Feelings. Whoa Whoa Whoa. Feelings.

As a general rule I do pretty okay-ish with stress and deadlines and etc. I can kind of compartmentalize each thing as it comes, not looking too far in the future at whatever the next thing might be, and being able to do that helps to keep me (fairly) even-keeled and, for the most part, not too worry-ish about what’s waiting in the wings.

But somewhere around last Thursday, the various and sundry stresses and concerns and whathaveyous of the last three weeks caught up with me. And emotionally, at least, I hit the wall. Slammed right into it. And I stayed right up against that wall until Friday night around 9 o’clock in the PM when I finished talking to my husband and Explaining My Feelings in great detail.

He was mighty sweet to listen.

I think the bottom line is that when you take the day-to-day pressures of commitments and obligations and work and family and whatnot, then mix up that stuff with what has been a profoundly sad time in this part of the country and top it all off when some SWEET MERCY THEY’VE GONE COMPLETELY CUCKOO hormones – well, the emotional junk is bound to rise to the surface.

But the good news is that based on how emotional I was last week, I should be EVEN AND STEADY until approximately 2014. NARY A RIPPLE in the emotional sea. SMOOTH SAILING AHEAD.

ANYWAY – I reckon I just had some stuff that I needed to process and think through and talk about with my people. And with that being said, I will now bore you to tears by catching you up on all the excitement that’s been going on around here.

First of all, we ate supper at Zaxby’s Friday night. D and I each ordered a chicken finger platter. Alex ate a Nibbler and some fries. I got a Diet Coke refill before we left.

I understand if you need a moment to take in all of these exciting developments. It’s hard to wrap your brain around this level of sophistication and excitement, I’m sure.

And really, I can’t help but think that my 24 year-old self would be horrified by the developments in my 41 year-old life. Because, I mean, my 24 year-old self had high hopes that I would enjoy going to Fancy Gatherings and that I would care about wine and that I would only patronize the finest restaurants.

But clearly the 24 year-old me way underestimated my disdain for small talk, my complete ineptitude where wine is concerned, and last but not least my unconditional love for fried chicken in all its forms.

And really, I can’t fault her, because my 24 year-old self had no way of knowing that Zaxby’s chicken tenders, THEY ARE SO TASTY.

So pretty much Friday night boiled down to Zaxby’s + a long talk with my husband + A LOT of sleeping.

Saturday morning we drove over to Mississippi to see our mamas and D’s grandmother. And let me tell you what: I was as happy as I could be about having some uninterrupted time with my fellas. It’s been a few months since the three of us went on a little road trip together, and I loved it. We had lunch with Mama, Daddy and Martha, then spent some time at the nursing home with Sissie.

(And yes, I’m leaving out a big huge hunk of very funny details. But those very funny details deserve a post or essay or short novella of their own. I might even write a poem if I were any good at, you know, rhyming.)

Sissie recently celebrated her 101st birthday, by the way. She wasn’t able to leave the nursing home like she did last year, but we were so grateful to be able to spend some time with her yesterday and feel beyond fortunate that Alex has been able to know his great-grandmother. She is something else.

(Listen – y’all are as sweet as you can be to hang with this post as long as you have. It’s certainly not anything that could be considered even remotely interesting. But I’m just trying to get back on the bloggy horse, so to speak.)

(And look at me making a horse reference on the weekend of the Kentucky Derby!)

(Maybe I should go put on a sassy hat.)

(And speaking of hats – did we ever discuss the hat that Princess Beatrice wore to the Royal Wedding? Because I just. Well. I don’t know. I have never. Mercy. Never seen anything. Um. Can’t remember seeing. My goodness. Have to say it was a first. That hat. Would make a lovely design for a mirror. Or perhaps some decorative moulding.)

Okay. I’ve totally lost my way. But at least all this rambling sort of resembles a post. And I really did have a great weekend. And thanks to an episode of Curb Appeal that Sister saw, I’ve decided to paint my front door. And I bought some new Bermuda shorts. And Alex drew a portrait of me for Mother’s Day.

My first reaction when I saw it was to cry – because I’d had a rough week and it was just the sweetest thing for the little man to give me such a thoughtful gift. After I recovered from the tears and studied A’s handiwork a little bit more, all I could think of was what Shelby says about M’Lynn’s hair in Steel Magnolias: “You can’t mess up her hair…you just tease it and make it look like a football helmet.”

If the portrait is any indication, I have learned that lesson well.

Just tickles me to pieces, it does.

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  1. 1. I’m glad you’re feeling better.
    2. One of my guilty-pleasure fashion blogs called Beatrice’s hat “a be-ribboned toilet seat.” Bless her heart.

  2. The Other Elle says:

    But you have a loving (if slightly quizzical) expression. And a beautiful mouth.
    I love the portrait!

    That hat, though? Not so much.

