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– Several of you have sent me links to stories about the demise of the EXCEEDINGLY NOISY Sun Chips bag. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Or at least to snack food-consuming people. I’ll celebrate small victories whenever I can, and furthermore, I WILL EAT MY SUN CHIPS IN PEACE.

– There’s a new Kellogg’s $100 gift card giveaway over on my giveaways page.

– This past weekend at Merritt’s house I discovered a new shampoo, and when I got home I promptly bought some for myself. The conditioner was a little much for my hair in the soft Houston water, but now that I’m back in Birmingham, I have conditioned to my heart’s content and loved the results. It smells great (Rosemary Juniper, anyone?) and adds lots of shine. Love it.

– My church has a new CD of original music:

The God We Praise | Brook Hills Music

If you listen to the clips, don’t miss “Hallelujah,” “Praise His Name” and “In Your Arms.” They’re my favorites right now. Until I change my mind in five minutes.

– And speaking of music, have y’all heard NewWorldSon? I hadn’t until today (I have been WAY behind on music lately), but when I listened to the link that a friend sent me, I thought their sound was so fun. Gonna download their CD from iTunes tonight.

– I’m sort of addicted to cashews. And by “sort of,” I mean that I’M ALMOST NEVER WITHOUT THEM. Anyway, when I was in the grocery store a couple of days ago I picked up a package of Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper cashews, and OH SWEET MERCY THEY ARE DELICIOUS. Such a treat.

Jon’s post called “At least faith” is a must-read. I think I even said “MMM-HMMM” out loud while I was reading.

Have a great Thursday, y’all!

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  1. I just got that shampoo today and after 1 wash I can tell it’s my new favorite. And, you can’t beat less than $6!

    You all MUST download the new CD. It’s awesome!

  2. It’s 2010. We don’t have flying cars, but you can’t tell me Frito Lay couldn’t have heard the uproar coming from a mile away; they should have started making biodegradable bags that don’t make me want to punch faces long before now. We just go back to trashing the planet? I think there’s a happy medium here somewhere. In the meantime, I cannot bring myself to pick up a bag of SunChips.

  3. Just don’t eat those cashews RAW. Okay… NEVER eat raw cashews… just sayin’.. **google it if ya wanna know why!**

  4. Oh my those noisy Sun Chips bags are the worst!! Can’t stand em. Glad to know I’m not the only one! I quit buying them because when I would make my husband’s lunch at night and the kids were in bed I would literally worry that me getting chips out of the bag to put in his lunch would wake them up! SOO loud! Okay, sorry for my rant. Love your blog!!

  5. good morning boo mama :)
    i haven’t swung by in a while. no clue why. but today as i read your fantastic post ( i always love a excellent fun find entry) i learned you live in b’ham. this may be old news but that you go to brookhills. well so does my fave b’ham girlie, ashley eiler. are ya’ll besties? surely
    i hooked up with ashley back in the spring & had the priveledge of attending your incredible church. loved hearing david’s message on adoption.
    sorry for the world’s longest comment!!
    have a great day with your new rosemary scented hair. i love that stuff :)

  6. We took Sun Chips camping and scared away all the wildlife within a five mile radius, I’m sure.

    Haven’t tried those cashews. My son calls them curly peanuts. Anyway we have tried that flavor in mini rice cakes. I know, rice cakes. But even my son who doesn’t really like anything healthy loves them.

    Jon’s article? Oh. We say at least I’m not that bad. Pride talking there.

    Thanks for the links.

  7. Again…we are SO alike, yet SO different. Love, love, love Jon Acuff! And NewWorldSon…have loved them for a few years now! They are awesome live! (They avoid the midwest as far as concerts go, but I did manage to see them once.) Their new cd is SO very good. Especially the Jamaican Praise Medley. It’s great to close your eyes and pretend you’re on a beach somewhere…all whilst praising God of course ;) Enjoy!

  8. Those bags were insane, but I do feel a little bit guilty that they found a compostable bag and we hate them.
    Ah well.
    We love cashews too. I’ve learned to make a homemade granola bar that is filled with them instead of peanuts. My kids love them. I fear I’ve just locked myself into years of making them. ( :

  9. Laughing so dang hard at the Sun Chips bag link. Those bags are ridiculous. I thought I was the only one really bothered by it. I’ve obviously suffered in silence. :o)

    Always love reading…always…

  10. I think it’s sad that someone found a way for something really wasteful to be better for the environment, and then it was actually gotten rid of because people complained about it being too loud. I guess all the full landfills will be a nice legacy to our children though, eh?

  11. The Sun Chips thing completely depresses me. Really, America? Avoiding a little noise is really more important than saving God’s creation? Really?


  12. I’m right there with you on the Sun Chips debate. I’m all for saving the planet, (I really am!) but I’m also for saving my marriage and those bags made it impossible for me to sneak a snack while my husband was sleeping beside me. The shampoo? It’s devine. I am allergic to sulfates, so this shampoo, it’s scent, it’s reasonable price and fact that I can buy it at the Tarjay — perfect!

  13. Leslie Ruth says:

    Oh, that shampoo is heavenly! Every morning I feel like I’ve had my hair shampooed at a salon. And for $6? Yes, please!

  14. Ok, now you just read my mind. I trusted you when you reccomended John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Spray..and you did not lead me astray..and today, on my blog I woed over my conditioner…Now, I have seen this in Target and passed it by..I need your honest opinion for this serious matter…I have dryish non-colored hair, and I am in need of a GOOD conditioning product for some silky smooth tresses…I have natural wave and I flat iron- is this my new product???TELL ME HAIR GENIUS!

  15. Sun chips bag NEEDED to be changed and salt and crackeds pepper anything is delicious! We are loving the cashews and the Tricuts in that flavor!

  16. That is so weird! I just bought that shampoo and conditioner last week. LOVE IT! The smell of the conditioner is a little strong for me, but I love what it does to my hair!!

  17. The cashews sound delicious. But . . . oh please don’t go overboard eating them, okay? You’ll regret a raw cashew overdose. TRUST ME.