Follow-Up. Or Follow-Through. Or Something.

– Y’all sure do know how to encourage a girl. Thanks so much for your sweet comments; I am very grateful. I have also been SEIZED BY FEAR ever since I put up that last post, mainly because you know those people who are just loaded with confidence and set goals and refuse to entertain self-doubt and always tackle any new project head-on?

I am not one of those people.

So your comments, they mean a lot.

Did I mention how grateful I am?

– Some of you asked what an e-book is and if you need any sort of fancy equipment to read one. These days most e-books are formatted for e-readers so that you can download them from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or your favorite online bookstore and then read them on your Kindle or Nook or phone or the microchip that’s been implanted in your brain. Some e-books can be purchased through PayPal and then downloaded as a PDF.

For my little e-book, I’m probably going to do all of the above. Except that I’m not actually going to do any of that formatting stuff because detailed technology-related tasks make me all twitchy and snappy and mean. Fortunately there are all sorts of reasonably-priced options as far as the formatting is concerned, so I’ll be using one of those.

And as for whether or not you need an e-reader to read an e-book: NO MA’AM. I recently downloaded Kindle for Mac (it’s free – and there’s also Kindle for PC) just so I could read my friend Anne’s book (which I loved, by the way).

I don’t have an iPhone, so a lot of the App Store stuff is lost on me, but I do have an iPod, and Saturday night I downloaded the free Kindle app on my iPod and felt VERY FANCY.

There are also free NOOK apps for phones and computers and probably for that microchip in your brain, too.



– Yesterday we started watching season 5 of Friday Night Lights, and oh my word it is delightful. I have missed the Taylors like crazy and felt like I was catching up with old friends.

(Yes, I know that’s weird.)

(Yes, I know they’re CHARACTERS ON A TV SHOW.)

(Yes, I still wanted to give Julie a talking-to about some of her choices.)


So far we’ve watched five episodes, and I have to say that episode five – the one where the Lions travel by bus to an away game – is a mighty fine hour of television. Enjoyable all the way around.

– The latest group of Compassion Bloggers recently arrived in the Philippines. Over the last year or so I’ve realized that the easiest way for me to keep up with trip posts is to follow the group on Twitter – it becomes a little timeline of the trip, and it’s an easy way for me to catch up on posts, pictures and links in one central place. If you’d like to help spread the word about the Philippines trip, you can grab a button or badge for your blog, Twitter or Facebook.

– Okay. Now I must make mac and cheese. And hamburger patties. Last night I had a dream that I was really flustered trying to get food ready, and after I made the hamburger patties I threw them in water and boiled them instead of putting them on the grill. NOW DOESN’T THAT SOUND DELICIOUS.

So regardless of your Memorial Day plans, please know that it is my sincere hope that there is no boiled meat in your future.

See y’all tomorrow.

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  1. Friday Night Lights is making me sad. Julie? Stupid is as stupid does. Vince’s father? Catastrophe waiting to happen, and Vince is going to suffer. Buddy’s son? See stupid. It’s all making me so very sad.

  2. I gagged at the boiled hamburger meat part. I’ve never watched Friday Night Light nor seen the movie. Am I that out of it?

  3. Joelle @goldenchances says:

    Sophie, I have been thinking a lot about your “announcement” lately. It really pumped/juiced/fired me up :) because I *love* reading your posts which are honest and humorous and really resonate with me. But it also excited me in a broader sense, because I have often reflected on how your single decision to step out and start blogging really changed the course of your life. And how along the way you have impacted a lot of your readers’ lives as well, including mine. That has been an amazing example to me. And now you are brave and faithful enough to take the next step, which is the only step any of us are ever called to take but which sometimes is the hardest. So, a very sincere congratulations to you and also a great big thank you for being you and for inspiring each of us to take our next step, whatever it may be. Grace, Joelle

  4. I know just how you feel about caring about TV characters….only my imaginary friends are from Parenthood. And before that it was Monk and Northern Exposure.

