Because Fall Makes Me Giddy With Ambition


When I told y’all this past Monday that I had some plans for the week, I wasn’t kidding. I cleaned my house like crazy on Tuesday (well, half of it – I’m saving the bedrooms for tomorrow), and I was just tickled to pieces to get ‘er done. I have been on a little bit of a house-related roll ever since, mainly because I AM SO OBSESSIVE IT’S JUST PLAIN WRONG.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details, but this weekend my plans include cleaning out my laundry room and hanging curtains in my dining room. Then I plan to make my own yarn and crochet fourteen 3×5 throw rugs for the various high-traffic areas in my house while I simultaneously mix a non-toxic paint in a color I invented so that I can finish the extra room I built yesterday afternoon in time for our weekend company.

Or something like that.

And in all seriousness, this surge of productivity hasn’t just been limited to house stuff. Well, I mean, in terms of actually achieving something, I guess it has been limited to house stuff, but still. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. And having some thoughts. About some ideas.

Back in the summer Melanie and I vowed and swore and declared that we were going to record at least one podcast a week. We were even going to record it on Wednesdays. And we were going to record it straight through without stopping to share information that has no business on a podcast so that I wouldn’t have to do any of that tricky, time-consuming editing. And we were going to post the new podcast every Thursday and OH, WHAT A MARVELOUS PLAN IT WAS.

But as it turned out, our plans didn’t work out like we’d hoped. Because we recorded approximately zero podcasts over the course of the whole summer. So maybe we didn’t quite hit the mark in terms of our, you know, schedule.

(I don’t even have a good excuse.)

(You just have to understand that the thing about Melanie and me is that we’re not terribly motivated by goals. We just prefer to channel our energies into things that really matter, like making Fiesta floats out of shoe boxes and finding new and improved ways to organize our stovetops.)

However, over the last couple of weeks we’ve been talking a good bit about recording another podcast. Not a bunch of them. ONE of them. As a follow-up to the one we recorded back in May. Which was the first one we’d recorded in a year.

I think any broadcasting professional would tell you that our level of productivity and consistency really catapults us to the most mediocre level of all the sub-par podcasts out there. We take a certain amount of pride in that.

So. Let’s say that Mel and I sit down and record a podcast in the next two to four days (just so you know: THIS REALLY IS A PRIORITY, which is why I’m (sort of) committing to it in advance). Could you maybe give us a few ideas for some topics? Or maybe throw out some questions? Or suggest a non-political current event that might make for some fun podcast fodder?

(OH, who am I kidding? We’ll totally talk about a political current event – provided that you want us to focus on someone’s hair and wardrobe as opposed to his or her voting record and/or party affiliation.)


Thanks in advance, everybody. We’re mighty grateful for your help.

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  1. I loved the last podcast you did, the one where you talked about your upcoming vacation and your kids talked to each other for a few minutes. It was light-hearted and fun and made me feel like you two were my friends, even though we’ve never met. So more of the same would be great for me.

  2. BooMama, I wish you’d watch Glee and then blog about it (or podcast about it, if you wish). I so love reading your thoughts on various TV shows – especially American Idol – and I feel that your thoughts on the songs performed each week on Glee would be so entertaining. Please consider it! Its a great show, but it is lacking in a BooMama weekly analysis. :)

  3. I’m so excited! I love your podcasts. :) I have a question if you’d like to use it… What are your thoughts on ankle boots with skinny jeans tucked inside of them? I live in Italy and they are oh-so-popular here, but I haven’t got the courage. Do you think it could be cute, or just make everyone look stumpy? Thanks! :)

  4. I’d like to hear your thoughts about the current season of The Office, BooMama.

    Also, have either of you or Big Mama ever considered writing a book? Maybe co-writing?!

  5. Oops! I meant to say “either you or Big Mama” in that last post! :-)

  6. If you are feeling brave…the pros/cons of laser hair removal.

  7. Theres ALWAYS football!! ;-)

  8. How about the new TLC show “Sister Wives”

  9. Halloween costumes for grown-ups that do not involve presenting oneself as a woman of ill repute.

  10. I know you both are Bravo fans, so which “Real Housewives” is your favorite? Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, D.C., or Beverly Hills? Also who is your favorite “Housewife”? Mine is New York City, and Bethenny Frankel.

