Three Thousand Words


These will change your life forever.

And do you know what? I don’t think I’m alone in my assessment. Because this past weekend we wanted to buy a bag of them, but they were all gone at our Walmart. Then we tried Target. But still: SOLD OUT. We finally found some at Walgreens, and I grabbed the bag and clutched it to my chest and TROTTED to the cash register before someone ripped them out of my arms.

Because that would totally happen.


I’ve had to say goodbye to a significant member of my summer wardrobe.

We’ve had two good summers together. We’ve frolicked in the Gulf, and we’ve spent untold hours at the pool. But a couple of weeks ago, when we were at the beach with our family, I kept looking around when we were sitting beside the pool because something just smelled, I don’t know, SOUR. And after about an hour and a half of turning up my nose and wondering what the weird odor was, I suddenly realized that OH MY WORD IT’S MY HAT.

I thought about Febrezing it, but then I thought, “No. It’s time.” Odds are that a Crocodile Dundee-ish hat that cost $10 at Walmart probably wasn’t meant to last more than a year anyway. But OH, I did enjoy it. We shared some precious memories. Except for that whole smelling-like-a-neglected-damp-washcloth thing. But other than that we were golden.


You’ve probably seen this – especially if you live around an SEC school – but I thought I’d share it in case it hasn’t made it to your part of the country yet.

The University of Alabama mailed out season tickets last week.

Here’s the ticket for the November 13th game against Mississippi State.

I have a hunch that Bulldogs everywhere will be sporting some special game day t-shirts on November 13th.

“Go ‘Dogs- Beat ‘Bamma!”

Or we may even come up with one that our friends in Tuscaloosa can wear:

“Rol Tid Rol.”

ALL IN GOOD FUN, OF COURSE. Because when you’re going up against the defending National Champion, sometimes your only line of defense is to give them a hard time about a spelling error.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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  1. My target had those little babies stocked on the endcap across from the pork tenderloins. Someone smart put them there. :)

  2. The coconut M&Ms are quite the life changers too. Unless you don’t like coconut. Well, they might change your life too, but not in a good way.

    And the ticket? I did a total spit take on that one and am still wiping the tears away from laughing.

  3. The spelling error. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

    War Eagle.

  4. I’m a Vol fan- our boys may be in jail wearing orange jumpsuits, but I’d like to believe they can spell Mississippi. :)

  5. I love being “in the company” of other football gals! I’m in a state that takes it football Verrrrryy seriously too! My son started playing this year. I have a whole new respect for the moms of the big boys on the college fields! Enjoy your season!

  6. I don’t like any candy that changes their ingredients and then tries to cash in on their brand name. So after years and years of refusing to even try peanut MnMs on principal, I finally gave up after the 13th or 14th version hit the market. These pretzel ones are addictive and really deserve their own name.

  7. My favorite part of this post…”TROTTED”. I can see it in my mind’s eye. And I love it.

  8. I’m not gonna lie. It took me a minute to see the spelling error. In my defense it’s 4:20 in the A!M! And my eldest child just woke me up 15 minutes ago. Because she was thirsty. Sigh.
    Thanks for the treat tip and go Wildcats! Which really means go-whoever’s- left-in-the-SEC-at-the-end-of-the-season because Lord knows we stink at football.
    Now basketball is another story……..

  9. My husband will agree with you. I keep a candy dish on the kitchen counter and usually keep an M&M candy in it. I bought those on a whim and wow he went nuts over the! I’ve never seen the coconut!! Now, those sound good.

    I’m a Big Ten girl so, GO BUCKS!!

  10. Pretzel M&M’s???!!!! What took them so long?! YESSSSSS!! The stinky hat – now that is funny. Been there. Have a blast at the game.

  11. Lynnette R says:

    SEC football is God’s way of soothing the pain that is the ending of summer. And for me, peanut M&M’s all the way.

  12. Love IT!! Of course, I am a Gator fan…

  13. oh pretzel m&ms, you are indeed my new favorite candy. I buy them for my candy jar at work and they’re gone within days of opening a new bag. Everyone loves them.

    I’m a Big 10 fan, but I’m still tickled by the spelling error.

  14. Totally agree – LOVE the pretzel M&Ms. I have a hard time finding them, too. They are always sold out!

  15. I read in some magazine where those M&M’s were rated one of the best low-cal snacks!

  16. Everyone knows there are 2 hump backs in Mississippi!
    But really 97 All-Americans wow. Look out!

  17. Those Pretzel M&M’s are the best combination since peanut butter and jelly. And THAT, is serious! Because as I mentioned in your post on lunch and maybe even on breakfast, PB&J and I go WAY back. We’re like this *crossing fingers*.

    So, for the past month since my discovery of this awesome treat, I have been enjoying my popcorn with a little of these Pretzel M&M’s mixed in. I would normally put the Peanut M&M’s. But the Pretzel ones are the new M&M’s on the block.

