Seattle’s Best Coffee (A Giveaway)

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One of the very first “grown up chores” I can remember having as a child was being in charge of making coffee for my parents’ guests. When I was around 9 or 10, Mama showed me how to fill the coffee pot with the right amount of water, insert the filter, and scoop out the proper amount of coffee. At the time I didn’t have any interest in drinking the coffee, but I loved to make it and serve it. Still do, in fact.

When I was in my mid-20s, my coffee-drinking gene finally kicked in. Oh, I’d flirted with coffee-drinking in college, but by the time I hit 24 or 25, I was ready to commit. I bought a small coffee pot, found a spot for it on my kitchen counter, and set about the business of figuring out how I liked my coffee. I grew up in a family where everybody drank their coffee black, but I wanted to explore my coffee-drinking options. I remember thinking that it was a little bit of a rite of passage, the decision to become a coffee drinker. Not that I was overthinking it or anything.

For the next few weeks I tried all sorts of coffee combinations: coffee with one packet of sweetener and whole milk, coffee with low-fat milk, coffee with sugar and a splash of whipping cream. And at some point I realized that I’d found my perfect coffee equation: a slightly oversized mug of coffee with two packets of sweetener and about a tablespoon of half and half. I’ve held tight to that ratio ever since. It’s like an old friend, really – and it makes the two cups of coffee I drink almost every morning of my life feel like time with an old friend.

My favorite coffee-drinking spot in the whole wide world

But there’s one part of my coffee drinking routine that has changed pretty drastically since I made those first few pots in the kitchen of my little apartment: the strength of my coffee. I used to like a really mild coffee, but then I moved to south Louisiana, where people make their coffee so strong that if it had a mind to do so, it could stand up, stretch its legs, walk out of the kitchen and knock you over the head with a bag of chicory. Coffee doesn’t mess around in south Louisiana, and my time there completely transformed what I expect out of the first pot of the day. I want coffee with real, rich, deep flavor -something that’s so delicious I have to open my eyes a little wider when I take the first sip. South Louisiana taught me that I like coffee with an attitude – with some swagger – and I’ve never looked back.

Given all that, I was intrigued when I saw the new level system for Seattle’s Best Coffee. Their coffees are ranked from 1-5 according to their flavor and intensity, and when I first noticed the coffee on the shelves at my grocery store, I thought, “THIS IS THE ANSWER TO ALL OF MY FAMILY’S COFFEE DRINKING ISSUES.” Ever since I developed a taste for the strong stuff, my mama has very sweetly rejected my offers of coffee – unless I’m willing to make a pot that’s much weaker than what I’m accustomed to drinking. And even then she still struggles, mainly because I buy blends that are much more rich and intense than what’s she’s used to at home.

Now that I’ve had some time to study the level system a bit more, I know that, at least in the mornings, Mama would be a Level 2. And in the afternoons, when she just needs a slight coffee pick-me-up, she’d be a Level 1. I think she’d rejoice at the mere presence of Level 1 coffee in her life, honestly, because finally, FINALLY somebody understands the needs of a coffee drinker who likes a milder blend. I can’t wait to serve her a pot of Level 1 the next time she’s here.

And me? Oh, there’s no question. I’m a Level 5 girl. Maybe Level 4 if I used less water and more coffee. I like for coffee to taste nutty, chocolate-y – but never, ever bitter. I like a coffee with a strong enough flavor that it doesn’t get overtaken or overshadowed by the richness of half and half. I like a coffee that sort of screams “GOOD MORNING” instead of whispering politely.

So what about you? How do you like your coffee? Mild? Strong? Somewhere in between? Or are you still on the fence where coffee is concerned? Haven’t really incorporated it into your daily routine – yet? Leave a comment with your answer, and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card courtesy of BlogHer.

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  1. I am a coffee wimp. In other words, I like a little bit of coffee with my milk and 3 packets of Equal. Last summer I almost trained myself to drink my coffee black with one Equal/Sweet-n-Low, but I fell off the wagon and went back to my old ways.

    Have fun this weekend. Sure wish I were going to be there to hug your neck.