  3. Your little man is quite the artiste…football hair and all.

  4. Okay, that’s a truly impressive portrait. Look at your lips! And the nose! And the placement of your ears!

  5. My 24 year old self would also be shocked at the turn of events in her life. Taking french so she would be able to order when she was wining and dining clients is a far cry from the reality of this 41 year old, but 24 year olds don’t know about real fun just yet. Give them 10 years or so:-)

  6. Yep, I will take my 38 over my 24 year old self anyday!

    The hat-bless her little heart, what was she thinking?

  7. Becky says:

    I know how hard it can be when you hit the wall (I’m there right now, too). Give yourself a couple days to relax and just enjoy your family!

    As for the hat, I loved it. But then again I am 30 years old and I’m currently wearing sneakers covered in pink sequins so obviously I don’t go for understated fashion.

    P.S. My husband and I bought a house (part of the reason I also hit the wall recently) in the Cotton District!

  8. Poor, dear Beatrice. If ever a girl needed a fashion stylist, it is she.

    You, however, look perfectly darling in that portrait. Southern Gal is quite right: your son is an artist.

    And I’m glad your husband was there to listen to your feelings. That’s important.

  9. So pleased that you have experienced a catharsis of sorts. There is certainly a lot to be said for a catharsis.

  10. Brenda says:

    Thanks for sharing your mini-breakdown with us. It makes me feel normal.

    The hat was Fergie’s revenge for the un-vitation to the wedding. Just sayin’.

  11. Terri says:

    Glad to have you back; I missed you. My favorite part of the pic is the pearls: awesome and so sweet! Don’t you think the mundane details of our lives are really the important ones? Spending time with your guys, visiting family; this is the gold of life. The details of work and everyday sometimes obscure the really important parts. We all know this, but it does get lost sometimes. Can’t wait to hear the funny parts of your trip!

  12. Katherine says:

    Dear Sophie –
    Thanks for posting this lovely rambling – what does it mean if I had no trouble following right along with your stream of consciousness? May I add my thoughts?

    1. Remember that it is May, when all school/extra-curricular/church/etc. end-of-the-year events come together with a give us all your money/time/sanity final push. Still sneaks up on me every year….I’m thinking if you don’t have a breakdown in May, you’re not paying attention!
    2. Zaxby’s – YES!
    3. I am still 24 in my head.
    4. Can’t WAIT for the post about Martha!
    5. The HAT! I think she looked like an unfortunate racoon that had gotten tangled up in some of the recent storm-blown insulation, but I’d lay bets that my 24 year old self would be out looking for one just like it, only in black.
    6. Sweet portrait!

    Thanks for letting me share! Go to bed early every night this week!!!

  13. Cookie says:

    Just celebrated 35 years of marriage this weekend! (chapel of memories,may ’76)! What fancy meal did we share? Breakfast tacos in the parking lot of Buccees! (come to Texas if you don’t know about Buccees!)After the gourmet delight, went fishing with my beloved! The romance continues…..

  14. Oh my word. I really feel as though we need a nice, healthy post about the Mississippi visit. Because a visit to your Mama and Martha and Sissie should really not go undocumented.

    I am so glad you’re feeling better. A good plate of chicken fingers and a wonderful husband can help so much.

  15. sweetest portrait- EVER!

  16. You must be beautiful. Show us a picture sometime. When my son was young and drew pictures of me, the nose was 90% of the face. My husband, my friends and three plastic surgeons have not been able to convince me all is well in the nost department – and it’s been decades!

  17. Oh, we love to hear your ramblings BooMama!

    We discovered Zaxby’s for the first time this summer on our way to Myrtle Beach-um they rank right up with the kids seeing the ocean for the first time! MmmmmGoooood!!

    Oh the hat. . .well, just Bless her heart.

    Hormones. They are. Evil. Pure.Evil.

    We had a little road trip too this weekend. I love having all my little chicks trapped in the car with me, always such a good time.

    Hope this week is calmer for you!

  18. That is such a good picture!

  19. 1.That picture made me grin, especially that lovely set of pearls.
    2. It is real hard to be a human.
    3. Hormones are from hell.
    4. Fried food is from heaven. Especially chased by a diet coke.
    5. Martha and Sissy are the best.
    6. Being saddled with the names Beautrice and Eugenia would be tough.
    7. I could not figure out how that hat was perched on her head. Did it hurt?? How many bobbie pins? These are questions that run through my mind.
    8. Having a husband to talk to is a rich, rich blessing.

  20. Susan says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better now! I went through the same thing last week, and I didn’t feel better until I spent 2 hours talking with my husband.

    My 40 year old self thinks that your Friday night sounds like a perfect evening!

  21. lauren says:

    I think it is beyond darling and very telling of his southern upbringing that a little boy thinks to draw a string of pearls about his mammas neck!

    PUH-recious :)

  22. I’m feeling a little up against the wall lately myself – so I totally understand where you’re coming from and I’m glad your sweet hubby was there to listen to you!

