You Might Want To Do Some Warm-Up Exercises Before You Begin All The Clicking

All righty. Here’s my obligatory Monday afternoon round-up-o-giveaway-related-links.

All the giveaways are for $100 Visa gift cards unless otherwise noted.

1) Kellogg’s #11 – ends tonight
2) Ragu
3) Similasan
4) Pop-Tarts – brand new – just posted it this morning
5) The Laughing Cow – $150 Visa gift card

Finally, the LG TextEd campaign is going on over at BlogHer, and there are some great posts from moms about how they handle issues related to texting. This week’s topic is sexting, and even though that’s not an issue in our house right now, I’d rather know what kids (and parents) are dealing with than to put on my blinders and pretend like there’s not a problem.

The topics from other weeks are also good food for thought; LoraLee’s post about how she’s handling the issue of texting and driving with her 14 year-old cracked me up. Even better, will donate 50 cents for every comment left on the LG TextEd posts, so you can join the discussion and make a difference, too.

Hope y’all are having a great Monday!

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