The Amazing Journey Of Amazing Connections Has Been Amazing

As best I can tell, last week’s plague has turned into this week’s sinus infection. And since nobody really wants to read details about my ongoing issues with congestion, I’ve just been laying low and coughing. The good news is that I’m caught up on laundry for the first time since, oh, last July, so I’m considering creating some sort of memorial stone for our front flower bed to commemorate this miraculous accomplishment.

Over the weekend I also got caught up on this season of The Bachelor. After all, I think it’s important to be well-versed in current events, especially ones with such long-term ramifications in the area of international relations.

Oh, whatever.

Anyway, now that I’ve seen all the episodes and now know who’s who and what’s what, I have one very important question:

Who’s it gonna be? Emily? Ashley? Chantal?

Feel free to back up your answers with equations and formulas when appropriate. If you need scratch paper, please raise your hand. Please refrain from sharing spoilers with the class.

And for the record?

I say Emily. She’s kind, nurturing, patient and cute as a button.

Your turn.

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  1. I think Chantal.

    Emily has too much baggage, Ashley doesn’t profess her love yet, and boyfriend loved that big ole’ house.

  2. I think it will come down to Emily and Chantal (what was up with her hair and dress last night)? The only problem I see with Emily is her little girl might be a deal breaker for Brad even though he professes to like Ricky (Randy…whatever her name is).

    Well, that’s my 2 cents!

  3. The Commemorative Laundry Monument? You may want to put it on that guest room bed. You know, the one where all the unfolded laundry likes to pile up? Might discourage future pileage…might just add an interesting architectural element to said pileage. Win-win.

    With love,

    Your virtual friend who can’t remember which of her kids has their tonsils, but knows what a stranger bloggy chick does with unfolded laundry. Which is totally normal.

    PS “Putting up pickles” – I laugh every time.

  4. I say Emily as he has had the least “drama” with her, despite a child and all. Only thing is, I don’t see it lasting. But then again, what else is new with “The Bachelor” over all – – –

  5. Who watches this crazy stuff?
    But those who do know that it will all come down to whether or not the genius producers will create a last date for them that involves handmade taffy…only to discover that Emily’s great-grandpa lost a leg in a horrific taffy-pulling incident at her 6th birthday party.

  6. I have no Bachelor opinion to share, but did want to share one tip from another chronic sinus infection sufferer . . . If you’d like to avoid going on antibiotics, head back to Walgreens (yipee!) and get yourself a neti pot. Not the old-fashioned kind that looks like Alladin’s lamp, but the plastic squeeze bottle kind. Then follow the directions, and voila, sinus infection gone! Seriously, it’s a little icky, but it really works — after having 4-5 sinus infections per year in my twenties, I haven’t had to take antibiotics for the past 8 years.

  7. Dear Emily is going to end up getting inside her head and pulling a Frank, I daresay. I think Em is fantastic, my favorite by far, but I think she’s going to pull back and we’ll see Brad with Chantal at the end. I’m calling it.

  8. I’m going with Chantal. He’s been the most comfortable with her all along. And I don’t think Brad is ready to deal with Emily’s baggage, not just about her kid.

  9. I’m not a Bachelor watcher, so I’ll trust the rest of you to make sure that area is sufficiently covered.
    I am, however, the proud owner of some sinuses (sinusi?) and just hate it that yours are giving you an awful go-around. Someone suggested the neti pot, and although I’m not sure that I would ever be able to actually do it (yucky!), one of my son’s tried it and said it worked great. If you DO ever try try to use one please let us know so we can make sure you are appropriately covered in prayer…

  10. I’m an Emily girl, AND I want Brad to pick her, but then again maybe I don’t. I like Emily, Brad bores me. I want to like him, I really do, but again, he bores me.
    And the ‘no kissing because baby girl is asleep upstairs’ thing…. well, that was sweet but Brad seemed really uncomfortable with Emily as a Mom.
    And the previews for next week and the fantasy suite (almost spelled it sweet, but that would work too) show Emily hesitating — good thing, but then maybe she doesn’t know it’s the hang out and chat suite. AND do not let anyone TELL you any different!!

    So, I’m calling Chantal in the end and Emily will be the next Bachelorette… I think.

  11. Not a Bachelor watcher but I do currectly have a mound of folded laundry on TOP of the dryer. Will it make it to the closet and chest of drawers? Who knows? We will probably just use it from that point!

  12. You have to admit, the mortician Shawntel was some good, creepy TV. I think he will end up with Chantel.

  13. I LOVE The Bacehelor. In a tragic turn of events, our DVR is no more and I have missed this entire season. For the record though, I believe it all and think they are simply as dysfunctional as the rest of us….and it makes for some fantastci tv. I’m vowing to never miss another season. I feel so out of it!

  14. I spoiled myself with Reality Steve and if he’s correct, then I’m very happy with Brad’s choice!!!

  15. How can we NOT love Emily and her southern charm, tact and for the most part–knowledge of English grammar? LOVE her! I hope it’s her. Chantal seems to be a good fit for him although many people are saying that he’ll pick her dad. ;)

  16. Her and I! Her and I, her and I! Please, BooMama, write a book on proper pronoun usage for Bachelor contestants. It would be an amazing public service.

    Shawntel’s “dress up like Wednesday Adams and take Brad to the mortuary” move was a perfect way to say, “It’s not me, it’s you.” Either she wanted it to end or the ABC producers did – there’s just no way you’d have a date lay down on the embalming table otherwise.

    I think Brad is into blonds, that Ashley is too immature, and that he’ll therefore end up with Emily. And they’ll be broken up in six months or so.

