25 Things: The ‘Ham

We’ve been in Birmingham for almost eleven years (BLOWS MY MIND), and I’m more convinced than ever that moving here was one of the best decisions we ever made. Here are 25 of my favorite things about this place (in no particular order, really).

1. our church
2. A’s school
3. the Steinmart(s) near our house
4. the trees and the hills and the flowers – it is beautiful here
5. the way the western summer sky looks when the sun sets (especially when we’re coming home from church on Sunday nights)
6. Dreamcakes
7. The Summit (which includes Chuy’s, NATURALLY)
8. At Home
9. my work
10. sweet tea in every single restaurant
11. knowing that this is the place that A thinks of as home
12. knowing that this is the place that D and I have come to think of as home
13. the McWane Center
14. the fact that this town is SEC FOOTBALL CUCKOO
15. hearing the kids on our street playing outside together in the afternoons
16. Friday Special at Taziki’s
17. Dr. and Mrs. K – a precious couple whose example has taught us more than they will ever know
18. Full Moon BBQ
19. Montevallo Road and Altadena Road in the spring
20. Fresh Market & Whole Foods
21. WorkPlay
22. 280 (I really do love 280 – maybe because I don’t have to drive it during rush hour)
23. knowing that the Southeastern Conference and Southern Living are headquartered here – it’s almost too much for my Southern heart to take
24. sweet friends who make me laugh
25. looking back over the last eleven years and seeing some very specific reasons why God brought us here (Psalm 107:7-9)

What do you love about the town where you live?

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  1. 1. The bluebonnets in Spring.
    2. My church.
    3. My elementary school. (Go, Geckos!)
    4. That so many of my high school friends have relocated (along with me) back to our hometown.
    5. Tex-Mex.
    6. Mild winters.

  2. I LOVE this list! I am a Birmingham girl too, but I’m currently at UA in Tuscaloosa for college. I love love love our sweet and southern city!

  3. I will whole heartedly agree with 1, 3-10, 13, 14, 16 (AMEN!), 19-21, 23, 24 (including YOU in that one).

    Completely wondering if you are from another planet on #22. But I still love ya.

  4. It is my hometown and every time I go back, I am reminded why I love it so much. I was there this weekend. It is the prettiest city this time of year. And you are so right about Montevello and Altadena roads.

  5. 1. Memphis in the spring – beeyouteeful.
    2. It’s close to our hometown and our families.
    3. Corky’s BBQ. (Amen and thank you.)
    4. The Memphis Zoo.
    5. The Mississippi River at sunset.
    6. Memphis Redbirds (minor league) baseball.

  6. I also lived in Birmingham while attending graduate school….and I love that city! WHY?

    1. The beauty of Samford’s campus
    2. Brookwood Med. Cntr.
    3. Downtown Homewood
    4. The Vulcan
    5. Hwy 31 in Vestavia, coming down the hill overseeing Homewood
    6. 5 points
    7. Oak Mtn. State Park
    8. Rick and Bubba
    9. my church (Oak Mtn. PCA)
    10. Briarwood Christian School (my employment while there)
    11. Burt’s on the Bluff
    12. Zoe’s Kitchen
    13. Alabama Theatre

  7. The mountains, the lake, the color of the trees in fall, the animals outside my back window, the mama fox and her four new babies I spied there today, the women in my bible study, living just 90 miles from my mom (that’s close for us!) after being 4000ish for several years, and most of all…I’m on the same continent as my kids, frequent flier miles, and Continnental Direct flights south.

  8. We moved to Wisconsin from Minnesota almost 2 years ago. We’re loving it, despite the fact that it meant moving away from our families.
    1. Our church
    2. Living where 7 rivers meet
    3. River bluffs
    4. Eagles
    5. Bigger city but not Big City
    6. Our school
    7. New amazing friends
    8. Um, hello, CHEESE

    So many more things! What’s amazing, is if you take out the 3 years I moved away for college, I lived within about a 1 or 2 mile radius for my entire life until we moved here. We came here when I was 31. So I spent 28 years in that town. I love it, and it will always have a special place in my heart, but it’s been nice to spread my wings.