  23. Keri Always says:

    A hood ornament. Princess Beatrice’s hat looked like a hood ornament.

    Or that symbol for doctors with the snake and a staff…

  24. welcome back to your bloggy horse, sweet Sophie …. welcome back!

  25. I can also attest to the Zaxby’s goodness and The Nibbler…yum! I also take it upon myself to make my very own cherry coke at Zaxby’s because they have Fanta Cherry on tap! I must say my cherry coke making abilities rival Sonic (they have me beat with the cherry under the lid and the mint on top)
    Also my 24 year old self was 100 pounds thinner and was also planning on wearing cocktail dresses to the fancy shindigs I would attend where I would be commenting on the wine and harp music playing in the background.
    God bless you Zaxby’s!

  26. lavonda says:

    Love the picture your boy made you! How adorable. I read once where Jackie Kennedy asked her children for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Christmases to always write her a poem or draw her a picture or write her a letter… and as they grew, she would keep all of them in a scrapbook. When they were grown, she had a precious book to look back through of how much they loved her and how much they’d developed, from handwriting evolution to thought processes. I love that idea so much I’ve started doing it with my own children. :)

    So glad you’re feeling better. Hormone overloads are not fun. Happens to the best of us at times, though. So nice to have a man who’ll listen through it. Blessed indeed.

    And regarding Beatrice’s hat? I saw someone comment after the wedding that it could very well have been Fergie’s revenge for not being invited to the wedding. Not likely, but still made me laugh to imagine it!

  27. I cracked up as I read all of the “Bless her hearts” . . .in the south you can say anything as long as you include “bless her heart”!! I’m still chuckling – love it!

  28. As an elementary teacher sometimes the portraits that I get are, how can I say, borrow from the stlye of Picasso. But your little one did a WONDERFUL portrait of you! Treasure it.

  29. Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou for mentioning the hat debacle. I’ve just really wanted to discuss that with someone at some juncture, but with all the bad going on at the time, it just didn’t really seem to fit.
    It so looked like a toilet bowl.. and what about that horrific outfit her sister was sportin? Bless their hearts. I have analyzed it and I feel sure that it’s some passive aggressive way to thumb their noses at all the expectations of being a royal. It’s like they love the shock value because they can’t stand the stereotyping… OR… their Mama is Fergie, which is enough explanation all by itself. Amen.
    I’m glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, girl after such a tough week. I hate when all of my world’s collide like that and it turns into an emotional mushroom cloud, but it DOES feel better to get it all out. I hope so much that this week is better!

  30. Kelly says:

    I just love the blonde eyebrows! And I think Princess B’s big dark eyes under that ridiculous hat made her look like the villian in a horror movie. I also think she just did that to make sure she got pleeennnnty of attention on The Big Day. Tacky, just tacky! Don’t they know what tacky is ovah theah?

  31. I love your ramblings. And I just had to pipe up on Beatrice’s hat because I totally think she looked like she had popped out of a Dr. Seuss book.

  32. Okay, Alex’s picture is really, really good. And I have been dying to watch Steel Magnolias lately.

  33. Lisa Miller says:

    Wow…I began as early as the archives would take me and now I am caught up. Kind of sad in a way, but will be glad to take part in giveaways and give my 2 cents on occasion. I love your blog. Thank you for taking the time to let us in your world!

  34. These are my favorite kind of posts : ) Glad you had a happy Mother’s Day-that picture is too sweet.

  35. I live in Alabaster & I love Zaxby’s.
    There, I confess.
    I adore you & your blog! I am a licensed massage therapist in Pelham and I think if we knew each other we would be friends!! Your blog is precious & makes me smile & you are a great Mom…I can just see how much you adore your precious son!!!
    Happy Belated Mommy’s Day!!!

  36. Joelle says:

    My son drew a similar portrait of me last year and it now hangs in a prominent location in my house because he drew me SO DANG THIN!!!! In my dreams I couldn’t have looked as good. It was a pure masterpiece. LOVE these sweet boys!

  37. the hat…my word, the hat. I was super bummed that they didn’t do an SNL skit with a similar hat shaped like a question mark. Wouldn’t that have been hysterical?? closest thing I remember is Aretha’s gigantor BOW at the inauguration.

    Love your stream of consciousness…you are real good at being real.

  38. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this post. I laughed to the point of tears – and this coming after a night last night eerily similar to your Friday night (with the exception of Zaxby’s, given that the closest one is about 30 miles from me and I did not exactly have the wherewithal to drive far after my meltdown).

  39. BooMama – have you seen the photos being posted on Facebook of the Disney Cinderella/Royal Wedding comparison? Lordy, Cinderella and Prince Charming look exactly like the royal couple and the evil stepsisters look exactly like the Princess sisters did. It is so uncanny that you wonder if they did it on purpose just to wag tongues…