Just Because It’s (And You’re) Awesome: A Giveaway

A couple of days ago on the Twitter, Melanie mentioned that the new Passion – Here For You CD (from the Passion 2011 conference) is well worth the purchase. I’d been meaning to download it for about a week and just hadn’t followed through, so Mel’s reminder was timely. I bought the CD, put it on my iPod and figured I’d listen to bits and pieces of it whenever I could.

However, what I didn’t take into account is that I would LOVE THE CD INSTANTLY. And that I would listen to it straight through the very first time I played it on my iPod. And then immediately listen to it again. And again.

Oh my goodness, y’all. It’s so, so good. And as I was listening to it for the second time, I sent Melanie an email that said something along the lines of PASSION CD!! SO GREAT!! MY WORD!! CAN’T STOP LISTENING!! And then she responded with something along the lines of I KNOW!! TOLD YOU!! SO GOOD!! And then we stood up at our respective computers in our respective states and did hitch kicks as we sang along with the soothing vocal stylings of the lovely Christy Nockels.

Only not really.

Anyway, yesterday Mel and I were talking about how Passion – Here For You is one of those CDs that you want everybody you know to hear, and at some point in the conversation we decided to have ourselves a little giveaway. Because it’s fun to share.

(Did I mention how great it is?)

(I wasn’t sure if I made that clear or not.)

So. If you’d like to win one of five free copies of Passion – Here For You (via download), just leave a comment on this post (you can enter here and at Melanie’s blog – just FYI). I don’t even have a clever prompt, so just tell me some fun detail about your day. Like maybe you ate bacon this morning! Or maybe you get to meet an old friend for coffee! Or maybe you’re going to get to take a nap!

(Or if you’re not feeling particularly inspired, just type a few letters in the comment box. I’m totally flexible.)

I’ll leave comments open until Sunday afternoon-ish, at which point I’ll use random.org to draw for five winners. I’ll contact the winners by email, so make sure you leave an accurate email address when you comment. Once the winners respond to my email, I’ll send them the mp3 version of the CD through Amazon. Because technology is a wonder.

And just to be clear: no one contacted me about mentioning this CD on my blog. No one offered me free copies of the CD. I’m buying the downloads for the winners on my blog. Mel is buying the downloads for the winners on her blog. Nobody in the Passion organization has had any contact with me whatsoever, unless you count the time I saw Louie Giglio at an awards dinner and couldn’t think of anything to say to him except for “LAMININ!”

But I’m guessing that he probably doesn’t think about that too often. Unless it’s on those rare occasions when he has to come up with a definition for the word “awkward.”

Good times. Good times indeed.


This giveaway is now closed – I’ll email the winners Monday, March 28th!

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  1. i would love to win a download. i could use some new worship music. thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Johanna says:

    Good Morning, Sophie!

    Let’s see…..

    It’s a yoga pants sort of day around here, for the first time this week. Yay!

  3. Susan B. says:

    Ok the exciting poin of my day is going to an accepted student reception for a college my son applied to. And I am so sentimental that my baby is going to college. At the same time I am so excited for him. Many mixed emotions!

  4. I walked two miles this morning! And, I lost 10.6 pounds last week!

  5. I think I’m going to do some sewing today…pillow slipcovers, maybe? Maybe. :)

  6. I think it would be fabulous to win the CD, but I’m more interested in how Joy lost 10.6 pounds in one week. wow.

  7. Good Morning! Headed to meet a friend to walk and would LOVE that CD to add to my ipod! :)

  8. I’m working. I just finished my first cup of coffee, and I’m about to refill!

  9. Heather says:

    If you [and Mel] say it’s that good, it MUST be good. I was just having a conversation about how important it is just to know/believe that someone (anyone!) is ‘Here for You’ so I’d love to win.

    Sad afternoon ahead–funeral of a young father–so pray for his family please…

  10. I hired a cab to take me 2.5 hours to the London airport to meet my parents, only to find out after four hours of waiting and stressing (and a bit of crying) that I was a day early. Ugh.

