In Which I Am Intrigued

First of all, I’d forgotten how ornery antibiotics make me. But sure enough, I’m three doses into my prescription and ready to SHARE SOME OPINIONS ON SOME THINGS. This afternoon I went to the grocery store, saw the packed parking lot, circled a couple of times to look for a space, felt completely annoyed, turned out of the parking lot, drove home and ordered pizza for supper. I GUESS I TAUGHT PUBLIX A LESSON, NOW DIDN’T I?

See? I’m practically overflowing with grace and charm. What a delight and a joy I will no doubt be to my friends and family for the next nine days.

However, I’m going to try to push my ish-ahs aside for a few minutes because I’m dying to tell y’all about something I saw for the very first time yesterday. I can’t quit thinking about it, so I’m curious to know if any of you have any personal experience with it.

Perhaps I should explain.

When I went to the drugstore yesterday to get my (bad mood-inducing) prescription filled, I decided to just hang out in the store while I waited on my medicine. I do adore a drugstore, and we frequent the one closest to our house two or three times a week, probably. It’s where I go when I run out of stuff like my beloved Icebreakers or make-up or hair products or cleaning supplies. Sometimes I just like to look at the office supplies or see if there’s anything good on the seasonal aisle. Because I think it’s pretty clear that I like to LIVE ON THE EDGE.

While I was waiting on my prescription I made a quick stop at the grocery aisle to grab a 12-pack of Diet Coke, and then I strolled over to the make-up aisle so I could check out the latest Sally Hansen nail polish offerings. I haven’t had a pedicure since October, so my toes are in dire need of some TLC. Hopefully my new “Commander in Chic” polish will be the cure for their wintertime blues.

I continued with my wild and crazy afternoon by checking out the hair care aisle. I know I’ve mentioned a time or twelve that I enjoy a good drugstore hair care product (and I’m a devoted user of L’Oreal EverPure shampoo and conditioner, John Frieda Luxurious Volume Root Booster and John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier hair spray). But even though I have my go-to favorites, I’m always on the look-out for something new and interesting. I’d hate to be stiff-necked and prideful about my hair care products, you understand. I might miss a blessing.

Anyway, I was looking at the John Frieda Luxurious Volume stuff when a skinny little bottle that I’d never seen before caught my eye. And when I picked it up and saw what it was, I was curious and delighted and puzzled and intrigued all at the same time.

It’s called Volume Refresher. And apparently it’s a dry shampoo that will give your hair a little extra lift and “instantly revitalize flat, limp hair.”

Oh, I could totally get on board with that. I could get on board and blow the whistle and drive that train all the way to Happytown.

But more than anything, I want to carry that little can in my purse and strike up a conversation with somebody and then, after we’ve been talking for a few minutes, ask them if I may please be excused for just a second because I need to refresh my volume.


I ultimately didn’t buy any Volume Refresher because I was a little afeared that it could become a stronghold with me. The pursuit of optimal volume (particularly in the crown area) has been a lifelong pursuit for me, and just knowing that there’s a product that will help me “instantly revitalize” my volume is almost too much for my heart to take. I really think this stuff could become my hair Mentholatum. And I know those are strong words, my friends, but I feel them way down deep in my soul.

So have y’all seen this stuff? Have you tried it? Would you recommend it? Or are you, like me, simply trying to take in and process all the Volume Refresher possibilites? Imagining what it would be like to volumize your hair at a red light? Or right before you walk into to church? Or in the middle of dinner at your favorite restaurant?

It’s just too much, isn’t it? IT’S TOO MUCH.

All righty. Now that I’ve shared this REVOLUTIONARY NEW FIND I’m going to take my pesky mood and turn on the TV and watch some “American Idol.” I may even talk back a little bit. Because I’m feeling pretty sassy.

And if I had a bottle of that Volume Refresher and could volumize as I watched, I’d just be beside myself.

Maybe next week. It never hurts to pace oneself when there are new volumizing options, after all.

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  1. Oh BooMama do be careful! There was some such stuff back in the 70’s and I do believe I may have had an acquaintance or two that became, let’s just say, DEPENDENT on it.

