Kellogg’s Love Your Cereal – Post 11

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Now this may sound strange, but most of my favorite foods involve a bowl.

Well, all of my favorite foods except for bacon and fried chicken. Thought you could certainly eat them from a bowl if it struck your fancy.

In fact, all of the foods I associate with comfort – stuff like cheese grits and chili and black bean soup and late-night cereal and this incredibly delicious stew that I learned how to make last winter – all of those things are best in a bowl. I even have favorite bowls for each one of those dishes, but I probably shouldn’t frighten you by oversharing. Suffice it to say that I have a small collection of bowls that serves our little family very well.

And listen: if there were some sort of contest for my favorite food in a bowl (because let’s face it – that’s TOTALLY a possibility), I’d be hard-pressed to come up with one hands-down winner. But in the end – after a good measure of counseling and no small degree of prayer – I think that the all-time favorite would have to be a really good French Onion soup. That rich broth and those carmelized onions and that thick French bread and that toasty piece of cheese on top? HEAVEN ON EARTH TO ME.

This could all change tomorrow, however. Because I might make a batch of my grandmother’s homemade chocolate pudding. And if it’s especially good, it could quite possibly knock the French Onion soup right off of its throne.

The kitchen can be a very competitive place, y’all.

So what about you? What’s your favorite one bowl meal? Cereal? Soup? Cheese grits with bacon sprinkled on top? Leave a comment with your answer, and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card (and come back next week to enter again -it will be the last week!).

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  1. Beef stew with cornbread served in a bowl, of course, will do it for me.

  2. Last night the answer would have been chili, but tonight there is stew going, so it’s stew.

  3. My favorite meal in a bowl is my Meme’s homemade vegetable beef soup!

  4. Homemade chicken and dumplins!

  5. cinnabon cream of wheat
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  6. tweet
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  7. Soha Molina says:

    Coca Puffs and milk is a bowl is my favorite.

  8. Soha Molina says:
  9. Chili with NO beans, with melted cheese on top!

  10. Ice cream! Yes, ice cream is a meal :)

  11. Mary Helen says:

    My favorite is chicken tortilla soup, topped with crunchy tortilla strips, sour cream, avocado and shredded cheese. Yum!

  12. My favorite one bowl meal is beef stew. Or would that count since there’s the mandatory slice of bread and butter to go with it?
    chainmail(at) iwon(dot)com

  13. Since I eat cereal every morning, that is my favorite meal to eat in a bowl.

  14. Ok how about a bowl of beef goulash? Yup. That’s the one.

  15. I am like you – I love most soups and other comforting things that come in a bowl! Right now I would have to say taco soup or chili with lots of toppings!

  16. I love black eyed peas and corn bread!!

  17. I am going to have to say homemade chicken vegetable soup,.

  18. Cereal is definitely number one on my list, followed closely behind by chili, cheesy potato soup, and black bean soup. YUM!

  19. I LOVE Brunswick Stew. Love, love, love it. It would have to be my all time favorite food in a bowl. But if we are talking desert in a bowl then I would have to go with Blackberry Cobbler. Just the cobbler, no ice cream please.

  20. nanette lynch says:

    Chili with cheese!

  21. MACARONI AND CHEESE! I eat it at least once a week.

  22. Homemade potato soup sprinkled with cheese and bacon crumbles…yum!

  23. I love a good bowl of soup.

    And if my kids aren’t home? Bowl of cereal is a great no-cook dinner! :)

  24. I am currently addicted to taco soup. Love, love, love it!

  25. Abigail D. says:

    Chili with LOTS of cheese!

  26. Pasta salad. YUM. :-)

  27. I would have to say granola cereal.

  28. I LOVE cereal for dinner…LOVE! For real. My fav is lucky charms:)Is that even made by Kellogg’s?

  29. I hate myself for saying it- Spaghettios.

  30. We have a recipe called Spinach Pistou…which is essentially meatballs in a spinach pesto sauce with noodles. Great one bowl meal in the winter. Love it!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  31. My favorite meal in a bowl is chili.

  32. Cheerios with a drizzle of honey and milk is my favorite breakfast until it gets cold outside. I’ll say it’s my favorite meal because it’s so easy!

  33. In the morning, definitely cereal. In the evening – chili! Yum!

  34. Like some others cereal then chili!

  35. Favorite would be soup, any kind, french onion, chicken tortilla, chicken soup. Especially on a cold day!

  36. Cream of crab soup from a particular restaurant in my hometown. Like heaven!

  37. My homemade chili (with no beans) over Fritos and topped with grated colby jack cheese. I made a big pot on Monday, and we’ve enjoyed it these last few days!

  38. It’s a tie between frosted mini wheats and a chili bowl with fritos and cheese!

  39. I love Shrimp Creole…so yummy!


  40. Melissa B. says:

    Definitely soup, since I tend to eat my cereal straight out of the box!

