This Takes The, Well, You Know

A few weeks ago I spent the better part of three days cooking a whole bunch of food. It’s sort of weird, but I love to plan and shop and cook for a crowd. It’s strange, I know, but I’d rather cook for 40 than 2, and while I realize that this pretty much makes me THE FREAK OF ALL NATURE, it’s one of those quirky little things I enjoy.

And for this particular round of brunch-y offerings, I made some of our family’s favorite treats.

I made sausage balls.

(Those sausage balls hadn’t been baked yet, by the way, but they were on their way into the oven when I snapped a picture with my phone.)

(I just wanted to clarify so that no one worries if I enjoy serving up a delightful side of salmonella as a compliment to the brunch-y offerings.)

I made homemade granola – which is probably one of my all-time favorite foods.

One reason I like making granola so much is because my friend Merritt’s recipe is so good and so easy. I don’t know where I’d be in life without it. Except that I’d probably be at a place in life where I wished for a really delicious granola recipe.

This would probably be a good time to confess that I double the amount of butter in Merritt’s recipe, though.

Doubling the amount of butter is my inalienable right as an American, after all. I believe it’s covered in the Constitution or some other government-y type document. It’s all very official.

And I also made pound cakes. So many pound cakes. So many, many pound cakes.

I made so many pound cakes, in fact, that I had to get sort of inventive with where I put them after they cooled. I needed my countertop space so that I could keep cooking, so I wedged in my pound cakes on the breakfast room table between pans of granola and Ziploc bags filled with sausage balls. And when I ran out of space on the breakfast room table, I decided that my next best option was to set one of the pound cakes in a breakfast room chair.

What can I say? I was tired and it was the fourth pound cake of the day and I was fresh out of food storage ideas.

About that time D walked through the kitchen, and I said, “You know what? I’m going to fix myself a Diet Coke, make a plate of cheese and crackers – and I’m going to play catch-up with the DVR for a while. I think I need to take a break.”

So that is exactly what I did.

Once I was back in the kitchen a little bit later, I started gathering ingredients so that I could mix up some hash brown potato casseroles. I walked to the refrigerator to grab the cheddar cheese, and I couldn’t help but notice something sort of peculiar out of the corner of my eye.

I walked over to the chair to get a better look.

It was the strangest sight, y’all. I couldn’t figure out what in the world had happened. I mean, I know my people enjoy sweet treats and all, but they typically make good use of utensils when they eat. Thankfully it is not the norm for them to just bend down and start gnawing the sides off of a pound cake.

I was oh-so-puzzled.

But then I heard the pitter-patter of little feet behind me.

And when I turned around, I realized that somebody had come back for seconds.

Apparently Ally finds pound cake to be TASTY.

I take issue, though, with the fact that she didn’t clean up after herself afterwards.

She didn’t even have the courtesy to throw the SaranWrap in the trash. She just slung it over to the side of the chair all devil-may-care-like. LEFT IT ON THE FLOOR, EVEN. I guess her dessert-related enthusiasm caused her to take temporary leave of her good manners.

Clearly we’ll have to work on that.

I think it’s only fair.
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  1. Stephanie says:

    I have that same plate your pound cake is on =) and I have a doggy that would certainly eat pound cake served on a plate also!

  2. If you haven’t posted the sausage balls recipe before, I would be mighty grateful if you would! They look delicious (even with salmonella potential).

  3. Oh, no she di-n’t!

  4. That is hilarious! I thought you were going to say that your hubby did that to the cake. lol I stand in awe that you baked 4 pound cakes. I am good for baking 1 pound cake a year. Just the other day I was thinking of making sausage balls. I am sure your house smelled heavenly.

  5. I make those sausage balls -always a big hit!

    Yeah, I have a beagle who will and has eat anything. . .at least act remorseful ! ;)

  6. katherine says:

    How Hilarious!! I thought you were going to say that someone had sat down on it! This is much funnier!

  7. I love that dog. Now I love her even more. She and I are of one spirit in our love for the pound cake.

    Another thing, take said tray of uncooked sausage balls & stick it in the freezer. When the sausage balls are frozen, put 20 or so into gallon ziploc bags and stick them back into your freezer. They’re ready for any sort of company, sunday school function, or occasional snack (don’t judge). Just cook them a couple minutes longer than you would if they’re thawed. Don’t put them in a bag BEFORE they’re frozen because they’ll stick together when they freeze & you will have one large, lumpy sausage ball in the end. I love having frozen, company ready options…

  8. ound cake…yum.
    I can ALMOST relate to the cooking for a crowd being more attractive than cooking for two. I mean…if you gotta maek all that mess and get out all those utensils, you should make the most of it, right?
    I can relate to it- can’t say for sure that I would do it, though! Bless you your pound cake looks amazing!

  9. Girl, I am in stitches over here!!!!

    How many eggs did you go through with all them pound cakes, child?!

  10. Haha! One time I made a two layer heart shaped chocolate cake for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, and I set it on the dining room table to cool because the dining room is OFF LIMITS to our dog. Well, she snuck in and ate it. The whole entire heart shaped thing. I burst into tears when I saw what she had done. It was devastating. And since then she’s eaten another cake, my sister’s entire bag of Valentine’s for her class, and more cookies than I can even count. I think it’s safe to say that she has a sweet tooth, and that it takes us a LONG TIME to learn a lesson!

  11. That happened to me once with cookies. Those Christmas sugar cookies that you cut out and take loads of time to decorate all pretty like. I made a bunch of them to take to work with me and left them on the kitchen counter so the icing could set over night. This was not even your normal height kitchen counter either. It was a little shelf like thingy about six inches taller than the normal counter height. When I got up the next morning, the dog had eaten every last single cookie and was looking at me with her tail between her legs!