  2. My hair has zero volume. I sure could use the help of this could-be-miracle product!

  3. Boo Mama you always make me giggle!!! always!! I love the Stein Mart trips with your MIL having spent many hrs doing the same.. Just wanted to tell you that some of those antibiotics do affect your mind.. Levaquin is one… I cannot take it.. several of my friends and family have same problem…Hope you are soon all better…

  4. Have you seen the infomercial of the WEN hair stuff by Chaz?
    I haven’t bought any but have mercy, it does call to me. The Models in their beautiful hair that I to could have if only I bought the $90 dry shampoo.
    *sigh* Men have no idea how hard it is to be a girl.

  5. I read your blog but don’t usually comment. Yeah I know I should be ashamed. I do however comment on Melanie’s blog all the time and my grandfather played football at Mississippi State(my dad also went there) so you can’t hate on me too bad. now that we have gotten that out of the way….I use to use this ALL THE TIME!!!! I am assuming that the stuff you saw is similar except it doesn’t require you to sell plasma to pay for it. If it is similar than yes it will give you TONS of lift. It will make your hair very stiff though. I used it mainly when I was trying to get that super high almost “snooki” like pony tail or poof. Now I’m going to tell you I am a die hard Ole Miss fan so everything I typed isn’t going to mean a hill of beans to ya ;)

  6. I’m joining in the ranks of the fine, soft hair with no volume. (Side note – I’ve always intensely disliked my hair until I went to Haiti. The little kids LOVED my hair because the texture was so different from theirs. They could not keep their hands off it and when I would sit they would pull a strand out from my ponytail and run their fingers through it. Now when I start to hatin’ on my hair I think of them.)

    ANYWAY – bigsexyhair makes a product called Powder Play that adds great texture and volume to my roots. It’s about $9 for a tiny bottle but you only use a TINY, TINY bit so it lasts!

  7. Oh, Boo Mama, you crack me right up. Seriously, I wish I still lived in Alabama so I could come visit you (though I might wait until the antibiotic-fueled rage has dissipated). But thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I can enjoy your southern wit from the miserable (10 degrees F) great white north.

    And I fully intend to find some of that volumizer. The stuff in the ’70s was called PSSSSST, if I’m not mistaken. And it was great.

  8. Sophie, Sophie, Sophie, I totally waited on the edge of my seat for your findings!! You MUST go back and get that stuff! My fine hair depends on it! Because clearly I can’t just, oh, get my own. ;) I’m truly intrigued. If you don’t get it soon, I’ll be forced to try it on my own with no opinion of the stuff. Let me know if you get any feedback. I’m going out of town this weekend and am I the only one with fine hair who suffers from the out-of-town-hair-blues? I don’t know if it’s hard water versus soft water or what but my hair rebels. I might as well don a hat. ;)
    Needing to Pump up the Volume

  9. I certainly wouldn’t want you to overdose on antibiotics, but oh sweet nellie, you are funny when you are medicated. I’d like to read a post from you after you’ve had steriods like Melanie’s Caroline.

  10. Antibiotics may make you ornery, but they also make you even more hilarious than usual! Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning.

  11. I don’t know if it’s because I am from Alabama or what but every morning when I read your post it’s like I get a dose of my Aunt Marie and EVERYONE needs a shot of Aunt Marie in the morning. Boy hydee do we……

  12. I have the opposite problem – too much volume. I have to work a bit to calm my hair down. The less I do to it, the more “fixed” it looks – and not in a good way. In a “just went down to the parlour and got my hair ‘set'” way. Eeek! I’m always on a quest for something that will calm, de-frizz while defining curl all without leaving my hair crunchy (can’t stand that!), greasy or stiff. I’ve been using the Loreal EverPure products since you recommended them and I love them (although my husband is iffy on the scent). I’m currently using Living Proof hair taming products (couldn’t resist – it seemed like something my BFF Beth Moore would approve of!) but they are pricey. Any other big ol’ curly-haired girls out there?

