Little Bitty Mini-Makeovers (That Made A World Of Difference In My Mental State)

I am not, as a general rule, a how-to type of blogger. That is because I don’t really know how to do much of anything. Oh, I could tell you how to scream like some sort of hillbilly gameshow contestant while you’re watching a televised football game, or I could tell you how to streamline your ordering process at the Popeye’s drive-thru, but by and large these skills aren’t what you would call in demand. Plus, I’m wordy – and it’s probably not a very efficent how-to post if it also includes an anecdote or nine about the time that clown scared me when I was four.


An unexpected bonus to my time in Houston a couple of weeks ago is that I was totally inspired by my friend Merritt’s house. It is such a warm and cozy home. There are personal touches all over the place, and it’s orderly without being fussy. Everything has a place, and everything looks pretty, but more than anything the whole house just feels loved and cared for. Like I said: home.

When I got back to Birmingham, I was encouraged for the first time in LONGER THAN I CARE TO ADMIT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to get our house back in order. It’s been a wee bit chaotic for the last few months – with a dominant decorative motif of stacks and also piles – and the result of that is that instead of walking in our house and feeling relaxed, I’ve been walking in our house and feeling overwhelmed.

So, as I thought about Merritt’s house and remembered how relaxing it is to be in a peaceful, orderly home (granted, part of that equation has very little to do with decor and everything to do with relationships), I made a little mental list of a few problem areas I wanted to tackle. Since I can be the queen of making a 62 item to-do list that I would prefer to complete within the next 45 minutes, I tried to keep the list to around four or five things so that I could actually accomplish everything.

(Don’t tell anybody, but I think I may have taken a rational and reasonable approach. This is quite a departure from my normal haphazard and scattered approach.)


So for what it’s worth, yesterday I did some super-simple things in my house that, for whatever reason, made me feel like I’d accomplished big-time results. I don’t care one iota about having the nicest furniture or the finest accessories – in fact, I sort of prefer it if furniture has lived in two or three other people’s houses before it makes its way to me. But I do like for a house to feel like home. I like personality and order and fun and function – and more than anything I like warm and welcoming.

There. I believe I’ve over-explained enough.

Mini-Makeover #1: The Stove

We have an older stove that has burners on one side and a grill on the other. I almost always have the grill covered, and that’s where I keep my kitchen utensils, my olive oil and my kosher salt. The salt has been in a Christmas coffee cup (KLASSY) for several months, and the olive oil and utensils are forever getting scooted around the grill cover. Drives me crazy.

So I bought a small kitchen tray at TJ Maxx. I bought a bowl for my salt at Pier 1. I put everything in the little tray, and y’all, it makes me so over-the-moon happy that I’m not sure why it took me about three years to come up with this solution.

(Please excuse the subpar picture quality. I was using my phone, and the flash was out of control. I would’ve used my real camera, but the battery was dead – because I am nothing if not woefully unprepared.)

Mini-Makeover #2: The Kitchen Door

For the longest time I had a runner in front of the door that leads to our garage. But then I moved the runner to another part of the house, and I never replaced it. Instead I just walked in and out of the door about fourteen times a day and thought Gosh, I could really use a rug back here. Because I’m productive like that.

So this past weekend I bought a rug at TJ Maxx. It took two minutes of my time and $20.

It’s so nice to walk in and out of the door and smile instead of spending six more months thinking about how I need to buy a rug.

Mini-Makeover #3: The Breakfast Area

Merritt has an adorable embroidered piece outside her laundry room, and I loved that it was sort of retro and kicky and fun. Well, when Sister and I were in one of the three TJ Maxx stores that we visited this past weekend, I saw a stack of embroidered stuff back in the home goods section – and lo and behold, it was all really similar to what Merritt has in her house.

I looked through them and picked the one I liked best. Then I hung it above our breakfast table because it makes me happy, and I’ll see it a whole bunch of times throughout the day if it’s in that part of the house.

Alex looked at it and said, “Wow. Those are some good rules, Mama.”

I am prone to agree.

Mini-Makeover #4: The Chair

In the office next to our kitchen, we have this really sad rocking chair that we bought after Alex was born. It wasn’t necessarily sad when we bought it – it was very practical and serviceable, in fact – but it’s gotten progressively sad over the last seven years. It’s squeaky, it’s missing a spring or two and the cushions have seen better days. But I have this weird sentimental attachment to it, and it’s a strangely comfortable place to read or maybe just think about bacon.