    But thanks for the giveaway and the CD rec — it sounds lovely! :)

  11. Today is my Friday ~ WOOHOO! Next week is Spring Break ~ DOUBLE WOOHOO!

  12. I get to meet a new friend for coffee today! :)

  13. Heather Cullen says:

    Hi Sophie – love your blog! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. I’m going to bunco tonight! Much needed night out of the house for this mama!!

  15. Finally got an ipod…..would love some awesome music to put on it.

  16. Fun detail about my day: my almost 3-week-old daughter is actually taking a nap! Yippie! :)

  17. At work getting ready to learn a new program.

  18. Sallie Belle Howell says:

    I listened to most sessions online. I loved the music I heard so I can only imagine the cd would be great!

  19. I’d love a copy!

  20. Just enjoying a beautiful day in Mississippi!

  21. For once I don’t want you to pick me; I have the CD and just wanted to chime in on how AMAZING it is. I had the privilege of seeing Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockles, and Louie Giglio live. Chris and Christy (because I’m on a first-name basis with them) did some of the stuff from the new CD and I actually downloaded a song DURING THE CONCERT! It is that awesome. So, thanks for sharing it with others.

  22. Abigail D. says:

    I have a lazy day home with my 10 month old…but lat night I got to go out with some new girlfriends from church!

  23. It’s my 10 year anniversary TODAY! And the sun is shining :)

  24. Well, I have to attend a funeral today.

  25. Chrissy says:

    Hey there, Miss Sophie ! Love your clever blog. Wish I could meet you in person some day.
    Just wanted to share the great news in my life: We have 4 wonderful, wild, crazy
    grandsons, ages 7, 5, 4, and 6 months. AND …… our daughter just found out
    she is having a baby girl in July !! I see big hair bows and tutus in our future !
    We are so blessed.

  26. Well. I had a mattress inspector come to my house today before 8 am. WooHoo.

    It was, I have to say, weird.

  27. Love your blog!

    I am dropping my crazy kids off at Mimi’s for a birthday lunch with friends! What? What? That’s right. Some uninterrupted-adult conversation, here I come!

  28. Morning! I really think we would be great friends if we ever met! We love a lot of the same things. AI, MSU, God. Pretty cool huh?

  29. I liked what I heard of the cd the other day in class. :)

  30. Katherine says:


  31. Cold weather has moved back into the midwest so I’m enjoying my coffee with warm sweatpants/top today. I also had the joy of seeing Chris Tomlin/Christy Nockels/Louis Giglio in concert recently so I’d love to have a copy of this CD!

  32. I am praising Him this morning for the plow that finally arrived after 8 yesterday to clear our road! Freedom returns! I’d love to sing out with this new CD.

  33. Corinna says:

    I think I need to do some serious heel exfolition. Cuz let’s be frank here. Flip Flop season is quickly approaching and the sight of my little piggies… well.. yeah… they could easily cause the need for therapy.

    But on an totally unrelated note… have you ever noticed that just by walking into Target… you just feel better?? Maybe it’s those shiny red carts. I’m thinking i neeed me some Target right about now.. think I’ll look for the foot care isle. Happy Thursday all!! ~~

  34. I’d love to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Very generous of you & Big Mama! I am currently listening to a Third Day CD from 2005, so I need some new music!

  36. This morning I ate cereal, a mixture of Kashi Island Vanilla (which has no island flavor and the smallest hint of vanilla on the planet) and Pops Mix-It Marshmallow flavor (need some Vanilla in there somewhere, and, yes, we like to mix the ultra-healthy with the ultra sugary). A free CD! That would be cool!

  37. Beverly S says:

    It’s going to be a beautiful day out in West Texas!! Love spring time! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Good Morning! I was blessed to see them in concert just last week with my sweet niece and her friend! The music was amazing and I would love for her to have it – I promise to share! Thanks!!