  41. pierogies! especially yam & walnut w/ sour cream & carmelized onions

  42. My mom’s beef vegetable soup with seasoned oyster crackers on top.

  43. Cassie Jowers says:

    Chicken and Dumplins!!!

  44. Chicken and dumplings!!! And the hamburger helper cheddar cheese melt that I’m eating for lunch today isn’t bad either!

  45. Depends on the weather. In the summer, I eat cereal all the time. In the winter, it’s got to be chili or tomato soup.

  46. Cereal or fruit and cream oatmeal (with a spoonful of peanut butter added!).

  47. My all time favorite is Lucky Charms! Gotta have ’em!

  48. Darcy Gray says:

    Taco Soup is my favorite bowl meal.

  49. Taco Soup – with cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips on top!

  50. Oatmeal with bananas!

  51. Taco Salad, or Special K Red Berries (when I dont have to cook)

  52. TK in Texas says:

    Deponds on the time of day and year – could easily be ice cream or chili.

  53. Apple Jacks

  54. French onion soup…with the cheese on top!

  55. soup! yum!

  56. Homemade chicken soup!

  57. goulash

  58. A bowl of Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream with a splash of cream and shaved vanilla over the top.

  59. Now that is a tough question! Hmmm… Cereal, of course. And home made soup. And ice-cream. You know what? I don’t have to pick just one! I refuse to!

  60. Elaine Lund says:

    My favorite one bowl meal would be either beef stew or american chop suey

  61. I love making a fiesta chicken salad in a bowl- crushed up tortilla chips, chicken strip pieces, tomatoes, cheese, peppers, salsa, and a dollop of sour cream. Delicious!

  62. Cereal. For sure. Unless it’s ice cream. ;)

  63. I like a bowl of rice with vegetables and teriyaki chicken or beef on top
    Pudyqat2 {at}

  64. Debbie Bellows says:

    favorite one bowl meal is soup or chili but only if the weather is cool!

  65. Debbie Bellows says:
  66. Creamy chicken rice soup is my favorite in a bow.

  67. Stephanie R says:

    My fave meal in a bowl is homemade chicken noodle soup! I love it…and it’s easy to make..sort of :)

  68. Mmm, this Italian Chicken Pasta Salad that I make! It’s kind of slippery (from the dressing) so it’s best in a bowl. And it is super yummy! A giant “bowl” that I make only lasts our family of 3 for 2 meals!

  69. Laurie Cox says:

    So many choices…in the morning, cream of wheat w/ butter & sugar then chili (any kind…deer, white chicken, cowboy) w/ cornbread!!! Oh…and of course, creamy tomato soup from La Madeliene’s. It stands in a class of its own!

  70. Chicken and dumplings …. YUM !!!

  71. Sante Fe Soup!

  72. Mom’s home made Beef Barley soup…or My Mexican Chili :D

  73. Breakfast fav is grits with turkey sausage cut into pieces and mixed in. All time supper favorite is chili!

  74. My favorite meal in a bowl is my home-made chili with toppings like shredded cheese, chopped onions, jalapeno slices and a few tortilla chips!

  75. Chili and tamales on Christmas Eve!

  76. Cheddar Baked Potato soup with bacon!

  77. Homemade soup. Any kind.

  78. Chili topped with Fritos and shredded cheddar!

  79. I love me some gluten free cinnamon chex with nectarines cut up on top… mmmmmm.

  80. I love a big bowl of Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup! Yum!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  81. Tweet:

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  82. Oatmeal with heavy cream and to much brown sugar.



    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  84. Jelly bread and milk…a favorite bowl treat!

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  85. Leek and potato soup! Thanks!
    kmassman gmail

  86. I love a big bowl of the chocolaty goodness known to the world as chocolate truffle! :)

  87. I’m ashamed to admit, given the giveaway and Kelloggs and all…..but it’s hands down Ice Cream. Pardon me while I go get a bowl.

  88. I am a cereal eater. I can eat it about any time of the day or year.

  89. My favorite one-bowl meal is “The Mushroom Soup” from PW’s website….but if I knew how to make a fabulous chicken tortilla soup, I think it would be my favorite.

  90. My favorite meal in a bowl is spaghetti with meat sauce…pure comfort!

  91. My wife makes a great white chicken chili with a white cheddar and swiss cornbread baked on top. .
    hmman {at} centurytel {dot} net

  92. Sally Green says:

    I just LOVE pasta, butter, and some lemon pepper.

  93. I am a hot cereal bowl lover!!!!

  94. Tracy Robertson says:

    Mine is a rice bowl full of beef fried rice and orange chicken.

  95. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    I was already to write how much I like a good homemade chili, stew, or soup–when I remembered that on Sunday nights we have popcorn (in a bowl) for supper!
    Thanks for the giveaway.