There’s a whole lot of blue and turquoise and green on that end of the house, so I draped a throw that we already had across the back of the chair, and I added this World Market pillow to the mix. The pillow was way on sale when I bought it, and the colors are my favorites.

And suddenly the chair doesn’t look nearly as sad anymore.

Mini-Makeover #5: The Post / Pillar / Column Thing-y

There’s a big ole post / pillar / column thing-y between our kitchen and our office. I think it used to be part of some funky 70s louvered door set-up, but the previous owners removed the door and opened up the space. I’ve never known what to do with the PPCT-y – do I ignore it? Accent it? Ask our guests to sign it with a Sharpie? (I’m still not completely opposed to that last option, by the way.)

When we were in Houston my friend Elise gave all of us a gorgeous carved wooden cross, and I wanted to hang it some place special. It was too big for the areas above my doors, so yesterday I walked all over the house looking for the perfect spot. And finally I thought, I think it might look good on the PPCT-y. So I hung it there.

And I love it. It’s the first thing you see when you walk down the hall to the kitchen, and somehow that seems just about right to me.

Mini-Makeover #6: The Mail and The Papers

We have a problem with mail in our house. I’m not sure how it started, because we used to be the kind of people who went through the mail immediately and never let it pile up. But then D started working in an office that’s not in our house. And then the seven year-old started bringing home forms and whathaveyou from school. And then the corner of my kitchen counter started looking like I was the proud owner of a paper collection. IT DROVE ME CRAZY – but I felt like I was always waiting on D to sort through the stuff with his name on it or I needed to keep an information sheet or whatever.

So I bought a basket that cost five dollars.

All the mail and papers are still there, but they look so much cuter now. There’s no pile of stuff to drive me to distraction. And while I have no idea why I’ve just stood in my kitchen and shot dirty looks at the ever-growing stack of mail without bothering to do anything about it, I’m just as tickled as I can be with that basket. That corner of the kitchen counter no longer makes me think that my head is going to explode. You can imagine my joy.

All righty. I’ve rambled enough. So what about y’all? Do you have any fun hints for mini-makeovers? Have you had any why-didn’t-I-do-that-sooner moments in your house lately? Because now I’m wondering what I can do with all the stuff under my bathroom sink. And how I can better store the 9500 phone chargers and camera cords and battery chargers and iPod accessories that seem to multiply in this house.

The fun never ends.

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  1. Go to the Container Store and get their clear plastic boxes for the stuff under your bathroom sink. They are very inexpensive. You can put lids on them, stack them, or leave the lids off if you need to stand bottles up, etc. (it keeps them from falling over and making a mess). It’s great that they are clear, because you can see the bag of cotton balls you’re looking for instead of opening 5 boxes or digging under stuff to find them! Trust me…they are great!

  2. I honestly think you should have guests sing your post! How fun would it be to look over it when you are feeling a little down and be reminded of the love that is in your home? Do it!

    I have no tips or advice, just the realization that my own house is in disarray.

  3. The ‘mail on the kitchen counter’ is one of my pet peeves. I’ve tried to organize it, put it in a basket, put a trash can next to it so he would get the hint; everything! Still I suffer with stacks of mail piled up. I’m one of those who goes through mine immediately and throw out what I don’t want/need and have signed up for paperless billing on everything I can; still DH holds on to his paper bills. I need some prayers or my head will not be the only one exploding one of these days. How can I get over his piling up things when it takes up about 1/3 of our counter space? Any ideas?

  4. I am seriously loving the rug. Big time. And the kitchen thingy? Go you! You’ve even inspired me to attack my mail pile, right after I have a Dt. Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. You know, for inspiration.

  5. My best friend’s mama came up with the solution that saved my sanity on the chargers/random cords/electronic equipment question: a $10 over-the-door shoe bag. The trick is that it needs to be the clear kind so you can see what’s in what pocket. I hung one on the inside of my home office closet door, sorted everything out, labeled each pocket with the label maker (OCD much? Yes.), and now never have to panic the one time a year I need to find the charger for the doohickey that lights up the thingamajig. It works really well for the inside of the door of your coat closet, too; that’s where I had it in my old apartment.

    The other thing this does is help you figure out which cords you have that no one in your household has any idea for what purpose it exists. You can then take all those cords, spend an afternoon trying to identify their owners, and, if you can’t, get rid of them.

