snuggle up on the bed…but I would be afraid to get it dirty. The paint is so lovely that you have inspired me to go get the Behr paint. I have super dark green walls in my kitchen and the thought of 2 or 3 coats was daunting.

  26. pam-tastic says:

    Two words: Love. Lee.

    great job!