  9. I LOVE B’ham too. We live only an hour and a half from there. The Summit is my shopping Mecca. I feel so not with it because I have never been to Chuys. This must be taken care of the next time I am there.

  10. Julie in Texas says:

    1. The sweet people I’ve met who are now life-long friends
    2. A bajillion sunny days in a row
    3. The friendliness of strangers
    4. Parents who actually ‘parent’ their children and teach them to be respectful!
    5. HEB, bbq with sweet tea, and Tex-Mex or Mexican with diet Coke w/lime
    6. Even though we’re WAY too far from family, God is still God and shows me HIs goodness.

  11. There are 3 places that I love and call home — I’ll give you a top 5 for each :-)

    1. My precious parents and brother & sis-in-law! Love to return to hug on them.
    2. Mountains!
    3. GREAT Mexican food!
    4. FABULOUS local coffee roaster: Kaladi Brothers Coffee!
    5. Spotting the occasional moose!! A Bonus!

    Permanent Address:
    1. Visiting our daughter and son-in-law, and daughter! Love to hug on them too!
    2. My home church
    3. Amazing local coffee roaster: Arcedium Coffee!
    4. Going downtown to Chicago and hanging out at Millennium Park
    5. Catching up with long-time friends over breakfasts at favorite restaurants!!

    My town these past 4 years:
    1. Mountains & Lakes!!
    2. My Bible Study ladies – love to hug on them, too!
    3. Lots of opportunities to travel
    4. Being a full-time dog-mama
    5. Chocolate & Cheese, and plenty of good coffee!

    These towns? Anchorage, Alaska — South Elgin, Illinois — Zurich, Switzerland. I am blessed!

  12. West Texas is:

    1. Hot & dry – Praise Jesus
    2. Flat lands & being able to see for miles (you hill folks won’t get that)
    3. Living across the street from a Div. I University
    4. Tex-Mex,,,,, the REAL thing
    5. my family
    6. my friends
    7. my Church – eLife
    8. the sunsets,,,,,you have NO idea
    9. Sonic ice
    10. Cactus, I know, right? I’m a desert girl, I can’t help myself
    11. Knowing this is where I belong, where my heart is

  13. This is a season where we’re far away from everyone and everything we love. So I had to think long and hard, and I came up with only one thing. Fortunately, it’s the only thing that matters in the big picture.
    1. God is here.

  14. I love Birmingham too! As a matter of fact I love all of Alabama.

  15. I’m in London just now, and while I think we’ll probably move if and when we have children, for the moment it is home. I love the busy-ness, the culture, the twinkling lights on the Thames.

    As for my little area, I love the parks, the six Starbucks within a stones throw, the cosy pubs, the awesome tapas at Tapeo, celeb spotting in Primrose Hill, the bookstores, the Heath…


  16. 1. my friends
    2. my church
    3. my kids’ school
    4. the fact that my kids’ school is 5 minutes from our house
    5. the relatively cheap cost of living (I grew up in LA so I appreciate not paying $4 a gallon for gas or milk)
    6. the Spurs
    7. the rodeo
    8. being able to see wide open Texas skies and sunsets
    9. the lack of smog
    10. the Mexican food

  17. We lived in Birmingham while my husband was in med school at UAB. We loved it there, and we always said it was such a well-kept secret. Big Mama, you need to be careful with posts like these. The secret will get out about Birmingham, and the city will never be the same! ;)

  18. I’m in my home state of TN now and love living here, but I lived in B’ham for graduate school (@ the apartments at the Summit) and fell in love with your city. I would add to your list:

    O’Henry’s Coffee
    Edgar’s Bakery
    Downtown Homewood
    Botanical Gardens in the spring

    Good stuff and a fine city. Still love to visit!

