As Seen On TV

Today D and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Well, I mean, we didn’t really celebrate today because he spent all day at work and I spent all day doing fun things like going to the dentist and also Walmart, but tonight we got a babysitter and went out to my favorite sushi place. The dinner was a very sweet, selfless gesture on my husband’s part since he typically prefers for meat to be 1) cooked and 2) not wrapped in rice, but he survived. In fact, he actually ordered some COOKED scallops and said that they were delicious. So see? It all worked out.

(Okay. I just deleted a super-long tangent about marriage that is probably best suited for another post.)

(In fact, I’m going to paste it into a brand new post at this juncture.)

(Please pardon me while I attempt to GRAB HOLD OF THE BLOGGY REINS.)

(So. I’m back. And now I will continue.)

After dinner we went to get ice cream, and then we ran by Walmart on the way home because I decided that my day wouldn’t be complete unless I could walk through those sah-weet automatic doors ONE MORE TIME before the clock struck midnight. I know it probably seems pretty lame that we would spend part of our anniversary night walking past big ole ROLLBACK signs, but don’t most married couples end up at either Target or Walmart at some point during a date night? Or maybe Lowe’s?

Anyway, I needed some cheese and some hairspray (though please rest assured that I have no intention of using these items together), but on my way to the health and beauty aids section I got sidetracked by a big display that was standing in the center of the aisle. It was one of those deals where I didn’t really notice it at first, but as soon as I got past it I thought, Hold on. Did that say what I think it said?

So I backed up the cart, took a closer look, and OH MY WORD AMERICA HAS IT COME TO THIS?

I mean, seriously? We can’t be bothered to bend over and wash our own feet anymore?

For thirty seconds or so I stood there all indignant and incredulous, but before I could get too comfortable on my high horse, I remembered how the simplest tasks became very difficult when I was 7, 8, 9 months pregnant. And then I thought about how elderly people or people who have certain kinds of injuries or illnesses have to be really careful when they’re in the shower. And then I thought about the built-in pumice stone and how delightful it would be to massage my feet and shower at the same time, and I am here to tell you that I went from outraged consumer to BONA FIDE SUPER FAN in no time at all.

I didn’t buy the Easy Feet, mainly because my husband had just taken me out for a lovely dinner and I hated to say, “HEY, LET’S GET ME SOME OF THESE FAYN-CEE SHOWER SHOES” – but I thought about it. Oh yes I did. And now I’m curious: are you ever tempted to buy the As Seen On TV stuff? Or better yet, have you bought something? Do you have any Ginzu knives in a kitchen drawer? A Chia pet on the windowsill above your sink? A Magic Bullet in the cabinet next to your food processor? Or – heaven forbid – a Shake Weight propped up next to a stack of exercise DVDs?

Just thinking about reading your comments makes me happier than you will ever know. Because FINGERS CROSSED that somebody out there owns a Bump-It and is willing to share her personal Bump-It experience.

Giddy-up, y’all.

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  1. The Magic Bullet is awesome! A friend recommended that I get one when I told her that I make smoothies for breakfast every day. It works great and is easy to clean up, as I can just throw it all in the dishwasher!

  2. I got a Perfect Pancake at my wedding shower about eight years ago, and every time I’d flip it, batter would ooze all over my stovetop. Maybe it wasn’t ready to be flipped yet… I’ll never know. In a fit of tears, I stashed it away and forgot where I put it. But I’m a fan of infomercials and actually think I need the stuff they advertise. I will say this: The Shark Navigator and Shark Pocket Mop are FABULOUS! I can’t wait to read the comments here. Surely someone has tried the Pajama Jeans! :D

  3. Don’t forget the Snuggie! I don’t own one but my daughter does. She can’t wait till Snuggie weather.

  4. Oh my…I might come back 6-7 or more times today just to see what people say. I will just die if someone admits to owning pajama jeans. Just die I tell you…..but not because I’m not real curious how they actually look and feel of course. Inquiring minds want to know things!

