Yesterday was the fifth birthday of this here little blog. So I celebrated by making a stuffed pork roast, dressing, homemade gravy, squash casserole and strawberry pretzel salad.

Okay. So maybe that stuff was technically for Thanksgiving. And maybe nobody else at the table had the foggiest idea that the blog was having a birthday. But still. It was the best pretend birthday party that a blog could ever hope to have.

Mama’s pecan pie didn’t hurt.

Anyway, before Sister and I set out in search of some new Christmas ribbon for me and some new shoes for her, I just wanted to stop and make sure y’all know how deeply grateful I am for each one of you. Thank you so much for reading and commenting and emailing and putting up with my crazy. I’ve had big fun with you people for the last five years, and oh, I am thankful.

(insert powerful-yet-tender ballad here)

(preferably a duet with Phil Collins and the incomparable Marilyn Martin)

(preferably with a music video where someone rests his or her head against a wall while he or she sings with great emotion)

Here’s to five more, sweet internet. Or at least one more. Because five more years seems like sort of a lot right now, and long-term goals stress me out a little bit.

By the way, here’s what the little man looked like five years ago.

I think I just died.

I love y’all,

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  1. We love you too!

    Thanks for the funny, the serious, the giveaways, and letting see life through your eyes. Its a great view!

    sending bloggy birthday love!

    Sister Lynn

  2. We love you too Boomama! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hey Boo Mama,
    a few short months ago your blog was very cute and funny to me and I read it once in a while for a laugh. Now that I have moved to the west coast, it’s still cute and funny and silly and wonderful, but it also gives me a slice of home and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Okay, that should go with your cheesy ballad pretty well and it’s all true. Thanks bunches.

  4. Happy Anniversary Boo Mama! I have been reading your blog for most of those five years and I love your humor about life, your passion for family and football and your general outlook on the world. Keep it up for more than five more years–no pressure though!!

  5. Happy Birthday BooMama! You were the first Mommy Blogger I ever read and the reason I started my blog! Thanks so much for writing!

  6. Congrats on your blogiversary!!

  7. Love you, too, girlie!

    So glad for this crazy place called “internet”.

  8. Happy Birthday, Beautiful!! I started blogging just a month after you–wish I would’ve known you way back then!

    And I made strawberry pretzel salad yesterday too (YUM!), but I think “salad” is kind of a misnomer for something so delicious (and unhealthy), so we call it Strawberry Stuff.

    Love you!!

  9. Y’all. Y’all. Y’all. Somehow you make it roll from your bloggy tongue so smoothly and naturally-Southern, but I’m going to have to work on it. We’re moving to TX from northern IL in 3 days, and I don’t think I’m going to fool anyone.

    Happy 5th Blog Anniversary! You always make me laugh! (laughing WITH you, etc.)

  10. The feeling is mutual! Hope you have a wonderful day with Sister – I surely I wish I were with my own sister shopping today. Happy Blog Birthday to you!

  11. nanette lynch says:

    Happy Anniversary! I have been reading since you and Shannon went to Uganda. I miss Shannon…hope she is ok!
    Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend….all the family, football and food!

  12. I started reading your blog a couple of years ago. At the time I was going through a very rough patch. Just very stressed and not knowing where I was headed. I’d read your blog every day (I went back to the beginning and read through) and every day it helped me, whether it was a funny story or a bible verse you happed to quote that I swear was picked just for me because they were always appropriate to my situation. So without knowing you helped me get through and make decisions that I am eternally grateful for.
    So thank you, from the bottom of my heart and I hope you keep writing for a long time :)

  13. Happy Blog-Birthday! I don’t comment much, if ever, but appreciate and enjoy your blog. Not to mention you have introduced me to Beth Moore and some great music! Reasons to be Thankful!

  14. Congratulations to you! Five years is a long time, and we are certainly looking forward to the next five.

    But only if you want to.

    No pressure.


  15. Happy Bloggie Birthday, Boomama! I found you 3 years ago from my aunt’s blog. It was in December and she mentioned your Christmas Tour. You have been my absolute favorite ever since! Love you, Boomama! Happy Thanksgiving, too!

  16. Happy Anniversary, Boomama! You were the first mom-blog I ever read, starting about four years ago I think. I wandered over here from Beth Moore’s LPM blog to see what the heck a Boomama was. :) I always read your AI reviews, and I still try to pick out what lines from The Office you’d list. You were the inspiration for our family taking a second Compassion child. Congrats on five years, and here’s hoping there are many more to follow!

  17. You are such a blessing, Sophie! I’m glad I discovered your lovely web wonder way back when. Love you!

  18. Happy Blogiversary! I love your blog. I wish I would’ve found it sooner…but going back and listening to all of your podcasts makes me feel like I’ve been around a little longer.

  19. Happy Blog Anniversary! I cannot even begin to explain how much joy your writing brings to me! And some hardcore laughter, which I personally think may be the most fun thing to do. EVER. I just think you are fabulous!
    And the pics of your little boy are just so precious. Those eyes must just make you melt into a zillion little pieces each and every day.