  13. I don’t try to get volume, but I do love this stuff called “Sunslik Hydra TLC”. It’s a creamy sort of hair lotion stuff which makes my hair behave. Sadly, I’ll never find it again. I bought it (new) at a garage sale and it has a Big Lots sticker on it. Around here, Big Lots is where products which are near the end of their life go to die. :(

  14. Daily reader, rare commenter here….as someone who hasn’t had her hair out of a ponytail in say…three years…I’d have to warn you that I’m not much of an expert on hair products or hair volume. (Why do they call it volume anyway? Why not “width” or “mass” or maybe “plumpness?”)

    I’m merely here to encourage and say be ye not afraid. For yea though we walk through the valley of flat hair and lifeless bangs, we shall fear no evil. The Lord built His church and all the demons of hair shall not prevail against it. For I am certain that neither height, nor depth, nor the lack of good product shall separate us from His love. Amen.

  15. It’s funny as I was reading this I was saying to myself, “Oh I hope she was at a Walgreens and stumbled upon the dry shampoo.” Seriously. I tell people about my find ALL THE TIME. Originally I tried the fancy expensive dry shampoo because I have really fine hair, but LOTS of it and I need help in the volume department because it is always falling flat. I ordered the Rene Furterer blahblah something dry shampoo and LOVED it, but holy cow it was expensive. Enter: Walgreens. They have some stuff that does the same thing as that and the “Volume Refresher” for way less. I want to say it is like Shape FX or something, a white can with a hot pink label. It’s the best stuff ever for some volume. Also? Suave (WHOM I DO LOVE SO VERY MUCH) is now making a dry shampoo that “compares to Rene Furterer” YOU HAVE TO TRY IT. It is heaven.

  16. I definitely think you would be doing a service to all your fine-haired blog readers if you would purchase this product and give it a try. Some before and after pictures would be helpful, too :)
    I started using the root booster upon your recommendation – so I’ll be anxious for the new review.

  17. Now I will tell you, if it works anything like bigsexyhair’s volumizing dry shampoo, you will LOVE it. You should run, not walk, back down to that store and get it. I first got the bigsexy version as a trial bottle…and now lets just say that a bottle remains in my closet for those mornings I wake up a little late and need to get out of the house quickly. I will even admit to you that I carried it around in my purse the first couple of times I used it because, let’s face it, who wants to leave the house looking good only to find their dry shampoo left them greasy hours later? That NEVER happened, but you can believe I was prepared. And you can also believe that when someone asked why I was carrying hair product in my purse that I shared with them the new love affair of my life.
    It’s a beautiful thing. And the lovely John Frieda is even offering $1 off? Why oh why are you still reading this? Go get it!

  18. “I could get on board and blow the whistle and drive that train all the way to Happytown.” <– that is freakin' hilarious!
    I have you listed on my blog as a friend I wish I knew… I haven't commented before but am going to be better about that because its comments that help the blogging world go round'.
    I know there's this volume foam that my stylist had me sold on, I tried to find the name but no luck… every time I leave from getting my hair done, I have amazing volume, and I always think, "wow!! The products she uses must be made with magic!"…. and I realized its all in how you dry your hair… but I have fine, thin hair so the moment only lasts for a few hours… but I enjoy them while I can..
    I do appreciate your love for the drug store and all of the aisles and its good to know I'm not the only one who loves their products vs. the overpriced stuff at department stores. Doesn't take much to make me happy!
    Have a good day!

  19. Another dry shampoo fan here. In fact, just this morning I was too lazy to get out of bed at a decent hour and used the aforementioned 70’s product, PSSSSST!, instead of a good hair washing. Several years ago, my former roommate was in town babysitting her niece and nephew for a week. She said something about not having had time to shower and I totally called her out because her hair looked great. This is a woman who can’t go 12 hours without a major case of the greasy hair. She alerted me to the wonders of PSSSST! that day and I have never looked back.

  20. You will love your new nail polish! “Commander in Chic” has been my go to color all season! I LOVE IT! AND, it does dry super fast. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 month old. I have no time to wait for my nails to dry. I can honestly paint them and get right back to being a mommy!