  12. I am with you. I LOVE to cook for a big group.

    My husband gets so nervous when we are invited to something that asks us to “bring a dish to share.” He knows he’ll end up being the one who has to figure out how to transport the HUGE amount of food that I have made.

  13. How many sticks of butter did you go through? I am guessing 24….

  14. I too love to cook for a crowd. For a while I was making and serving dinner for 250 people every Wed. night at my church. By myself. Then my husband, whom I might add, is probably the smartest man in all of humankind, offered up a delightful suggestion. “Lu, ” he said, “Maybe you should consider getting, oh, I don’t know, SOME HELP?” What would I do without him? He’s brilliant, he is.

    But Boo Mama, I just must find out more about your pound cakes – they look ever so white and fluffy. Mine are much more yellow-y. I assume you use butter, and whole eggs? Or are you just an egg-white kind of girl?

  15. LOL. I used to make and decorate cakes from my home. I once spent a very long time making a typewriter cake. When I got up in the morning, the entire front of it had been eaten away. Dogs and cake decorating do not mix!!!

  16. One year right after we married I invited all of David’s family to come eat with us for his birthday, and I made my very first homemade strawberry cake, which I left sitting on the counter. I didn’t realize that our chocolate lab, Zeus, could reach the far side of the counter, but he did. I came into the kitchen from the laundry room and caught him with his front paws sprawled across the counter inhaling as much cake as possible. It was awful. Just awful.

  17. Seriously….can I come over and you teach me how to cook?? ;) I missed it and for some reason this post makes me wanna run to the kitchen and cook or bake something. Or….I can sample while you bake.

  18. This brought back warm memories of a Thanksgiving long ago, wherein our Siamese cat, Tinkerbell, devoured all of the whipping cream from a freshly baked pumpkin pie on the kitchen counter.

    She had the scoots for 3 days.

    Good times.

  19. Okay, so as soooooon as I saw the pound cake, I immediately knew that was the work of a four-legged friend. My kitties would be all over something that was not on the counter in a HEARTBEAT. They will stay off the counter and not get near anything on a counter or table for fear of their feline lives….but put something below the counter or table? Immediate fair game for feline buffet in this house. Now, to Ally’s defense, I will say those cakes look so good that I might honestly myself have forgone the whole utensil bit and just shoved my face in the cake, too. I mean, if no one was looking and all.

    I am totally making that granola. I don’t know how I missed the recipe the first time but it looks oh-so-delish and oh-so-easy! Thank you!! :-)

  20. Christy says:

    OH! This made me laugh out loud. You are a sitcom waiting to happen ;)

  21. Oh my lands. I’m reading this at 11:30 @ night (on my phone) with a sick baby girl on my chest. I had to work really hard to not disturb the poor thing I was laughing so hard at that first pic. Thank you A dog for the late night giggle that this tired mama needed.

  22. Ha! Stop making me laugh, I may just wake up the whole house! That is totally something our dogs would have done, and quite possibly any one of our children as well!

  23. Lisa D. says:

    Ok, as I am laughing to myself I have to then remember that you had to make YET ANOTHER POUND CAKE after that happened, huh? You are a better woman than I! Your story brought to mind a memory of my sweet golden retreiver, Willard, who licked most of the icing off the side of a birthday cake. The cake was on my Mama’s kitchen table, waiting to be carried into the dining room with candles lit for the beautiful birthday moment, when we realized that Willard was standing there, ever so sly, taking one lick at a time off the side of that cake.

    Our furry family members know an excellent dessert when they see one!

  24. I love to plan and cook for a crowd TOO! Luckily, I live with 40 people so I get to do it often. Truthfully, I don’t know how to cook for less than 20 anymore.

  25. Hilarious. My dog avoids most baked goods and produce, but would have been sitting at the oven waiting for those sausage balls.

    This entire post made me ravenously hungry. I am so impressed with the amount of food you are preparing. I am also definitley trying that granola recipe. I spend a crazy amount of money buying granola from Costco, it would be nice to just make it. Well, not nice, but more affordable. :)

  26. Everyone knows the crusty part on the top of the pound cake is the best part. Way to go, Ally, getting it before someone else did!

  27. Hilarious! We took the top of our wedding cake out of the freezer on our first anniversary and set it on the dining room table. Went out for dinner and noticed when we got home that our little dog didn’t meet us at the door. She was laying in her bed, looking sick. Yep, she was sick all right, didn’t eat for 3 days after all that sugar and icing!!

  28. Hi – I found you in Pioneer Woman’s blog roll, and decided to head over and check out your blog. I am really enjoying reading your posts, but felt I needed to tell you to take heart – you have a male counterpart as THE FREAK OF ALL NATURE. Tell my husband he gets to cook for a huge group of people and he is all over it. Cooking for just a few ~ eh, he’s not so much into that. While this came in handy when we had birthday parties, confirmation parties, graduation parties, etc…… it wasn’t particularly helpful in the day to day feeding of a family of 4. We tease each other alot about that, as the thought of cooking for 40 puts me into hysteria. Also, I too would like to have that sausage ball recipe.

  29. Samantha says:

    Love the look of all these dishes! I wish I liked to cook as much as you do. I love the idea but hate the work. Another thing I have to consider is that my children are prone to cavities :( I have to be careful about how much sugar they can have. Fortunately, I found a great guide with helpful tips from dentists and other moms. It’s called the Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth. Here’s the link if you want to check it out: