It’s Curtains For Me

I’ve been meaning to hang curtains in my dining room for a sweet forever. I didn’t want anything elaborate or fancy or complicated – just simple panels – but I knew that they were probably going to have to be made by somebody else because, well, I don’t sew. Unless you count those six cloth napkins with gapped seams that I managed to put together back in 2001, of course. They were a real treasure.

This past spring I actually saw some curtains that I loved at World Market, but I didn’t buy them because, well, I just didn’t. I also looked at fabric a couple of times over the summer – even thought about the possibility of doing some mistreatments – but I couldn’t commit.

The draperies, they overwhelmed me.

A couple of weeks ago I was in World Market with Sister in Nashville, and I remembered the curtains I’d seen several months before. I walked over to the window treatments section, looked around for a second and then I saw them – just as cute as I remembered – ONLY NOW ON SALE. I was intrigued.

When I got home I kept thinking about those World Market curtains and how they might be just the thing to add some warmth to my dining room. After all, I’d discovered them a while ago, but the magic was still there. The thrill wasn’t gone. And since I’d set aside some money for house stuff and still had a little left over, I knew I could swing the curtains purchase without breaking the bank. Plus, curtain rods were also on sale, SO CLEARLY THE LORD WAS IN ALL OF IT.

Now normally my spiritual gift is to overthink things to the point of complete inaction, but since I’ve been shielding my eyes from the morning glare in the dining room for about four years, I figured that it was time to commit to either the curtains or some blinds or maybe even a big ole sheet. And that is why, after seven whole months of thinking about the various and sundry window treatment-related possibilities, I marched (okay. drove.) right over to the World Market and bought me some curtains.


And guess what?

I love them.

(However, I should probably make the Martha-esque disclaimer that I don’t LOVE them LOVE them! I just really like them! Because you love God! You love people! But you don’t love things! Unless it’s a jacket from Steinmarts! I mean, it just stands to reason! Their jackets are perfectly beautiful! And so handy if you need a light sleeve!)

The curtains really do add so much color to the room, and they make me smile. So I’d call that a win.

The only drawback? The length on them isn’t exactly right because the molding around our windows interfered a little bit with the ideal height for the brackets, but I’m not nearly as interested in perfection as I am in the fact that I FINALLY GOT SOME CURTAINS. Eventually I may add a little piece of coordinating fabric or trim to the bottom, or I may not. There’s just not a bit of telling.

So there you have it. I can now check one more item off of my to-do list – which means that the DVR and I are about to have a marathon catch-up session. It’s time.

(I’ve missed you terribly, 30 Rock and Survivor.)

(The curtains and I will be there soon!)

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  1. Mary Helen says:

    I love your curtains, too! You did a great job and it does add some wonderful color to your dining room. Way to go! Isn’t it funny how we sometimes put off something for so long? I do the same thing when it comes to things around my house.

  2. If you took them off the rod and rehung them with the ring clips, I bet they would be just the perfect length!

    They really are pretty……I think I shall go to my World Market and see if they are calling MY name….

    I have enjoyed reading your blog!


  3. The curtains look FABBBBULOUUUS!!! Are you sure Nate Berkus didn’t help you???

    I am like you and overthink everything and then end up doing nothing… Calico Corners bolt of way-too-expense-than- I – should-have -spent curtain material is still neatly standing in a corner wrapped in plastic and awaiting a decision by me….for 6 years now!

  4. Amy from Austin, TX says:

    I LURVE your new curtains!!!! Excellent call! The fact that they were still there and on sale is definitely A SIGN FROM GOD that they were meant to be yours! If it were me, I’d be sitting in there all the time just to gaze upon their loveliness… :)

  5. I see Fran has already made the suggestion I was going to make…ring clips.

    Love (ok, really like) the curtains!

  6. Oh I love them. So fun.

  7. Love them! I am desperately needing some window treatments too…you may have inspired me. But…well, it may take a few months for it to take hold… :)

  8. strawberryrose says:

    The curtains look wonderful! Your dining room looks very nice.

  9. Yep, two other people just said what I was about to suggest: ring clips! I got tired of pulling my living room curtains open/closed across their rod, and when I put them on the ring clips? Oh my at the easy slide open and closed, and the length is the PERFECT touching the floor length!

    Those are some adorable curtains you have there.
    What great taste you have!

  10. Fabulous find! Good work. You inspire me.

  11. I like those curtains! A lot!

  12. I really like those curtains!

  13. I think they look fantastic! I even love them, love them. I had a friend make me some panels over the summer, but then life happened and they are still sitting there all pressed and ready to be hung. You’ve motivated me to go get the curtain rods and hang them!

  14. The curtains look like they match the same fabric on the chairs – love them… wish we had a world market here – just snow.

  15. LOVE them! How fun and cozy all at the same time. I’ve only been to World Market once and it was rushed – in and out. I would love to stroll for an hour or three and behold all the goodness.

  16. Agree with the ringclips suggestions – that would easily add about and inch and 3/4s to 2 inches depending onthe ring length and drop.
    They look great – what a pattern! We’ve lived in our SE Texas house for 3 years with two windows – one facing south and one facing west so HOT HOT HOT in our dining room. We have blinds but I need to do something with some curtains too. But I can’t stand to mar my pretty paint job by hanging rods (i suck at that) whats a girl to do?

