ALERT, ALERT: Happy Birthday One Day Early

I have it on very good authority that Melanie‘s birthday is tomorrow.

The source of that good authority? MY CALENDAR.


And here’s a little secret (well, it’s not really a secret, but we can certainly pretend that it is for the sake of narrative) that you may not know: Melanie and I actually became friends way back in the bloggy day when she left a comment that referenced two of my favorite topics, football and worship music.


I’m not kidding.

Here it is.

You should know that I love her comment for many reasons, but the fact that it’s from “Melaie” is the icing on the comment cake. We have since developed a wide-ranging repertoire of words we frequently mistype, and “Melaie” was just a small taste of many typing-related hilarities to come. Warms my heart, it does.

Anyway, it took me all of five seconds to fire off of quick reply after I read that comment. If I’m not mistaken, I wrote something incredibly profound, something along the lines of “JACKIE SHERRILL? I LOVE JACKIE SHERRILL.”

And thus a friendship was born.

Also, I just noticed that Mel actually left that comment in August of 2006. Which means that in addition to tomorrow being her birthday, it’s also a pretty good time to celebrate our friendiversary. Maybe P and D can throw us a party. We can meet halfway between Birmingham and San Antonio and share a box of Cheez-Its and a couple of Route 44 Diet Cokes from Sonic. P can shoot some wild game for us, and then D can analyze the overall strategy, execution and success of P’s shooting and put all the data in a spreadsheet that we’ll have lacquered onto a commemorative plaque. It’ll be a precious time.

For the last four years Mel and I have emailed and talked and cried and laughed like nobody’s business. We’ve covered a mind-boggling amount of conversational ground (however, I can’t recall that we’ve ever talked about the proliferation of nuclear arms, but then again we’re not really what you would call well-versed in foreign affairs). And even though it’s a little bit of a cliche’ to say that you don’t think you would have made it without [fill in the blank], I cannot imagine what I would have done without her. We could have never known it back in August 2006, but God had some crazy adventures waiting for us. And the fact that a couple of borderline introverts with a host of confidence issues and a deep love for reality television managed to set aside our fears and our remotes long enough to forge a lifelong friendship will forever be a wonder to me.

I think that God knew we would need each other. I’m so grateful that He did.

So all that to say: Happy 39th, Big Mama. You are an incredible wife and mother. You are a loyal and steady and trustworthy friend. You are more talented than you know. You are, in the words of our pretend friend Rachel Zoe, BANANAS.

And your friendship is the best gift the internet ever gave me.

Here’s to many more memories, sweet friend.

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  1. My name is Melanie too. Last week I sent a kind of serious email at work and I signed it:

    ” – meanie”

  2. Going over right now to tell her Happy Bday!

  3. What a sweet tribute to a friend!! The rest of us are glad you and Melanie are friends and we get to share in your adventures!

    I was watching Paula Deen yesterday. She pulled out a dish of her homemade mac and cheese from the fridge, cut it in squares, wrapped bacon around it, floured and breaded it and deep fried it!! Oh my goodness! My arteries slammed shut just watching it but my, it looked tasty! :-)

  4. nanette lynch says:

    LOVED this post! Wish I would have known that you both are Coach Sherrill fans….he is dear friend of our family and could have maybe set up a surprise visit for her BD!
    I also LOVE good friends. Stopped over at my BFF’s after I dropped my youngest off at college yesterday…..a good place to mourn!!!

  5. I absolutely LOVEEE this story!! I love how she signed her name, and I love that y’all are still friends! I even forgive you for not being Razorbacks fans, LOL. Will go wish “Melaie” a happy birthday right now

  6. ellebell says:

    It’s been SO much fun to watch your friendship blossom over the past few years. (Not in a creepy voyeuristic kinda way…but more in a “Ahhh. That’s sweet they found each other kinda way.”) ;-)

  7. Pat in B'ham says:

    Great post! Your blog and Melanie’s are the only two I follow with any regularity. It’s my treat to myself each morning to see what’s going on your worlds. Thanks for sharing…and keep it up!

  8. Awww, so sweet!!!! Happy birthday Big Mama!!!! :)

  9. And, so, obviously that picture will be on the front of the invitation to A&C’s wedding…which will take place in August, some 20 years from now. :)

  10. I love her! And you!
    What a sweet friend you are!

    God bless you both!

  11. This is such a sweet tribute! Will there be a special edition friendiversary podcast soon?

  12. I have always wondered how yall became friends! Going to wish her a happy birthday right now!!

  13. This is absolutely stinkin’ beautiful, and it BLOWS MY MIND all that God has brought you two through and blessed you with over the past 4 years. It’s INSANE really and so incredible. Praise him!! Love, love, love, LOVE. Happy Birthday, Mel!!!

  14. I already left her a happy birthday on her blog. I don’t know her but I love her. One of my very best friends is a blog friend. We arranged a meeting and we are soul sisters!