    I visit your blog every day and love your sweet style of encouragement.

  5. Boiled meat can be awesome, it just depends how you do it. Thinking of Moroccan tagines…

  6. JustBetty says:

    Following the Compassion Bloggers on Twitter.
    Noticed the picture of @shaungroves earlier today – and couldn’t help but wonder how the patent’s coming along on Shannon’s Monkey Alarm.

  7. Kristi says:

    So sad FNL is ending and I too feel like they’re family. I texted my brother mid-way through an episode and said, “Julie Taylor is not making good choices.” And he knew exactly what I was talking about.

  8. My husband and I are basically super delusional about Friday Nights are refer to them like we are talking about our friends. Love it!

    When are Riggins and Sarasen (sp?) going to come back though and make us feel whole again? Also missing Landry and all his wit pretty desperately. I can live with out Lilah, though I did enjoy trying to figure out how she did her makeup so beautifully…until I realized Minka Kelly just has perfect skin and no amount of perfect makeup will make my face look like that.

    Wow. Did I really just write all that about a show? See, I have a problem.

  9. Boiled hamburgers. Now there’s a way to destroy one of the greatest things about summer. So glad it was a dream!

    I read all my blogs on a reader, and I’m terrible at forgetting to comment…so I’m so glad you posted today. I’m thrilled about your e-book! I think we should rename the “E”, so it’s not just “electronic”….but more like “Exciting!” or “Exceptional!” or “Especially-hilarious!” Just a thought.

    I hope it’s going well, and remember that fear is not from God. Fear is the opposite of love, so I pray that you are filled with confidence in doing what you love, for the One who gifted you loves you so much!

    You make lots of us smile. Hope you’ve enjoyed a long weekend!

  10. Oh! Someone who can speak the language of FNL! I know that those with Direct TV already know the end of the season so DON’T TELL! My favorite scene in the “bus trip” episode was when Coach Taylor was listening to the boys talking on their balconies and they didn’t know he was there. Whole lotta love for Coach. May have mentioned the girl who played Becky went to my school…now, the Riggins’ toddler is played (by twins) of a teacher from the same school. Small world stories delight me.
    My class gave me a Kindle for my birthday. It is saving room for your e-book.

  11. I seriously just threw up a little in my mouth when you talked about boiling beef patties. That, my dear, is disgusting. :)

    I might have to check out FNL on Netflix. I’ve never seen it before. But it takes place in Texas, right? I generally don’t like anything that is even remotely related to Texas…

  12. Thanks so much for your recommendation about Zaxby’s! I knew since you loved Chuy’s so much, our food tastes had to be similar. :) Due only to your blog post about it, the family and I stopped by one while driving home from North Carolina to Texas. It was so gooood! You should be paid to promote them. :)

  13. The night before Memorial Day, I dreamed that I was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Yes. But I think boiled hamburgers might be more disturbing.

    I’m delighted to hear that you’ll be writing something in a new format . . . can’t wait to read it!

    Also — I’m currently reading Elizabeth George’s “What Came Before He Shot Her,” and let me tell you it’s not a light read. Very convicting about the way so many children have to live/survive . . . Have you read it yet?? :)

  14. Anne Riley says:

    Well look at that… my little book was mentioned on Boomama. I do believe I have arrived. :) Thanks friend!

  15. HMM.

  16. See above to witness my technical challenges. I hit the button before I completed my thought. Therfore, when your book comes out I will need the remedial instructions on downloading. Technology is my friend. Technology is my friend…. keep repeating…

  17. Terrie Cash says:

    Is because we are such football fanatics we love FNL?

  18. Awwww….. i LOVE FNL! Julie’s choices are stressing me OUT. And I also understand that it’s all pretend, but daaaaang. Stress. Best.Show.Ever!

  19. So proud of what you are doing with this e-book! I’ve been thinking about you and just so happy to see people jump into the unknown uncomfortable zone bc its truly where we grown and see God flat up in our stuff and life. Enjoy it! There is no place you’d rather be! ((hugs))