  2. Somewhere in the mid-to-strong range. Never bitter – always sweet, but not too sweet! :)

  3. I’m still not “grown up”. If I have a cup of “coffee” it’s usually more like coffee flavored hot milk! I like it sweet and creamy with VERY MILD coffee flavor. I do like tea, though!

  4. I would like to be entered in the contest – thank you! :-)

  5. Sorry, I like my coffee black on the strong side.

  6. Strong coffee with–wait for it–coconut creamer.

  7. I’m not a coffee drinker. never tasted it in my life.
    but, my husband loves coffee. so, maybe I can win for him.

  8. Sarah B. in OKC says:

    I love a good strong cup of coffee. Little bit of creamer/milk and half a packet of equal and I’m a happy happy girl.

  9. Christina says:

    Well, I’m a coffee wimp. I briefly flirted with the idea of coffee (cappucino, actually…and the cheap flavored gas station kind at that) in order to stay awake in college, but I still don’t really like it.

    I do, however, adore the SMELL of coffee. I’d almost make it at home just to smell it!

  10. One of my favorite childhood memories was drinking the last of the coffee in my mom’s mug. It was mostly hot milk with a splash of coffee, but I loved it! In my early twenties, I liked it mild with lots of cream and sugar. But once I got a Keurig just over a year ago, I tried a stronger K-cup and haven’t turned back. I now love it strong with a few shakes of french vanilla creamer… until it reaches the color of dirt. Get a Keurig and your mama can have her mild coffee every time she visits. ;)

  11. I’m probably a solid 3. I love the flavor of coffee but I need my coffee to be a certain cafe a laut color. So if it’s too strong, it swallows up the creamer and I have to dump way more half and half than I should be drinking. I know, it should be about taste, not color but it’s something about the way coffee looks that does it for me. :)

  12. I’m a Peets French Roast girl, straight up. No sugar or cream. Just medium-strong coffee. I drink about 4 cups a day. Love it!

  13. rebecca bradley says:

    I love a strong coffee with vanilla cinnamon creamer…nothing else! Yum-O!

  14. Robyn (3girlsmom) says:

    I’m a more-milk-than-coffee coffee drinker (seriously, I need for it to be beige) & I’m struggling with my sweetener of choice. I have always been a fan of the “pink packet” but the aspartame is wreaking havoc on my headaches. So I’m trying other stuff (including skipping it altogether). I think raw sugar might be my fave right now.

    Also, LOVE the mug. Bet Jan & Fran are smiling about it too. :)

  15. Oh this giveaway makes me so happy! I could talk about the nuances of coffee for HOURS!

    It was back in the year 1990 in Portland, Oregon that I had my first ‘latte’. So exotic! My sister ordered an almond latte for me from the Pioneer Square Starbucks, and I was never the same!

    I have a coffee for every mood and time of day. I LOVE SBC coffee – so rich and smooth. In the morning, it is strong, dark, rich coffee w/a good amount of half and half in it. In the afternoon, strong iced coffee, with a splash of sugar syrup and milk. DEE-Licious!!

    Thanks for the fun blog – and to many fabulous cups of coffee for you!!

  16. Susanne says:

    I do love coffee…on the strong side. Usually black, but I like cream when it is with dessert.

  17. Keri Always says:

    I like a little coffee with my cream – so my husband says. I actually like a strong roast, but I must have a flavored cream but no sugar.

  18. Keri Always says:

    I think this is the URL of my tweet:!/KeriAlways/status/53861628101394433

  19. I love my coffee a little strong with cream and splenda in it. YUM! My mom doesn’t like my strong coffee since she drinks hers black so we have to make her a separate pot when she comes over!

  20. Kristin says:

    I love coffee but only flavored coffee. I also make it quite strong. My flavored coffee I drink black because a flavored creamer makes it too sweet. Wacko, I know. It’s gets weirder as my all time favorite flavored coffee beans are banana. It really is quite good.

  21. I’m somewhere in the middle on coffee levels. I just got a Keurig and that makes it stronger than I normally drink it so I may up my tolerance that way!