  6. Mary Helen says:

    Go You! You should be proud of the fun makeovers that you accomplished! Even the smallest things sometimes make the biggest difference. Your house looks great! I do find myself sometimes thinking the same thing over and over and wonder why I don’t do something about it. You have inspired me, too!

  7. Are you reading The Nester’s “31 Days to a Less-Messy Nest”? That girl’s got some fab ideas. ;)

  8. Well, mini is do-able and you inspire! Just to pick one nagging thorn in the side and do something about it. I do like how you roll — and I’m the kind of hick who can always use how-to posts on ordering at drive-thru, so post on! :)

    And the cross? in the center? right there? yes, about perfect, I think. That’s one way to write a signature on your home — and the best one.

    I want a PPCT-y thingy just for that purpose :)

  9. for the record, i’d sign the ppct-y with a sharpie. gladly.

  10. Little things do make a difference! You just crack me up! I so look forward to having a conversation with you; never mind it’s a one-way! Keep working on the little things! I REALLY like the sharpie idea!

  11. Thanks for all those sweet words, Soph! You just made my day. Come back ANYTIME!!!

  12. I recently put a basket by the backdoor for stuff that belongs to other people. So now, when I walk out the door, instead of standing there thinking – hmmm…. I know I have something to return to so and so and since I’m going there now, it would be super fantastic to know what it is and where it is, I, instead, go to the basket and grab it and go. It’s awesome.

    We also have mail issues and I wanted to go all office-y and put some sorter type file-y things on the wall, but I just might get me another basket instead. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I have another use for the over-the-door see-through shoe holder . . . we have two boys who share a room, and there are always belts, cub scout neckerchiefs, etc. that drive me crazy. We organize all those little doo-dads with our shoe holder. There are also actual shoes in some of the pockets, and baseball cards, and lanyards . . . you get the picture!

  14. I have an over the door shoe hanger on the back of the door into our extra bedroom/office and it stores extra pens, sharpies, markers, tape etc that tend to get jumbled in desk drawers.

    Do not try to diagram the above way long sentence :)

  15. OK: I went to the Lobby of Hobbies and got a small treasure chest shaped box that closes. The rounded top lets me put all my tall hair products, contact lens needs and anything I want out on the counter and not showing. Close the lid and viola! clean counter.

    RE: signing wall with Sharpies. When my son had his first apartment in college, he and roommates had a basket of Sharpies for visitors to sign the walls. From the floor to the ceiling. In the entire living room/dining room/kitchen. When I questioned him, he assured me they’d paint over it before they left. Come graduation last year? EIGHT COATS of paint. I like your cross better. (So unless Big Mama is still on a painting roll, you might skip the Sharpies.)

  16. I recently went and bought a comforter, with shams, and bedskirt, less than $30 later my room looks totally different. I am also starting to get my dad’s painting hung up around the house too.

  17. I keep one of my hallway closets– one of the shelves is specifically for the kid’s school stuff. When they bring home paper or artwork (I have a ten year old and a five year old) that I can’t bear to part with, I toss it in a basket on that shelf. At the end of the academic year, I go through it and keep ONLY the top ten items that I love, and those go into their “school scrapbook.” I also agree with the other comments about getting clear plastic bins and storing stuff in them– i have about 7 of those under my bed right now, not to mention the kids’ beds too!!! It’s amazing how much better and more “clearheaded” you feel when you clear away clutter, isn’t it?

  18. OH MY OH MY. I have actually JUST purchased a basket for the man-mail, school papers, etc. I got it during the blissful Home Goods clearance aisle experience.
    I tell you – those mini-makeovers can actually make a person happier than a big old makeover. You have inspired me to complete a few more of them.

  19. Lazy Susan’s in my kitchen cabinets. Shelf dividers for my pantry. Baskets in the bathroom drawers. Makes life so much more easy!

  20. if you have a closet in your office or even the kitchen pantry door put one of those over the door shoe organizer thingys. My house was a WRECK and this summer was my summer to get it in order. Paint, gut the clutter and get it together! Then Tripp got sick and all these people were at my house 24/7. My best friend who has a OCD for organization came in and took over. The first thing she did were those door things. She swore by them and she was right!!!!

    We have a pact that if something happens to Tripp she will keep me on track and off Hoarders.