  39. Hi! I’m drinking yummy coffee while I’m reading this…..does that count as interesting?? I’d love some new tunes!

  40. Got to sleep in today….that alone can make me want to sing some Praise & Worship

  41. My team (FSU) made it into the Sweet 16. Go Seminoles!

  42. My sweet husband bought his pregnant wife a Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit for breakfast this morning. He must love me. :-)

  43. I would love some new good music!

  44. Donna G says:

    I am so looking forward to running to the grocery store today. But it’s cuz my mama is coming to visit tomorrow, so it’s okay!

  45. Elizabeth says:

    Yay! Thanks!

  46. If I’m having fun today, I’m not aware of it yet. Does a trip to the library count?

  47. Duke basketball tonight!!

  48. My day will consist of teaching high school students Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Such an exciting detail, I know, but it’s what’s goin on here!!

  49. Allyson Johnson says:

    I normally rise at 5:45 a.m. – At 6:30 this morning my 11 YO daughter appeared in my bedroom, fully clothed, and said, “Do we not have school today?” Yep – we were all still sleeping soundly!

    From there – the day rushed in like a river!

  50. So hope I win!! ;)

  51. I am wearing pearls today…’cause i am feeling a little sassy. and southern.

    AND I ate bacon for breakfast. in my pearls. because yum.

    that’s all.

    thanks boomama!

  52. Uh, let’s see…it’s mid spring break, and we’re all getting along really, really well.

    And I would love to win this :)

  53. I had an especially yummy grapefruit for breakfast….and I love your blog!

  54. I am at work wishing I was on spring break vacation like everyone else around here. But the hubs and I are planning a wedding anniversary (30 years!) getaway next month.

    I would love to win some new music!

  55. lokijuhygt :) Just couldn’t resist.

    I am supposed to go to my son’s baseball game this afternoon, but considering the temperature is only supposed to be in the low 40’s, I sure am hoping it gets cancelled!


    Today is my daughters first tball practice. I am so excited

  57. Lacey C. says:

    Oh, this looks so amazing! Thanks for the giveaway! I have nothing fun to say about this morning – woke up sick, and so did the hubs. But at least we get to be home together as a family. :)

  58. I wish my family would eat leftovers so i would not have to cook dinner tonite!

  59. I’m on Spring Break right now, and I only have 3 weeks of school when I get back. Then I’ll be on MATERNITY LEAVE!!! WOO HOO!!!

  60. I love great worship music!

  61. Sounds great! A detail from my day… hmmm… well, I stopped at McDonalds this morning and though the drive thru wait made me late for work, every sip of that large latte with three Splenda made it all worth it. :D

  62. Jennifer W says:

    Fun fact? I’m going to eat lunchroom food with my 5 year old! YUCK!

  63. Kayla Joy says:

    I just ate one of those “ice cream sandwich” poptarts for breakfast. :-( How can my 5 and 2 year old eat those!? Blah. Need me a banana or something healthy. It just felt wrong. lol


  65. a few letters in the comment box. I’m totally flexible.)


  66. Oh, new music sounds great! Better than the snow we are getting – yuck!

  67. I get to spend the whole day w/my wonderfully smelly, nearly toothless, often hilarious, always loving 7 yr old little man! It’s spring break and big sis is at Mimi and Papaw’s for the day.

    Essenitally, I’ll be watching him play the Wii, eating at McDonald’s, going to see a cheap movie and hear him tell me how awesome I am about a zillion times!

  68. Thank you for your generosity. I know 5 people will be blessed by it. (I hope I’m one of them.) LOL

  69. Stephanie says:

    Taking my youngest to gymnastics today. He is very excited because it is Show Day where they demonstrate everything they’ve learned this term!

  70. Snuggling On the couch with my baby. Pretty cool.

  71. Marquita says:

    I ate an eggwich this morning. Which is a fried/poached egg on a piece of toast with jelly. Cant be wasting ww points. I hope this contest is over in the next couple days. Because I think I am on my way to downloading it tonight.

  72. Something good about my day….
    I found a half used book of Christmas postage stamps in a pile of paperwork I have been dreading to organize. It’s gonna be a goo day!
    Would love to win!

  73. Shatcher says:

    Would love to win!!!!!

