It Never Hurts To Be Prepared (A Slim-Fast Giveaway)

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Since I know what I’m about to say is sort of weird, I think the best course of action is just to say it. Put it out there. Jump into the deep end of the community pool that’s chock-full-o-crazy.


Here you go.

There are few things I enjoy more than packing a suitcase.

Seriously. I sort of adore it, in fact.

And it’s not that I just like packing my own suitcase. Oh, no ma’am. I like packing suitcases for other people, too. I love the whole process of figuring out what to take on a trip, getting everything organized, sorting all our stuff into categories, figuring out the best bag for what needs to be packed – the whole thing.

And because I love packing so much, getting ready for a trip can be almost as much fun for me as the trip itself.

(Maybe I should stop now.)

(I fear I’ve overshared.)

(My only defense is that I’ve never claimed to be even remotely normal.)

So given all of that, you can probably understand why our recent family trip to see a very large mouse pretty much reduced me to a quivering pile of trip-planning anticipation. After all, there were just so many things that needed to be done ahead of time! So many, very fun things!

Like what, you wonder? Well, sunscreen! We needed sunscreen! And I needed to find the hats we take to the pool in the summertime. And I needed to make sure that the little man could still wear last year’s shorts. And I had to make sure that all of us had a windbreaker that could double as a poncho if it rained. And then there was the matter of double-checking that we had plenty of rechargeable batteries and the extra-large Ziplocs and the books for the plane ride and a stash of dollar bills for whenever we needed to tip someone.

Clearly I had no choice but to make a to-do list. And type it. Sort of like this. Except that certainly it was considerably more detailed and also alphabetized.


And in all seriousness, I think the reason I enjoy the list-making and the pre-packing and the packing so much is because travel is jam-packed with stuff that you just can’t control. Weather. Delayed flights. Mixed-up reservations. Crowds. The occasional irritable family member.

Not that we’d know anything about that. Oh, heavens no.

But the packing? That I can control. I can make sure we’ve been as thorough and as organized as possible before we leave the house. I can’t do one thing about having to hike a half mile from the parking deck to the terminal or dealing with disgruntled travelers or standing in jam-packed security lines. But I can plan well enough in advance to make sure that our iPods are charged, that we have a Ziploc filled with all our necessary cords and cables and chargers, that we can rest in the peace of knowing that once we get to wherever our destination happens to be on any given trip, Mama here is going to have our travel camera tucked into a zippered portion of my favorite (durable!) travel purse, and ALL WILL BE WELL WITH THE WORLD.

Unless the airline loses our luggage, of course.

However, you can rest assured that I’ll have some back-up clothing in my carry-on bag.

There’s no such thing as being too prepared.

If you’d like to be entered to win a Slim-Fast gift pack (worth $100), leave a comment that answers the following question: what kind of traveler are you? Do you like to make your pre-travel lists and check them twice? Do you run through the airport at the last minute and arrive at your gate approximately two seconds before the plane door closes? Do airline employees know you by name because you’re forever missing your flights? Or are you a traveler of the prompt-but-laid-back variety?

Happy Commenting, y’all!

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  1. I like to pack a few days ahead of time when I travel. And be at the airport at least an hour before the flight so I can have time for security and ISSUES!

  2. I do not like to fly… But if I must, I usually try to get to the airport an hour ahead of time. There have been a couple of times I’ve gotten there and they did not have my ticket!! Other than that, I’m pretty organized when I pack and I jot down lists but I’ve never made an alphabetized list. Maybe I should start!

  3. I like to pack, sometimes make a list and usually pack too much.

  4. I am a last minute packer. I like to be pleasantly surprised when I arrive at my destination and find that I have actually managed to throw in a few useful items. Of course sometimes I arrive and find that I have packed 12 shirts, a skirt that no longer fits and some sweatpants. That’s when I curse my laid-back packing style and pledge that from now on I will pack days in advance following a detailed packing list and that I will purchase travel-sized containers of beauty products and disposable footies to wear through the security check.