  21. I too have had a tray dilemma of late. I have been looking for a nice silver tray to put on my son’s changing table for the kleenex, purell, lotion, powder, etc. I would always forget to look when I was at TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning. Well, we have this lovely silver tray that used to sit on our ottoman but since we have had to “child proof” the house due to an active 9 month old, I thought, this would be perfect on the changing table. And lo and behold, the angels sing and all is right with the world because it looks darn cute and everything is so organized!

  22. I love your ramblings, Sophie! :) Especially since they can be very productive in terms of starting ideas in other people’s minds!! We are in the middle of a big 1000-mile move from northern Illinois to Texas (just a wee change) and I’m accumulating GOOD ideas for keeping better order from Day One in our new house.

    Trust me – 7 kids – keeping order is high priority around here! :)

    So thanks bunches and bunches – and your Christmas mug/kosher salt container? That’s much KLASSIER than some pseudo-storage containers I have. I get stuck in ruts too. :) Apparently it’s okay to misspell things if you’re being sarcastic about their function.

  23. That basket on the counter idea just might save my life…well, for sure my counter space!!

  24. I love your mini make-overs!! Mini projects help us feel accomplished while not overwhelming us, no?? Love that!
    The biggee for me is NOT following the blog or magazine or HGTV how-tos, but instead saying, “What is driving me crazy!?!” and fixing it–like you did!!
    My pot lids were driving me bonkers–taking up space, falling out when I opened the cabinet, couldn’t get to them…BUT, I also hardly ever use them!! So, I stuck them in a plastic bin and put those suckers in my pantry! Freed up the space in the cabinet where I keep my pots and pans and got them together, but out of the way. Awesome!!

  25. I recently cleaned out under my bathroom sink and here is what I learned. If you’re not going to use it, THROW IT AWAY. Those half-empty bottles of shampoo, soap, face wash, etc, etc, etc, USE ‘EM UP! I truly had about 4 different kinds and haven’t had to buy any this year because I’m using what I already had. And now, lo and behold, I can actually see what’s under there! It’s a miracle.

  26. I have a bedroom full of things I would like to change but I never have time and when I do have time I don’t know where to begin. Sigh..But loved your ideas so cute and homey!!


  27. I live with a techno-geek pastor. He’s also my husband, just to clarify. Anyhoo, on any given day we may have 6,872 computer/av/ipod/kindle/you name it cords laying around the house. So the “Cord basket” was born. It is in our family room and holds them all. So when sweet husband is looking for whichever cord he needs, he need not ask me, he just goes to the cord basket. It is great, and it keeps me from the guilty “smack, what in the world did I do with that cord that he left laying in the middle of the kitchen counter” feeling.

  28. Recently I updated all my kitchen towels because I found some super cute ones at TJ Maxx in my favorite colors-green,orange, rust,browns, a dash of turquoise–and I have them all folded neatly in a basket by the sink. I can’t tell you how happy this has made me–looking at something colorful and pretty while I do dishes. It takes so little to please me…

    I’m a firm believer in baskets, too. They make all kinds of messes and chaos look neat and organized.

    Also, sometimes just moving something around on a shelf (without spending money) is a great mini makeover. I use that trick a lot.

  29. Love everything you did! And I love the idea of mini-makeovers. I’ve been waiting to paint, redo counters, backsplash, drawer pulls, knobs and light fixtures in my kitchen for (as you would say) a sweet forever. (We had a leaky roof, so we first needed ceiling patching and repair which was beyond my ability!) I finally (TODAY!) have someone coming to fix the ceiling and paint – I did drawer pulls and one of the light fixtures and the counter/backsplash project will have to come later. By breaking it into manageable bites, I’m finally getting something done! Hooray! (I changed out my circa early 90s shiny brass knobs for some uber-cute rubbed bronze ones, but forgot about the hinges :/ I think I my just try to knock the brassy shine off of them with a little paint – no way am I taking down hinges on 27 cabinet doors!)

  30. I love your mini makeovers. One thing that really worked for me is to get a pretty basket that lives on the stairs. I fill it with things that need to go either up (or down – depending on where the basket is at the time). Then I carry the basket with me on a trip up and distribute all the items. Corraling clutter works for me. :)

  31. Never under estimate the value of a good basket or bin. I find if I just throw like items in a bin and put that some where, I feel much more organized. Even if it is just a bunch of junk in a bin. But at least when Hubs says, Do you know where (insert random item here) is? I can say, YES! It’s in the bin!

