Nations Outfitters Spring Giveaway

About a year ago I told y’all about my friend LisaAnn. I told you about how she started a clothing company called Nations Outfitters – and how she has a very big dream for the generation behind us. I told you how she longs for them to know the One who made them, how she hopes they can wrap their hearts around the fact that He’s uniquely created them to fulfill a purpose that no one else on the earth can fulfill.

And she’s living out her dream – and spreading the Gospel – through her grassroots clothing company called Nations Outfitters.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: the clothes at Nations are contemporary enough to satisfy teenage girls, modest enough to satisfy moms, and cute enough to satisfy everybody. These clothes are feminine and sometimes just a little bit funky; they allow a girl to celebrate her individual style without worrying whether or not her skirt is too short.

And more than anything, the clothes at Nations remind teenagers that who they are and what they do is way more important than what they wear.

Nations wants to encourage kids to serve others (there’s a community page on the Nations site where you can see picture after picture of teenagers serving their communities). This emphasis on service is what separates Nations from other clothing companies, and it’s a welcome change in a contemporary culture that seems to promote serving self above all else.

But not Nations. Nations promotes giving back to the community, contributing to the greater good, living out our callings with confidence in the One who’s called us.

And as an added bonus to all of that good stuff, the clothes are SASSY FOR DAYS.

So if you’d like to win a $50 gift certificate from Nations Outfitters, here’s what you do.

1. Click over to the Nations Outfitters site.

2. Click around and behold The Sassy Cuteness.

3. Come back here and tell me the name of at least one item you’d like to buy if you win the gift certificate.

4. Make sure you leave a valid email address with your comment – because that’s how I’ll contact you if you win.

5. You can get an extra entry by becoming a fan of Nations on Facebook or following Nations on Twitter. Make sure you come back here and leave an additional comment that explains what you did to earn the extra entry.

I’ll leave this giveaway open until Wednesday, March 2nd, at which point I’ll draw for a winner using

Have fun, everybody!

Bloggy disclosure: I didn’t accept any money or merchandise to do this giveaway. There was no exchange of goods or bacon or chocolate. If you buy clothes from Nations, I will not make a penny. Just FYI and in the interest of over-explaining.

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. The AK dress is DARLING!

  2. J. Johnson says:

    My girl loved, LOVED, the Katherine dress.

  3. Oooooh, love these clothes! Great find!

    I’d take any of them. But if I had to limit myself, I’d go with either the MK dress or the Katherine dress!

  4. I can’t the tops!!

  5. I love the Cinnamon Sally dress!!!

  6. Love the black genie dress.

  7. I would LOVE the Lindsey dress for my wedding rehearsal in April! ;)

  8. I would get the Katie skirt in black and white. Adorable!

  9. Melissa B. says:

    The bandana skirts are super cute!

  10. LOVE everything from Nations Outfitters! Even if I don’t win the gift certificate, I will definitely be adding one of these pieces to my closet soon! My favorite- The Yellow Bird Dress!

  11. Lindsey T. says:

    The Ellie Dress!! OH so cute!

  12. Oh, I LOVE the bandana skirts and the new vintage sally dress. They are all just darling!

  13. I’d love tyhe Genie dress in red… or black… or BOTH! :)

  14. the tricia shirt … love it! and so many others :)

  15. I love love love the Kathryn dress! So adorable :)

  16. I would get the genie dress or the Leigh Ann top. Cute stuff!

  17. I love the Ally top! Too cute!

  18. The Mary Alex dress!

  19. I waaaaaaaaaaaaant the Genie Top!

  20. The Genie dress for my daughter, who would look stunning in it.

  21. Yay, decent clothing! The Ivy dress in my favorite blue.

  22. The Abby dress.. so cute! Love it!!

  23. Everything is super cute, but I really like the Be The Light t-shirt.

  24. Love the Lily Rose dress!

  25. Burnout baseball Tee shirt

  26. I’m all over that Laura Shrug. I like layering. With a belt of sass.

  27. I like the MK dress and the Katie skirt best! Everything is so cute!

  28. The Genie dress is just my style.
    I bought a top from Nations Outfitters last year (OK, it was a dress but I’m a giant so it’s a top on me) and I get SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on it! Love their clothes.

  29. Tanager Polowchak says:

    The LA and Mary Alex dresses are lovely.

  30. I would get the Saige top and the Sarah top. Very, very cute!

  31. I love the chandelier dress and the genie dress. Either would be perfect for the spring weddings on my calendar!

  32. The Ginnie is absolutely adorable and would so cute on my daughter.

  33. The Lily Rose dress! But they are all adorable.

  34. R Buckley says:

    What cute clothes! Great idea. I would love the Genie dress for my youngest daughter in college.

  35. I LOVE the Lily Rose dress! So perfect for summer and spring…even for a rehearsal dinner or wedding!

  36. Love, love, love the Kathryn B dress! It would look gorgeous on my daughter. I don’t remember you writing about this site before, but I’ll sure be checking it out in the future. The prices are awesome, too!

  37. I love the Yellow Bird Dress!

  38. The Kathryn B, the Whitney, the Mya blue top. Love ’em all!!!!

  39. The Ellie dress….perfect for those of us who don’t want to wear shorts but still don’t want to burn up in the Southern summer heat!

  40. The tatum wrap, definitely – one in black, teal and DIRT! =)

  41. The LeeAnn top is really great!

  42. Sandy in Texas says:

    Love the new things they’ve added. The Katherine dress and the new Ashley dress are winners. Also love the Ally top in teal.
    I bought the Saige top for my daughter last year and it’s a really cute one, too!

