Kellogg’s Love Your Cereal – Post 4

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About a year and a half ago I decided – I made a resolution, even – that I was going to serve a hot breakfast in the mornings. It’s something that my mama always did for us when I was growing up, and there’s something about sitting down to a table where there’s bacon and toast and cheese grits (we’re in Alabama, remember) that just feels like home. It’s comforting. I even think that it forces you to slow down and really enjoy what you’re eating, because eating that particular line-up of breakfast food in the car really isn’t an option.

Perhaps this is why you don’t usually see “cheese grits” on the drive-thru menus of your various and sundry fast food chains.

For the most part I’ve been successful with fixing a hot breakfast. It means that I wake up about 15 or 20 minutes earlier in the mornings than I would otherwise, but it also means that we make time to sit around the table before we start our day. That alone makes the earlier wake-up time worth it.

But some days – and I’m betting you’ve had these kind of “some days,” too – we just can’t get our act together. Maybe we oversleep. Maybe a certain mama forgot to transfer the previous night’s laundry to the dryer and finds herself running all over the house trying to round up some clean clothes. Maybe the sight of the full dishwasher discourages that same certain mama from pulling out even more pots and pans from the cabinet. Or maybe we’re just craving something easy.

Regardless, when I need a simple, no-hassle breakfast, there’s no question that cereal is our go-to choice. Sometimes, especially when I’ve been on a hot breakfast streak for a couple of weeks, I put cereal in our bowls, stare at it, and think, “Well, that took four seconds.” And because it’s not something that we eat every single day, the unexpected cereal option is always greeted with great enthusiasm in our house. Especially if these two cereals happen to be in the rotation:

Seriously. What is it with the Froot Loops and the Frosted Flakes? I don’t think I’ve ever known a child who didn’t love both of these cereals deeply and completely and who wasn’t completely enthralled by the toys on the back of the boxes. Whatever the reason, I am all about it. Because if we’re in a hurry, those big boxes of cereal make feeding my people a whole lot easier, especially when I’m trying to find a missing shoe and fill out a form for PTO and pack something for snack time and get everybody out the door.

So what about you? What are your favorite quick and easy breakfast options? Leave a comment with your answer, and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card (and come back next week to enter again – because these giveaways will continue for the next 8 weeks).

And be sure to visit the Kellogg exclusive offers page – you have 24 other chances to win $100 every single week that this program is running!

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  1. Kelly Massman says:

    I grab a protein bar!
    kmassman gmail

  2. Amanda Starr says:

    Daughter always has a smoothie with fruit, veggies, soy protein and p.b. that I make on Sunday and put in five different cups; that way she can just grab one each morning. Me I do an apple so much faster haha

  3. I like to stock up on yogurt at work so i don’t have to remember it in the morning!

  4. I always keep frozen waffles around and pop tarts for a quick breakfast
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  5. frozen waffles and smoothies.

  6. A bowl of cereal is our quick breakfast of choice.

  7. I’m all about the granola bars on rushed mornings! :)

  8. jennifernm says:

    Poptart, banana, or granola bar. Sometimes I freeze the leftover pancakes from the weekend. Then I can just pop it in the microwave or toaster and I’m good to go!

  9. Kristin V says:

    A quick granola or protein bar!

  10. I grab a breakfast bar, fruit or a frozen waffle with peanut butter.

  11. When I’m in a big hurry, I grab a granola bar.

  12. Melissa P says:

    Carnation Instant breakfast….just like when I was a kid!

  13. I’ll toast a strawberry or blueberry waffle and eat it without syrup…just right out of my hand. ;)

  14. I grab a banana or a bunch of grapes on my way out the door!

  15. 1 cup of Frosted Flakes in a glass with no milk. Oh and a Diet Coke. Every single morning. Don’t judge.

  16. We are a cereal lovin’ family, so we always have 5-6 varieties on hand! :)

  17. Cereal and fruit. Love me some Product 19 with fresh blueberries. I used to love Fruit Loops and Corn Pops but some wiseguy decided to add “fiber” to them rendering them NASTY. People, we do not eat Fruit Loops to catch up on our fiber count!!

  18. I make a big batch of muffins every week and freeze them. 1 minute in the microwave each morning, and I have a piping hot homemade treat. Quick and delicious!

