Pop Tarts Giveaway, Post 2

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I was never a huge fan of Halloween when I was growing up, mainly because I’m sort of a chicken. I don’t like scary movies. I don’t like haunted houses. I don’t like anything that involves anybody jumping out in front of me and screaming “Boo!” or “RAWR!” or “HEY THERE ARE FREE FRIED CHEESE STICKS HERE!”

Though truth be told, free fried cheese sticks makes almost any situation more bearable.

But because I’m not really the poster child for jumping on board with a bunch of Halloween festivities, it’s really sort of a wonder that I’ve managed to get our child into some sort of costume every single October since he was born. Except for when he was one. I think I skipped a costume when he was one. Let’s just go ahead and assume that it’s because I was tired.

Our church used to have Trunk or Treat, and that was our motivation for costume-related fun for a couple of years. By the time the little guy started pre-school, we found ourselves in the midst of the Fall Festival tradition – which, truth be told, suits me way better than Halloween because nobody’s going to try to scare you at a Fall Festival. Unless you’re frightened by inflatable slides and cake walks, in which case the whole Fall Festival thing might not be for you.

Over the last few years it’s been fun to see our boy’s costume choices mirror the stuff that interests him; he’s dressed up as Mr. Incredible, Spider Man, Obi Wan Kenobi and even Darth Vader. It’s been all-light-sabers-all-the-time around our house for two straight years. But this year – well, it’s a departure from the norm for us. Alex isn’t dressing up as a character from a favorite movie. He’s dressing up as this guy.

Yep. Mario. From Super Mario Bros. Complete with some mad jumping moves and all manner of sound effects. He’s beside himself with excitement. I’ve actually hidden the costume in the back of my car until it’s time for the Fall Festival – otherwise it’ll be worn slap-out by the time the Fall Festival rolls around.

So what about the kids in your family? What are their favorite costumes? Answer in the comments, and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card courtesy of BlogHer.

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And finally, here are the official rules.

Happy Costumes, everybody!

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  1. my favorite was a lion costume from old navy

  2. My son wanted to be a spider for Halloween last year. That sounded easy enough…black clothing and just add some extra legs and arms and an antenna. But then he said that he HAS to have a web. It took forever to create a spider web surrounding him that he could wear and walk in comfortably and still have it big enough so you could tell what it was. But it was worth it; he looked amazing!

  3. Becky Horn says:

    My fav. costume this year is my daughter fairy costume. Cant wait for her to wear it.

  4. My sister has three little boys and the two older ones for two years running were firemen. It was great too because it was cold and drizzling so it was useful to have the fireman raincoats on them. The thing is these two boys love their fireman boots so much they still have to get new ones when their feet get bigger.

  5. My daughter loves to be a pirate.

  6. my favorite costume for my little guy is a dinosaur

  7. chris anne says:

    don’t have kids, but my dog is dressing up as a spider for trunk or treat! :)

  8. my boys ASKED to use last year’s Star Wars costumes again, to my surprise, given that they’ve not been as into SW this year as last. But whatever, fine with me!

    And the youngest is using an old Sheriff Woody costume. Yay for free this year!

    I love trick-or-treat! Our old neighborhood was so much fun, so I’m hoping that our new one is, too…

  9. Neé Neé says:

    Woody and Buzz seem to be all the ‘buzz’ this year! ;o)

  10. The 14 year-old put together a mime costume, the eight year-old is in love with Harry Potter for the first time. The seven year-old had me make a Pinkalicious costume and the baby is going to be Super Baby! Can’t wait to see them all dressed up.

  11. Vampire and monsters

  12. My daughter loves some variation of the all-black 60s mod chic spy girl. She’s done that more than once. And we are lazy and cheap round here, so the boys are most often some version of a pirate or some version of an Arab raider (we lived in North africa for years and have some very cool, very rusty daggers, turbans, etc)

  13. Cutest costume: my one year old cousin dressed up as a giraffe :)

  14. My little guy is only 11 months, so I got to choose his costume without any input from him. I can’t say the same for my husband who insisted that he be “not an animal”. How many baby costumes exist that aren’t animals?! We agreed on a dragon costume because it’s cute enough for my taste and manly enough for my husband’s.

  15. I have two girls – Princess, princess, princess!!! My favorite was last year – we were all witches in different colors.

  16. My sons love to be super heros like Superman and Iron Man.

  17. a little lion!

  18. Stephenie says:

    Anything princess.

  19. Jayci is going to be wonder woman this year. Which is awesome :-)

  20. every girl loves to be a princess…usually with a Barbie microphone!

  21. Yvonne H. says:

    In my family, we have all girls. They all love princesses, fairies and ballerinas. My favorite custom this year is the Princess Tiana costume(From the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog)

  22. My little girl wanted to be a pumpkin and a princess this year. I found a cute little dress called “pumpkin spice” that sparkles. She loves it!

  23. Growing up, my Mom made all our costumes from scratch. It was such an exciting time . . . choosing a design and then prancing around the living room while she created and sewed.