    I had trouble, too, finding them consistently. And by consistently, I mean like, at least ONCE weekly. I found that the regular bag you find at the check-out aisles is just too small. NOT that I would pass it up, because I CAN’!. But my oldest daughter found the party size bag in the candy aisle at Walmart. What an act of love! My daughter knows my primary love language.

  18. Amen, sister, to the M&M Pretzels.

    Although I find their commercial a little disturbing.

    Second, (totally unrelated to your post)there was a House Hunters in Brandenton, FL where the wife & husband were buying their first home. The ONE WORD they kept using was ‘fancy’.

    “Oh, I like the arches, those are really fancy.”

    “This dining room is very fancy.”

    I just couldn’t help wondering if she’s wearing ‘Fancy Nights’ by Jessica Simpson.

  19. Margaret says:

    I haven’t had the pretzel ones yet. I don’t care for the commercial.

    On another note, as an Alabama alumni living in Georgia, I would much rather see one less ‘P’ than red panties waving any day.

  20. The Atlanta newspaper article about the misspelled tickets called Alabama the National “Chamion” (leaving out the “P”). I thought that was cute – especially since we are Auburn fans!!

  21. We’re State fans living in T-Town – Can you feel our pain? We take our victories whenever we can!

  22. Oh my word, LOVE pretzel m&m’s :)

  23. I thought of the commercial immediately when you mentioned pretzel M&M’s. I don’t think I can eat the little guy who was so upset that the pretzel with eyes was going inside him. And then to show the x-ray! :(


  24. oh yes, you and i would make perfect friends. i did discover the pretzel m’s a couple months ago and have since been hooked. the bonus? they are much lower in calories and fat that regular m’s. a good thing? why yes, that means i can consume twice the amount.

  25. How bad is it that I had to look at that ticket 4 times before I noticed the spelling error? Wow.

    Also, those pretzel M&M’s may be the best candy EVER. Who doesn’t love salty and sweet?

  26. Well we’re Tennessee fans so that spelling error made me smile. Is that bad?

    I have to steer clear of the coconut m/ms…they call to me and I have to just plug my ears and walk the other way.

  27. As someone who knows nothing about SEC football, rivalries, or Alabama (although I am familiar with Bear Bryant), I totally thought that ticket said Bryan Dennehy stadium. Then I thought, “Really? They named a stadium after the dad from Tommy Boy?”
    Then I read the ticket more closely. :)

  28. Hey Soph, I can always count on you to make me smile and bring some laughter into my day! We’ve hit another crisis over here and it’s so good to have bloggers like you with words of gravity and levity and frivolity—ha—like go Longhorns over here. I bring my youngest son to that Longhorn college this very day. It will happen to you before you know it! Thanks for making me smile today in my tears. Love you girl, Bev

  29. Clearly the fine people of “Alabamma” did not learn the song in 2nd grade that teaches how to spell Mississippi. God bless them. And I’m from Louisiana! We’re not really known for our smarts, but at least we know how to spell our neighbor’s name! :)

    (And for the record, “Geaux Tigers!” :))

  30. I’m feeling a little dumb because it took me 5 tries of reading the ticket to figure out where the spelling error was. :)

    But I’m proud that I finally saw it. And it’s very funny to misspell that state because seriously, everyone knows the little M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I ditty. Or is that just me?? :)

  31. OH NO They didn’t! Just what my husband needs….more reasons to hate Alabama. I send him all your post in regards to State matters. He loves them. Good to know other avid State fans!

  32. There was a country song that went, ” M-I double S- I- double- S- I- double P- I” I loved that song, and thought it was so cool to spell Mississippi. I think it was sometime in the 60’s or 70’s.

    If that singer is still alive, I think ya’ll need to get her to come sing at half time. I am pretty sure she had big hair. Oh, M- I- double S….

  33. pretzel m&m’s are the best, you are correct.

  34. Yes, 97 First Team All – Americans and not one of them that can spell!

    Of course, we bulldogs did it to ourselves on a baseball publication last year, so…..

  35. I was so embarrassed when we saw the tickets. Ugh!

    Haven’t tried the pretzel m&m’s yet. I am kind of afraid to, given my addiction to golden oreo’s since I had one a few years ago.

  36. Marianne G says:

    Pretzel M&M’s, oh how I love thee! Had my first taste of them from a sample they gave away on Facebook, one bite and I was hooked. The sample came before they were released in the store…how dare they tease me that way! Now they are readily available at my Kroger store where we reunite on a weekly basis.

  37. I so want to try those M&Ms, but I can’t find them anywhere!

  38. Kelly Sites says:

    Are you kidding me? I’m probably the reason those pretzel M&Ms are out of stock all over the world…I’ve been obsessed with them for months. They are HEAVEN ON EARTH. I love them so much.

  39. Michelle says:

    Did you expect any different from THOSE PEOPLE in Tuscaloosa????

