I’d Feel A Little Ashamed If I Weren’t So Rested

This past weekend was the first one in months – MONTHS, I TELL YOU – when we didn’t have one thing on our calendar. Not one thing. And listen: you have never seen three people EMBRACE THE NOTHING like we did these last three days. We reveled in the nothing. We picked up the nothing and swung it ’round and ’round in a big bear hug and then told it how much we adored it. We were ALL ABOUT the nothing.

And granted, there were little bits of something thrown in for good measure. We went out for Mexican food. We did a little Christmas shopping. Alex saw a movie with a friend. We watched TV. Read. Napped. Cooked. Wrapped presents. Went to church. But more than anything else, we relaxed. And IT WAS GLORIOUS.

So all that to say: I was planning to put up my post for Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes today – even took a few pictures Saturday night – but then I realized that my house looks just like it always does. My tree looks almost identical to last year. I decorated my dining room the same way. I’ve put up the Christmas card tree. But I don’t have anything new and inspiring to show you. I do have live wreaths hanging on the windows this year instead of fake ones, but that’s not exactly an earth-shattering development. Unless, of course, you’re fundamentally opposed to fake wreaths, in which case I would imagine that you might be sort of tickled that I’ve embraced the live greenery.

Anyway, you can certainly look back at my Christmas Tour posts from the last few years if you’d like to see the ways things typically go around here in terms of decorations, but if I were you I’d head straight to Nester’s. There will be more beautiful ideas than you can shake a stick at – and you should totally add a tour of your own house to the linky. It’ll be more fun! So much fun! Just more fun!

(Sorry. I was having a Martha moment.)

(By the way, Martha is having a Christmas party for “the girls” this week.)

(“The girls” are all in their late-70s and early-80s.)

(And that makes me smile.)

All righty – I’m going to resume with my relaxing. You may not believe this, but I’M READING A BOOK.


Enjoy your Christmas touring with The Nester today – I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

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  1. Oh, I would love to be at Martha’s girl party-and I am only 38! So much fun!

  2. Aaaah, bear hugging the NOTHING – wish I could do that on the weekends! Glad you had a restful, enjoyable weekend.

  3. I adore weekends when there is nothing planned. Thats so rare this time of year.

  4. hearts.
    thank you again for giving me your baby. not your real baby. but the tour. i love it. may you have a relaxing day!

  5. Make it last as long as possible! I’m Looking forward to nothing one day myself.

    So, what’s the book that you’re reading?? I need one or two more to add to my stack of “To Be Read” when and if my nothing ever gets here.

  6. Oh I would love to go to Martha’s party. It would be like being with my mother and her friends. They are coiffed and ready.

  7. ME TOO! Well, I had a Christmas party on Friday night after work… but that hardly counts, because it’s still a weekday, right? (For example, the weekend before I had approximately 3.4 hours that weren’t scheduled away). I actually accomplished some Christmas shopping (my first round of the season – I’m definitely on top of things), and did some cleaning, and reading, and cooking… Ah, the bliss! I’m glad you had a fabulous weekend too.

  8. We’re snow bound today, and it’s glorious! A snow day is like a gift. A day that was supposed to be full and busy with one thing (school and work) is now busy and full with the things I didn’t get to this weekend (like Christmas cards and cleaning.) Kind of even makes cleaning the kitchen fun. Kind of ;)

  9. I had surgery on the 2nd and I believe it’s been the best weeks before Christmas that I’ve ever experienced. We decorated beforehand. Now I am forced to sit back and do nothing. Nothing except watch movies, read books with my youngest. Enjoying it so much. My husband is not enjoying running around so much, but you know. ;) Now if I can only finish up my shopping online today I’ll be set.

    My house is the same every year, too, and I like it that way.

  10. Those pictures are absolutely stunning!

  11. I can embrace the nothingness like nobody’s business!

  12. Ahh, so THIS is what The Husband means when he says he wants “nothing” for Christmas, or my sister says “nothing” would make her happier.
    Now I get it.