    Only I forget that pledge until the next time I find myself tossing random things in a suitcase just moments before I head off to the airport.

  5. Lauren Elizabeth Henry says:

    I go and make a nice list of things I need to bring, then I don’t end up packing until the last minute! I always end up forgetting something!

  6. I’m more of a road tripper than a flyer. If I were flying, I would be very specific about what went into my suitcase, and arrive at the airport in loads of time to people watch and wait for my flight. I was 3 months pregnant with my 6 year old the last time I flew. When road tripping, I’m a little more devil may care. When we get in the car the husband and I say to each other, “Did you need to bring anything we can’t buy at Target? Do you have said item in the vehicle?” But one thing’s for sure, I’m an overpacker. Must remember the curling iron! In the off-chance I decide I need curly hair, and have time to curl it! (that is almost never)

  7. I’m a mix. I like to have a list and a plan for all the travel involved, yet I always somehow end up late at the airport due to a taxi not arriving or something. So yeah, I’m one of those people you see running through the airport. So far, I haven’t missed a flight yet, so I guess that counts for something!

  8. I am a list girl. I make lots of lists and usually type them also. A spreadsheet is good with lots of kids! And, still, we always forget something!!

  9. I am a planner, with lists, packing started at least a week in advance, as organized as I can be.

  10. baaaaadd one.

  11. Wow. I want to travel with you. I travel all the time and I am nothing like you. Still, we manage… ;) Although, any time you want to help me pack, I would love that!

  12. Oh mercy. I would typically not be caught dead with a list of any sort. However, my husband is a list-maker extraordinaire. My goal is always to have like WAY too many shirts and then absolutely no shoes or pants at all (or so it would seem to the casual observer).

    I am nothing short of AWE-STRUCK at your list-making/packing/fore-thinking skills.

  13. Pack the night before, and usually forget at least one thing… forgetting my whole bag of makeup was bad mistake, but hey, i got to buy some new mascara!

  14. I make lists way ahead of time, but I don’t always finish packing until the night before. Hubby packs at the very last minute!

  15. I make lists ahead of time, but don’t actually pack until right before we leave.

  16. I have a customized excel list and Eagle Creek/LL Bean packing system (a little crazy here too…but its genetic), but once I get packed, I’m pretty laid back on the actual trip. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Lacey C. says:

    I enjoy packing, too. I am a list maker. I make lists of lists I need to make. (Does that make sense?) Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  18. I’m a list maker, and though it isn’t my usual personality, I am very organized when I pack a suitcase. And, I can’t stand the stress of running late…so I lie to my family and tell them we leave sooner so that I can make sure we get to the airport an hour ahead of time!

  19. Promt, but laid back.

  20. It depends on the trip as to what kind of packer I am! One overnight = one hour of packing/planning. Spur of the moment works! Two overnights = two hours of packing/planning! Three overnights = three hours of packing/planning (and probably shopping!)…etc… I’m a very organized packer…I have my makeup already in a bag ready to go at any moment, keep my quart sized carry on baggie at the ready. :)

  21. I am a list maker because I’m always afraid I’m going to forget something. i love traveling so it’s all fun!

  22. Oh I list it all up. I take over our guest room a few weeks before any trip and organize the hell out of the three kids’ clothes, car or plane entertainment, car or plane snack options, fun surprises, desperation bribes and of course…all my clothing because I take way too much everywehre.

    I also arrive way early because I can’t stand the feeling of being rushed, espeicially with three kids in tow. I did have the pleasure of traveling without the kids a year or so ago and I was much more laid back about things, but that sort of makes sense right? I didn’t have to worry about anyone I was responsible for freaking out mid-journey and it was oh so very, VERY relaxing and delightful!

  23. I’m right there with ya – I love the packing list! In fact, I have one saved on my computer that I tweak for every trip we take! Which reminds me, we are leaving on a Spring Break get-a-way this weekend, so I’d better get to my lists!

