I Invite You To Share In My Joy

Summer 2010 has been very, very good so far. We have discovered some new and exciting treasures that will no doubt change our lives forever. Or at the very least they will change our lives until mid- to late-August. So we certainly cannot complain.

By the way – my standard disclosure – I’m not mentioning these things because anybody paid me / bribed me / begged me / offered me free fried chicken for life. I will not profit if you buy these items. I am simply one of those annoying people who wants EVERYONE IN MY IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL AND/OR VIRTUAL VICINITY to experience the same unexpected product-related joys that I do. And yes, I realize that saying that probably reveals some degree of moderately-unhealthy codependence on my part, but I really don’t think I’m that codependent except for the fact that I REALLY LIKE THINGS BETTER WHEN YOU LIKE THEM, TOO.

I might benefit from some counseling.

1. Sabra Spinach & Artichoke Hummus


I’ve been a fan of the Sabra hummus for a few years, but I had no idea that they’d ventured into spinach and artichoke territory. I saw this new variety in Costco yesterday and practically threw it in the cart. I was just beside myself with excitement. And it did not disappoint. We had a friend staying with us last night, and her presence was the only thing that kept me from embarrassing myself with this hummus. I think the Lord sent her to our house as a shield of protection against any potential hummus-related gluttony.

It’s so good. And it probably goes without saying that it should be eaten with these.

Like you didn’t already know that.

2. Ben Rector’s “Into The Morning” – Every once in awhile I run across a CD with such unassuming brilliance that it just grabs me by the heart and won’t let go. This CD did that. Does that. Is doing that. Presently. Even now, as I type this.

He’s 23 years old. And scary talented. Can’t wait to see what might be in store for him down the road.

3. Colgate Pro Clinical Daily Whitening Toothpaste

Look. They say it has some sort of special crystals that make it so effective. For all I know there are elves inside who are working their little elfin fingers to the bone to make people’s teeth whiter. But as someone who has never been able to use a whitening toothpaste because I have hyper-sensitive skin that tends to get all red and bumpy when I use a toothpaste with all sorts of tricky additives, I am TICKLED to have found this one. It’s good stuff.

4. Andrew Peterson’s “Dancing In The Minefields” – It’s one of my favorite songs ever about marriage. I mean, just listen to these lyrics. And swoon. Swoon verily, I say unto you.

5. The Sharpie Pen

Every once in awhile I sort of frighten myself with my office supply-related enthusiasm.

Case in point: the new Sharpie pen. THIS IS EPIC, Y’ALL.

I have searched long and hard for the perfect pen since I first discovered the Pilot V5 back in the early 90s. Over time my grip has changed, and the V5 is no longer suitable for my day-to-day pen-related tasks. I’ve been using Sharpie extra fine markers for the last three or four years, but they do bleed through paper, and you really just have to love them because, well, you love them.

But this new Sharpie pen? It’s a game-changer.

Please don’t make fun of me.

I just have very specific pen-related needs. And when you find the right pen – well, you just know. You just know that you know that you know. And I think the Sharpie pen and I are going to have a very long, very happy life together.

I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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  1. Fabulous. As a former high school English teacher, I have pen-related needs too. Can’t wait to try these!
    And the hummus too.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I’m going to have to check out that hummus. And that toothpaste. And the CD. What is one of the best songs? I’d like to download on iTunes. :)

  3. Not making fun, but….I just need to know. HOW and WHY did your grip change? I’ve never heard of this phenomona. Will this affect me too?

    I also love the office supplies. Greatly. So I need to know about this grip changing before I invest! :)

  4. OH MY WORD, OH MY WORD! I also just discovered Sabra’s Greek Olive Hummus, and being enamoured by the olive (especially those of Greek descent), I had to try. And now I tell you I can almost go through a package per day. Like maybe I could just eat this hummus each day as my sole form of nutrients.
    I LOVE when you tell us about the products that delight you. Especially beauty and cosmetic related products. Just don’t you ever stop with these types of posts. They are much appreciated. :)

  5. Let me just say hummus is a staple at our home, and I have to try that one! Yumm. i like to eat it with those flat pretzel chips–have you tried those? Ohmyword.