  32. For the stuff under your bathroom sink: You could try the stackable type locker shelves. They work wonders, you just have to get them in the right sizes. Or, I got this cheap (but OH SO USEFUL) set of shelves at target that were mean to be a type of desk organizer. My under the counter space has never been so organized. It’s glorious.

    For the cord/charges/whathaveyou, it may be cheap (but, again, OH SO USEFUL) but you could wrap up the cords and secure them with a garbage tie. You know, the paper/plastic-y kind that are like a dime a gazillion. Instant loss of tangled mess clutter. Love it.

    I’m not great at decorating, but organizing I have down to a T.

  33. Our dining room table is the mail-catcher in our house. The table seats 6. I’m thinking I need to downsize to a 4-seater so there will be less room for mail to pile up.
    The other issue that drives me crazy in my house is the kitchen cabinet that holds my plastic ware/glad ware/tupperware/what have you. I buy the disposable stuff, but for some reason I hate to throw it away. I’m in need of some kind of intervention here. Anyone got any good ideas?

  34. When we married, we consolidated houses. Total, we moved three people, a lab and 2,000 (total) square feet of stuff into 900sf. The need to organize became painfully clear!

    The under-the-sinks areas were the first I tackled. I found this great little drawer/shelf combo for the bathroom:

    and it’s nearby cousin for the kitchen:

    It made life SOOOO much better under there.

    hope that helps.

  35. Love the Doris Luttrell framed rules. Her stuff is all over my house.

  36. We hung up curtains. After a year. Wow, we are total procrastinators. Talk about feeling homey. That makes a HUGE difference. Oh and we’ve recently hung up a picture or two. Now only if we could get the rest up :) We moved from a 1 bedroom apartment (600 sq. ft) to a 3 bedroom (1700 sq. ft) house and our goal is to completely decorate one room per year to our liking. Like completely finished with all furniture and details in place. This keeps us from being overwhelmed for filling all of the space. We just finished the living room, and it is now our favorite place to be!

  37. For years I have tossed my flip-flops and tennis shoes on the floor of a small coat closet near the front door. A few months ago I was in the WalMarts and saw a storage container made of cloth and sort of square-shaped and I thought, “Why, that would fit perfectly in the coat closet!” so I bought it ($14) and isn’t it the craziest thing, but I absolutely LOVE to open the closet door and see that basket full of flip-flops! And it’s so simple when I want to vacuum — I just p/u that one container instead of having to remove a pile of loose shoes.

  38. Nancy, when I need intervention, I call my sisters. They are very helpful in telling me what I need to part with! :-)

    Also, have you tried placing a basket on your dining table (or one of the chairs) to catch papers? Our mail/papers tend to pile on the kitchen counter, so I keep a basket on one of the bar stools and toss all papers there until I can get around to sorting.

  39. The cross does look beautiful on the PPCT-y, but how fun would it be to paint it with chalkboard paint and then you really could let people sign it when they come over! Sounds like fun. They even make chalkboard pens now. It’s like liquid chalk.

    That’s my only idea. I am not very useful when it comes to ideas on organizing. I’m a type B, married to a type B, and we drive my type A mother KUH-RAZY!!! It’s best that she lives 14 hrs away. :)

  40. So very proud of you. Everything looks great!

  41. Nancy D., I used to have problems with all the disposible plastic containers but I finally threw them all out and have a small set of glass containers with lids to use instead. It is easier for me to see what is in them so the leftovers don’t ‘grow’ things before I get around to them. And for some reason I keep the cabinet with those in them a little neater than the plastic ones.

  42. Love your ramblings….makes me feel normaler (heehee). Love the stove arrangement and by the way….my hubby’s mail clutter drives me bonkeroos. Maybe I’ll try a basket too. :0)

  43. What great ideas. I just learned my best secret for de-cluttering – MOVE! We have in the last week worked to make our house look “unlived in” by removing all the clutter and making a place (out of sight mind you) for everything. Apparently that’s more appealing to potential buyers than seeing our random mix of laundry and toys that usually clutter EVERY flat surface. It was a lot of work in a short amount of time – but it makes life so much easier and the home so much nicer to relax in. It takes work each day – but I’m hoping that we can keep this up at our new home as our new way of living. Oh who am I kidding – we’ll be back to our old ways in no time – after we sell and buy and move homes. Sheesh!