  24. votemom says:

    i start making a list about a week ahead. then don’t pack until the day/night before. must have at least one hour at the airport to breathe before boarding. any less and i start out stressed!

  25. Cindy Mc says:

    I make lists way in advance beginning with things I may need to buy. Closer to time I make lists of clothes I will need by the days I will be gone and what I will be doing on those days (Monday-Travel, MSU Cowbell shirt and khaki shorts) for example.
    Also, since my last 2 trips to Africa I didn’t see my checked bag until 3-5 days into the trip, I now pack my carry-on as if I will never see my checked bag. Makes life easier when you are somewhere in a 3rd world country with no Wal-Mart or much of anything else.

  26. I like to use the days (or months) leading up to a trip for shopping. For example, such phrases make the credit card happy: “That top is perfect for Disneyworld! I need sandals for a nice dinner at Epcot. That bag looks like a good travel bag.” And then the night before, I throw all my new clothes into a suitcase, realize that nothing matches, and that I’ve got 20 tanks and no shorts.

  27. Linda in TN says:

    I am in awe of your organizational skills, particularly since I’m organizationally challenged. I’ve learned to make packing lists and rely heavily on large zip lock bags to sort things in a way that makes sense to me. However, I didn’t realize I needed to make an additional list of which items go into which bags and then CHECK THEM OFF as I placed each bag where it was to go until one memorable trip when I drove 15 hours, mostly through a snowstorm. When I stopped at 3:00 a.m. and then got up at 6:30 to hit the road again, I had to comb my hair with a plastic fork because I forgot to pack the “hair” bag.

    Makes you glad you’re organized, right?

  28. I am a start planning three months ahead, multiple lists, checking and re-checking, get to the airport with three hours to spare sort of traveler. Clearly a barrel of fun to be around. ;)

  29. I am a list maker. I make a list of everything I need, Pack it and the put eveything by the door. I then go through the list in my head mentally about 100 gazillion times before I leave the house always fearing I will have left a most important item at home. By the time we leave th house, my motto is, “Whatever we don’t have we will just buy it!”

  30. I am the type of traveler that would like to grant you the joy of packing my suitcase. I would rather stick a hot poker in my eye than pack a bag! I do like to get to the airport early ( ATL). We are those annoying people that have to re-pack at the baggage line to meet the eight. I know, I hate us too!

  31. I always pack enough of everything in my carry on that I will be okay if my suitcase does not arrive with me I will be okay. I am a large girl who cannot run into just any shop to replace clothing. I like to prepare and plan ahead. Sometimes the packing is as much fun as the traveling.

  32. Debbie Rutledge says:

    I’m afraid I’m sort of a run-to-catch-the-plane-before-the-door-closes kind of girl. I’m not really a favorite or airline employees, especially when I’m trying to drag a bag on board that looks like it ought to be checked.

  33. I love lists! And a trip list is a must! I begin thinking and planning about a week out- but I pack for everyone including hubby so it takes time. 3 girls, my husband and myself. Exhausting but I would rather be tired then get there and discover hubby has packed 2 undershirts and shorts – in the winter! True story and the last time he ever packed for himself!

  34. Definitely a last minute packer! Which is weird considering I’m a list person. I’d don’t mind the packing so much as the un-packing later.

  35. I pack the night before but I have made a complete list of what is being packed and where does it go. I show up an hour and a half or so early for my flight because I am so stressed out since we don’t fly very often.

  36. Jennifer says:

    Total planner when traveling; not the rest of the time though! I make list of each clothing items for the 5 of us, toiletries, a list each for Sam’s, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. and then start packing 2-3 days before.

  37. I’ve never flown. Never. But I do make lists and check them off. Most of the time we are on the road when I realize I forgot to check something off the list. Then I beat myself up over it. Thank goodness there are stores everywhere we go!