    And I have pen related needs too. I hate when they bleed through…but I like colors. I wonder if Mr. Sharpie makes his pen in colors? I will be on the lookout.

    And, I’ll try the toothpaste, and listen to the song. Cause you are just that influencial. :)

  6. I can spend ridiculous amounts on office supplies. I don’t know why I find it so fun but it is like Disneyland for me :)

  7. Enthusiasm for pens, hummus and toothpaste is a recipe for a good life.

  8. I’m back. I have now swooned verily. Off to download it now. LOVE it. Thanks!

  9. Great post. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for sharing “Dancing in the Minefields.” As a couple who got married @ 21 & 24, we certainly heard lots of the “it’ll never last” stuff. Twenty one awesome, tough, fun, vexing, challenging, wonderful years later I can stick out my tongue and say “Hah!” The song made me cry and I just bought it offa Itunes. Now I’m off to get some Sharpie pens because I too have serious, serious pen issues.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sharpie pen.

  11. I’ve never seen the spinach & artichoke sabra. I’m quite partial to the pine nut version!

    There are no words to describe my love for the Sharpie pen. No words.

  12. I am so glad you posted these! I had not heard Dancing in the Minefields, but what a wonderful song! And one that I will be sharing with my hubby of almost 16 years now…

    And hummus…Yes, please!!

  13. Melanie says:

    Beautiful song. Thanks for sharing. We got married when I was 16, him 21. It’s been over 25 years now and going strong.

    I also love me some Sharpie pens. My friends give them to me for gifts now. I am partial to the blue and purple ones.

  14. Jessica says:

    I share your office related obsession with sharpies! I have too written for years with the fine point! I thought I was the only one!

  15. If we lived in the same area, we would so be friends IRL because I totally agree with all your new “treasures”, particularly the hummus and Ben Rector!! I began making my own pita chips for hummus – cut up pita bread into triangles, brush on olive oil and garlic, bake at 400 for about 12-15 minutes. So good!

    I’ll definitely be trying out the new sharpie pens as I have pen issues, too!

  16. I tried that same new hummus on vacation while I still had access to Publix. YUM.

    I’ve always been a fan of Stacy’s, but now I buy pita bread, warm it in the toaster oven, then cut it into wedges. Double YUM.

  17. I LOVE the Pilot V5, so I will rush, rush I tell you, to the Wal-marts to pick up the Sharpie pen. Oh, and the hummus too! (I’ve thought about sending my kids to the government school, just so I could REALLY stock up on the school supplies!)

  18. I have not seen the spinach and artichoke version of Sabra hummus! SO JEALOUS! I served the red pepper version at a party last Friday night and it went over like gangbusters. Goes really well with Snack Factory’s pretzel chips in “everything”. Give me a bowl of those with some hummus and tzatziki dip and I’m a happy, happy girl.

    And those Sharpie pins will change your life.

  19. I just introduced my daddy to Sabra Hummus and he’s hooked. I tried this flavor a few months ago and loved it. The pita chips and spinach artichoke dip (Paula Deen’s recipe)bring back memories of my daughter’s wedding last year. I ate pita chips for a few weeks afterwards. ;)

  20. I fell in love w/ the minefields song!!! So, I had to post it on my blog today!

    And…there is NOTHING better than a good pen…and a Sharpie Pen? Oh, my lunch break run might include a trip to Office Max.

  21. I may need to try one of those Sharpie pens. Thanks!

  22. Colors, I see colors!!!!!! I’ve been waiting! I’ve been using the black fine point Sharpie pens ever since they came out and love ’em.

  23. Thank you for sharing your “insight” on all things awesome!
    You are SO COOL!!

    I can’t wait to try that toothpaste! Yeehaw! My teenagers beg me for some whitening miracle! Maybe this is it! :)
    And the pens….Oh me o my…the Sharpie!
    I have a love affair going on with the Sharpie!

  24. I have always gotten down with the Sabra hummus, but recently ventured off the beaten path. I was lured by a coupon combined with a sale and couldn’t say no. If you like a little spice in your life, try the Atehnos Spicy Three Pepper!

