All The Uneventful Events

Thursday afternoon the little man and I went to the Walmarts to pick up a few things, and while we were there I decided that I’d take a leap of hair care faith and buy a bottle of the Volume Enhancer. Granted, there was a chance that the Volume Enhancer would be a dud, but I was prepared to risk my six or maybe even six and a half dollars for the sake of some exciting height-at-the-crown possibilities. I figured the worst thing that could happen was that the Volume Enhancer wouldn’t work and I’d chronicle all my hair-related disappointment and heartache in a blog post. Which is really no different than the eighty-four other times that I’ve bored you to tears with my hair woes.

So I rounded up all the groceries that we needed, and on the way to the check-out I stopped in the hair care section. I looked up and down and around – I walked from one aisle to the next to the next and turned around and retraced my steps – and I finally came to the SHOCKING conclusion that my Walmart no longer carries certain John Frieda products. Seriously. There was no Frizz Ease, no Luxurious Volume, no Root Awakening. And if you combine the absence of those John Frieda products with the fact that my Walmart has also stopped carrying Mentholatum, you can understand why MY WORLD NO LONGER MAKES ANY SENSE AT ALL.

I had every intention of going to Walgreens Friday – for I knew that they were more than capable of taking care of my hair volume needs – but unfortunately the trip to Walgreens was postponed due to my overwhelming desire to take a very long nap. The antibiotics I’ve been taking have thrown me for a bit of a loop (keep in mind that I am a person whose yearly pharmaceutical intake consists of approximately four to six Advil and the occasional Tylenol PM), and I’ve spent a significant portion of the weekend sleeping or thinking about sleeping or wondering if my brain will feel less fuzzy and foggy if I just get a little bit more sleep.

I’ve also watched a significant amount of programming on The Cooking Channel. Have y’all watched? Because IT IS DELIGHTFUL. Rachael Ray has a new show that takes you through the process of making a week’s worth of meals in one day, and the dishes look so hearty and tasty that they make me want to get in my kitchen and chop things. Not that I have any recipes in mind, of course. I just want to chop things to my heart’s content and then place them in colorful bowls. WHICH IS TOTALLY NORMAL.

Today I think I finally hit on the magic formula in terms of when to take my medicine with minimal foggy drowsy fuzziness, so it’s been a much more productive, active day. After church we went to Chuy’s, and then we went to Costco because apparently we enjoy receiving instruction from the Word, putting the hurt on some tortilla chips and then wheeling a shopping cart through a crowded warehouse so that we can sufficiently stock up on Goldfish and toilet paper and dishwasher detergent.

Oh, America. You are so kicky and quirky and fun.

Late this afternoon I met a friend for coffee, and I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this sign taped to the counter next to the cash register.

In other words:

Welcome to Starbucks Coffee. Unfortunately we cannot serve you any coffee at this time. Thank you for your patience.

All in all it was a mighty restful weekend. Except for the part that involved Costco. But at least the Costco trip resulted in the purchase of a sah-weet new bag of Veggie Straws, so, you know, SCORE.

What’s going on with y’all?

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  1. That was delightful, as I was reading I was wondering if you were going to share the results of volume boosting product, too bad Walmart was out. I would love to know how it works out for you. And secondly, how sad is that starbucks sign? The “enoucourage” part added extra hilarity!

  2. I was at Kentucky Fried Chicken one time and they were out of, you know: CHICKEN. Turn out the lights, the party’s over….

  3. I hope you are able to find your hair-blasting product soon. I’m assuming that it will give you a bump-less bump-it look, no? I have always enjoyed a little added height in the crown area, albeit I’m rarely able to achieve the look here in the humid part of the world we call Slightly North of Houston.
    On a personal note, I’ve been reading Candace Cameron Bure’s book Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness, and do highly recommend it as an enjoyable, practical read!

  4. well what a hair let down. i was totally hoping for some information on how that worked. you’ve got to get yourself to walgreens asap. for the good of the blog.

  5. That reminds me of the time we went to Burger King and they were out of hamburgers. A grown man cried. Ha:)

  6. I’m coming out of the shadows of lurkdom because I just have to say it because it has to be said. You make me so happy :) You perfectly summed up the whole bein’-a-Christian-on-a-Sunday-in-the-south thing. And thank you for making me laugh at least three times. Have a great week!

  7. May I just say there is something worse than no coffee at Starbucks? WE HAVE NO COSTCO! I moved here from a city where Costco does exist and when I found out there was no Costco here, I considered suggesting that the Hubster commute 200 miles or so each way so we could stay in the city with Costco.

    Sigh… It didn’t happen. Seven years later, I still miss my Costco. Perhaps I need to roadtrip to BHam just to experience it again.

  8. We stopped in the drive-thru at Burger King once and they had NO HAMBURGERS, so clearly, they were not the Burger KING that day!

  9. I have to force myself not to purchase Veggie Straws ever again. That is just one of the foods that I can’t stop eating once I start. Yikes!

  10. You brighten my day, BooMama, even though you are feeling a little dazed what with your antibiotic consumption. Look how fun you are in spite of it!

  11. As our family is fully in the midsts of two weeks of baby and toddler illness, all I could focus on in this post was that you napped, made it to church, a fun restaurant and a large warehouse store and you met a friend of “coffee.” This is now my new daydream for rest of today.