  38. I really like to plan what I am going to put in each suitcase. I like to have at least one outfit for each family member in each suitcase, in case one gets lost. I also like to plan what to put in the children’s bags o fun – I want a good mix of activities and travel snacks.
    We also like to get to the airport many hours ahead of time – it never hurts to be early.
    I am re-reading this, and I have now decided that I might have some travel issues. Bless it.

  39. I am a strange and ineffective mixture of plan-ahead and procrastinate. I’ll think & consider & even make lists, but then I never do the actual packing until it’s late.

  40. Anne N. says:

    I love to make lists….shopping lists, packing lists, activities lists. I also LOVE to be at the airport super-early (good people watching).

  41. Ah, what kind of traveler am I? Well, I’m the type that does plenty of lists and over-planning, but then somehow my family comes up with something I haven’t thought of at the last minute, so I look like a total dolt. SIGH. Oh well, usually the trips are fun anyway! :)

  42. I’m the whiney traveler. I whine about the packing, stress about procrastinating with the packing, and finally melt down when I get there and I didn’t even pack 1 pair of socks. Given this history, I try to keep my travels down to two or three times a year!

  43. I am a prepared traveler, have itinerary in hand and schedule activities and make sure hotel is booked and call ahead to make sure no problems, with four kids I can’t afford to be unorganized when it comes to traveling
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  44. Denise Y says:

    I hate packing…but a list of necessities helps me not have to think

  45. I’m a list person too. And a lets leave for the airport way way early so we don’t have to worry if we hit traffic or there are long lines at the airport kind of person. I’d rather leave early and take my time and spend an extra hour waiting for my flight if I need to, because i’m a laid back kind of traveler, so why add stress by rushing to the airport.

  46. I’m a HUGE list maker. Yet, without fail, I always seem to leave one item at home each trip I take.

  47. Molly P. says:

    Loved this post!
    I am a way to inadvance list maker and probably edit it 5 times before I actually pack. One of my favorite things is to get a cute colored sharpie, some white paper, and make my day by day list of what to wear, a list of beauty/hygiene products to pack, list of shoes, list of undergarments (I know, crazy!), shopping list, and a list of other essentials (phone charger, books, laptop, etc.)
    I have never thought about why I am like that other than I am normally very organized person, but your explanation was spot on—it’s a control issue!

  48. I love to pack for a trip… is the UN-PACKING that I have an issue with!! My suitcase will sit in my bedroom floor for days after I get home (sometimes a week). I think I just don’t want the fun to end!!

  49. Sallie Baker says:

    Hate packing because I am always scared I am going to forget something even though I do make a list! ANDDDD to add to that crazy….I have to clean my house before I leave…..!!!!

  50. I always overthink what i need to take and usually take WAAAAAAAY to many things — I’m always afraid I will need something. And I’m always prepared early — I HATE to do things last minute. A friend was over tonight and was telling me how her flight was cancelled and they said they could move her up to an earlier flight and she had not even gotten a shower or finished packing yet. I got stressed just listening to her. But I’ve tried to relax the older I get and know that usually you can find what you need even if you forget it!

  51. Kristen says:

    I am not a frequent flyer but we do quite a few road trips. My method does involve list-making and shopping before the actual packing. My husband, however, is the car-packer extraordinaire! He knows how to fit everything in just so. I do not have that talent! ha!

  52. I am a fellow list-maker; I remember packing for trips with my youth group as a teenager… I would bust out the clipboard and my colored pens and make me a list!

  53. prepared prepared!

  54. I’ve never flown, but I do like to pack and organize a few days ahead of time. For my sons’ summer camps I start packing weeks ahead of time.

  55. Ok, I am the absolute WORST traveler. Once I get to said destination, I’m a breeze. I loathe packing, preparing, thinking about packing and preparing, and the actual, you know, TRAVEL PART. I just get consumed with anxiety. Done it for years. That being said….I am a splendid packer and planner because I am a total control freak. Hence the loathing of the ‘travel’ part. I can’t fly a plane. Now, road trips I’m all good! DRIVING I can do! :) Ugh, getting the hives thinking about our 15 day trip this summer!!