  25. Oh, my, the Pilot V5, precise..still my favorite pen of all times. I am using one now at work…it MUST be blue though and it MUST be the extra fine point. No other like it…but, I will try the Sharpie one :). I too love OFFICE SUPPLIES. Thanks for the other suggestions. I plan on trying and listening to them.

  26. Love this post…I always feel the need to share products I love too. I don’t think I’ve tried any of these besides the toothpaste!

  27. I am so excited that you shared about the Sharpie pen! I have to find it now. I, too, am a user of the extra fine point Sharpie. My husband, however, sees no use for them. “It’s too little to be a marker and too ineffective to be a pen.” To him, I say, you just don’t get it. He equates them to the old fashioned felt pens from the days of yore. He clearly has pen issues.
    I have to confess that I don’t like hummus, but anytime I hear that word, I always think of the Friends episode where Phoebe gets hummus on her dress and starts yelling “The hummus! The hummus!” And then pins on that big Christmas pin to cover the stain. Oh how I love when the opportunity arises to use Friends episodes to relate to people.

  28. I SEE him playing the accordion… but I don’t HEAR him playing the accordion. Hm.

    Great song though, I always love your music links.

  29. From one “pen freak” to another, thanks. AND what a song! My Man and I are in our 15th year right now and that song is so true! Good recommendation–thanks!!!

  30. I too am partaking in the yummy that is Sabra spinach and artichoke hummus. In fact, hummus and corn chips served as my lunch of champions yesterday. It is the Holy Grail of hummus and only the Tuscan hummus at California Pizza Kitchen even competes.

    The pens, they are on my radar now. Office supply stores everywhere? I’m coming for you.

  31. your posts, as always, make me giggle with delight. i share most of these “quirks” listed today. the office supply pen loving internal worship for the right style is shared by myself and many of my coworkers to the point, if you take “my pen” you will be stabbed with the first sharp object i can reach. i have a scar from “using” an RSVP pen three years ago! ha!

  32. I love me some Andrew Peterson . . . he is our family fav!!! We first discovered him YEARS and YEARS ago, and we were thrilled to host him at our church last year as part of his West Coast Tour. We’re hoping he has a hankering to come back to our lovely coast sometime soon!
    That song is magical. But I think all of his songs related to marriage are magical. And then again, I’m pretty sure I think all of his songs about anything are magical.
    OK . . . now I’m off to buy the Sharpie pen and have something new (besides Andrew Peterson) to rave out!

  33. I have a blue Sharpie pen in my purse and I won’t even let my husband use it. When people say “Do you have a pen?” I say, “Not one that I let other people touch.” Honestly. I say that. I get very strange looks, and people back up just a bit.

  34. Love the Sharpie pens as well, but the outside paint that decorates the pen rubs off onto your fingers–the only downside!

  35. LOVE “Dancing in the Minefields.” Penny from Centricity Music sent me the link to the video earlier today (and I promptly sent it to my hubby).

    And the Sharpie pen sounds fabulous!

  36. My 15th anniversary is six months away. We’ve weathered lost jobs, four moves, sick children, and still unresolved sports team allegiances.

    That song is for me.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  37. I almost bought the new Sharpie Pens the other day but went with Old Reliable (Pilot V5). Because of your post I now feel confident enough to try Sharpie. Wish me luck.

  38. Well, I feel like reading your blog today was meant to be. I need all those things, mentioned above. I love Sabra hummus and have been known to have moments of hummus gluttony myself. And it’s so nice to know that I’m not the only one with very specific pen related needs. And a slight obsession with all things office supply related!

  39. I cannot tell you how excited I am about the Sharpie pen! I LOVE school/office supplies and miss the days when we would head to K&B to pick out all our stuff for the new school year. Pens and pencils (though really only the purple K&B pencils would do) were my favorite thing to pick out.

    Thanks for sharing these great finds! I’m off to the office supply store now.

  40. I LOVE Sharpie pens! I am a teacher who refuses to grade using red, so these pens are my friends ;) I have purple, green, orange, and blue…..must find more! I graded with fine point Sharpie markers for years…but as you said, they bleed! These pens make me happy!

