So The Week, It’s Been Busy

Right now I’m watching the first round of American Idol Hollywood Week (LOVE Casey Abrams), and I’m just going to jump in and start a post because I’ve been a little slack in the blogging department this week. Life and work have been pretty jam-packed the last few days, but they’ve also been really fun in the most unexpected ways. The little man has been fighting off a chest cold, so we’ve spent big chunks of our afternoons nestled up next to the balmy tropical mist of the vaporizer. We’ve read and read and read some more, and it has been DELIGHTFUL.

The reading, not the chest cold.

(By the way, I can’t really tell, but is Ford Focus an American Idol sponsor?)


(They’ve sort of taken product placement up to a whole new level, haven’t they?)

Anyway, since I’ve been a little out-o-pocket, I have some items that I’d like to share, oh thank you.

Please forgive the absence of narrative structure. Unless you’re willing to count, you know, numbering.

1. Ann Voskamp’s most recent post about marriage? Oh. My. Goodness.

2. Yesterday I read an article about Broadcast News, which just so happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies. And the article reminded me how much I love this scene.

link via Throwing Things

3. Sweet Kelli at Living in Grace finally – FINALLY – has a living donor for her kidney transplant. This is a HUGE answer to prayer for her and her family – something they’ve been waiting on for years. If you’ve followed Kelli’s story, you know what kind of a rollercoaster they’ve been riding in terms of her health, so the prospect of a transplant and a healthy life and growing old with her sweet hubby and seeing her kids get married – well, it’s just incredible. Such a blessing.

Because Kelli and her family have moved a lot over the last few years, each time going to the place where they felt that she could get the best treatment, the blogging world has been Kelli’s most constant source of community. About four years ago the bloggy people rallied and raised money to pay for Kelli’s COBRA expenses (if she’d lost her insurance, her treatment and transplant options would have diminished significantly). Several of us told Kelli that if she ever, Lord willing, found a living donor, we’d try our best to help her offset some of the transplant costs that won’t be covered by her insurance.

Next week we’re hoping to do just that. It’s an incredible privilege, especially considering that this time last year I really wondered if Kelli, who has spent the better part of the last 18 months in a wheelchair, would live long enough to find a donor and go through a transplant. But she did. And she will.

So all that to say: stay tuned.

4. I don’t really have a four. Which is sort of pitiful, isn’t it? I barely blogged all week, and I can’t even make it to four.

I have no choice but to hang my head in shame and then console myself with back-to-back episodes of “House Hunters International.”

Now do have a lovely weekend.


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  1. That’s exciting news about Kelli!
    Ann Voskamp is amazing.
    Hope your little man feels better soon.
    Have a nice weekend : )

  2. No shame! We are simply delighted to hear from you at whatever time your real-life schedule allows! Thanks for making us all feel like you are a part of our lives!

  3. Sickness is terrible but the good thing is that we can spend lots of quality time with our loved ones.

  4. I haven’t watched Broadcast News in years, but I’m suddenly feeling the need to pop that old VCR tape into my dusty machine. Love love love Holly Hunter’s character in that movie, especially the scene where she corrects her dad about the correct usage of the word “obsessed.” :)

  5. I cried when I got the email from Kelli. And YES, what a perfect plan for next week. She is beyond precious and I’m overwhelmed with how God shines through her story, her life.

  6. i just love a post that is titles ‘so the week it’s been busy” has the words “american idol” in the 1st sentence.

  7. Boomama, I nominated your blog with the stylish blog award! I really enjoy your posts!! Please stop by my blog to see the rules to accept the award! Happy valentines!

  8. Broadcast News is one of my favorites. My hubby and I both quote stuff from it still! (I would name a few now, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop!) In fact , one of our friends, a fellow Broadcast News fan, gave us a framed poster from the movie for a wedding present. That’s back when you hung that kind of stuff because you had no kids rooms yet! But I still have it in the attic.

  9. How can I help?