  19. Chattanooga:

    1. Hills, mountains, trees and pretty things to look at ALL THE TIME
    2. Tons of places to camp all within 2 hours
    3. Home of the wonderful company for which I work
    4. Not far from Knoxville, home of the VOLS!
    5. Being right on the banks of the beautiful Tennessee River
    6. Having all kinds of parks to go to on the banks of the beautiful Tennessee River
    7. Clumpie’s Ice Cream
    8. Home of the Moon Pie (we can claim Little Debbie’s too – Collegedale is a ‘burb)
    9. Lookouts baseball
    10.Close proximity to my momma and daddy
    11.My awesome church family
    12.And even though it’s hard on the sinues, the most beauteous springs ever!

  20. Okay. I will totally admit to the fact that I DO need to start wearing my glasses ALL of the time, since I thought this post was going to be about hams and Easter dinner.


    But since I have read the REST of the post, and I then discovered that you were talking about why you love living in BirmingHAM, I will also say that the main reason why I love living in Upstate New York is because of the people that I have gotten to know at my job, and because of the beauty of living around the Catskill Mountains.

    Now you’ll have to excuse me, because THIS Memaw needs to go and find the chain to keep her glasses around her neck.

  21. We just moved! While I swear up and down that I am a city girl–we have moved far away from the big cities of Minneapolis & St Paul and now live in a tiny, tiny town on my husband’s family farm (125 years they’ve had this farm!).

    But the place where we live? I love it. (shhhhh, don’t tell my husband. He may fall over in shock)

    Here is what I love about our “area”:
    *It is so quiet at night that I now sleep like a rock
    *I only have a 20 minute commute–door to door (I was driving over an hour, one way!)
    *My in-laws are across the yard from us (there are 2 homes on the farm) and they know their boundaries! YEAH!
    *There isn’t any “hustle bustle hurry up let’s GO!” around here. I think my bloodpressure has dropped at least 10 points.


  22. When my husband and I were dating, we were driving in his car one day and he asked the question, “If you could live in any city for 2 years, regardless of cost of living, where would you live?”. I thought about it and soon came back with “London or New York City. What about you? Where would you live?”

    “Birmingham Alabama”

    He’s still trying to convince me to move there. BUT UM HI WE LEAVE IN TEXAS WHICH IS THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH.

  23. The FIRST thing I thought of when I read this was the song “Paint me a Birmingham”…. Ha!! I’ve heard nothing but great things about that city!!! :) Might just need to go visit!

  24. So, it seems I’m the only one has never been to the Ham.
    Might have to remedy that on our next road trip

    1) Our Church
    2) Our kids school
    3) the gparents live closely
    4) the shopping -you have no idea!
    5) the parks
    6) the Royals/Chiefs-they don’t win much but they’re our hometown teams
    7)The Plaza at Christmas
    8) KC Jazz
    9) REAL BBQ
    10) A wonderful children’s hospital 5 mins from our home-which I know sounds odd, but trust me when I tell you, we’ve had our share of it’s use.

  25. Jennifer says:

    Ah, the Queen City…

    1. The cashiers at Winn Dixie tell you to have a “blessed day,” because it’s just understood here that everybody loves Jesus just as much as the next person.
    2. My church. It’s very small but full of big, big hearts. When I think of the Body of Christ, I see these people who always look out for each other and pray for each other without ceasing.
    3. This is the place we moved right after we married, so it feels like our very special home town.
    4. I brought my baby girl home from the hospital here.
    5. My friends. They’re a hoot. And when we moved away briefly I realized that it matters so little where you live. It’s all about friends.
    6. Premier Prints Fabric. Home decor fabric at a whopping $7.99 a yard. Getting dizzy just thinking about it.
    7. Seeing the same people on every news story about community goings on. It cracks me up. (You know who you are, Betty Lou.)
    8. The fact that most natives of this town add an “‘s” to every single name of every hospital, place of business, etc. For instance, I had my baby girl at Anderson’s Hospital rather than Rush’s or Riley’s.
    9. VanZyverden bulb distributors, who sells spring bulbs for next to nothing in the fall. Come springtime, you’ve never seen more daffodils and tulips in one town.
    10. The spot north of town on Hwy 145 where you can stop, look out over the hills, and swear that you’re in the foothills of the Appalachians.

