There Was Fall Weather, And There Was Also 24-12

The little man and I went to Nashville to see Sister this past weekend. The drive from Birmingham to Nashville is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE EVER, so I was a wee bit giddy when we hit the road Friday afternoon and I knew that I was going to spend the next three-ish hours heading north on I-65. It was the first time we’d been to Nashville since March, I think, and we were way overdue for a visit. NASHVILLE, WE’D MISSED YOU TERRIBLY.

Some of y’all may remember that Sister and B had to tear the first floor of their house down to studs after the Nashville flood this past spring. They lost everything that was downstairs (with the exception of a few keepsakes they managed to move upstairs before they evacuated), and they just moved back into their house a few days ago. The new and improved first floor is absolutely beautiful – and now it needs furniture.

I don’t know exactly how many hours we spent looking at rugs and tables and chairs and accessories this past weekend, but WE PUT IN SOME TIME. We found some gorgeous rugs at super-reasonable prices (Home Goods, I adore you), along with some great-looking dining room chairs on sale (World Market, big hugs to you, too). Sister has a good sense of what sort of look she’s going for, and I took some “before” pictures this weekend so that I can show you how everything comes together over the next few months. I think it’s going to be classic and eclectic and modern and fun. In other words: very Sister-y.

As an added bonus to our weekend, the MSU/Georgia game was on TV Saturday night, and we had a blast screaming for our Bulldogs. OH MY WORD WE HOLLERED. You probably heard us. We spent most of the first half screaming, “WHY CAN’T WE TACKLE?” and most of the 4th quarter yelling, “WE GOT A FIRST DOWN! WE GOT A FIRST DOWN!” Since our husbands weren’t there with us, they were spared the spectacle of us screaming at the TV like a couple of real-live contenders in a hillbilly ‘coon-callin’ contest. Not there’s any such contest, of course. But if there were, I think we’d bring a lot to the ‘coon-callin’ table – what with the sophisticated tenor of our understated elegance.

As I’m sure you can imagine.

Anyway, Alex and I got home tonight, and I’m already planning a return trip. Because when you leave Home Goods with the car looking like this –

– at some point you’ve got to figure out where all that stuff is gonna go.

By the way, when we were in TJ Maxx I saw a pair of boots that I thought were really cute, and I took a picture of them so I could show them to Melanie.

On a whim I turned over one of the boots so I could check out the price, thinking that they were so pretty that they probably cost $80 or $100.


You’d better know that I dropped that boot like a hot potato. Because EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS?

Since when did TJ Maxx get so fancy?

And who pays $800 for boots?

And if you pay $800 for boots, do you actually walk in them? Or do you put them behind a glass case and admire them from afar, LEST YOU SCRATCH THE PRETTY LODEN GREEN LEATHER?

Obviously I have some questions.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Haa haaa haaa…”Coon-callin’ with a sophisticated tenor and understated elegance!!” heee heee haaa haaaw! FUNNY.

  2. I think people do pay $800 for boots, but that those people do not shop at TJ Maxx.

  3. I’m thinking that someone HAD to have pressed the #9 one too many times because $800? At TJ Maxx? And they weren’t under lock and key? Hmmm..
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! You make me smile! :)

  4. girl, i would have walked those little babies right up to the nearest register, and had them scanned, just to see if the pricetag was right. and if it was way off, like at least $700 off, i would have purchased them right then and there, and took them home. ’cause goodness knows, they will be sitting there in the tj maxx’s until a manager sees that tag, and crosses off one of the nines before the decimal point!

  5. I am willing to bet somewhere there is a contest of that sort…..somewhere…
    The boots were great. I would have been in awe of actually holding such an expensive pair of boots in my hands.

  6. Ah, but you will see they are Italian. The original size says 37 1/2, which is Italian sizing. Hence the 800 dollars. Yikes, though. For that much, they oughta feel like you’re walking on clouds.

  7. Just a little advice – from one momma to another momma: Alex’s seat belt is not positioned correctly.

    “Seat belts fit properly when the lap belt lays across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt fits across the chest,” according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    Check out their website for more info:

    He is such precious cargo I thought it important to share with you how to best protect him.

  8. Lynnette R says:

    We live straight up I-65 about half way between Louisville and Bowling Green KY. We took our 7 year old boy to Nashville the previous weekend. I agree. Nashville rocks. And the whole SEC Saturday was just full of spectacular. Football is the consolation prize for having to say goodbye to summer.

  9. I kinda thought the people who spend $800 on boots would not go to TJ Maxx to shop for them. :-)

  10. I would be giddy to be coming home from Home Goods with my car packed like that!

    $800 boots? Never thought that would be at TJMaxx.

  11. $800 for boots???!!!!

  12. If I were paying $800 for boots I would not be getting them from TJ Maxx. I was looking at some very expensive boots recently but between reading Radical and Ann Voskamps blog posts from Guatemala I have re-thunk : )

  13. $800 for boots!!! At TJ Maxx. Was their gold inside them. Oh my!
    Glad you had a great trip.

  14. Surely that is a typo…I mean seriously…$800 for boots at TJ Maxx…insanity!!

  15. $800 for boots?! At THE TJ Maxx?! Those Maxxinistas must be pulling in the Benjamins. I still love my Marshalls/Home Goods. Can’t beat it. Can’t wait to see Sister’s 1st floor transformation.

