The Links, I Share Them

Kellogg’s Giveaway #10 ($100 Visa gift card) ends tonight. Giveaway #11 will be up around 11 central tomorrow morning.

Laughing Cow Giveaway #4 ($150 Visa gift card) is still going strong.

Similasan Share Your Story will be running for several more weeks ($100 Visa gift card, courtesy of BlogHer).

– I posted a new Pop-Tarts giveaway this morning ($100 Visa gift card, courtesy of BlogHer).

– Then there’s the Ragu Giveaway ($100 Visa gift card) – and that’s the last of the giveaway goodness that I can offer you today.

– In non-giveaway-related news, I made this black bean soup for supper tonight, and OH MY LANDS at the tasty. I’m ready for tomorrow night to get here so that I can eat the leftovers.

All righty. I need to watch “Dancing With The Stars” now. I had no intention of watching this season, but Jennifer Grey? And Kurt Warner? I mean, how could I not watch Jennifer Grey and Kurt Warner? IT WOULD BE WRONG. Plus, it’s TV Theme Week, and you just know that Carol Brady is gonna be breaking it down to the theme song from “The Brady Bunch.”

At least I hope so. Because if she doesn’t, it will shake my entire reality television foundation to its core. IT JUST MAKES GOOD SENSE.

See y’all tomorrow!

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  1. I KNOW! I love Kurt & his dancing. But tonight? I had to watch my Texas Rangers. I did, however, dvr the dancing.

  2. Well, you have every reason to believe that the reality television will choose what makes good sense! ;)
    I hope she does dance to that song! You should be in charge.

  3. yummy recipe!

  4. I completely missed DWTS this week. I’m going to have to watch it online now. I hope that Mama Brady did dance to her theme song!

  5. Love some Dancing! Poor little Kyle Massey had a tough time last night, but I believe that Bristol will be going home. And you dreams were not shattered regarding Carol Brady!

  6. Mrs. Brady did okay, but the Brady theme as a tango? I think not. It was a bit of a stretch, even for DWTS. But Kurt Warner is the man! He’s just so sweet, you want to hug him and then let him kiss his wife!

    I believe Bristol is headed home, poor thing. But she did better than I expected.

    Enjoy your bean soup – sounds delish!

  7. You called it! Poor Bristol in the monkey outfit. I think she’s heading home tonight.

  8. The link to the Pop Tart giveaway is taking me to Kellogg’s that’s already closed?

  9. Link is fixed – thank you!

  10. I’ve got to try that soup recipe!!!

  11. That recipe looks wonderful. I believe we’ll be serving that one for supper, thank you very much!

  12. Gabe and I were tweeting with Kurt the other night, and I was just plain giddy. :) Love his story and his precious family.

    I’ve never watched DWTS, but we watched Kurt last night. And Carol Brady too since we’re big BB fans (her tango was painful to watch though–something about her just rubs me the wrong way).

  13. I’ll be making this black bean soup tonight. thanks for the idea. One hint: at the end, instead of using the blender which can get messy and dangerous, use a stick blender to just blend the soup a bit, leaving some of the beans whole. much easier and safer.

  14. I just finished posting pictures of my fall decorations. Now that my house LOOKS like fall, I need it to SMELL like fall.

    Or black bean soup. That’ll do.

    Never mind the 90 degrees outside. This is my little world, and in it, it is FALL. :-)

  15. Antlers Up! These Rangers have it going! Ian Kinsler looked really good in that last game! For all you hardcore Texas Rangers fans join us with your Antlers up on FacebookFacebook ht tp://www. facebook. com/clawandantlers

  16. The soup looks fantastic and tasty, but I was overwhelmed by the ingredients list and I ran away.