    One year she made me a pink princess costume that I wore again and again, I love it so much. Another year she created this amazing clown costume in pink and turquoise. My brother was a “crayon” and a dinosaur long before the patterns came out in stores.

    The Little Man will be a giraffe this year, but my favorite so far has been the Elmo costume my Mom helped me make from scratch two years ago.

  24. My kiddo will be 8 weeks old on Halloween! He’ll be a pumpkin and he has no say in the matter!

  25. No kiddos, but the hubby, BFF and I are dressing ourselves and our trunk up as Waffle House for our church’s Trunk or Treat! Should be a hoot! :)

  26. My daughter wants to be a Who from Whoville this year.

  27. My daughter made ‘logger’ costumes for her triplets. It’s the first time they have ever dressed up for Halloween.

  28. Last year my college-age daughter and a bunch of friends dressed up as superheros. She was Captain Underpants.

  29. The best kid’s costume this year is bed bug.

  30. manthe5pa says:

    My son was the cutest fireman last year, and my daughter an adorable bumblebee!

  31. My friends little girl is going to be a ladybug! So adorable!

  32. My daughter is officially too old to dress up now, but her (and my) favorite costume was when she was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. She even brought her dog trick or treating so he could play the part of Toto…and she had the red ruby slippers and all. Too cute.

  33. When my son was 7 months old, he and I dressed as tubes of Colgate Toothpaste for the festival at the school where I work. I was full size, he was travel size! He’s now in high school, and, when one of his new teachers (a former student of mine) saw his name, he remembered him being a tube of toothpaste!

  34. My first-born was 4 months old for her first Halloween and wore an orange/white/gray striped sleeper with a candy corn striped hat. She won first place in the costume contest and looked absolutely adorable!

  35. We don’t have kids but I dressed my brothers 2 lab puppies in a tutu.
    Black puppie in pink
    white puppie in black
    Our local pet store had a pet parade.
    Everyones pet got a goodie bag and there picture taken.

  36. My son will probably go as a rock star!
    kmassman gmail

  37. The year I let my two boys dress up as a vampire and a monster. Least favorite was the year they were Captain Hook and Peter Pan…my youngest, now 25, is still upset about the green tights I made him wear!

  38. My daughter wanted to be a dinosaur, I wanted her to be a fairy, we compromised on bumble bee…and she’s only 21 months.

  39. unfortunately, anything that requires a weapon to make the look complete: ninja, gangster, scary ghost guy. i think they’d even sign on as the top chef guy.

  40. My favorite was when my son went as a trashcan.

  41. My little nephew has a cheeseburger costume that makes me laugh a lot.

  42. This year we’re having a Retro Prom themed costume party. My eldest is wearing my old prom dress!

    My all-time favorite costume has to be the Princess and the Pauper princess costumes my little two wore when they were around 3. They wore those dresses ALL THE TIME! Loved it!

  43. Blessed Mom says:

    My daughter is 4 so she’s very excited about being a princess for our Fall Festival.

  44. My daughter’s costume this year is actually scary and she loves being a bobblehead pumpkin
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  45. missy in lubbock says:

    Laura Ingalls Wilder…so cute!

  46. tweet
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  47. care bears

  48. My little one is going to be a witch – and I made the cutest tutu out of orange & black tulle that I LOVE! I think she’s going to be the cutest little witch!!

  49. My kids are my dogs right now…they were the ‘Swine Flew’ and a milk carton this year.

  50. My favorite was the year they both dressed as clowns. They were so cute!

  51. Mary Helen says:

    Ladybug and Giraffe! Your “Mario” is super cute :)

  52. My kids are all teens and not dressing up this year. My 9 month old nephew is going to be the cutest lion ever!

  53. I still think Superman makes a great costume for boys and Supergirl for girls.

  54. We have a Baterina and a Mobsta Girl this year!

  55. Stumbeline says:

    Thanks for offering this giveaway.

    My favorite was when my daughter was a “fairy princess ballerina”.

  56. Our family was different colored m and m’s once. That was fun. :)

  57. so funny! My 4 year old is going as Mario too — once he had the idea there was no changing his mind!

  58. Tracie Trump says:

    My fav Raggedy Anne! tracietrump@yahoo.com

  59. Annakin and Luke from Star Wars. They look so good!

  60. My oldest daughter is flower in a pot this year. My favorite for my youngest was when she was the cutest penguin ever.

  61. Tina Deckard says:

    My granddaughter was Hanna Montana Last year

  62. Amy Martin says:

    My daughter (1) is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! She’s going as Minnie Mouse!! :)

  63. Henria O. says:

    My daughter’s favorites are any costumes that have to do with being a princess!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  64. There are so many little girls and they all want to be a princess, any princess! pouffy dresses and a tiara galore <3

  65. This year we will have Robin Hood, Ariel and Tigger. My favorites over time was my daughter’s fairy outfit at 7 months of age-too stinkin’ cute & the Tigger outfit that my oldest wore and the little guy is using again.