  74. Samantha says:

    I have a newborn baby and spend most of my day sitting in a chair listening to music. A new worship cd would be perfect when I need some encouragement!

  75. I’m off tomorrow, so today is my Friday! TGImF!

  76. Michelle says:

    Well, here are my random words — I love your name — it’s the name of the world’s absolutely cutest granddaughter in the world and if you would like proof of that just ask me for a picture or ten. I’m telling you — she’s billboard worthy at the very least. Anyway – I love worship music!

  77. YOU are hilarious!! I love, love, love your blog!!
    My 3 daughters have been sick for a week and are finally feeling better….PTL!
    I’d love to win the CD. :)

  78. I ate bacon this morning!

  79. Jennifer says:

    I love Passion CD’s! Pick me!

  80. I cannot stop coughing. Spring hates me. For 2 days in a row, my 2nd grader has surprised me with important school information 20 minutes before we leave. “I think it’s pajama day, but I don’t remember.” “I have to be there early today so I don’t miss the bus to go practice our program.”

    But I’m on antibiotics now, so hopefully that deals with the raging sinus infection. And Zyrtec D? It is a WONDER.

  81. spring break = tv watching.

  82. So this weekend I’m hosting a baby shower, which I’m not nervous about at all. However, I’m attempting to make my first diaper wreath for said shower and I’m a teensy bit worried about that part. Not really sure if I can be trusted with a glue gun, and I know I can’t tie a pretty now. Here’s hoping my friends at the hobby lobby can help a girl out.
    The end.
    Oh, and mama loves some praise music. Send it this way!

  83. I’m looking forward to picking up my 3 kiddos after work! Hurry up 3:30!!

  84. LindseyA says:

    Yay! I would love to win this. My son is driving his toy trucks on my legs as I type this . . . that’s my random fact about my day :)

  85. Wow, would love this CD!!

  86. Not fun, but my brackets are TOTALLY busted!! Not unusual for me!!

  87. Never heard of Passion or Christy Nockels or Mel but this is a great blog so I’m trusting your judgement here. And, can MP3 music work on an iPod? More will be revealed. . . THANK YOU for your most generous offer and hilarious blog!

  88. Enjoy serving the Lord in sunny beautiful Panama!

  89. I would love to win this CD!

  90. Was so pround of my daughter this morning – she asked if I thought a homeless man would be at the Quick Trip again today (I gave hm a dollar yesterday) I told her I didn’t know but she said if he was then she was going to share her doughnut with him.

    She actually offered to forgo her doughnut and give the whole thing to him once we saw him. I told her she could have her own doughnut and we would buy one for the man as well. Such a proud Mamma moment when my girl was not thinking about herself but someone elses needs. GOD is Good!

  91. i would LOVE me some new passion worship music!
    detail: trimming my son’s fingernails. where have i been that i haven’t noticed that they needed to be cut? nastiness. i’m so on that today.

  92. Today is my Friday!!
    Would love this CD.

  93. I’m typing a few letters here. That’s all I got.

  94. Suffereing from hormonal hot flashes(thanks to being old) AND a fever(thanks to a pollen induced sinus infection). For the 1st time ever in my life I can say I’m hot, on two levels.

  95. After school today I’ll be giving away food at my church…It’s a fun evening of ministry. I love your blog and I’d love the CD.

  96. Today I am going to make biscuits from scratch for the first time and also attempt to make a skirt from scratch.

    I know.

    I have no idea who I am either, but it just feels like a Donna Reed kind of day :)

  97. Anthony Byars says:

    The sun is shinning today, no literally, it is.

  98. JennyJoT says:

    I’d love to hear this CD!
    P.S. No breakfast today – only coffee.

  99. OK next week is my birthday (3/29) and I am desparately trying to keep learning all this new technology! I was born in 1950…you can do the math :) I have an iphone and have actually purchased music from itunes!!! But I need some worship music desparetly. So I would love to win the Passion worship music!
    P.S> Love your blog! I live in Texas but grew up in Alabama—- so you make me laugh! I have lived it honey!

  100. I love me some Christy singing to Jesus!