  22. Jenn H. says:

    I feel a little like an outsider commenting on a post ALL ABOUT COFFEE because, well… I don’t like coffee. (There I said it! Accept me for who I am). BUT! I am married to a coffee lover and have become a coffee-preparing expert, if I do say so myself. He likes an over-sized mug of strong coffee and one teaspoon of sugar. And he could drink it All. Day. Long. and never ever even once not be able to sleep at night. Much unlike myself, who can’t even look at a caffeinated beverage without surrendering 2+ hours of my precious sleep. Good thing I don’t like coffee, right? ;)

  23. Don’t like coffee…never have…but my five-year-old let me know a month or so ago that “I drink coffee now, mama”. Granted it’s mostly milk with a little coffee in it, but it is a little odd to give your youngest kiddo a good morning hug and smell coffee breath.

  24. I have always been a coffee drinker – my mother used to sweeten it up for me as a child, and call it “cowboy coffee” [ don’t really know why, other than the fact that I thought I would one day marry Festus]
    Now I drink my coffee with milk. I like it strong, and hot. Not that I don’t like a good iced coffee, as well, but those have to be sweet.

  25. Julie C. says:

    I like my coffee black and in the middle.

  26. I love me some strong coffee! (Sorry! My girls like to watch ICarly) Ha!!! I thought Starbucks was the bomb dot com until our recent trip to Israel. This coffee is STONG! It will make you grow hair on your chest and keep you alert and awake all day long on a single cup. Love it! If I knew how to order in Hebrew, I would have a case sent to Texas.

  27. Fanannie says:

    I am a coffee LUV-AH and Seattle’s Best is one of my favorites!!! Bring on the Level 5 with one pack of Splenda. YUM!

  28. I pretty much like a little bit of coffee with my cream and sugar. I have to have it to get the day started!

  29. Love to smell coffee brewing but can’t drink it. Too bitter. I’ll stick with my hot chocolate.

  30. I prefer a medium brew.

  31. I love it strong and my hubby likes it mild so we compromise and meet in the middle!

  32. I could drink coffee all day everyday! I love it! I would say I’m a 3 on the level scale. I also doctor it up with some sweetner and flavored creamer. Right now my flavor of choice is chocolate. Yum, Yum. Think I will go fix me a cup.

  33. I like coffee when I am in the mood for it. I like it strong with good flavor, but lots of REAL sugar and a flavored creamer or some hot chocolate mix.

  34. Lacey C. says:

    I only like coffee if it’s mixed with something else. Like hot chocolate or ice cream. I love me a good frappuccino every once in a while. But not straight up! I’m a wimp. :)

  35. I have to say . . . I have no clue . . . I thought I liked it mild, but your comments about taste vs. bitterness have made me reconsider my coffee experience. All this time I’ve assumed strong coffee HAD to be bitter. And coffee has always tasted like burnt sticks to me (although it SMELLS so tasty) . . . but I’ve consumed it b/c I thought I needed to accept that this was how it was supposed to be. Big thoughts on a lazy Friday, Boomama!

  36. Beverly says:

    I like medium to strong coffee with a fair amount of cream. I also usually sweeten it with a little sugar – can’t do splenda or equal in anything hot – but cream is more important than sugar.

  37. I don’t drink coffee, but when I make it for my husband I use a French press and he likes 3/4 breakfast blend and 1/4 hazelnut. I won’t drink it at all…if it only tastes as good as it smells!!! I do drink Bigelow tea. Several flavors but mostly Constant Comment.

  38. Kristina G. says:

    I drink a lot of coffee and prefer flavored coffee if I get to choose what we have. And I always take it black. I used to add sugar and cream but could never figure out the right ratio and just finally gave up.

  39. Seattle’s Best is my coffee of choice. Now, I nearly passed out when I first saw the new packaging, as I am a creature of habit and do not enjoy change. However, I do like a strong coffee, and currently have a level four in my cabinet. I have the bottles of flavored syrup but haven’t perfected the ratio. Oh, but I will. I will.

  40. Coffee is not optional. The stronger the better. On the SBC scale, I’d be at a level 6. Add a packet of Stevia and some sugar-free vanilla creamer and I’m in Italian roasted heaven!