  20. I have told you this before but you are the first blog I ever really remember reading years ago when I first started with your Christmas home tours. I remember the first time you returned a note to me and one to Kelly….we called each other just SO EXCITED that BOO MAMA had sent us a note!! ( and Hubs was saying “WHO?”) And the rest is history…as they say!

    Congratulations and thanks for the many enjoyable posts that have made me laugh and cry………but mostly laugh!!!
    Thanks Sophie, you are a jewel!

  21. Happy Blogiversary! Since I rarely comment just thought I’d take the occasion to mention yours is my favorite blog–you crack me up! Keep it coming!!!!

  22. Thank you so much for your blog–it is such a bright spot in my day and always helps bring a smile to my face on the days when I need it most!

  23. The pleasure has been all ours, Sophie! Happy Blog Birthday!

  24. I discovered your blog in 2007. I didn’t even know what a “blog” was! I don’t remember how I found it but I’m so glad I did! You are so real and funny. I truly do feel like we’re friends…Happy Birthday/Blogiversary!

  25. So enjoy your blog. Especially football posts. Thanks for being you! It makes my day, everyday !

    I so enjoyed yesterday and our suhweeeeeeeet 1 point victory over bama! WAR EAGLE!

  26. still here and going nowhere. always blessed by the time I spend with you.

  27. Happy Blogaversary! Happy Blog Birthday!

    Thank you for sharing your world with us. Sophie, please know how much it means to be connected with such wonderful Christian women like you.

    I appreciate YOU! I’m grateful that you fully let your blog reflect you. I’m grateful that you back off and don’t post at times when you cannot just as I am grateful that some of my other fav bloggers DO post frequently. It’s because you allow yourself to just be you that makes your blog so special. Well, that, and you ARE special.

    Your sweet boy sure has grown! So precious!

    Here’s to the next years of your blog!!! *Raising glass* I’m looking forward to sharing in your joy and even your sorrow (hopefully there won’t be much of that, of course).

    May the Lord bless you!!!
    Much love,

  28. Happy Birthday Blog! Boomama – you are the first blog I go to each morning. I know you’ve always got a “good word” for me :) Good luck in the Egg Bowl.

  29. Happy blog birthday! I can’t believe it’s been five years…how long does that mean I’ve been reading? Hmmm…3, maybe 4, I think. And, surprisingly, it only took about 3 months for my dh NOT to ask, “BooMama? Who is that?!” He refers to you (and others I’ve met online but not IRL) as my imaginary friends. Can I just say I LOVE having you as an imaginary friend? :) Enjoy your weekend!

  30. Congrats to 5 years!! Hope there are many more to come.

  31. Happy Fifth Blogiversary, Sophie!

    Sweet mercy, you are a blessing!! You make me laugh, smile, think, and sometimes cry. Here’s to another five. Or one. Or whatever you’re up for.

  32. Happy Blogirthday! :)

  33. Happy Blogaversary! I’m about to celebrate 11 years of daily blogging and I know what a sense of accomplishment each year brings, even if nobody else notices.

    Here’s to five more years for you (but no pressure, of course!)

  34. Julie in TX says:

    Hey! We had a big celebration dinner for you on Thursday, too!! Wow! Imagine that : )

    Thanks for sharing your time and life with us – you’ve helped us all feel a little less alone, spurred us on to give of ourselves, and given us many, many laughs.

    Many blessings!

  35. Sophie! Happy Blog-anniversary! You are delightful and I always love your posts. Thanks for sharing your wit, humor and love of Jesus Christ with us! Praying that God will bless you and your family abundantly during the holidays and beyond.
    Susan in Indiana

  36. Happy Fifth Birthday to you…and thanks for being you and doing what you do!

  37. Get out the vacuum!

  38. Could the video please have some awesome 80’s hair because that would be so major. I hope you have had as much pleasure writing these things down as we have had reading them. Thanks for making me laugh!

  39. Happy bloggy birthday! So enjoy you!

  40. Happy Bloggy Birthday! And congrats on your Bulldogs winning the Egg Bowl again this year!!!

  41. I’ve been reading for almost the entire 5 years!! I can’t even remember how I found your sweet blog. Thought of you last night. We are right around the corner from you in Vestavia. It’s Auburn/Alabama country here, BUT…. Last night you could hear crazy cowbells!!! We have Ole Miss friends across the street and State friends around the corner. The State friends rolled their house after the Egg Bowl. And I don’t mean quietly in the dead of night. They did it while ringing cowbells! We all came out to watch. :)

  42. Well, Happy Anniversary! and Thanksgiving!

  43. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you made strawberry pretzel salad. Thanksgivign isn’t complete without it.
    Happy Anniversary, blog!

  44. Aww happy bloggy birthday! How funny I (accidentally) celebrated the blog birthday with a similar meal :)

  45. Hey, I’m new to the “Boo” so I’m really hoping you’ll stick around for another 5! Happy blog bday!!

  46. I have loved your blog for quite some time. Happy 5 years!

  47. Oh Happy Birthday/Anniversary Dear BooMama’s Blog! You are an amazing, sweet, hilarious woman and I love a little window into your world. And yes, those boys sure do grow up quickly don’t they?! Mine just turned 7 on the 19th and I think I just about died, too. Have a great day!

  48. Mary Helen says:

    We are thankful for you, too! Happy 5 Years!!!