    Also, I’d like it noted that in college I attended the church that Chris Tomlin planted (along with two other pastors). It was a blessing every single week. And also… Austin > College Station. There really is no contest.

  15. Aww, this is so sweet and *so* true. Isn’t it amazing the way that friends are made? I’m blessed with mine as well.

  16. Well, you have me in tears this morning. This is the sweetest thing ever. Love you so much and never would have made it without having you to share our particular brand of crazy.

    Much love,

  17. You two ROCK! Actually the only two blogs I read on a regular basis. I love your “brand of crazy” – it’s a popular brand. ; ) How is the ear?

  18. You know I love this with all my heart. Because the internet gave birth to Fran and Robyn’s friendship too. So so so very thankful. :)

  19. deanna f. says:

    To the Melanie who commented first on this post, let me just say THAT IS FLIPPIN’ HILARIOUS!

    And to BooMama and Big Mama, I’m so glad y’all became friends. The two of you have given us internet junkies a many ‘o laughs over the past few years!

  20. I, too, am a regular reader of both your blogs. You two have a gift for humor and a “word, fitly spoken.” I love that you are friends with Beth Moore as well. I consider you 3 my bff’s!

  21. This made me cry. What an awesome God!!

  22. Mary Helen says:

    I read both of your blogs and think you are both great. It is so fun to keep up with both of you and see what God is doing in your lives. Good friends are hard to come by!

  23. Cheez-its and Route 44’s?? Don’t you mean less than stellar Mexican? ha-ha! ;)

  24. How sweet! I almost cried . . .

  25. Robyn (3girlsmom) says:

    Well this is just about the sweetest blog post ever. I’m all singing Friends Are Friends Forever & loving this little slice of techy heaven that we live in.

    And then I read Fran’s comment. And now I am all teary and really want to go hug her neck.

    It’s a good day. :)

  26. Cheer to great friends!!!

  27. i aDORE your friendship. i’m new to the blog world and i follow both of you and i don’t know what the rest of us would do without your friendship! y’all are precious.

    p.s. rachel zoe is my imaginary friend, too! (along with the dash trio.)


  28. Thanks for allowing us to follow along with your friendship. It has been very entertaining & fun!

  29. that is such a sweet story how you two met! i love both your blogs and am happy to read all about it. you both are such talented writers!

  30. Sweet tribute!

  31. Happy you have such an uh-mazing friend, and that you both love the Bravo. The alternate universe otherwise known as Rachael Zoe is my escape too! Happy friendiversary!

  32. Awww….nothing better than friends!!
    Happy Birthday Melanie!!!!

    Hope you have the best day ever!!


  33. “The fact that a couple of borderline introverts with a host of confidence issues and a deep love of reality television……” has to be one the best sentences of all times.

    Which is why I love both of you.

  34. I loved reading this! I love my bloggity buddies, too!

  35. That was a wonderful tribute to friendship BooMama. Though I don’t know either of you personally, I can appreciate your story and the remarkable way in which God brings hearts and lives together!

  36. Geez. You two. Making me cry at least twice a week what with all the kids growing up and birthdays and anniversaries. Well, and, I’m a sap. =) I’m glad you guys are friends so that I can keep up with MY pretend friends! LOL!

  37. Ok, well, that made me cry. Happy Friendiversary!

  38. This is the sweetest story! Thanks for sharing. I can’t believe you girls are anything connected with “introvert”!

  39. Two things:
    1) Yes, we down here in Tigerland have seen and heard about the Alabama vs. Missisippi ticket, and yes we all think it’s BEYOND HILARIOUS!!! Seriously people, get someone to spell check your tickets…..especially when you are the defending National Champions!!!!
    2) Almost 2 years ago when I was about 4 months pg with my much prayed for 2nd baby, I had a pregnancy complication that I have never heard of. I COULDN’T PEE! That’s right….I COULDN’T PEE! I had to go to the hospital and have a catheter put in and come home with it for 48 hours……yes I said 48 hours!!!! Much more painful than labor pains:( Anyway, my 9 year old (7 at the time) was SO concerned for me. He kept saying, “Are you all right, momma…..Does it hurt momma?” He would help me up and down the stairs in my house. It melted my heart too! These boys of ours are going to kill us before they get grown!!!!

  40. OOPS!!! I misspelled the misspelled Mississipi!!! Please forgive my error:)

  41. Well, obviously I’m a week or so behind on my internet reading which is a shame really because I am a Words With Friends opponent of Melanie’s and probably played her that very day without wishing her happy birthday. This is a sweet tribute. I’ve often wondered how the two of you met. I never would have dreamed it was all thanks to the wide world of the internet. Sweet tribute. =)

  42. Ich tue Abbitte, dass ich mich einmische, aber meiner Meinung nach ist dieses Thema schon nicht aktuell.