  41. I like it strong with plenty of cream and real sugar. That or flavored creamer like vanilla caramel. Yummo!

  42. Didn’t drink much coffee until the birth of my 2nd kid. Now I like mine half-caff with Splenda and some sort of flavored creamer (preferably caramel). I guess I don’t like my coffee to taste too much like coffee. :)

  43. I love coffee!! I like it with just a little cream and a little sweetener.

  44. I like mine somewhere in the middle, with slight leanings toward strong. :)

  45. My favorite coffee is medium roast, with about a tablespoon or two of sugar, and a little heavy cream. YUM!

  46. I love coffee. Strong and black. Iced with a little sweetener. Add a little flavoring is also good.

    Enjoying your blog.

  47. Green Mountains says:

    I like to start it off strong with a dark roast for my morning pick-me up, then something light and flavorful for my late-morning coffee – blueberry and golden french toast are my favorites these days. Light and sweet, but just a little.

  48. I’m more in the middle of mild and strong. And I love it with 1 tsp of sugar and a little half and half.

  49. Angel S. says:

    I like my coffe mild with lots of flavorings! Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!

  50. I didn’t get serious about coffee until after my third child, but now that I’m almost at baby number 4, I know that I like bold, strong coffee with lots of cream and a little sugar! But I really do like the boldness under the cream. :) Silly, maybe.

  51. aubreyfick says:

    I like my coffee somewhere in between medium and strong!

  52. I like a really strong cup of coffee! Most others don’t like it the strength that I do!
    Right now I am enjoying Iced Coffee made from a coffee concentrate that I make!

  53. I love my coffee nice and creamy! I do love me a good medium regular French Vanilla ice coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts too. :-)

    Thanks,favorite ever BooMama!! ♥

  54. I love mid-to-strong coffee with either flavored creamer or half & half.

  55. I don’t drink as much coffee these days now that I gave up caffeine. But if I drink some decaf, I don’t like it too strong and prefer some milk and a flavor in it like vanilla or caramel.

  56. I’m not a coffee drinker-Diet Coke is my caffeine of choice-but I do love the smell of it brewing.
    The Hubs is big coffee drinker and has gotten our oldest hooked!
    The almost 8 year old would tell you he likes coffee, but it’s really a mug with a splash of coffee and lots o sugar and milk.

  57. I’m a fan of the strong stuff, but I won’t snarl my nose at a light roast or anything in between. I usually drink it black but occasionally 1 cream and 1 equal if I’m worried it’s not high quality stuff.

  58. I married a barista (no really…he made my coffee drink and I came back til he married me) so I am a coffee girl through and through. I like it strong with a little skim milk and shared, in matching mugs, with my barista husband.

  59. I used to like my coffee pretty weak til my 15 year old son taught me to drink it stronger! :)

  60. I love STRONG STRONG STRONG coffee!! As in, espresso. Black. Mmmmm….. I also love books. So this is a win-win for me.

  61. I look forward to going to bed because I will get to wake up and have that first cup of coffee in total peace.

  62. Medium to bold, with cream, and a side of cinnamon roll. :-)

  63. Laura Knapp says:

    I like strong coffee (made with my french press). I add a 1/4 cup warmed milk and a TB of fat-free french vanilla creamer. It’s my everyday, home-made vanilla latte. Yum!

  64. I am sorry to say I am one of those people that has not incorporated coffee into their daily routine. :) I even worked in a coffee shop all through high school and college and didn’t end up with a daily routine. But I loved making it for every one else!! :)

  65. jenny b says:

    after working 3rd shift and then coming home to take care of my kids…..i’m all about some coffee with some yummy chai or hazelnut:)
    Jenny B

  66. I’m with you, I like it strong but never, ever bitter. Seattle’s Best is sitting in my coffee maker right now, just waiting to be brewed in the morning. I LOVE SB!!!

  67. I love coffee and drink it throughout the day, always the same way: lots of heavy cream and a little bit of sweetener.