  56. I don’t give a hoot about the giveaway although I always think winning anything would be nice. I just had to say I LOVE the pre-travel lists! It is my very favorite part of any trip, and I usually get started waaaay before the trip because it gives me plenty of time to adjust my lists as I think of things. I love packing. I LOVE packing lists! Ok, now I’ve overshared.

  57. I love to pack but it’s the unpacking I dislike. How let us talk lists. Before I go to bed each night I make a list of what will happen the next day. I even have a running list that I keep for things in advance. The best part is marking them off with my special pen. This might by some be considered a condition,not me just fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Tu lista es mi lista. I’m howling, because for EVERY trip I make, I have a list of exactly what goes in each purse and bag – I have never met anyone else eill now who takes it to that level of detail. Bless you for making the crazy so so adorable!

  59. Allison Burleson says:

    I am the type of traveler that makes my family CRAZY. Not only do I completely go overboard on the organization, packing, checking, rechecking, rechecking, but also I insist on getting to the airport at least 2 hours early. I am very stressed and quiet in the car on the way to the airport because I am just certain that something will descend from the sky that will render us unable to continue to the airport in time for the flight. Once we arrive at the airport, there is no talking until we are securely checked in and at the gate. It is a real pleasure to travel with me. Now, once we get to the destination (not counting the transit from the airport to the destination), it is a fun zone, but not a minute before :-)

  60. I make a list before packing also…but yours puts mine to shame. I begin the process by listing each outfit…then I delete some items, add some more…and always throw an extra outfit in because “you just never know”. I am an overpacker…yes, I admit it, and unfortunately I have passed that trait on to my daughter…oops…

  61. Susan B. says:

    Depends on the trip. If it’s a week’s vacation, then I start thinking about it a week or so in advance. But don’t start packing until the day before. If it’s a weekend get-away, then I just throw stuff in the suitcase. Either way, I’m not near as organized as I should be…but it seems to come together!

  62. I am laughing so hard. Our first trip to Disneyworld we drove our van (which I know is much easier than flight packing). Our jam-packed van full of everything we owned including enough snacks to feed half of America(according to my hubby).
    I planned that trip for almost 6 months and included every possible weather-related preparedness scenario. That does not even include the detailed itenerary for each day of our 7 day trip (dinner reservations included).
    I may have dipped into your pool of crazy a couple of times when things went way off the beaten path, but those ended up being the best times of our trip. Totally unplanned moments when my daughter got to participate in a street performance, or selected to dance in a parade or skipped a ride and got to see something totally different that was even better!
    Anyway, my packing is not at your expertise level, but I will copy your list for my next adventure. Kudos to you my friend, well played.

  63. I will probably pack the day before a trip. And my husband will pack an hour before! But we are pretty laid back travelers, so there is not much stressing about that!

  64. You just gave me heartburn! We leave in a few days for Spring Break. I already started my list, but clearly, I must check it twice. Thankfully (I think!), I’m driving, so no need to worry about getting to the airport on time. Just need to be careful of the craziness that is I-95 south!

  65. I make lists, pile everything on the bed to check it one last time, put all bags in the hallway, then my husband loads the car. I relieve some of my travel anxiety by reminding myself we can always buy _____ if we forgot it, butk it really is nice to arrive and find you remembered everything you need!

  66. I pack at the last minute, every time. I always have what I need!

  67. Don’t mind the packing but always last minute down to the wire even with list, except when it is a big trip (going to see the big Mouse) and then it is on!

