Oh, Internet. What Would I Do Without You?

You told me in the comments that I should try the clips.

So I bought the clips. They were on sale. And I had a coupon. So the clips ended up costing me cheap dollars and discounted cents.

Then I re-hung the curtains. I still need to add one more little clip thing to each panel, but that’s a minor detail.

And I am here to tell you: the clips have made all the difference.

I am forever grateful.

And maybe just a little bit obsessed with opening and closing the curtains VERY rapidly.

The end.

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  1. Those are gorgeous…absolutely beautiful. Yay for you! (And I love opening and closing the curtains VERY rapidly. It makes me feel like I’m in a movie…which I am…in my head.) :)

  2. Love it! I’m always grateful when someone thinks of something that would never have crossed my mind. What’s left of it, that is.

  3. um, ADORE those curtains lil miss

  4. i LOVE those curtains. they are beautiful. the clippies look great with them. i want them in my dining room now.

  5. It’s not curtain envy, but those are fa-HAB-ulous. It’s exactly what I need in a pattern for my family room, but my family room is blessed with a ledge about 5-6″ deep, placed 3″ below the window. Making floor length curtains not an aesthetic idea. But I love the colors!! and the fun!! and the clips!!

  6. Once again, you’ve made me laugh out loud with the being a little obsessed with opening and closing the curtains rapidly! So funny! I love the curtains by the way. I was in Nashville this week and wished so hard there was a World Market closer to Starkville… :(


    is there another word for hilarious? because i think between you and bigmama i’ve used it 987 times.

    i can see you walking swiftly through your dining room sliding your curtains VERY rapidly, like you say. i ah-DORE these curtains & i am so happy that the clips worked for you! i mean, it wasn’t my idea or anything. but i’m still happy that they worked for you!

    happy opening and closing! :)

  8. I actually had to go back to the older post to see what they used to look like and VAVOOM, it did change it up! They look GREAT on the clips. I bet it was the Nester … that told you. I NEED THE NESTER! :)

  9. I hope your neighbors don’t think you are signaling them for something! Rock on!

  10. First, love those curtains! They look great!
    Second, THANK YOU for posting this. I had no idea the clips existed. I’ve been ripping out a hem in a too-short curtain by hand for about 2 years now (yes, 2 years). I have 4 panels that need to be lengthened and was going to rip out the hems and re-hem them (by hand). I think I’ll undo my damage and buy the clips!

  11. LOVE!

  12. Yay! I figured the clips would make them a perfect length.

    Another yay because you did it PRONTO! Pat on the back for you!

  13. Those are absolutely fabulous!!! LOVE the color schemes!

  14. Love the curtains and love your blog!!!

  15. That sound in the morning, when I pull the curtains open?
    And again in the evening when I pull them closed?

    And isn’t it just night and day the difference between opening them without the rings vs. with the rings?
    So. Much. Easier.

    So happy for you, they look great Sophie!

  16. those drapes look so much like your style. and i don’t even really know what it is it just seems to be very much what i see as you.

    my curtains are on rings too and i also love to open and close them. so much easier than those old pull strings and those stiff pleats and drapery hooks. my grandmother would find her job (as a drapery maker) so much easier today.

  17. Amy Andrews says:

    I’m inspired. But then again, I’m always inspired when I visit with you! We built our house 23 years ago and I have yet to put a single window treatment on the windows, cept for blinds in the very back to provide privacy in den late at night. Now my dining room is begging me for a wee bit of a treatment. It wants a Colonial swag, if possible.

  18. Yeaaaaaa!!!
    Those are some really cute curtains!!!
    Good job boomama for reading your comments. Some of us (speaking for myself) aren’t as dumb as we look! lol


  19. Oh BooMama, you always make me laugh with the visuals! Opening and closing the drapes VERY fast – :) :) Okay now that you’ve discovered clips, they’re also very handy for when the curtains are too LONG – just fold over the top to shorten and clip away! I’m a lazy girl for goodness sake. Loving your new panels by the by – gorgie!

  20. So darn cute! I’m using clips too, and it makes all the difference!

  21. Strawberryrose says:

    Imagining the sound of the curtains opened and closed quickly. Too funny. The clips made the curtains the perfect length. Looks great!

  22. Perfect! Don’t you just love it. A solution for every problem. I like the way the clips look too. You dinning room looks very finished as my mother would say.

  23. Little do you know how much you have changed my life in the past week. Not only did I love your curtains – I went out and purchased some for my living room along with two beautiful armless chairs with the orange pattern on them (also from World Market) that match the curtains. I love-love-love them. And yes I will be forever thankful!!!!

  24. Looks absolutely wonderful – the little clippie things make it so much more Restoration Hardware look than sliding on the pole did. Great choice -I would never have thought of patterned curtains (I tend to be a plantation shutters kinda gal) but they look just mahlvelous!

  25. The clips looks awesome! Yup, I’d be testing out the velocity of the clips, too. : )

  26. I LOVE those curtains like a 3/4-sleeve Steinmarts jacket!

  27. Teri!!! HAHAHAHAHHA That cracks me up to think of neighbors across the way wondering “What the heck???”

  28. OOOOoooooh, I like that print!

  29. So very cool!

  30. I’m so mad I didn’t notice the lack of clips! Clips are the only way to go and your clips look fabulous! Great job!

  31. I love the internet.

    I see you also have (what appears to be) wooden vent covers. We have those in our current house, and a couple of them are broken and for the life of me, I don’t know how to fix them. Haven’t really looked into it, mind you. Besides just staring at the broken wood pieces and going, “Hmm. Hrmph. Huh.”

  32. Those clips are the best! I love your new drapes, they look so great, wonderful fabric and colors. Happy for you.

  33. They look great and the clips make them look so loose and fun. I think those are design elements…?

  34. LOVE, LOVE that fabric. You did good!!

  35. Just wanted you to know I read your recent article in HomeLife … wearing pajama pants to the store … and loved it!!

  36. hahahahahaaa! That closing statement caught me right in the gizzard!

    Also, I saw those at World Market and stopped and stared. They are some kind of lovely, they are.

  37. I was watching a tv show (Better with You) last week, and there, in the background, were YOUR CURTAINS!