  41. I loved both singers. The Andrew Peterson song was beautiful and really touching. Something about seeing old people still together, who have weathered the storms just gets to me. Then I commenced to listen to many songs/videos by Ben Rector. Very good stuff. I think I might actually purchase his cd. Thanks for sharing!

  42. “the V5 is no longer suitable for my day-to-day pen-related tasks.”


  43. Ben Rector used to be the youth pastor at our church! This is incredible. A fine young man.

  44. Yea for Ben Rector! I just want to say that my husband designed his album artwork (and several other things, like t-shirts) for “Into the Morning”. I was so tickled pink to see it on your blog today :)

    You need to check out Ben’s newest release – “Summer Candy”. Just a couple of fun summer pop songs to make people smile! My husband also designed that album artwork, as well.

    Fun fun!

  45. Yep, the song made me cry… Thank you for introducing it to me!


  46. Meredith says:

    Shut the front door! I am eating Sabra hummus and Stacy’s chips right now! Delicious! And the spinach & artichoke hummus is my new best friend. Oh, and Sharpie pens rock!

  47. Sharpie makes a pen!!! No way! So excited. I have to figure out where I can find me that hummus. :)

  48. Thanks for the Sharpie pen info! I’ll have to try them. I have very specific pen needs too…it has to be BOLD ink…the darker the better. I also can only write w/ very sharp pencils… lol!

  49. It looks like you have had a fruitful trip to Costco! Will have to find me some of those Sharpie – in bulk no less. I am determined that my children never write in my calender except with a sharpie this year – now maybe that can become a reality. FYI My favorite Costco item is the “More Time Moms” calendar that comes out in the summer just in time to replace my shabby one when the year really begins for me September – back to school. It makes me smile every year.

  50. OK…I’m not kidding when I say this. Today at work, I put my lunch in the fridge and I stopped dead in my tracks because not only did someone have Sabra hummus….but they were in INDIVIDUAL CUPS.

    Hummus…in single serve portions…I swear I heard the angels singing.

  51. I LOVE the Andrew Peterson song. Am in tears and want to post in on our blog but can’t figure out how. Help!

  52. SHARPIE PENS????

    Ahem. Sorry, didn’t mean to shout, but that’s some serious news, right there.

    I am such a stationery geek. :D


  53. I LOVE the Andrew Peterson song! My husband and I will be seeing him perform on Sunday, and we can’t wait! It’ll be our 3rd time seeing him. If there are any other AP fans out there, check his website to see if he’ll be coming to your area any time soon. :)

  54. LOVE the Sharpie pens; I have one on my desk right now. I think I’ll pick up some of that hummus this afternoon! Looks yummy!!

  55. I just want you to know that I LOVE reading your blog. You really crack me up and consistently bring a smile to my face. Thank you!

  56. You very well may be my new best friend…and you don’t even know it! Hummus…LOVE! Sharpies…I’m a teacher. Need I say more?? Andrew Peterson…I’m more into his good buddy Jason Gray, but I like him too.

  57. I just put the Sabria hummus (3 for $5.98!!) I got at Costco in my fridge. I was a wee bit excited myself and cracked up when I opened your blog and you were loving the same thing.

    And now I am enjoying some Ben Rector tunes. I hadn’t heard of him but I’m diggin’ it!

  58. Oh, my goodness! I thought that I was the only person who was so into pens!!! And, I totally agree with you! I bought one of them back about 4 months ago and promptly bought 3 more. I also liked the fine tip markers but didn’t like the way they bled through paper. I teach 5th grade and bought myself a new pack, just like yours, for “back to school”.

    I am such a nerd. I try really hard not to embarrass myself in the “back to school” aisles at Office Max :)

    A very dear friend of mine, who was my former principal, loved the same kind of pens that I did. So, he and I were all of the time trying out the latest ones we could find. It was a fun joke between the 2 of us. He was my son’s asst. prin. at the high school for the past 2 years. So, for a graduation “thank you” from us, I got him a 4-pack of those Sharpie pens.

    Takes a pen “geek” to know one……..you’re the best!!!! Thanks for the “kindred” laugh today.