  19. I am a cold cereal girl but if we’re out of it or the milk is bad, I go to toast with PB & Jelly.

  20. Ashley G. says:

    I like toasting whole wheat bagels topped with cheese.

  21. Special K Granola cereal

  22. Carolyn Clifton says:

    Out favorite quick grab-and-go breakfast is a frozen waffle (lightly toasted, of course!) or Greek vanilla yogurt. Thanks for the contest.

  23. We mostly have cereal everyday but if we are in a hurry then sometimes, I just make them grab a banana or something like it!!

  24. Toasted whole wheat English muffin with an egg cooked for one minute in the microwave. Healthier and cheaper faux egg mcmuffin. This was my morning staple as a working mom back in the day.

  25. Egg in a Basket, or yogurt with granola. Oatmeal in the winter, or cold cereal in the summer are also good quick options!

  26. Melissa B. says:

    If I’m really in a hurry, I grab a Special K breakfast bar – tasty and quick!

  27. Chocolate Chip granola bars, bagels with cream cheese, or Pillsbury cinnamon rolls!

  28. My special go to breakfast is a Diet Dr. Pepper and a Special K bar.

  29. We love yogurt smoothies, P90X bars, fresh fruit, and Shakeology!

  30. I love getting croissants (by the 6 pack) and slapping a little ham and sliced cheese inside. I make them up the night before, so that morning, all I have to do is unwrap and nuke them for about 15/20 seconds…a nice, warm breakfast. My kids really dig this.

    You could also scramble up an egg and slide it in there too…but I usually don’t take the time

  31. Mary Helen says:

    My current favorites are cinnamon oatmeal or whole grain waffles topped with pwanut butter. Yum!

  32. Nutrigrain bars are a staple in our house in the mornings.

  33. Cereal–Kellogg’s, of course!–or an english muffin. Mmmm.

  34. Yogurt with frozen raspberries!

  35. granola bars

  36. Yogurt with granola. Yum

  37. Smoothies!

  38. My kids eat cereal almost every day. Somedays it’s eggos, some days it’s instant oatmeal. But mostly cereal.

  39. Your ‘some days’ are my every days ;)
    For our quick breakfasts we do frozen waffles, granola bars, string cheese, or yogurt. The kids mostly eat cereal…and sometimes we even have that for dinner too.

  40. Bagels with mixed berry cream cheese . . . yummo!

  41. I love my oatmeal with blueberries on top. If I’m going with cold cereal I do think Frosted Flakes are the best flakes out there. My babies used to call it “Tiger cereal.” :)

  42. Every morning is a fast breakfast. We prefer cereal, granola bars, etc.

  43. We have toddlers, so kids yogurt (Dora or Diego) and either Raisin Bran or a cereal bar.

  44. I love bagelfuls. They are so easy. I love any type of cereal but I don’t like milk….usually have cereal as a snack.,”kk,o

  45. When I am in a hurry I grab a Nutri grain Bar and Coffee to go!

  46. Melissa F says:

    Yogurt for me!

  47. I love Reeses Puffs. LOVE.

  48. I am and always have been a cereal girl. For breakfast, for dinner, for a snack–any time!!

  49. Muffin from the freezer and a hard boiled egg! Sometimes a banana as well. All perfectly portioned and portable!

  50. Yogurt and fruit or cereal.

  51. Granola bars or Kashi Go Lean with all that protein. :)

  52. Peanut butter toast is a quick fave in my house!

  53. Bagel with cream cheese.

  54. we do cereal a lot! Kix, Cheerios, and Crispix are our current rotation.
    Or oatmeal – hot and quick!

  55. my favorite quick and easy breakfast is bananas, it’s fast to eat and easy to take on the road.
    songyueyu at gmail

  56. Frozen pancakes heated in the microwave and smeared with peanut butter. Sometimes they are home made pancakes and sometimes they are store bought…

  57. We eat cereal EVERY morning. With fruit in it. Usually banana, strawberries, or blueberries.

  58. i grab a granola bar with peanuts or peanut butter if i’m really in a hurry. otherwise, there is nothing like a bagel with peanut butter and chocolate chips all melty together!