  44. My daughter always left her shoes by the door (where she could find them) instead of in her closet (why would I put on my shoes upstairs?). My first solution was a plain white laundry basket. I sat it by the door & threw the shoes in it when I swept the floor. Then I replaced the basket with a really cute wicker chest I found at Hobby Lobby. The chest is decorative, plus the lid can be closed & company doesn’t know it contains a hundred pair of flip-flops!

  45. Dang! It is a crying shame that TJ Maxx isn’t open at 11:15pm–because I want to run right out and buy myself one of those adorable embroidered House Rules pictures!!! Seriously, I neeeeed one. :-)

    Also, I need a rug for my back door hallway. Double-score on the TJ Maxx source for stuff I neeeeed.

    Come on, TJ Maxx–be kind to me tomorrow…Pretty pretty please?

    (I LOVE your ideas! Thanks!)

  46. Oh, and here’s my helpful hint for de-cluttering:

    Throw is ALL away!!! :-) But, only when your husband or daughters aren’t looking. And make SURE to cover it up in the trash bag–because once it’s retrieved out of the trash, it’s real hard to go back and get rid of it a 2nd time…cause then you’ve been asked not to throw that item away…

    But, all the stuff they HAVEN’T asked about not throwing away??? Fair game, I say!

  47. We just posted some house “rulse” on our fridge. I wonder if I should get them embroidered. What do you think?

  48. In the Count Your Blessings department, be so grateful for your TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, Pier1, World Market, Target options, girls! Here in Germany I can only shop online, as things in the stores are very, very different. Sophie, everything you did this week was so inspiring – I’ve been a couch/laptop tater all week. Go, girl!

  49. i.LOVE.all these ideas! from yours to all the other commenters!

    i live in a 2×4 apartment and i walk in and out of it every day because it’s just so cluttered! even my walls are cluttered with art that i don’t even care about now.

    thanks for the inspiration! one small project at a time, even something as simple as a basket for all the loose papers, can be dealt with and make a world of difference!


  50. I love all of the stuff in the post and comments. As a mom of 10 I am always looking for help with organization!

    I keep a basket of white cleaning cloths in our kitchen & dining room area for cleaning and spills. We also have small waste baskets in the kitchen and near our laundry room door for the dirty ones. It is easy to gather these up for our daily “gucky bucket” laundry load. I wrote a blog post 2 years ago with a bunch of these kinds of ideas. You can find it here

    Virginia Knowles

  51. LOL, I luv the mail basket so much!! and you coined it perfect “corner of the kitchen … makes me think that my head is going to explode.” My husband makes fun of me cause he can see it in my eyes when the clutter starts to build. Oh thank ye Boo Mama! I have a few baskets that just might work, gotta run and try them.

  52. I’m imagining your “older stove” with a grill and two stove eyes on one side, and I imagine it’s JUST like mine! The grill cover must have been lost somewhere along the way over the past 25 years it’s been in use. I finally broke down and bought a second insert on the cheap after one of original eyes stopped working. could you imagine cooking every night for a family of 5 on one eye!?

    Sorry I just had to share, my stove is a source of frustration in case you can’t tell. :) Oh and I really like your rug, great choice!

  53. I have no hints, but this line is cracking me up:

    “Since I can be the queen of making a 62 item to-do list that I would prefer to complete within the next 45 minutes…”

    Thank you so much for writing this, I am going to remember it every Saturday morning when I sit down to make the list of a week’s worth of items I intend to accomplish in 2 days.

  54. Nice touches! I think my favorite line was “a strangely comfortable place to read or maybe just think about bacon.”

  55. I know just how you feel! Last year I finally hired a handyman to do all the tasks my husband had been promising to do but get “forgetting”… like paint the bathroom ceiling, fix a windowsill, fix an annoying pipe that banged when the heat was on in the guest room…

    Best. Investment. Ever. It seriously made me happy to have a painted ceiling, fixed windowsill, and no annoying banging pipe! Little things that made a big difference. I have another “honey-do” list that is getting ignored so I’m thinking it’s time to call the handy man again…

    On a side note, LOVE the rug you bought. Now I need to stalk TJs to see if I can find a similar one!

  56. I came here from an organizational blog, and I’m glad I did. Your tongue in cheek blog description “read by 10’s of people every day” cracks me up. I love the idea of Little Bitty Mini-Makeovers.