  59. Brilliant!

  60. Loved the video, made me cry. Child of divorce, married young, sailing through storm or two at any given moment in ministry. Thanks for sharing all the things that bring you joy, I love these posts!

  61. #1. You had me at PITA CHIPS. And at artichoke. And at spinach. And ESPECIALLY at Hummus.

    #2. I recently posted about my office supply related joy here: http://themakingofmom.blogspot.com/2010/07/das-not-funny-friday-real-winner.html

    #3. I bought some of the Hummus (and a bag ‘o Pita Chips, b/c CLEARLY) today at Sam’s Club JUST BECAUSE YOU SAID IT WAS THAT GOOD. And, my friend, you did NOT disappoint. Eating some now, as I type.

    #4. I do believe our tastebuds were separated at birth. Which sounds really nasty if you think about it but you know what I mean.

    #5. Ending a list w/ a number that isn’t a multiple of 5 bugs me. And I hate it b/c it’s either cut it short at 5 or stretch it to 10. Yes, I know.

  62. I shouted (i get excited easily) out to my hubby….”Oh my, I found my anniversary, my Christmas & my birthday gift, all rolled into one!” He just rolled his big brown eyes quietly in my direction “yes?” I know he expected something expensive, but I was thrilled to reply “sharpie has made an everyday pen!”…..He knows how I love my sharpies so I am crossing my fingers that I might just get one, or, be still my heart, an entire package!! My anniversary is this week!!

  63. I’m a big fan of the Sharpie pen as well….but this style didn’t really love my fingers. The third edition of the body style is PERFECT for me (http://tinyurl.com/2dussdo)

  64. Sharpie PENS!? I just tossed my laptop on the floor, jumped out of bed and added those to my Target list for tomorrow. Fingers crossed a million times that they have them.

  65. THANK YOU for the Andrew Peterson song!!! If I wrote music, sang, played guitar, looked really cool, could make a music video and knew a handful of really cute, old, married couples, this is just what would come out of me! I LOVE this song and the video. LOVE IT!!! FYI, I’m bringing the hummus (I eat hummus and pita chips all the time, but never tried this version), to a party tonight. And I can’t even begin to discuss my love of office supplies and Sharpie pens. It’s second only to my love of Ziplock bags. Thanks for sharing! I bet, as a kid, you were really good to play with in the sandbox :o)

  66. I’m weird about pens – Walmart doesn’t even carry them – have to go to Office Depot, and have one in my purse so I can be sure it’s the right one, because no way would I be happy with an imitation. Thanks for letting me know I am NOT alone in this weirdness!

  67. Melissa says:

    I’m stopping by to catch up – I scroll down to get to the oldest post I need to catch up on – I see the SHARPIE 10 PAK!!!!! OH My Gosh!!!!! I am so in love with the sharpie and now with the non-bleed-through ink – PERFECTION…Perhaps it is a generational thing with the pens/office supplies – I’m right there with you – okay now back to reading and catching up – While your grip may have changed, I hope you blogging never does. You are my hero, Sophie! You rock.

  68. Just found your blog and love it! Totally relate to the sharpie pens…and office supplies in general.

  69. Mmmm I love me some hummus. :) But I do have to say, I love the taste of those pita chips, but they hurt my teeth. I can only but nibble at those uber-crunchy chips. (I don’t know, it could be just me!)

  70. Thanks so much for posting the Andrew Peterson song. I have been marinating on that album for the past week now and it has so spoken to my soul. I wish I lived near you and we could be buddies. You are awesome! (hope that doesn’t come off too stalker-ish.) ;)

  71. I an right there with you on the pen fetish. Ask anyone that knows me well and they will tell you I have a serious affliction when it comes to pens. Running a close second is my adoration for post it notes. I simply LOVE a good pen, and yes, there is a huge difference . I hoard them and covet the really great ones.
    So I completely understand your penlove and will be looking for those sharpies on my next trip to Staples.
    Nothing better than a well stock office supplies store !

  72. I have to go with the Pilot G2 and specifically the 07 Fine Point. Any other is not worth using!

  73. Yuummmmmm! The first two things make me so happy!! I love pita chips & that hummus, too. I could eat hummus every single day!