  66. melisa burns says:

    When my son was one year old he was the cutest red M&M you have ever seen!

  67. My kids are now teens and dressing up is getting less attention. I have some favorites of them though…the Cousin It costume I made for my daughter (lots of yarn), the Superman costume my son wore when he was 1 1/2…zoomed all around the house for weeks! I also made a ladybug costume for my daughter, cute as a bug…haha!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  68. Jennifer R says:

    The Joker from the movie The Dark Knight

  69. I’ve got a Mario too! Also a tiger and a $100 bill, the perfect trio!

  70. Selinda McCumbers says:

    My son has done spiderman two years and this will be the second year as a clone from Star Wars!


  71. My boys always enjoyed dressing up as superheroes. My daughter is the only one that dresses up now and she is more creative. She doesn’t like store-bought costumes. Last year she was the Fashion Police (complete with zebra leggings and a hand-bedazzled hat) and this year she wants to be an 80’s girl. With legwarmers. I couldn’t be more delighted. :)

  72. My four year old daughter is all girly and wants to be Cinderella. My three year old daughter is totally tomboy and wants to be Spiderman, which is great for my husband. He says she’s the boy he didn’t have.

  73. LINDA PAYNE says:

    My daughter loveeeeed being a lion. We had to be one for a few years before we decided we liked princesses better. But its still my favorite costume.

  74. We dressed our four children up as the 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. So fun.

  75. We dressed our four children up as The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. so fun.

  76. Kelly Sites says:

    My son loves his gorilla outfit we bought him. It has hairy arms and hands and a big fat gorilla head.

  77. We have a football player and a Punk Vampire :)

  78. My son’s favorite has to be dressing up like Sean Payton a few years back… khaki pants, head-set, Saints pull-over, visor. (Sean Payton is the New Orleans Saints coach… just in case you didn’t know!)

  79. Superman (5 year old); a “monster” (3 year old); a dog (4 month old)

  80. We’re solidly between a dragon, Optimus Prime or Batman. Of course, we only have one of those costumes at home but that doesn’t seem to deter the 3 year old from dreaming!

  81. when my daughter was 1 she made the CUTEST flower!

  82. My three year old twin grandsons will be Peter Pan and Captain Hook this year! T00 Cute!

  83. When my daughter was an infant she was a banana for her first Halloween. When she was one, we dressed her as a Candy Corn. Now that she helps make the decision, we have moved away from the food related costumes and are now into the fairy and princess genre. I miss the food costumes.

  84. My three teenager were little when Toy Story II came out. They were the cutest little Buzz, Woody and Jessie. Seeing all of the Toy Story costumes again this year is making me extremely reminiscent. Time goes by so quickly.

  85. last year my daughter was snow white and her 2 two year old brothers were the 2 dwarfs. they wore their beards not barely long enough to get a pic. but it was adorable.

  86. Grammy made our 18-month old baby boy a handmade clown costume. I didn’t think I would like a miniature clown for Halloween but the costume is just adorable! I can’t wait to go trick-or-treating with him.

  87. My babies are Jessie and Woody from Toy Story. My little girl is usually, I want to be a princess or Tinkerbell, but my little boy wanted to be Woody. As so as the girl heard that, she would have no other outfit besides Jessie. I love that they are close and she wanted to match him!

  88. My pup is going to be a bumblebee this year!

  89. I took pictures at our church’s preschool Halloween event last year. I could not get over the cuteness. I think the fairy costumes were favorite. I’m such a girl!

  90. Son is a cowboy and daughter is a princess! I love all things Halloween – it’s my birthday!!

  91. My favorite costume was Raggedy Ann.

  92. David Gresh says:

    We’ll be the werewolf family

  93. My son loves to wear any Superhero costume. He can usually be found in costume any given day :) My daughter is just started to venture into the world of princess costumes.

  94. My son got to be a lion last year, which he loved (Rawr!) and wanted to be it again this year, but that costume was borrowed from a friend, and besides, I think it might be just a wee bit too small by now! ;)
    This year he gets to be a knight. But when I bought the baby a dragon costume to go with well, he wanted to be a dragon. I hope he’ll survive being a knight. I think the sword just might do it! ;)

  95. My four year old has lived and breathed Batman for 2 years. He’s obsessed and most days I can’t get him dressed in real clothes without a struggle (compromise with Batman underpants!) So imagine my surprise when he declared that this Halloween he was going to be a ‘Headless Horseman Skeleton With A Mummy Face’. Still trying to explain why the Headless Horseman probably doesn’t have a face.

  96. The littlest loves to be a clown!

  97. Jennifer Reda says:

    when i was a kid, my favorite costume was a gypsy!

  98. My oldest is a HUGE Mario fan…but this year (for the 1st time in 3 yrs) he will not be a Super Mario Character. He will be a UPS man. My daughter is a witch, my other son a Werewolf, and my baby girl a pumpkin.

  99. Jessie C. says:

    DDs are into anything princess now.