  21. I love that you taught Publix a lesson. You make me smile even when I don’t think there’s a single reason left in the world to smile. I like the idea of a dry shampoo, and hey, more volume? Can’t go wrong with that. You need to go buy some and then document in words and pictures your downfall into the stronghold of instant volume. xo

  22. I’ve not seen that kind, but I have bought the Tresemme version of the dry shampoo. It says it gives volume (there are different kinds for different hair types) and I like it pretty well. And it’s CHEAP! Like $4 a bottle cheap. If I had one hair-related wish, it would be never to have to wash it again. Imagine the time I would save! Granted, the dry shampoo isn’t a replacement for a good wash, but it gets you through another day when you’re desperate. And that makes it worth it.

  23. I’m a regular reader but don’t comment often… HOWEVER, when you asked for opinions on dry shampoo, I thought I’d share my two-cents worth since I’m snowed in today. My hair is dark. Very, very dark, which is a bummer since I have kinda fair skin. ANYWHOO… my friends and I have come to the conclusion that only blond-headed people can use dry shampoo due to the visible residue. And only blond-headed people that don’t mind the nasty texture of the stuff will use is regularly. I think it depends on your hair texture whether or not the texture of the dry shampoo will bother you. It feels funny.

    I don’t know what styling tools you use to attain your volume-at-the-crown, but I have to recommend my current favorite. It is a potato-starch spray made by Redken. I was reluctant until I read a review online about the advanced technology of using starch so I gave it a go. IT WORKS! After you dry your hair normally, using the normal products you usually would, then you can spritz this stuff on the area you are going to use a heat tool on (like a curling iron at the crown for oomph). It dries very fast, you use your curling iron, and the style STAYS. Your hair is not crunchy, your curling iron is not caked with styling product junk, and since the style is locked into the starch as well as your hair shaft, it has real staying power.

  24. “…hair mentholatum”. Exquisite word choice, BooMama. I am sold.

  25. I have not seen this, though I share your hair challenges… Baby fine hair + Southern humidity = Flat, flat, flat! I also have a new baby along with a toddler and a preschooler so my haircare routine has become much more abbreviated lately. I think I just might have to try it:)

  26. Girl — you know that I’m a fan of all manner of hair products and my hair stylist daughter is so good to bestow them on me.
    Volumizer / dry shampoo is my MUST have travel item. I use SUDZ and Big n Sexy Volumizer…. but let me caution you, over use will result in hair that has much volume but the appearance of a badly constructed bird’s nest.
    So use it wisely.

  27. You are the funniest person in the world.

  28. Baby Powder. Does the same thing as dry shampoo, and gets me through the every other day I DON’T shampoo.

  29. I didn’t know anitbiotics could make a person, ahem, a tad on the opinionated side. Maybe that’s what I’ve been on all these years. Hm..

    On another note, I’m much like Leslie up above. Big, curly (actually, more like painfully wavy) hair. Oh and thick. Oh and coarse. Nope, no limp, fine hair here. I have lived in WA for 14 years with the rain, so it’s not been under control here as much as it’s been, well, wet. Now we’re moving to San Antonio for a bit, and being from OK, I know that it’s about to be UGLY. As in, humid-big-hair UGLY. We might need to rethink this move. I love Paul Mitchell’s Skinny Serum (which actually I buy the no name brand at Sally’s) and it gives me a smidgen of control. The only control I have in my life at this point, so I LOVE it!

  30. I use BedHead’s Rockaholic dry shampoo. It’s allows me to get a second day out of my ‘do’. It doesn’t really volumize like I’d like it to, but I use it mostly so I don’t look like some greasy, stringy-haired scary person. It’s great for camping when showers are not available. Although, I’ve not been around here long, but I’m guessing you’re not the camping type.

  31. I am a recent convert to the dry shampoo wagon. I have a tiny bottle of Oscar Blandi that I like but would rather have a spray. So glad you saw this. I can’t afford the huge salon brand price tags. I’m eager to try this one.

  32. Dry shampoo doesn’t do much for my baby-thin, flat hair. It mostly ends up looking like I sprayed on baby powder, which usually leads to a few panicky moments of thinking I’ve gone gray overnight in the bathroom the next morning before I get some caffeine. Call me a skeptic.

  33. To second Rachel, you will LOVE Commander in Chic. Delightful name, fabulous color. It is indeed what you need to clear the winter blues (I’m a Texas girl living in DC…I know of what I speak)!