  68. Alysia in MS says:

    Oh my goodness… you are my soul mate. I la-hove packing. I make a list way ahead of time, then make another list a few days later to see if I missed something on my first list. Must be prepared for every, and I mean every, situation. Not full scale nuclear attack but you get the gist. Then pack. Deciding what goes where and with who (or is that whom, idk). Its the best pre-vacation ever. And I even do this with events. Family reunion, Prom, softball games(all the time! the bag is always ready), does this mean I’m a little on the weird side? Or what?
    Idc, I love it. Glad you do too!!!

  69. Oh for the good-old-days when flying used to be fun! I haven’t had an occasion to fly for a couple of years now, but when I do………. I am a serious list maker and an over-packer to boot! My motto is: Take it even if there is virtually no chance you might actually need it! And what did we ever do before zip-lock bags?!

  70. adrienne says:

    I like lists for packing too.

  71. Amanda Starr says:

    I might make a list but overall pretty laid back

  72. I am a preplanner! I make lists! I pack everything 2 days before! Plus, a bag I pack the morning of, of things we need for the hotel and or for the car. (Snacks, toothbrushes, car chargers etc)

  73. I always start packing waaay in advance (if its anywhere fun)… and then just throw stuff in as I think of it. I did make a list for our Mexican honeymoon. Sadly, we haven’t really been anywhere since. I should go on a vacation just to pack my bags and see how having 3 kids in 4 years affected my packing ability. You can bet I’d get it all crammed in there and carried out in one trip though!

  74. Stephanie says:

    Hate packing, I always put it off till the last minute and then I’m forced to throw a bunch a stuff in a suitcase and hope for the best.

  75. I usually make a list. I try to be really organized about everything. Never works. Always forget something.

  76. Carrie Thompson says:

    I am the list making queen! I make a master list with what is needed and what bag it should go in. I like to plan ahead and have everything I could possibly need at my fingertips! My family appreciates my “over preparedness” though! Thanks for the offer here. I could use a Slim Fast jump start!!!

  77. Kathy M. says:

    Listing making, buying, sorting is the first part of any trip for me. I love it especially when it involves the Main Mouse!!! My husband says I am like a puppy…open the car door and whistle, I’ll just in and go anywhere, anytime.

    Also, agree with Sallie. Have to clean before the trip so we come home to clean house, LOL!!!

  78. I’m a pre-pack list kind of gal!!! I check my list more than 3 times to make sure everything is packed and ready to go!

  79. Donna G says:

    We travel a lot, and I like to think that we’re pretty good at not forgetting things. We make lists of things to be done before we leave, but as far as packing goes, we’re pros.

    The toiletries bag is always packed, and we just add hairbrushes and my facial moisturizer. It takes me about 10 minutes to lay out the clothes I want, and I help the Boss with his or we’d be there until the Lord returns. We pack really light, and I am not above doing laundry on a trip. We get to the airport with plenty of time to spare and people-watch.

  80. My family has always made fun of me saying I make lists of my lists. Nevertheless, I get an out-of-proportion sense of achievement by checking off my lists. Nothing like getting something accomplished – even if it is “pack socks”.

  81. I am also extremely organized when I pack my family of four for a trip. One of my best years was when I had outfits for each person in 2-gal size ziploc bags (incl undies and socks) so they could choose a ziploc and go take a shower and get ready for the day. When we were on the road driving to our destination, all we took into the hotel was our four ziploc bags and the toiletries bag. Easy peasy. It also helped keep the dirty clothes away from the clean ones in the suitcase!

  82. George A. says:

    I hate to pack so at the last minute I through everything in and get to the airport 2 hours early because of the ridiculous TSA.

  83. anotherlisa says:

    we, too, just got back from spring break, so this is a fun post. flying is simple, and with enough restrictions that i don’t need lists. but getting there early-ish used to be relaxing. last 3 times we’ve flown, the stress is induced by airline delays, that have us running through terminals to make connections.
    now since we drive 2100 miles to our summer home every june, for that i make lists. can drive it (and 2-3 alternate routes when we hit construction, thank you very much) in my sleep; was doing it way before gps was around. but for packing the car for the whole summer, yes ma’am, my list starts in april.
    sorry. tmi?