    Well, 10 feels like a good place to stop. As a native, Sophie, feel free to point out everything I’ve missed. (Perhaps a #11: Mr. Bobby and Oui Oui.”)

  26. We’ve lived in Bartlesville, OK for almost 30 years now. We were headed to Tulsa, and got sidetracked here. It’s been a marvelous place to raise our kids. My friends are the best thing about here, and also, it’s small enough that when you go somewhere, you always know someone! I LOVE your Scripture; God surely does lead His people to where He needs them to be!

  27. My family and I traveled through Birmingham to Destin for spring break. I knew you lived there and I thought to myself several times that it seemed like a great place to live! Then, we passed by Chuy’s and I thought of you again! Unfortunately, we had already eaten or we definitely would have tried it out after all of your rave reviews!:)

  28. I enjoyed seeing where your readers are from! I’m in the northwest corner of Indiana (a suburb of Chicago) and it’s not called the ‘armpit of America’ for no reason! Trying to think of some positive things about where I live is tough. The reason we live here is my husband’s job. He’s been at US Steel for 23 years (18 of which we’ve been married.) I’m originally from the Philadelphia area, so I have a whole list of great things to say about there! Whether that’s simply nostalgia or not, I couldn’t say.
    The one great thing about where we are now is our new church family. And as another of you commenters said, “God is here.” Reason enough to be content wherever you’re at!

  29. Carol N. says:

    I live in the ‘Ham too and love it (actually, Indian Springs Village near Oak Mountain). I can’t imagine living anywhere else. This is where I met and married my husband, 29 years ago this coming Sunday. I love my church, and love the fact that my mom moved here and went from 4 hours away to 20 minutes away. Love the dogwoods and azaleas that are lining my street now; love that I can find deer in my back yard almost any day of the week; love The Summit and downtown Homewood for shopping; love the passion everyone has for SEC football; love that I am close enough to Atlanta for a day trip and that being there reminds me how much I prefer Birmingham; love going to see the Barons on a nice Spring night and that I can see Braves baseball on TV whenever I want; love the rolling hills and vistas you can see from almost anywhere. And the food! Zoe’s, Tortugas Pizza, Diplomat Deli, Joes Italian, Ragtime Cafe and a host of home-grown eateries that while not fancy and expensive, are so good it keeps us coming back. And the fact that if we do want fancy and expensive and good food, we can do that, too!

    Thanks for reminding me how much I love living here.

  30. Alia Watts says:

    Love Taziki’s!!!

  31. 1. My children’s school and it’s fantastic proximity to my house.

    2. Neighbors that take care of me and my children when things get to be a tad overwhelming.

    3. I can be at a Starbucks in less than 5 minutes.

    4. The distance between my house and my neighbors.

    5. My amazingly diverse and wonderful friends.

    6. That donkey I pass everytime I leave our neighborhood.

  32. Three Rivers is in the foothills below Sequoia National Park, far, far from Birmingham or any city at all!
    1. The only yarn store in the entire county is in our town of 2600 people! Creekside Yarns, I love you!
    2. The Park (as we call Sequoia around here) is a few miles up the road.
    3. The wildflowers are varied and abundant, and some years are downright profuse!
    4. A river runs through it. 5 actually! (The town namers had a bit of trouble with their numbers.)
    5. There are almost no chains except one motel and the Chevron station, for which I am mighty grateful.
    6. We have a fantastic pastor at our little church.
    7. When I call a wrong number, I usually get someone I know who tells me the right number. Then we move into, “While I have you on the phone. . .” Cracks me up!
    8. I get no cell phone service but do have fast internet – the best possible combination of techno availability!
    9. We have a world-class sandwich shop; Sierra Subs almost makes you not care if you get fat!
    10. There are wonderful places to walk (despite the fact that we have no sidewalks).