    WAR EAGLE!!!!

  40. I didn’t know they had them in the big bags. I have to find them! They are almost good for you or at least not as bad for you as regular M&M’s….don’t ya think?

  41. You are completely correct on the pretzel Ms. Life changing indeed.

  42. Lea Margaret says:

    I suppose that those 97 First Team All Americans were not Academic All Americans. I can’t wait to see how Dan the Man uses this to fire up the troops!!! Go Dawgs, Beat Bamma!

  43. Ok…what are they putting into these pretzel M&M’s??? Seriously? Is this going to turn into the whole “we’ll get you hooked on red M&M’s and then ‘think’ there is something harmful in the dye and then they take them from us”? Are they taunting us? Surely it didn’t take a hundred or so years of candy making to “just” figure out this combo? Did it? Yes! They are good! In fact, better than good! If they suddenly take them away from us, they’d better be prepared for some strongly worded letters by some bloggers! I’m just sayin’….

  44. I did think of you when I saw that ticket!

    The pretzel m&m is a delicious thing; we got into some recently and could not stop. The sweet, the chocolate, the salty…every food group, really, except the salsa group.

  45. Do you think that Alabama will give us a stupidity refund, or at least stupidity proration, for those ridiculously misprinted tickets they sent us??? Because that’d be great.

  46. I will have you know I ran right out to my local Tar-jay after reading your post (well, I also had to get a back pack and lunch box for the soon-to-be first grader in my life – lord, help me get through that milestone!) and located my very first bag of pretzel M&M’s. Oh yes, heaven in a blue bag, indeed. Thank you, Big Mama, for showing this girl who must live under a rock, some chocolate joy. : )

  47. A bammer – one of the nicknames I can actually write for the hated Tide – wrote on one of the websites, “Well, my Auburn buddy told me he had take a ‘p’, I didn’t know this is what he meant.” Even I thought that was funny. War Eagle!

  48. I might have to stop reading your blog since you’re making fun of Alabama football. Just kidding. I saw a comment on Facebook about this that said the tickets were printed in Arkansas if that is any consolation to my fellow Bama fans.

    My hubby loves the pretzel M&Ms too and I have a hard time finding the big bags. I usually just end up buying the single serve bags at the checkout line (at Publix) and we have to ration them out until my next trip to the grocery store.

  49. I’m a little slow. I just got the title. :>)

    I didn’t even go to Alabama.

  50. BethPAtl says:

    Oh my word! So funny that I looked at your blog today. Yesterday, I literally made myself SICK on pretzel M&Ms. Today it is very lonely on the pantry shelf because I am going nowhere near it! Self control? None! As a true (Georgia) Bulldog, I had to grin at the Alabama ticket error! Can you believe how much they are spending to correct it? How many bags of M&Ms could we buy?!

  51. We had the same thing happen at our Walmart…not a M&M’s pretzel in site…except for the huge $6 bag in the candy aisle….yea, we bought it. Sadly, we were disappointed. None of us really cared for them very much.

  52. I read your blog regularly (love!), but I’m coming out of lurkdom, and I’ll start if off with an embarrassing confession. You speak my mind on so many important issues like snack foods and cream cheese-based dips and worship music and reality television. But this whole Southern college football thing? I’m SO.LOST. It’s fascinating to me, honestly. As a Northern Indiana girl, (where it’s all Notre Dame, Notre Dame, and…oh! Notre Dame!), I need some sort of primer on the who’s who of the game down there. I see acronyms, school names (or, what I think are school names…what does Ole Miss mean?), and mascots. I know there’s a rolling tide and some sort of pig call. But I have no idea who’s who! Ack! Needless to say, I was really confused while watching The Blind Side. :)
    The thing is, I suspect that if I were a Southerner, I’d probably be head-over-heels into the whole thing. I get excited experiencing the enthusiasm here, on Kelly’s blog, etc., but I have no idea what’s going on! LOL

  53. Contrary to what Susan posted, the tickets were NOT printed in Arkansas. According to, this is the first year Alabama printed their OWN tickets so the mistake is the Tide’s responsibility. Prior to this year (in other words, when Mississippi was spelled correctly), they were printed in Arkansas.

  54. Also loving the pretzel M&Ms. . .LOVE THEM. Yum.

  55. Well, this summer was quite interesting for a Texas born and bred guy. We took a SEC tour of sorts. My son played in a baseball tournament in Starkville. I had no idea how many pros played ball at MS State.

    Lovely town by the way. And that Yumi Japanese Steakhouse? Heaven on earth. Made even better by the appearance of a girl wearing a “bumpit.” (not sure why I am obsessed with that thing)

    Starkville was great, Tuscaloosa was great. Awesome stadium those guys have. But the folks in Mississippi were some of the nicest people ever. I would love to be in Starkville on gameday this fall. Hope you guys have a blast!