Links. I Have Some.

Antique Mommy’s post about walking her little boy to school made me smile. A lot.

– Jon reminds us that some of the seemingly biggest moments of our lives are very, very small. And that’s a good thing.

– I don’t really care for the McRib, but I’m completely fascinated by people who love it. And yes, I’m talking to you, Daphne. (via Throwing Things)

Sporcle is addictive. But I tell myself that I’m getting smarter by the second.

– Ann’s post about fighting the temptation to live in the middle hit me right between the eyes and punched me in the stomach – in the most kind, gentle, thought-provoking way. Love her heart.

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  1. Sporcle could help prevent Alzheimer’s.

  2. My husband is ADDICTED to Sporcle! Sometimes we each grab a laptop and have races! We’re such geeks…

  3. I will now never get anything done because of Sporcle. Who would have thought it would be so hard to think of 3 letter body parts!

  4. Oh my, Sporcle is amazingly addictive!!!

  5. I love Ann’s blog. I never leave it dry eyed.