  33. Houston

    1. Beth Moore teaching live at least once a year
    2. Our church
    3. A good livelihood at a late stage in life
    4. What humidity does for my skin (as opposed to humidity itself… *Ahem*)
    5. Great restaurants
    6. Diversity of people and cultures
    7. 3 hours to the hill country and 3 hours to Rockport and 20 minutes to an airport
    8. Memorial Park within walking distance

  34. Boomama, have you tried Pastry Art in Inverness, near Kohl’s and Milo’s?? Oh my goodness. Their little baby bites are SO GOOD. I go nuts for the caramel ones, my husband swears the red velvets are the best, and my daughter says no, the chocolate is the best. We do like to debate. :-) And I’m sorry, but Milo’s has to be on my list of what I love about Birmingham. No other city has Milo’s.

  35. I just went to Steinmarts last week for the first time EVER. And I thought of you and your mother-in-law the whole time, even though I’ve never met you. Two things occurred to me there: 1) Where have I been? and 2) I wonder which of these pantsuits Boo Mama’s MIL would prefer?

    What I love about my town (Cashiers, NC):
    1) Waiting for 5 cars to pass before you can turn left is considered traffic
    2) Our lives at home, our neighborhood, school and church all intersect and aren’t isolated silos
    3) Our only fast food is Wendy’s or Subway, which forces us to eat healthier
    4) Much less humidity in the summer than 3 hours away in Atlanta where we used to live
    5) My daughter’s school hours are 9 am – 3:30 pm which is so much more civilized than 8-2:30.

  36. We live in a teeny town in NE Wisconsin. I love that we have friends down the street, and we can hang out together at a moment’s notice. I love that we can ride bikes to the library, and I can forget my card but it doesn’t matter because they know me there. :-)

  37. I live in the Southern Tier of Upstate New York. Right now it’s 35 degrees and sleeting, so I can’t say I love the April weather, but I DO love:
    -my church
    -my friends
    -living relatively near my parents and past homes
    -the cafe where a bunch of friends and I play trivia on Monday nights
    -the autumn foliage around here (so pretty, especially given all the hills around!)
    -not having to worry about various southern insects/creatures (such as scorpions – I don’t know whether Alabama gets those, but I also read Jen Fulwiler’s blog, and oh man!)

  38. Oh.. amen to ALL of those (ok.. except the 280 one.. 280 + Gayle = stress).
    We love it here, but we love it there so much, too. My boys miss it so badly.

  39. 1. Our great church
    2. Friendly people EVERYWHERE I go
    3. Mom’s club
    4. great neighbors that become amazing friends
    5. yummy food
    6. knowing Keith Urban is somewhere close by
    7. a big yard, finally!

  40. I commented a long while ago with a prayer request when I was hoping to get a job at Mississippi State, I don’t know if you remember. Update: I just got off the phone with a mortgage broker as we get ready to buy our first home in Starkville! I’m excited to have someplace to call home after a long (looooong) slog as a grad student, dragging my poor hubbie every which way for my research. Home, home, home, it’s such an exciting array of possibilities right now!

  41. * My kids riding their bikes around the block
    * Friendly People
    * Afternoon walks
    * The Weather SC Weather can be great
    * So Close to Myrtle Beach

    Love our new home, only 10 mins from our old home!

  42. Our church(es). Thanks to a phenomenal retreat movement we feel at home in both parishes.
    Our college, UNT. Both of us went there and are ardent fans and our kids are too.

    It is hard to make it into a list. I always say it feels like a small town even though our population is well over 100,000 now. I think our city has tried to keep a small town feel when possible while also making the most of the growth in the area.