  34. Try the dry shampoo. It works. Use just a little bit at a time until you figure out how much you need. Your hair will feel kind of dirty where you put it in at, but who is feeling the crown of your hair anyway? Plus, you want volume don’t you? It works.

  35. Dear Lawd, don’t let my 14 year old see that…he would never wash his hair again.

  36. Hi BooMama!
    To add my two cents, about dry shampoo, here are a few things:
    – to the person who said it’s only for blondes, think again. There are other versions for brunettes… go to a large enough beauty supply store and you’re sure to find one.
    – PSSST is still on the market, as are many other more wonderful versions.
    – to the girlies with large curly hair: dry shampoo great for post-shampoo day 3, especially if you flatiron your hair from time to time. I do this in the winter, and by day 3, my roots look a little less than fresh, but the rest of my hair still has another day left in it. Dry shampoo takes care of the roots problem and keeps your hair from getting dried out from too many washes.
    -Good luck, beauties!

  37. I have never heard of this product….but am currently trying to weigh the pain of loading my three kids into my minivan and high tailing it to Target, where all good things are sold, and give it a go versus putting on my list for a future, more appropriately timed trip to any hair product vendor. Sounds delightful, no doubt. Can’t believe you resisted!

  38. That product has me intrigued. It sounds like something that would get along with my hair just fine. However, I do have a product that is not a dry shampoo, but does the same, most amazing thing! It’s Osis Dust It. It will take a flat, 2nd day hair do and turn into the most light, volumized do in town! I LOVE this stuff. It’s not cheap, but you only use a little. It’s a white powder (I know that sounds scary), but you put it in your hand and then rub your hands through the roots of your hair and you’ve got volume for days. So, I say go for the dry shampoo, there was a coupon attached, so it may be worth the risk. And I adore your love of the local drug store. I find any reason I can to stop in my local CVS. The lady behind the counter and I are on the first name basis.

  39. Can you post a pic of your nails with the Commander in Chic on? I have been debating buying it and I just cannot decide whether I the color is beige or taupe or gray or what? And I know the proper terminology for said color is “greige” but I just need to see it on an actual nail. As you can see, this is consuming me.

    I have purchased the Tresemme version of the dry shampoo. Said product is not a volume enhancer – or at least does not claim to be – but I will say it does work pretty well. I am pretty much a daily washer of the hair, but in a pinch, this will do to keep hair fresh and ready.

  40. Oh how you make me smile BooMama! I was reading this last night next to my sleeping husband and having one of those hysterical laughs which could just as easy translate into some kind of psychosis. Just the very thought of excusing myself and returning with what I can only imagine would be fabulous hair ….well, what a dream. Let’s just chalk it up to one more thing I love about the South ….along with your mild weather, beautiful accents and the fact that you can say y’all without someone looking at you sideways. I was thinking about your post when I made the rounds at my local drugstore … I like to stay on top of the seasonal merchandise too …sadly no spray-on fabulous to be found. I can only imagine Mr. John Frieda figures we’re all in woolen touques up here in Northern Alberta anyway – maybe it’s just beyond what that volumizer is capable of. I will assure you though, I do love me some volume and I know I am not alone. No ma’am.

  41. I agree this must be a strictly southern product. Maybe it’s just too arctic dry for us to need such things. I know no one who uses this. had no idea dry shampoo was still around. But, I fly off to Hawaii in just over a week and could possibly make use of it there.

  42. Please try it! It could be said that I depend on you for all my hair and beauty care product referrals. I’d thought about trying the L’OReal Ever Pure, and once you did, I ran out and bought it. Is that weird? The tens of us need your opinion! :)

  43. Boo Mama, I am now watching American Idol and haven’t been a fan since, well ever! Your description of J-Lo’s hair intrigued me. I think I am hooked now! I may have to seek out this product of which you speak. I do love some volume too!

  44. you and i engage in the same type of entertainment.
    don’t go over board!

    i have purchased some dry shampoo in an attempt to avoid daily washing and styling.
    it’s basically baby powder scented with febreeze that you spray on your scalp. it doesn’t work.

    you need a teaser (type of comb), and 5 minuets with me. i can teach you how to get lasting volume! i am qualified as i was raised in “the cowboy capitol of the world” oakdale, ca. (seriously). you know how those cowgirls like big hair.