    I do want to know about that volumizer though. I think that might change my life.

  12. Now you know why I broke up with Walmart. So disappointing to go for ONE ITEM and they’re out of it!

  13. Stephanie says:

    I have never posted here before. Ran across your blog from Living Proof… or somewhere related probably. My husband and I have been visiting Brook Hills on and off since Oct 2006. We are from Tupelo MS and come whenever we can. Just thought it was interesting that we went to Brook Hills yesterday and then to Chuy’s afterward. I am also a Compassion Advocate and I know your friend from Tupelo, EK. I keep hoping to run into to her to tell her I saw her pic on your blog. :) She was friends with my mom (and EK knew my mom better than I have gotten to know EK), who passed away from breast cancer 9 years ago. Small, small world. Love reading your blog!!! If I had recognized you at Chuy’s… I would have said hi… cause I’m a stalker like that. :) We went to the 9 am service, so we might not have been there at the same time though.

  14. anotherlisa says:

    well, you asked… we went to melanie’s alma mater for a high school girls lacrosse tournament. and oh did i think of you, when the big ole miss state bus pills into the parking lot we shared, between the girls’ fields and the tennis arena. but i think state was there to play basketball? that’s where all the A&M students were all weekend. we had a great time, our girls made it to the semi-finals, and i thought of you both!

  15. anotherlisa says:

    do you follow girls basketball?
    my mom is rabid about tennessee (where i grew up).

  16. To be honest, yesterday we did not even got out of our jammies for the first time in maybe ever! My husband is out of town on business, and the kids have been sick. It was all just too much! So we all laid on my bed and watched movies all day!

    And you know what… I don’t feel one bit guilty about it! It was some of the best time I’ve had with the kids in a long time!

    Until the wrestling began…

  17. Okay, I wrote you the other day about this stuff I found that seems to work miracles for me…. I have no idea how much I paid for it at my hair stylist’s shop but was walking in ALBERTSON’S (Texas grocery store) and they had it there! Not as fancy as I thought, but I love this stuff… I am sure one of your local places carries it…. check it out.

    This was the best site I could find to give you quick info or at least a picture of the stuff… the main website for the product was so stinkin’ slow…. good luck!

  18. Let me get this straight. You went to Wal-Mart in a southern state and they did not carry your volumnizing hair product?? That is all kind of wrong. You might accept that from another chain that is from a northern state, but Wal-Mart is based in Arkansas for pete’s sake! A southern store should support our need to volumnize our hair!

  19. I found out last week that my Wal-Mart no longer carries Rolaids, which made my stomach hurt! That’s what I hate about that store. You are happy to find things there at such bargain prices, then they never carry them again. That and the constantly changing prices. Hope you find a suitable hair product.

  20. I REALLY want to know about the volumizing dry shampoo so you really need to squeeze in that trip to Walgreens ASAP. Since, you know, I can’t go get it myself or anything. ;-)

  21. Have you had the sweet potato chips or the Tostitoes Artisian black bean and garlic chips at Costco? Awesomeness! As mt daughter would say.
    It seems that you eat at Chuy’s frequently (I don’t judge) and it seems like we should have one here in Huntsville too. Have you been to a Chipotle? I love it but so far none here in Huntsville. Also wish we had Dunkin Donuts – LOVE THEIR COFFEE! And it is not the same brewed at home.
    We do have lots of BBQ places that we love and several mexican places and Five Guys! We lots ot be thankful for! :)

  22. One time we went to Kenny Rogers Rosters (I think that’s what it’s called, but it’s definitely the place Kenny Rogers sends his chickens). And we got up there to order and they were out of chicken. I said, “Then I am not sure I understand the point of this establishment.”

  23. I especially liked how Starbucks spelled “encourage” wrong on their sign. ha ha

  24. The no coffee at Starbucks is too funny! But it might have pushed me over the edge….although I hate Starbucks. You know we are all about Community Coffee here in LA, and we have CC’s coffee houses in addition to Starbucks. So, I am all about the CC’s. I saw your volumizer at Walgreen’s yesterday. But it didn’t have the $1 off coupon attached! How wrong is that? And there was only one bottle left. I should have bought it and mailed it to you!

  25. For those who enjoy 38 Veggie Straws per serving, but don’t have a Costco nearby, try Sam’s Club. Our local store just started carrying them!

    From what I hear, there are families who skip the restaurant, go directly to Costco or Sam’s after church and make lunch out of their “sample” stations. Lord help…

    LOVE that Abby made note of the typo on the Starbuck’s sign (kindred proofreading spirit).

  26. I have been on the outs with THE EVIL EMPIRE since they did away with Lay A Way and quit wearing the Blue Smocks. Now, I spend my time running down every one I see that has a badge hanging around their neck. Which usually means they work at a school or hospital. But when you do try out that volume enhancer give us the verdict. I have non-volume issues of my own.

  27. Oh my word, the veggie straws. I’m thankful they put the perfect portion on the front, because in my mind, the perfect portion for a veggie straw is approximately one whole costco size bag.

  28. How much self-restraint did it take to *not* make mention of the glaring spelling and/or typographical errors?
    I’m SO proud of you!! ;D
    BTW, I’m loving your “chair raft” in the latest post. SO funny, girl! <3