  43. 1. Tex Mex restaurants owned by a family and housed in what was once a Dairy Queen, or filling station or an old Pizza Hut. These places are usually named Tia’s ( aunt) or Mia’s ( mama)
    2. Barbeque places that have old school desks for seating. These places are called Bubba’s, Stubbs, or Sonny’s.
    3. Springtime flowers- the wild ones like blue bonnets and the planned ones like daffodils and tulips.
    4. Our church.
    5. Central market
    6. The Nasher Museum and the Amon Carter and the Dallas Museum of Art.
    7. The Angelika movie theater
    8. The Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Mavericks.
    9. The Arboretum
    10. Some of my favorite college friends live here and about every 6 weeks we get together at the places called Mia’s or Tia’s and laugh until our sides hurt.
    11. I have known these friend 30 years, and will grow old with them here.

  44. Oh Big Momma, you’re making me homesick for the ‘Ham! I’m not from B’ham originally, but we lived there twice and I consider it my hometown. I’m feeling a road trip coming on!

    P.S. Love the list!

  45. I love Nashville because I never expected to love Nashville.

  46. If you have any love for baseball, I urge you to take the little man and go to some Baron’s games at the Hoover met before they move to the not-yet-built stadium downtown. Minor league games are so much fun, and very kid friendly, and reasonably priced (well, except for concessions, but totally worth it!) Look on their web site for special giveaways for kids). My son played there a couple of seasons and we loved coming up to games. They also play the SEC baseball tourney there. For now.

  47. Now to answer your question:
    1. Don’t have to lock my doors. Do, but don’t HAVE to
    2. Its like watching the Andy Griffith SHow to walk down main street
    3. I’m the 8th generation to live here, and people call me by name and I have to say :who was that?” to my mamma
    4. Live next door to my mamma and daddy
    5. The churches, all of them, have joint Thanksgiving services at the high school.
    6. The high school kids have prayer before special events.

  48. ….and #7 – no one complains that the high school kids have prayer before special events.

  49. Friday Special at Taziki’s!!! OH MY GOODNESS SO GOOD!!!

    I am in Nashville now but I do love Birmingham! Have you had OutTakes Sweet Tea? So Good!

  50. Oh and a breakfast sandwich at Tiptop Grill in Bluff Park!

  51. I live in Kansas after growing up in the hill country of Missouri. It’s been a hard adjustment, but here are a few things I like about Wichita:

    1) Big families are welcome here. We only have two kids; most people seem to have 5.
    2) The Zoo
    3) Botanica
    4) Amazing sunsets (what is it about the prairie?)
    5) News anchors who’s comments often involve “prayer”
    6) My kids’ great elementary school
    7) Activities always include kids (it’s just a given)
    8) Grocery stores on every corner (at least every mile)
    9) A restaurant on the other corner
    10) Really good highways that get me back home quick
    11) A man who loves me and takes his job seriously so we can live in a nice place.

  52. I was at Dreamcakes AND The Summit today! (No Chuy’s today because we are going there tmo for my b’day!) And AMEN on the Taziki’s Friday special. We sometimes go there after church on Sunday’s. My oldest always laughs when he orders the “Friday pasta” and it’s Sunday.
    And have you had Moe’s BBQ? oh my – it’s my fav bbq now! The one on Rocky Ridge is the first B’ham one and the one we usually hit.