  45. And here I am, trying to get less volume. Guess we’re never happy, are we? I am very impressed that you passed up the new product when it was on sale!

  46. I’ve not had luck with the dry shampoo – didn’t really KEEP the volume more than a few seconds, and eeewwwww! the smell. I found it at Sally’s, though, and I just view as an experiment that wasn’t too costly and disproved my hypothesis that it might lead to higher hair. I am undeterred, though, and I would try another product. Especially if it had a certain someone’s endorsement. & in the AI department, I have to say that I LOVED that little Georgia peach, Lauren. LOVED her, I tell you!

  47. My envy exists on several levels:
    No Publix in Germany.
    No decent pizza delivery in Germany.
    No friendly neighborhood Walgreens/CVS/RiteAid in Germany.
    No hair product bottles that I can actually read in Germany
    and most sad to me, my hair is falling out by the handfuls, probably due to the stress of the ABOVE, and volumizing products make it stiff and highlight the thinnnnn areas; styling products make it tangly (oh, how I love Mary’s bird’s nest reference – poorly constructed inDEED) and then it breaks and comes out by the roots, and smoothing products make it flat.
    Wow, I’m grouchy and not an antibiotic in sight.
    Thin- yet-coarse, Hungry, and Missing Shopping Opps.

  48. i have some dry shampoo. in fact, a friend gave me a second bottle, which i should have taken to be a sign.

    so now i have a dry shampoo that comes in a spray and a dry shampoo that’s a powder.

    the spray kind requires heat activation in order for it to work. and, really? if i wanted to dry my hair then i would JUST WASH IT. the point is I DON’T HAVE THE TIME.

    the powder kinda makes it look like i have dandruff. but perhaps i’m not rubbing it in? brushing it through?

    i just can’t get on board with it, though i have tried.

    so, on days when i don’t have time to wash my hair at all? i simply use a circulation rotation device to massage the follicles.

    it’s called a ponytail holder.


  49. I wonder if it’s anything like this:
    I bought it, and I really do like it although the effect is not quite as dramatic as I had hoped.\
    P.S. LOVE your blog. I read it every day even though I hardly ever comment!

  50. I don’t know nothin’ about no dry shampoo, but suffice it to say I am getting all choked up with laughter over this post.

    (Yes, a double negative AND “suffice” in one sentence. You’re welcome.)

    It is a little dream of mine to be someone who names nail polish colors. Also, colors of sweaters in a J.Crew catalog. “Commander in Chic” is delightful.

  51. I’m new here and I will definitely be back. Any woman who can spend some decent time wandering around a drugstore needs to be my new BFF. The best is when my husband is in the parking lot with the kids in the car and I’m “just going to run in to pick up shampoo”. $40.00 later and several products we don’t need I go back outside and have forgotten the shampoo.

    Love your kind of sassy!

  52. I so like your volume, Boo Mama…

    Hollernet sounds just about right :)

    Thank you for making me laugh out loud … again :)

    You are a gift :)

    All’s grace,

  53. Pump up the volume, pump up the pace, them big bad Rams are gonna rock this place, pump up, pump up. Now that cheer will be stuck in my head for days. I will be walking into church muttering “Pump Up”. Going down the hallway at the Nursing Home saying, “Pump Up”. And then I will finally get to Walgreens to buy it and forget completely what I went after. Oh. My. Goodness.

  54. I hate to mention this, but…..I’ve heard it’s a miracle in a bottle. I, myself, must have this.

  55. Leslie,
    Try Dove Anti-Frizz.. works GREAT for big , frizzy hair. It’s not greasy and it pretty cheap. You can get it a CVS or any drug store. Enjoy!
    Thanks for the laughs! You’re great!

  56. Nothing to contribute to the discussion about Volume Refresher, but your nail polish link was a joy. Oh, the terrible puns Sally Hansen inflicts on the unsuspecting public! I thought “Raisin the Bar” was funny… but “Back to the Fuchsia” made me laugh out loud!

  57. I use the Aveda Confixor gel for volume. I adore the Commander in Chic polish- it reminds me of a cup of hot chocolate.