I’m Fresh Out Of Titles

Considering that I woke up at the crack of 8:45 this morning, I’m thinking that all signs point to a restful, relaxing wrap-up to 2010. My husband has the week off, which means that for the first time in a sweet forever, our little family will have lots of uninterrupted time together. Right now I’m using that time to procrastinate in terms of taking down the Christmas decorations (just FYI: I need to CLEAN THIS HOUSE). Yesterday afternoon I chose to procrastinate by watching four episodes in a row of “Giuliana & Bill.” So I think it’s safe to say that I am committed to some serious holiday excellence.

Our Christmas was probably my favorite ever; Christmas Eve was super fun thanks to some friends who hosted open houses, and Christmas Day was laid-back, easy and good. My parents rolled into town around 5:30 Christmas afternoon, so we got to have Christmas dinner with them (I made Chicken Tuscany, and while D and I loved it just as much as we did the first time I made it, I’m not so sure my parents were fans – it may have been too many mushrooms and too big a deviation from sweet potato casserole). It poured snow Saturday and Sunday, and even though it didn’t stick, we had the best time looking out the windows and watching it fall.

(pretend there are gorgeous snow pictures here)

(the ones I took didn’t really do the snowfall justice)

(because you can’t really tell that it’s snowing)

(so all together now: “Ooooooooh!”)



My people surprised me with the gift of some really nice cookware, and I am still just TICKLED by it. I’ve always used whatever cookware was on special at Target or Walmart, and it typically works just fine until it peels and cracks and we have to throw it out. A few years ago I bought a Dutch oven at Macy’s that I have just LOVED, and I’m now the proud owner of new pots and pans from that same line. Oh, HAPPY DAY.

(My 21 year-old self would be all, “Um, it’s POTS. I don’t get it.”)

(Obviously my 21 year-old self had no firsthand experience with the bliss of cookware contentment.)

So that’s about all that’s going on around here. I think I’ll go jump in the shower and get dressed for the day because it’s important to pretend like you’re going to be productive even when your biggest plan for the day is to start playing catch-up with the DVR.

The pretense of productivity is precisely why I’ve been known to spend an entire day in my work-out clothes without ever doing anything that could be interpreted as “physical activity” or “exercise.”

Oh, it’s good to have the illusion of goals.

Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Pots! Pans! So excited! (That would be my 36-year-old self really happy for you and the joy of real cookware!) Enjoy it!

  2. I love the option of not having to do one thing for one entire week. The teaching profession is very good to me this time of year: what we don’t get in pay, is made up in spades with days off in December. (And PS: TLC marathons are not with us every day of the year. Kind of a late holiday present.) Merry Christmas to the Boo Family.

  3. Pots-n-pans = Jackpot, baby!

    Great gift!! I like to live in the state of illusion myself. I’m currently wearing my exercise pants. Who knows, maybe I’ll skip a step when coming up the staircase today. {That’s exercise, right?}

  4. Love G&B! Today we are trying to recover our house from the chaos that has consumed it ( and me I am afraid:))

  5. You got pots & a fayn-cee knife in the SAME YEAR? Slow down, old lady. Next thing you know, you’ll be wishing for a top of the line Maytag washing machine & a dutch oven big enough to make soup to eat & leftovers to freeze.

    I know. Me too. My 21 year old self is hanging her head in shame.

  6. I am jealous. New pots and pans would be awesome. When they are new nothing sticks to the bottom, and clean up is so much easier!

  7. Totally get where you’re coming from with the “21 year old self”. This year I got a handmade, quilted kitchen aide mixer cover that my mom made for me. You would have thought I hit the jackpot with my “OH MY WORD!!” excitement on Christmas morning! :)

    Enjoy the new cookware & the DVR catch up!

  8. My hubs got me orange Rachael Ray nonstick cookware three years ago, and I still cradle those pans like they’re infants. They have never seen the inside of the dishwasher or felt a scratch from a metal utensil. I’m still holding out hopes for a Wusthof knife.

  9. I got new cookware too and I’m thrilled! THRILLED!! It’s so heavy, I sometimes need to use both hands to lift it off the burner. It’s awesome. :)

  10. My 21 year old self would have been so excited for good quality pots and pans. (I was the one in college who was known to cook a good “home-cooked” meal for friends.)
    I’m 27 now. Good quality pots and pans still make me uber happy.

  11. I get dressed every single day and do my hair and put my makeup on, even when I also know that my day is going to consist of 95% TV watching.
    I have not yet watched Guiliana & Bill. I think I might start. :)

  12. I definitely got a lemon zester, a skimmer, some chipotle olive oil and another mixing bowl for Christmas. I recently got a bigger crock pot for my birthday. I’ve enjoyed these presents for years (including when I was 21)… I think it’s safe to say that I’m slightly obsessed with cooking. :-)

    Yeah for beautiful new pots!

  13. You are always good for a laugh! I need them lately. Good pots and pans sound like a fabulous present. Congratulations.
    I was so jealous about that stinkin snow! My mom live in North Jefferson County, actually a ton of my relatives live there and I grew up there. I have never once gotten a white Christmas and I was there what I think was most of my life! I keep forgetting that I am getting older and my first 20-22 years may not constitute “most” of my life anymore! Glad you had a white-ish Christmas. I am sure it added to the wonder!

  14. OK, you had mne at chicken tuscany. My daughter and family were visiting from Houston and we always have to go to Amerigo’s for a meal when they are in town. She said you had that recipe. Can you re-post it or send me the link? Enjoy the cookware. That’s what my younger son wanted, so Santa obliged.

  15. Oh, thank the Lord. I thought I was the only person on this green earth that watched that show. And would admit it. :)

    And I have an unhealthy relationship with my Calphalon cookware. It is my joy.

  16. There is one other good reason to get up, dressed and ready for the day (even if you have no plan to go anywhere or do anything terribly productive other than catching-up DVR treasures):

    The day that you decide to wait on your shower is THE DAY that someone from your church will decide to stop by for a visit.

    Don’t ask me how I know this to be true…

  17. I never wear anything on my “home” days except pajamas. Luckily, I live in the country, so people call first if they are going to visit. I do shower and put on clean pjs, that’s got to count for something, right?

  18. Wearing your exercise clothes all day is a sign of superior intelligence. At least, that’s what I tell myself, since people assume that I exercise and I really don’t.
    See? It’s all about appearances =)

  19. i totally get that. i got cookware last year, and i thought the same thing about my 21 year-old self.

    this year, i put cutting boards on my Christmas list and got them.

    never did get that broom & dustpan set i’d asked for, though…

    (what has happened to me?! ha!)

  20. Love that show! I think she’s so funny!

  21. Last year, I got a new washer/dryer, a KitchenAid stand mixer, AND a Dyson. I bragged that I’d hit the tri-fecta. I was thrilled beyond belief! This year, I got a set of All-Clad pots and pans! Awesome!! I guess I am officially old. haha

  22. Wasn’t that snow amazing? I was at my parents’ house in Tuscaloosa and I could not believe my eyes when the snowflakes started falling. What a special Christmas.