  43. The Ashley dress for me, LOVE it!!

  44. The Genie dress is really cute, flowy and springy!

  45. I love the Laura shrug!
    And I have SO enjoyed the models! Go Girls!!!

  46. Jennifer C says:

    I loved all of them. In dresses I loved the Chandelier, Lily rose, Vintage Amy and Ellie. In shirts I loved the Saige top and the Sherri.

  47. Hard to pick, but right now (don’t hold me to it)… I love the Ellie dress!

  48. I love the t-shirts, my favorite the Nations t-shirt!

  49. I would looooove to have the Chandelier Dress….and i could go on and on and on… :D

  50. I love the shirt in the pictures above with the triple ruffle. And any of the dresses would be welcomed!


    Everything is so cute! I’m so disappointed that there weren’t any options bigger than a large. :( That might cut down on a lot of the sales. Big girls can spread the gospel too!

  52. MK or Judith dress for sure.

  53. I like everything! It’s hard to pick a favorite. How about the genie dress?

  54. I LOVE that L.A. dress – too sassy!!!

  55. I loved The Cinnamon Sally and the one right next to it. So cute!

  56. Carrie L. says:

    I’m loving the yellow bird dress.

  57. I like the Leighann top and the Genie dress!

  58. I loved the leighann top as well as most of the dresses. I hope to win the gift card but will definitely be ordering some of these clothes. Thanks for the site!

  59. Ohhh, I love any of the genie dresses…so sweet!

  60. Definitely the Leigh Ann top! Such pretty stuff!

  61. The tops are super cute – love the LeighAnn!

  62. I love so many things…but would choose the New vintage Sally.

  63. I’m torn- the Vintage Sally dress or the Genie dress

  64. I would be torn between the LA Dress and the Mary Alex Dress. Too much cuteness, PLUS covering my ugly knees. Excellent.

  65. I love Kathryn B Dress!!

  66. o and I ‘liked’ them on Facebook!

  67. The Tatum top, Ally top, the shrug…I could go on and on!

  68. Rachel R. says:

    I love the Ally top – too cute!!

  69. i would order the Genie dress or the AK dress for my sorority girl daughter and love any number of the tops for both she and me. We’d fight over the LeighAnn top but I would keep the Tatum wrap all to myself!

  70. My nearly 14 y/o LOVES the Lindsay dress and the Sophie dress. I LOVE the alley shirt.

  71. Ooooh I’ve been drooling over the Nations Outfitters clothes since you first mentioned them! Their new spring line is amazing…and I would definitely be getting the new Whitney dress (and the Cinnamon Sally, even though it’s not new). :)

  72. I’ve GOTTA have the LA dress. What a great site!

  73. The LA dress would be perfect for a Tuesday shopping trip…..their clothes are quite sassy indeed!

  74. I also liked Nations Outfitters on FB!

  75. I love the Ellie dress and the Ashley dress. I need a dress!

  76. I’ve always really liked the Tricia skirt. Excited that I’ll be in Birmingham soon and will be able to try the clothes on in person. :)

  77. I love the Sarah top. It looks so comfy and springy! :)

  78. Um,, yes please! To everything! But especially the Chandelier Dress. I want it!

  79. Hornetmom97 says:

    I love the colors in the Kathryn dress!

  80. I like both Mya tops and the Genie top and Genie dress. Of course, I’m currently pregnant, so whatever I get – I’d have to be thinking ahead. Who knows what size I’ll be after the baby arrives? :) They have some super cute clothes; thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Hmmm how to choose? How to choose? I like the Whitney dress, the Kathryn B dress, all of the Sally dresses, the Red Dot skirt, the Sunflower skirt, and I think I should stop there.

  82. I liked Nations Outfitters on FB!

    AND I am also following them on twitter now (@HethieBaby)! :)

  83. The Mary Alex dress looks stylish and totally comfy!

  84. I love the Ally top or the Mya top….and any other top or dress!

  85. One? You’d like me to choose one? How about one of each? ; ) Here are a few that I’ll be purchasing:

    The Vintage Sally
    The Sally
    The Cinnamon Sally
    The Ashley (LOVE!)
    The Gail
    The AK
    The Lindsey (Hello!?! How could I not??)
    The Ginny

    (It seems I could live in dresses, so long as they’re made by Nations Outfitters.)

    I also want the LeighAnn top and the Genie top, the cap sleeve crew (in several colors), and the Laura shrug.

    For real, THANK YOU for introducing me to her!!!

  86. The Ally top and the Mya blue top. Adorable! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  87. The Ally shirt for sure!

  88. The Chandelier dress and Ally top…just to start! I easily made a “top ten” list in about 30 seconds!

  89. I like the Genie top!

  90. Thanks for the sassy giveaway! I would love to get many of the dresses for my teen! The genie dress looks great, and modest too!

  91. The vintage sally dress. Love it all!

  92. Leigh Meadors says:

    I would have to pick the Leigh Ann top since that’s my name. Plus it’s really cute. :o)

  93. Nancy Williams says:

    Became a friend on facebook too:)

  94. Nancy Williams says:

    Liked the Chandelier Dress!

  95. Mary Lee Culberson says:

    Oooh I loved the Whitney dress! I hope I win!

  96. Susan In Indiana says:

    The Lauren dress!! But seriously, how can we pick just one?!?! What an amazing company! Thanks Boo Mama!!


  97. Yay! This is so my favorite giveaway when it comes around! I’d go with the Saige top or possibly the baseball shirt because I’m a tomboy at heart and that’s a good excuse to get back to my roots. :)

  98. “Liked” on FB too!

  99. I love the yellow bird dress, the LA dress, & the LeighAnn top. So hard to pick just one!