  53. Kathy C says:

    I grew up in B’ham so this list brings back so many wonderful memories. Montevallo Rd and Altadeena Rd are stunning in the Spring. The azaleas are amazing. I love how they landscape EVERYTHING so beautifully, every business, neighborhood entrance, the roadways, and they don’t chop down every tree to develop a neighborhood! Don’t forget Davenport’s, Lloyd’s, and Golden Rule always a difficult decision when we visit. I think you must be crazy to like 280. My parents live out 280 and I hate that they have to drive it at all.
    As for me here in Knoxville (after 8 years in Northern VA):
    1. Shopping is convenient and plentiful
    2. Men open doors for ladies.
    3. Sweet Tea is standard.
    4. Bar B Que is easy to find and it’s GOOD!
    5. I can see the Smoky Mountains from my back deck.
    6. The Dogwoods are beautiful.
    7. We are finally within 1/2 days drive of our parents.
    8. Winters are mild.
    9. Great restaurants

  54. Things I love about Charlotte, NC (lived here since 2001):

    1. I met my man here
    2. We got married here
    3. My church
    4. My friends
    5. Cabo Fish Taco (A must-try if you visit)
    6. The fact that you can be at the beach in 3 hours, and the mountains in 2 hours

    I have to admit, I’m a little jealous of all you Texans who have all these wonderful Mexican restaurants. Charlotte’s Mexican places are good for the most part, but nothing like what y’all have. We don’t have a Chuy’s OR a Pappasito’s! Been to a Chuy’s before. Loved it. If I had a “bucket list,” Pappasito’s would be on it.

  55. Wait, aren’t you BOO Mama–why are you being confused with BIG Mama??!!!

  56. I don’t live too far from you….just an hour or so north in Huntsvegas :) Honestly, we love to come to the Ham and shop, 280 has seen the best and the worst of me!!

    Reasons I love Huntsville:
    -its big enough to have some good shopping and restaurants
    -its small enough to not have horrible traffic
    -the humidity is unbearable, but all the more reason to go to the pool :)
    -i can begin or end any sentence with “roll tide”

  57. Don’t know about a 25 list for the “Ham, but here’s a few of my faves. Naturally, food is involved.

    1. Davenport’s
    2. La Paz. Mmmmm. Wish I had some queso right now!
    3. Our church
    4. The Weather!
    5. Shopping options
    6. SEC Baseball Tourney and attending it with my mom – who for some bizarro reason decided to become an avid Ole Miss baseball fan several years ago. You’d think those boys were her very own.
    7. Our house that will never be perfect and always a work in progress, but is perfect for us.
    8. Knowing that if LHS wanted to have a reunion, they may as well have it here since this is where most of the alums live now anyway.
    9. Amazement as to how many people I know from back when live here, yet how seldomly I see these people.
    10. Bruster’s. Cake batter ice cream, anyone?

  58. Barbaranne says:

    I don’t live where I would like to live but I live where God wants me and my Darlin People to live, so that being said,

    1. My cul de sac – these people would give you the shirt off of their own backs I swear!

    2. My pretty grey house that my Darlin man bought me.

    3. I love that no matter what we have done to try and move that the Lord has brought us right back here to our little grey house.


  59. Charlotte says:


    1. God is there :) That’s right, Wendy!
    2. Being with friends who are our family away from home
    3. Beautiful, friendly faces of the national people
    4. Being able to raise our 4 children in and to love a culture other than their own
    5. Rice paddies, volcanos, tropical flowers, palm trees, mountains, islands…being surrounded daily by the amazing-ness (is that a word) of God’s creation!
    6. The air-conditioned, clean, comfy-chair-having Starbucks around the corner!
    7. Being able to purchase a delicious, spicy meal for $1
    8. Being able to purchase (even though it costs an arm and a leg) rare, imported treats like a Dr. Pepper or PopTarts or Pretzels to satisfy a craving from home :)
    9. Birthdays that last 36 hours because we’re 12 hours ahead of America. This also means waking up to an SEC game at 6am.
    10. Having Fall and Christmas parties with all the “fixins”, pretending the leaves are changing and the weather is cold, when it’s actually green and 90 degrees :)

    Looking forward to what He’s gonna do here. Psalm 67

  60. If you get a chance…in all your exorbitant amount of free time, check out my post on home…

  61. I love in Maui, HI. I love almost everything about it here; the weather, nature, the people. You can go outside every single day and jump in the water or hike through a bamboo forest. It never get’s old!