  59. My kids LOVE cereal. I grew up with the same sit around the kitchen table eating a hot breakfast family as you, but we were in GA. And I will often get the wild hair to make that happen with my crew. And they say, “Where is the cereal?” They love it. I guess that is good for me, b/c it is SO easy. We do occasionally throw in a frozen waffle or two for good measure.

  60. Rarely do we miss breakfast, since we LOVE the first meal of the day. But, if we’re in a hurry, yogurt works great.

  61. Bagel and cream cheese.

  62. Tammy Elrod says:

    Cereal is great and an option we choose. My choice, yogurt and a banana.

  63. Different types of muffins, cold cereal, or frozen waffles with fruit/syrup (or both!)

  64. Coffee, coffee, and more coffee…just for me, not the toddler. :)

  65. I love Frosted Flakes and a banana! Works when I need something quick!

  66. A bowl of cereal with ice cold milk. :)

  67. A bowl of Frosted Flakes, which I made sure I never run out of a box or if I’m running late then its a banana on the way out the door in the morning.

  68. definitely a cup of cereal or a protein bar

  69. frozen waffles and Carnation Instant Breakfast

  70. Banana, yogurt, cereal, granola bar, anything that I can eat on the go! Most days cereal is our family’s favorite choice!

  71. We have a few quick and easy breakfast options…cereal, oatmeal & frozen waffles.
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  72. Special K Bars, usually the blueberry ones. 90 calories and they’re actually tasty! I’m having mine right now ;)

  73. cereal bars, Eggo Nutrigrain waffles, and fruit smoothies.

  74. Toast with Nutella or Apple Jacks!!!

  75. Leigh Meadors says:

    cereal bar & a banana or nuts & a banana

  76. Love granola and yogurt with fruit. Or a donut if I’m lucky!

  77. Kim Nations says:

    Tony the tiger frosted they are GREAAAAAAAAAAAT!

  78. Mama Chris says:

    We loves us some cereal. My kids have always liked their dry (hate sogginess…must get calcium another route–oh yeah, bake cookies–milk always appears then), but bring on the milk for me…I love to slurp it up at the end with all of its sugary goodness!!!

  79. My kids love cereal for breakfast. To make it a little more healthy, I try to add fruit when I can.

  80. Stephanie says:

    cereal or yogurt

  81. We love a quick fruit smoothie or a cereal bar.

  82. Cereal is the easiest!

  83. I LOVE Cereal – but even that takes too much time during the work week – so I have a bag of Muesli in my desk and I throw some in a bowl with boiling water then nuke it – it’s filling, good for me and easy – no milk required….not nearly as great as Frosted Flakes though!

  84. Granola bars are the quick go-to around here! A few more minutes and I can make a quick smoothie or toast.

  85. Instant oatmeal.

  86. When my kids eat breakfast we always have cereal. Sometimes –very rarely–we will fix a grilled cheese.

  87. Cereal with fruit or scrambled eggs! I’m not very creative :)

  88. Cereal, granola bar, toast with homemade apple butter or Brummel & Brown Spread.

  89. I got for a bowl of fruit topped with ceral and milk. Today was mixed berry’s and cheerios.

  90. Charlotte says:

    Cereal, of course… or frozen pancakes/waffles/Toaster Strudel for the easy hot breakfast.

  91. I grab a banana when I am in a hurry.

  92. Hard boiled eggs, granola, yogurt.

  93. I eat Special K with red berries every.single.morning. It’s just so yummy!!!

  94. I admit we eat pop tarts. I have every intention of at least picking up some toaster waffles. None of us are big breakfast eaters, so those are kind of the go-to when we don’t have the time to eat cereal. I heart cereal.

  95. Um cereal. Seriously, I dont know what else there is. Except I guess maybe cereal bars . . .

  96. A whole wheat English muffin with natural peanut butter and a little orange marmalade. Add a cup of coffee and I’m all set!

  97. A fried egg sandwich is quick and easy for us. The kids beg for cereal. I try to limit cereal to once or twice a week. I am the meanest mom.
    What would I have for my 8 pm snack if I let the kids eat all the cereal?!

  98. We are all about the following rotation on weekdays: cold cereal, frozen waffles and poptarts.

  99. Either dry cereal in a cup to go or blueberry waffle (no syrup) while driving to work.