Christmas-ing, Round One

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with D’s side of the family. We decided a couple of weeks ago that we’d get together at Scott and Rose’s house (D’s brother and sister-in-law), and can I just say? It was DELIGHTFUL. I was happy as soon as we walked in the door because I couldn’t wait to cook and visit with Rose, and then Scott came in from work and caught us up on all the latest (local) news and made us laugh and played ninja high-five with Alex. Martha was there, of course, as was Rose’s mama Julia Claire and my aunt C, so between all the grown-ups and a couple of very sweet young’uns, the mood got festive pretty fast.

Rose decided to make a dish called Seafood Spectacular, and I was completely supportive of that plan since my affections for turkey and dressing and the like are long gone by the time Christmas rolls around. I actually snapped a picture of Rose’s recipe so that I’d have a copy forever and for always.

It would be so nice if it weren’t, you know, blurry. But would you just look at the beauty of the sauteed vegetables? I thought they were so pretty.


And then we added cream cheese and butter and shrimp and crab meat and OH, YES MA’AM, HERE COMES TASTY.

Mix it with a couple of boxes of wild rice, bake until gold ‘n bubbly, and you’ve got a suppertime hit on your hands, my friends.

Before we ate supper we opened presents, and in a development that was shocking to absolutely no one, Martha LOVED her new jacket from Steinmarts. I took a picture with my real camera, but I can’t find the cord right this second, so for the time being you’ll just have to imagine her holding up the jacket and posing while she said, “It is PERFECTLY DARLIN’,” and then:

“Now when you blog about this, you tell the girls that I said it is DARRRRRRRRLIN’.”

All I could think was that Martha had just used the word “blog” as a verb. Next thing you’ll know she’ll be playing Farmville on Facebook and reserving the username “martiedarlinplus” on Gmail.

After presents we sat down for our delicious meal, and it was a good time all the way around. Alex bartered for the last roll, Martha told us about a family from a neighboring town who’d come by to sing Christmas carols for her, our niece Melissa very thoughtfully served coffee to the grown-ups, and I thought over and over again that it’s been thirteen years – THIRTEEN YEARS – since D and I spent our first married Christmas with his family. I’m a wee bit more comfortable now (even though I’ve known his family forever, it can still be tricky trying to find your way when you’re the newest family member), and tonight was just a fun, easy, laid-back time – a great way to kick off our Christmas festivities.

Tomorrow morning will be round two with our friends Todd and Marti and their little girl Gracie, and then tomorrow afternoon I’ll start the grocery shopping for round three. Fingers crossed that a certain seven year-old can reign in his enthusiasm over the next 48 hours – right now I’m a little afeared that he’s going to punch holes in the floors with All The Jumping. He just CANNOT WAIT for Christmas morning.

And neither can his mama and daddy.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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  1. I LOVE that darlin’ Martha…and can totally picture her holding up her Steinmarts jacket! =) My nine year old is right there with your seven year old! EXCITED!!

    Bring on the Christmas festivities…

  2. Merry Christmas! Ah, the anticipation of a child. Have fun!

  3. Merry Christmas BooMama!

    I am so glad Martha loved her jacket!

  4. That dish sounds divine, I can tell you. I also love any time someone enjoys a gift from Steinmarts…. that is one quality store.
    My little Ladybug is just twirling with happiness beside our tree. What a sight !
    Merry Christmas to you all !

  5. Another one of my FAVORITE.POSTS.EVER. I think I have noticed a trend. Where Martha is involved in a post, it automatically becomes a favorite. Oh, and food. Always the food. Where the food is involved, favoritism develops.

  6. God Bless you Sophie. Thanks for making me laugh, think, ponder and snort coffee through my nose on a regular basis.

  7. Merry Christmas, Sophie!

    Glad all is merry and bright, hope all the consecutive rounds of Christmas bring equal joy as this first!

    love to you and yours!

  8. Merry Christmas BooMama!

    That dish looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am so pleased that she thought it was DARRRRRRRRLIN. I always love Martha stories!

  10. Can I just say that I absolutely love that Martha calls us The Girls? And I love being one of The Girls? And I’d like to eat some cheesy buttery seafood?

  11. Sounds just wonderful! Merry Christmas!


  12. Merry Christmas, Boomama! Please tell Miss Martha Merry Christmas, too, and thank her for including us in her joy. BTW, did you get the hair dryer that just “gave up the ghost” for Christmas 13 years ago when you were with D’s family? I couldn’t help but notice the “obvious” connection. It was the same length of time for BOTH things…..I’m just sayin’……… ;) You seem to be on a “13 year roll”.

  13. Was the jacket green? Because one of my favorite posts ever was you talking about Martha’s 42 million jackets in varying shades of green.

    Could you, would you, PLEASE PLEASE, with sugar on top share that recipe for us after the holidays? :)

  15. That looks DELICIOUS. Thanks for posting the recipe! I’m always on the hunt for delicious new dinner items.

  16. “All I could think was that Martha had just used the word “blog” as a verb. Next thing you’ll know she’ll be playing Farmville on Facebook…” LOL!LOL!LOL!

  17. Round one for Christmas celebration. I’m not sure what full round of holiday celebration but I know there plenty rounds here.

    Coffee is on.

  18. I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh so many times, and to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!