  17. From one ovethinker to another, the curtains look awesome! Dining room is very cozy!

  18. Oh, I love them so much! And I love your dining room windows! So beautiful.

    I have had the same thing happen to me where I love something and then I go back months later and they are on sale and that SO means that God is in it!

    Congrats on a great job.

  19. Totally FAB! I love them!

  20. They look beautiful!

  21. Wait a minute …. did you cover your chairs in the same fabric? Because that would make me think you are really, REALLY domestic and stuff. I love them. I need a World Market in my life!

  22. From a fellow overthinker who kept a wedding gift of Williams-Sonoma gift certificates for THREE YEARS in the hopes of buying the PERFECT THING,and ended up buying an expensive lemon of a coffee pot that my husband would never use because of the gathering condensation on the in-pot grinder…..I totally understand and applaud your delight in, as my mom would say, “pulling the trigger” on those curtains. They are darlin’.
    Beautiful dining room.

  23. I have those curtains too and I LOVE them!! They look great!!

  24. Girl….you are on FIYAH!!!
    Share your gumption, would ya?

  25. I am similarly oppressed with the curtain indecisiveness. I moved into my house eight (!) year ago and the only window treatments I have are blinds installed by windows-van-go. Which provide the necessary privacy but add exactly zero to my home panache quotient. Maybe one day I’ll overcome. You’ve inspired me!

  26. Fran and Pendy had the exact same suggestion I was going to make. Not only do ring clips add a little length but they slide easier when you want to close the curtains. Just a little tip from Genevieve Gorder from HGTV. I love her.
    Anyway they work on the same principal as shower curtains rings only prettier and you can make them look like drapes if you wanted to.
    I love your curtains and they do add the right touch of color. You done good!!!


  27. Oh BooMama – 30 Rock has been hysterical! I think it is actually my favorite show.

    Loved the Martha reference, too! : )

    I need to get up the motivation to actually make a to-do list. Ok, if I write “make a to-do list” that will be a good start, right?

  28. “normally my spiritual gift is to overthink things to the point of complete inaction”

    Amen, sister!

    And the curtains look really great too:)

  29. I always feel weird commenting randomly, but I read your blog every day and just love it! Anyway, I came out of my lurking closet to let you know that you should check 30 Rock out on Hulu because both the east coast and west coast versions of their live show are on there. My husband and I watched them back to back and enjoyed seeing the slight differences. Now that’s some funny TV!

  30. Have you seen those little rings that you can put on the top of curtains. (World Market also has those) Anyway- like you, I got some curtains that were a tad short. I put rings on them (which will work well with your rods I might add) and viola- perfect length! The only tricky part is getting enough of those rings and spacing them evenly. They just clip on- no sewing! Even better!!

  31. I have these curtains!!! I used ring clips, too, and they look awesome! I love these curtains. Your room looks great!

  32. Love them.
    Love them.
    Love them.

  33. i like them!

  34. LOL!

  35. If curtains had a name, I swear those would be named Sophie! They are so spunky and fun just like you!

    I am in awe of the progress you are making on your little makeovers!

  36. I have also love those curtains since the summer! They are just so stinkin’ cute. They look great!

  37. Don’t you just love meant to be things? Your curtains are lovely and perfect for that room. Y’all were just meant to be.

  38. Those are the cutest curtains ever! And I mean CUTEST! CURTAINS! EVER!

  39. The entire room looks ready for Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas. Home sweet home…..

  40. I LOVE those curtains!!! I was in World Market for the first time in my whole entire life (I KNOW!) on Monday and I saw those. They are so fun! Looks good!

  41. I think those curtains are divine. I have to tell you, it hurt my soul when both World Markets in Memphis closed. I am almost bitter about it, even. Not even a trip to Sonic helps.

  42. They are beautiful!!!!

  43. Love your curtains. Love your windows. Love-ly.

  44. Love the curtains! Good job!

    Now .. and I know this is a weird question and TOTALLY not what we are supposed to be looking at … but we are redoing a house (still by City Centre!) that we will move into next Spring. I am currently picking lighting and NEED THE NESTER in my life but have to relay on my gut feelings right now … and that feeling says I LOVE your light fixture over your table. I wondered where you got it. It may have been there when you moved in, but if you bought it, I’d love to find one in Houston.


  45. LOVE your curtains! Perfect!

  46. okay, i just have to say.

    well, first, i have to say that i really do love your curtains, despite what martha says, and i really don’t think that hurts god’s or anyone else’s feelings and that’s all i’ll say about that.

    now then, somehow this post sent me on a rabbit trail of chasing martha…and then sissie…and then martha and sissie…and i laughed hysterically about the picture of who i can only assume is martha dancing and alex holding the walker. i wish you knew just how funny i think that is. all of it. the whole thing. martha and sissie both.

    but THEN…i somehow landed on nester’s page. i’m sorry, what? why haven’t i seen her before because she is BRILLIANT!?



  47. I love the curtains, you have great taste…the dining room is sooo cozy looking, the perfect place to sit and chat with a girlfriend over something sweet:)

  48. They are SO ADORABLE!!! :) Perfect!

  49. I am so happy for you and your curtain-find! They match Friendly Village, too!!

  50. they are stunning.

    drapes can change your life in a small way, can’t they? I LOVE them!

  51. window treatment materials these days have increased in price, i wish they have a price drop next year –‘