  84. Aubreylaine says:

    I love to be prepared. I’m the one that is checking the flight number for about a month prior to see what the on time average is, lol. :)

  85. Lisa S. says:

    I was notorious for at least 3 or 4 years for forgetting to pack panties & bras for myself. Probably 5 or 6 trips altogether. My husband even accused me of doing it intentionally so I could buy new underwear every trip. I told him if that were true I would have forgotten to pack shoes. I began to question my own sanity after about the 3rd time. Have you ever kept making the same mistake over and over and can’t explain why? My forgetfullness took place in the early 80’s. I finally got it right after my husband started asking if I remembered to pack my underwear before he loaded the suitcases into the car. Here’s the funny part. HE STILL ASKS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. Must have really got to him, huh?

  86. Girl — can you come pack for me… pre pack, just pack, anything pack. I just toss it all in suitcase and know that there’s always a Wal-Mart or a Walgreens around to get the through.
    Oh, and I just bought some packing cubes — some little zippered somethings to help me organize my packing mess. Hope springs eternal.

    Gotta run, it’s time to pack for another trip.

  87. I’m a pretty laid-back traveler…but I must come prepared. Snacks, books, music, pens, paper, etc. Once I get there I either can’t waste a minute, or it’s all about relaxation. Depends on the trip. But before? I make lists of what to bring, what to grab in the morning, what I need last minute. Etc. Etc.

  88. i’m always 2 hours early at the airport.

  89. I am exactly, exactly like you. I make a list for things we need to buy. I make a list for each person of things that need to be packed. I make a list of things that need to be packed for all of us. I make LOTS of lists. Then, I really enjoy packing and figuring out where everything will go, etc. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but he also very much appreciates how organized everything is. Also, I make itineraries too (although they are VERY flexible) and he really appreciates that as well. We are a planning family and don’t do much of that “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of thing.

  90. Melanie says:

    I usually make a mental list and pack a couple days before I leave. I always arrive a bit early in cause there are delays at the airport. As far as itinerary, I have a rough idea of where or what I want to do but also end up doing things I didn’t plan. I don’t like to be too rigid with my schedule. That takes the fun out of it for me.

  91. Melanie says:
  92. I do all the above, sometimes each, really. Great packer but love to slide into the gate just before boarding.

  93. I stay up half the night before I leave packing. It’s ridiculous. :)

  94. THe process of getting ready for a trip is just as fun as the trip itself!
    No one I know is like this so I get made fun of quite often.
    So glad to find someone who takes this as seriously as I do.

    Excel spreasheets, internet research, lists, checklists, suitcases, cothes, shopping – ah….wish I had a trip to plan!!!

  95. I agree: no such thing as being too prepared. Lists, yes, and get to airport in plenty of time for departure.
    MCantu1019 at aol dot com

  96. shala_darkstone says:

    I am always mega prepared for travel. I make lots of lists and think about it the entire week before going so I won’t forget anything important.

  97. Glenda Watts says:

    Before husband retired from the service we moved every 18 months. Always packed cloths that were interchangable. Pants or skirts could be worn with same tops. Never took any clothing if it needed dry cleaning. Toiletry bag always packed.
    Travel with little as possible and usally finish packing the night before. Alway have our laundery bag, sewing kit, pen, 1cloths pen (kepts curtains closed so light don’t shine in), phone numbers and addresses we might neeed, small flash light. We have used laundromats while on the move. Handy when you have children. I agree about disliking the unpacking.

  98. Jeannett says:

    I’m definitely a list person. I could never pack for myself and three kids without one.

  99. I always pack the night before.. and I’m talking like 11:30 at night and I’m folding clothes and stacking them in the suitcase. But I’m obsessive with lists as well. I make lists weeks in advance of potential things to bring, then as the trip gets closer I’m able to check weather and make final decisions!