  11. Oh maybe something deep….like why you guys follow Beth Moore around? Your testimonies? Or what God’s doing in your lives because of participating the Lifeway folks schedules?

    I know….it has to have funny stuff all over it. So talk!

    And goodluck chicks….I totally understand the whole procrastination thing! I’m the queen of it. :)

  12. I second “Sister Wives.” That is some WILD stuff right there. I also think y’all need to host a little get together after Deeper Still in December… maybe at, um…. Chuy’s? :)

  13. Memorable Halloween costumes (good and bad)
    Project Runway
    Sister Wives would be good, but a sensitive one. :>)

  14. Ummm, I’d love to hear you and BigMama give you two cents on the O’Reilly/Behar/Goldberg incident on The View this week. I wait with baited breath. Anywhoo, I love your blog so much (daily reader) that I featured you in my Frequently Fridays (fav posts from the week). Your a blogland celebrity, enjoy all the oohing and awwing over you:

  15. 1) Results of the dip recipes you collected last fall and Melanie got last week
    2) The reasons we are not surprised about Courteney and David’s split
    3) The merits, at least in principle, of Christmas shopping early or, Heaven help us, year-round

  16. How about the whole American Idol new judges fiasco? I was really hoping for Harry Connick.

  17. I’d love to hear ya’lls thoughts on the new American Idol judges (I have some thoughts on that, I tell you what) and also thoughts on the controversy surrounding Miley Cyrus (bless her heart). Oh and any new fall shows you like. You could also address how it is that a gal from Michigan has managed to work phrases like Ya’ll and Bless Her Heart into her vocabulary just from reading your blogs and recently a couple of books set in the south. Because I just noticed that has seemed to happen to me.
    Can’t wait for Ya’ll podcast and well, bless your hearts.

  18. I think ‘Sister Wives’ would be a great topic of discussion. And I love the idea of a gathering in Dec after Deeper Still!

  19. Well, cosmetics are always provide for good discussion.
    Also, speaking of political figures in non-political ways, have you seen Hillary Clinton lately? I think she looks great with her hair a little longer. I loved how she looked with her long blonde hair when her husband first ran for President. I am hoping she’ll get a little more back to that more Southern/Arkansas style. As you can see, I am deeply concerned about our nation’s leaders and their hair.

  20. “Well, cosmetics are always provide for good discussion.”
    Clearly I have not learned the value of proofreading.

  21. Well, I would love to hear your take on the “Sister Wives” show. I know I have my thoughts about it!

    Also, what about the miners being rescued in Chile? You guys should discuss the burning questions of exactly where did they go to the bathroom, and how did they survive 70 days down there with no cream cheese dips?

    These are things that are burning on my mind. Obviously because I’m a very deep thinker.

  22. Bigfoot? Aliens? Elvis? Or maybe just a good ghost story ~ it’s getting close to Halloween! :-)

  23. Matchy vs. Non-matchy attire for family Christmas photos: pros and cons. And is it okay to go with non-traditional colors? Like, rusty orange and blue, per se? (Like we’re about to do unless your podcast convinces me otherwise.)

  24. College football *and* new episodes of your favorite programs (a salute to my grandmother!) and you are concerned you won’t have enough subject matter for a single, pitiful little podcast?

  25. Boo, do you think rebeccahomecca knows what “Bless your heart” *really* means in Southern?

  26. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcasts. Wanna make a child’s heart smile? Jessica is almost 8 now and very conscious of people staring at the scars on her face (she was born with a cleft lip and palate). When we are out in public children especially tend to stare at her lip. Well, this summer we went to Disneyland and she had a make-over at the Bippity Boppity Botique. The rest of that day she walked tall, with her hands out at her sides Princess style. She smiled and beamed every single time a Disney cast member called her “princess”. She just KNEW that everyone was looking at her because she was a Princess – not a single thought about her lip. It was magical.

    Anyway, she asked if I could send her picture to the Disney website and I did. She beamed again yesterday when she saw her picture on the internet. If you guys have a moment today could you go to her picture here and “like” it she was beyond thrilled last night when she saw that people actually “liked” her picture. This experience has really changed her outlook. There is no contest, she doesn’t win anything for having likes other than a big smile and knowledge that her lip does not define her. Yesterday she asked if we could go to Disneyland again on Christmas and explained it could be her birthday and her Christmas present – well that isn’t possible, but giving her the gift of people liking her picture is.