  16. That’s bananas.

  17. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Visiting with family is always the best :)

    My work gave my a Nordstroms Gift card for $100 one year. I have never stepped foot inside one of those fancy stores before, so I decided one snowy day to use my gift card. I walked in and checked out a cute sweater (albeit, one I had almost an idental twin of in my closet) When I looked at the price tag, it was $1,400.00. I almost peed. (The one I have, was $7.00 from Khols). Anyway, I decided clothes were not going to be what I could by with my gift card so I decided a cute pair of boots maybe. I shop at payless, so, considering paying $75.00 on shoes makes be break out in a sweat, even if it WAS on a gift card, but I digress. A salesman helped me into a pair I really liked. I danced around the shoe area in the boots and the best part? 80% off! I asked him how much and he told me it was on the bottom of the boot with the discount already removed. I looked…$350.00. I slowly removed the boot from my foot and gently handed it back…and ran. I eventually settled on a pair that cost my whole gift card…they were on sale 80% off too. My word, I just can’t see spendin that much on somethin that does not shelter me or get me from place to place in mere minutes :)

  18. $800? Hmm, I’d much rather spend that at Home Goods! ;)

    Boots……$100 is plenty to spend on those!

  19. I was there! In Starkville at the game! And it was incredible. I’ve never heard the crowd so loud. We stayed until the team sang the alma mater to the band and when we left, there were STILL people in the stands cheering.

    I’ve been looking online for some great fall boots and all my favorites are $200-$300, which I thought was outrageous. Little did I know.

  20. well, your bulldogs killed my dawgs dead. dead, i say! good game MSU, too bad i can’t say the same for my precious UGA :(
    and to defend miss mama, i wonder if alex was positioned differently because of all the packages?

  21. It cracks me up that the sticker says “marked down from $1000”! Oh, well then that is a great deal :)

    And I am chuckling at the seat belt comment.

  22. Here’s my question: Is the woman who is willing to pay $800 for shoes ever going to step her glass slipper into a TJ Maxx? Methinks not. And that picture of Alex cracks me up: “Gee, thanks, Mom.”

  23. I’m chuckling. And I also am in the market for some dining room chairs to go with our new table, so I hope you might have taken a pic or two!!!

  24. The boots….that is just CRAZY! T.J.Maxx??????

  25. 800.00 for plain jane boots! no bells or whistle’s or flashing lights? Ok OK the leather must be real! lol

  26. 1. I was so proud of State!!! I only saw the 4th quarter though, so I was spared the agony of the beginning I suppose.
    2. We traveled through Nashville over the weekend. Too bad I didn’t know you were there… Oh wait, you don’t know me, I just feel like I know you!
    3. The boots= CRAZY!!!

  27. I can’t speak of football this past weekend.
    But I can speak of $800 for boots! ha! I’m so glad you took a picture – I would have passed out. That’s insane! I don’t think anyone wanting to pay that for boots is shopping at the TJ.

  28. I live in Nashville and those boots along with the Prada’s that they had for $600 have been the topic of so many conversations over the last few days! I am with you on who would pay that for boots and when did TJ get so pricey? So excited about the Dogs victory! My husband said just last night that the dogs and managed to not get embarrased this month in football! That is always a good thing!

  29. My car looks like that after a trip to IKEA. We’ve been known to pack our children in the car around the purchases. You know, if you keep heading north on 65 all the way to the top of Indiana, you’d be right by my house :)

  30. $800 for boots is just stupid. And TJ Maxx needs to quit being so fancy.

    Weekend was fabulous. :) Even with the Hogs losing and I’m still crying over it. It was fabulous.

  31. I guess they are deluded into thinking that’s a bargain because they put “compare to $1,000.00” up above that. Who do they think they are, Nortstroms?

  32. I have never known TJ’s to carry ANYTHING in that price range.

    You’ve got good taste BooMama!

  33. $79.99 MAYBE if TJ Maxx wanted to get all “fancy” but $799?!?!

    That is 44 kinds of wrong.

  34. i always have the unfortunate luck of finding the perfect bag or pair of shoes at tj maxx or marshall’s, and then finding out it is the most expensive thing i could have ever picked out. my father’s running joke is, “i used to think you needed to marry a doctor. now i know you need to marry two of them.”

  35. Lea Margaret says:

    I just love y’all! I am so happy about Sister!! 24-12 was truely was the best part of the weekend!!!

  36. No one pays $800 for boots. There’s a mistake on that price tag.

  37. I’m surprised there was no chain on the boot!

  38. Glad you enjoyed your trip up here to Nashville! At least one team of Dawgs won! My AU Tigers pulled one out…again! Oh, the anxiety! You may have heard us yelling too!

  39. NO – you need to go back and price check those boots. The $800 was the “compare at” price, not the selling price. Go back, go back!!

  40. NOPE – old eyes did it again – that itty bitty number is the compare at price…what does it say $1,000? I still say go back – in this economy those boots will be marked down before long….


    I could fill a cart with goodies at TJ Maxx and still not spend $800.


  42. OMG LOL!!!!!!!!! I had to do a double take, when I looked at the picture of that price tag. I thought I saw the wrong number, I thought to myself, oops I counted too many 9’s. It has to say $79.99. LOL

    OMG on the second look NO WAY! big smile on my face, incredible! I could buy an old car for that much money. LOL

    You should go back and check how long the boots stay in the store and if they end up reducing the price. This pair of boots deserves its TJ Maxx experience to be logged and reported. LOL