  68. Melissa S says:

    Like it medium with french vanilla creamer. Every day – at least one cup. It drives my husband crazy that I will take a cup of coffe to the ball field in the dead of summer – I have to if it is early!

  69. Mild, black and not too hot!

  70. Tammy Elrod says:

    Love coffee. Strong, not bitter.

  71. adrienne says:

    1 sweet n low and lots of creamer, preferably peppermint flavored & decaf so I can sleep at night

  72. Elizabeth W says:

    I don’t have to have coffee in the morning but I do have to have coke with some good crunchy ice. I stumble to the fridge make my ice and coke and then head over to the computer to check my email every. single. morning. We ran out of coke once. I’m pretty sure that won’t ever happen again. ;-)

  73. Denise Y says:

    I treasure my morning cup of medium coffee with french vanilla creamer in front of my computer at home!

  74. Tiffany says:

    I like my coffee with a splash of cream and about two teaspoons of sweet. I love the smell of coffee in the morning, but I don’t drink it everyday. My husband makes it VERY strong! It practically stirs itself.

  75. I’m a level 5 girl too! As strong as I can get it….this has developed since I moved to the coffee Mecca known as the Pacific NW where they don’t really give you a mild option!

  76. I like my coffee icy and sweet. So not so much a coffee girl. But my hubby–big in to straight black.

  77. i like it mixed with hot chocolate, its more of a weekend thing rather than every day!

  78. Beth H. says:

    I love strong coffee, and drink Seattle’s Best 4 every morning. It used to be called Henry’s Blend, and with a son named Henry, how could I drink anything else?

  79. Right down the middle with 1 tsp sugar. If it’s stronger, it must have something creamy in it!

  80. I love a dark coffee, sometimes black but usually with a bit of half and half. Whole milk if I’m “cutting back.”

  81. I’m sure I’d be a 4. Most of the time I like my coffee black. However, there are times in the afternoon when a couple spoons of sugar and a good bit of milk make a very nice cup of what I remember as “little girl” coffee. My grandma used to make it for me.

  82. Don’t judge me but…quietly whispers…I don’t like coffee.

    All my friends do. Most are in love with it. But I can’t stand it unless it’s over ice with lots of sweetener. And then I only want one sip.

  83. Timmarie says:

    I bought myself the Level 2 just a couple of weeks ago, and that was coffee GOLD – I do have a tendency to add more coffee, less water in my mix. And I also add flavored cream.

  84. Johanna says:

    I like my coffee hot, frequent, and served in one of those green & white paper cups in the presence of friends.

  85. I like mine with a good kick!

  86. I like mine with a good kick. :)

  87. applesnbananas says:

    In the winter I love my coffee super hot, but enjoy a delicious iced coffee in the warmer months. Either way, I love lots of cream and sugar!

  88. Strong coffee in the morning, but only mild or half-caff after noon.

  89. Mild, I really like a little coffee in my sugar and creamer. And the creamer HAS to be part wal-mart brand sugar free vanilla and part Carnation Peppermint Mocha (NOW AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND!!!!). And it has to be just the right creamy color. Excuse me, now I have to go make a pot!

  90. Thanks Boo for putting a little “heads up” at the top. I have a limited time for blog reading so I generally skip all giveaway posts. I sincerely appreciate you letting me know which posts are sponsored.

  91. I like my coffee mild…and I like it with cream and sugar!

  92. I’m a Level 5 person, with lots of cream. That’s the only way to wake me up in the morning! :)

  93. I like mine to taste like it’s in a paper cup made by someone else. Haha! I have no clue how to make it at home & enjoy it. I’ll work on that.

  94. I tweeted @kodibevelle

  95. Courtney says:

    I don’t drink coffee so much as caramel-flavored, whipped cream-topped, milk-based drinks that maybe have a tiny bit of coffee in them just so I can feel more grown up. I do regularly visit one school, though (I’m a teacher), where they always serve me straight black coffee with no cream or sugar and, unfortunately, I’m too polite to turn it down! So, for the last few months I’ve been developing a tolerance for stronger coffee, which I’m not so sure is a good thing…

  96. Georgia says:

    Love my coffee dark, lots of cream and a little sugar..

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com