  17. I HOPE it will be Chantel but not sure…the previews show that Emily hesitates to use the fantasy suite but last week the editing showed that little Ricky didn’t seem to like Brad and we saw THAT wasn’t true. Maybe Emily says, “…I’m a mom….I need to set a good example….bahahahaha…last one in the room’s a rotten egg!!!” Emily is really sweet but yes, Brad seemed sooo not comfortable, it was weird.
    Ashley is lots of fun, her family was fun and Brad actually smiled quite a bit during her hometown visit…but can a northern girl make a commitment to move WAY down to Texas this soon in a relationship and if she doesn’t move right away, can they really make it? And did Brad think about that before making his decision? Then again…REALLY? Emily will move all the way from NC away from the life Ricky knows, away from family to be with Brad? It’s hard to think a southern girl would up and do that….
    But Chantal!!!! She’s got great parents, a great upbringing, and she’s free as the breeze to move. To me she’s the one who has been the most real and the best choice for Brad…emotional, yes, but if you really are in love, this situation has got to be hard…
    I don’t really like Brad all that much…I agree with BigMama. He’s got some Forrest Gump in him…(I’m may not be a smart man, Jenny, but I know what love is.”) Brad’s two favorite lines are, “That being said….” and “It is what it is.” He’s so AWKWARD!!
    Sorry for the book…my hubs would say, “You’re ate up with it, aren’t ya!”

  18. Hay, just blogged about the Bachelor myself. Must be the hot topic right now ;)

    He really seem into Emily, she gets him all tongue tied. She also is level headed & surprisingly free of drama. I hope he goes with her. but something in the back of my mind says he kinda likes the drama so it may be Chantal (plus he’d have saaaaaweet in-laws).

    But definitely not Ashley. He should have ditched her a long time ago.

  19. I haven’t been watching this season, but I immediately KNEW this post was going to be about The Bachelor, due to the Amazing use of the word Amazing in the title ;)

  20. He So Wont pick emily that makeS too much SenSe…

    She’ll be the neXt bachelerotte i do believe:)

  21. Well, after watching I’m going to say that I really feel that he’s going to pick Emily. Ashley will be sent home next week, Chantal and Emily will be the final two, and there will be much weeping, gnashing of teeth, and general emotional distress whatever the outcome….

  22. I think he just has a crush on Emily cause she’s so sweet and cute and seems to have more of a “connection” with Chantal. Him and Chantal (like my pronoun usage there?) seem to joke and play around and I get a sense of awkwardness when he’s with Emily. I don’t know. I do know that I might jump through my tv and strangle the next person who says “him and I’s relationship.”

  23. I would bet on the fact that it will NOT be Ashley. That being said, I want it to be Emily, but that just means it probably won’t be. I can more easily see Chantel working into the the network hiring her to the be next Bachelorette, and I can’t see Emily in that role. I mean we all know by now that ABC will take one of these while they are popular and make some more money on them and their fan base.

  24. Through a site that gives spoilers {because I am just one of those people who read the ending before I am done with the book}, I heard that it was Chantel. Time will tell though I like Emily.

  25. Still laughing over this one… when I saw your title, I immediately knew what you were talking about! My husband and I (yes, he watches, too!) call it “The Wonderful Amazing Journey Show”.

    I’ve noticed that the final two contestants usually end up being the one who’s perfect on paper vs the one they’re most attracted to. The bachelor usually picks the one they’re most attracted to. Unless you’re Jason, who picks the one who’s “right” on paper and then dumps her for the other one later.

  26. HA! It’s been an amaaaaaaazing season, and Brad Womack is crazy in the head if he doesn’t pick Emily. I’m thinking Ashley is a possibility, but I don’t see it happening with Chantal, which means he will probably pick Chantal.

  27. Well, I am thinking that there is only one thing for certain that we can count on during this show. And that is Chris Harrison stepping in as each Rose Ceremony draws to a close and saying, “Ladies. Brad. The final rose of the evening. Brad, when you’re ready.” As if the girls (and the home audience) didn’t realize that there was only one rose sitting on that table!

  28. I am rooting for Chantal, and I think she would be the best one for Brad, but I have a feeling he’s going to pick Emily. He’ll do it for the wrong reasons – he won’t want to have a negative effect on little Ricky, so he’ll want to give it a real shot. I’m crossing my fingers for Chantal, though! Ashley still has yet to express love for Brad – I don’t blame her, but I think he will.

  29. I sincerely hope it’s not Chantal. She has been married and divorced twice and is only 28 years old. If that’s not baggage I don’t know what is. She can’t decide?? Plus her old man has obviously spoiled her and they look pretty rich. Would she be content with a bartender?
    I love Emily – have from the start. She has seemed really reserved and pretty shy so I’m not sure she would even be his choice. That leaves Ashley who he seemed to have chemistry with the first week (what with all the kissing and all) but then seemed to lose it.
    So I guess my vote is for Emily.

    There is something about Brad though that sets my teeth on edge. What is it? Not sure.

    Here’s a scary thought. They have mentioned that Michelle (yes the crazy one) might be the next Bachelorette. Yikes!

    Hugs from Minnesota

  30. emily?

    also from north carolina.

    that’s right.

    casey abrams, emily…and me.

    but, for reals – emily? TO DIE FOR! she is SO darling and precious and sweet and genuine and if you haven’t read reality steve then you must because he said it was going to be one girl, even though, emily was the fan favorite but now he says he was misinformed and WHOOOOOOOT!