  27. You are both so funny you could just about talk about anything.
    I would sort of like to hear to talk about American Idol judges myself. Not sure I am going to watch this year, but I will still read your recaps becauset they so make me laugh.

  28. Dear Boo Mama,
    Okay, I’m SO dumb… I found both you and Mel not too long ago and here I was thinking that you and Big Mama often send a similar vibe and am just realizing you are friends! Talk about no brainer!

    Count me on on voting for a friendly girl-chat podcast… we could all use the laughs and witnessing the spirit of friendship makes us all feel closer.

    The Prairie Hen

  29. My ladies bible study group just started Jonah by Priscilla Shirer. I was so captivated by her dress in the first session video that I have no idea what she talked about. (real spiritual, right). I do believe God has interrupted my life with that dress. I twittered her to find out the scoop on where she got it and if (please oh please!!) I can still get it. It looked Anthropologetic. (Is that even a word?) Do either of you have any idea 1. What I’m even talking about? 2. Where she got it? 3. If it’s still available?

  30. Your testimonies….re: Rachel Zoe. And the correct use (usage?) of punctuation marks .

  31. O.M.GEEEEEE!

    i *just* listened to my first ever boo/big/FRY podcast JUST.THIS.WEEK! and i’ve been meaning to send you a message ever since. i think it was the first one you did with travis. it was the best hour of meaningless conversation i’ve ever had -i mean, heard- in my LIFE! i LOVED it! travis has such a great laugh!

    AAAAAND i had no idea he went to ASU, which is where my sister went to college ORRRR that he is from north cackalacky, which is where i’m from! LOVE. IT!

    AAAAAND i ADOOORE christy nockels, too! but i don’t know her, which obviously you’ve at least met her. i just love her heart.

    so, i couldn’t care less about what y’all talk about because i know i’ll love it. bring on the funny! can’t wait!



    do WHAT!?

    my heart is sad.

  33. Could you please revisit the hawks-attacking-people-wearing-flowerpots-on-their-heads-to-get-the-mail? Oh, pretty please?!? :)

  34. There’s always the return of Brad to The Batchelor and how this year he really is LOOKING FOR LOVE.

  35. Well. All of my suggestions were taken. Football. Dip. Yes, even Hillary Clinton’s hair! Really. But y’all are so hilarious just chit chatting and being yourselves. We really all do feel like you’re OUR friends, too. Hey, didn’t somebody finally get some Elnet (something like that) hairspray in the last podcast? How’s that working out?


  36. Debbie in Austin says:


    Also, did anyone watch on, I think it was Fox News, after the rescuers had gotten all of the Chilean miners out, the news channel had put together sort of a collage/retrospective of the rescue and each miner. The music they were playing in the background was the BigBoo Cast intro music! Did anyone else hear that? Or was I hearing things? Very possible… ;)

  37. I vote for a discussion of “Sister Wives”. It’s such an interesting show!!! Also see if y’all can work in how much this family (families?) must love bacon and cheese….

    I just love the Podcasts that y’all do!!! They make me laugh for awhile when I think about them.

  38. I’m with Colleen, Glee is a great idea!

  39. You guys both seem to be doing projects regarding your house decor(painting, hanging pictures etc)…maybe you could talk about your worse decorating moments…..ever look back at old pictures of your first house or apartment and think “what was I thinking??”

  40. Who let the Dawgs out? Bulldogs are dining on Gator meat tonight! Dan IS the MAN!!!

  41. Yesssssss. Can’t wait.

    I’m just still in shock over the Chilean miner who invited both his wife and his mistress to greet him upon his rescue. And then looked sort of shocked when his wife wasn’t there…gutsy, man.

    I’ll be interested to hear if you guys are actually watching “Sister Wives.” I personally can’t deal!

    Looking forward to the podcast, whenever it comes around!

  42. Bernadette says:

    Why not talk about the Rally to Restore Sanity

  43. I would really like to hear why you have yet to watch The Blind Side. :D

    PS Just wanted to let you know that I wrote about you the other day. I wouldn’t want my name floating out there without knowing, so I thought I’d give you a heads up.

  44. Oh sweet mercy, please tell me you aren’t gonna do a podcast without FryDaddy calling in for a few minutes!!!

  45. I would really like to hear about your Halloween/Thaksgiving/Christmas Traditions!