  5. votemom says:

    haha! i totally just saw this foot cleaning thing at CVS this week! it seems pretty ridiculous. if you need help to bend over to clean your feet, how can you bend over to pick them up out of the shower so they don’t get all mildewy? and then you have to dry them and store them. crazy!

  6. Happy Anniversary! We spent our 20th at our daughter’s 8th grade graduation and our 25th at the closing to our house following a trans Atlantic move…not very romantic but definitely the stuff of life which is romantic in its own way.

  7. nlynch says:

    Walmart, Tartget, Lowe’s…..yes to all of the above!
    I bought the nail trimmer for dogs! Lame and worthless. Of course I had a 200 lb mastiff and should have used our electric sander!
    Happy Anniversary Boo and D.

  8. The head wrap towel that claims to dry your hair quickly…and it either does not work or I just have too much hair. Also we are guilty of owning a snuggy.

  9. You just described every date my husband and I have ever been on. Walmart? Every once in a while. Target? Sometimes. Lowe’s? Pretty much every time we leave the house.

    We have the Snuggie (love it!) and those towels that mop up water that were popular several years ago. I can’t think of the name right now. I get sucked in all the time now that these things are actually in stores!

  10. Hmm, I haven’t ordered them on TV, but have purchased some things after they are available in stores. I have the dryer balls you use instead of dryer sheets and I think they work (although they are a little loud). I thought the pedipaw looked great, but neither dog will go near it. It makes me wonder though why I can avoid the product while it’s advertised on TV but really want to try it when I see it on the Target aisle? Who knows….

  11. We often stop by office-supply stores on dates. (We both have a “thing” for office supplies — so organized! so colour-coordinated! It brings back the first-day-of-school excitement.)

    As for stuff seen on TV: my SpotBot became one of my best friends when we lived in a carpeted house.

  12. Deep breath.

    Sometimes my husband has insomnia and watches TV and then I wake up the next morning and hear “Honey, I ordered a 6 CD set of Country Story Songs and they should be here in 4-6 weeks. They were only $39.95 plus S&H.” We also own the Miracle Blade knife set. We never use them to cut empty coke cans in half, but they’re not bad with actual food. Multiple Snuggies live at my house, along with a couple of Pillow Pets, and we may or may not have purchased a set of Sham-Wow! towels 2-for-the-price-of-1 at the Texas State Fair a couple of years ago. I just threw those away, unused, last week.

    This has been so therapeutic.

  13. Well, I sure do feel left out of all this goodness! I have never bought any of the As Seen on TV products. We did have one of the “ASOTV” stores in our local mall, but never went in. Every year my brother gets my grandma something from them for Christmas. It all looks neat and convenient and cheap, but I can’t bring myself to actually buy something.

  14. Ashlee says:

    I totally bought the Bump-it. In my defense, I bought it at Target. That just sounds better than saying I called the number at the bottom of my screen, don’t you think? I thought the Bump-it might be the end of my hair tragedy. I thought my flat hair would suddenly have a lift just like the girl on the box. I was not looking for a miracle, just a little something to give me a lift. Let me tell you…the only thing that happened was I looked like I had a crescent-shaped clip tucked under my hair. I spent DAYS trying to perfect the lay over of hair to hide the dang thing. In a fit of frustration, I’d throw it in my bathroom drawer, only to come back to it days later for another try. I will confess that during my spring cleaning I threw away the stupid thing. I’ll have flat hair forever, but I’m better off without the Bump-it.

  15. Jenny F. says:

    Years ago I bought that gadget that you attach to your belly that works your ab muscles so that you do not have to do sit ups. It did not work…
    I also bought an ab-roll: that gadget that you use while on your knees. You hold onto the handles as it rolls out in front of you for an elongated push up… that hurt too much. I have bought CD’s, health drinks and vitamins… I have been a sucker for as seen on tv products. I quickly turn past those channels now and I do my best to walk by those products at the store. I

  16. Gah. Do I want to admit I own a Ped-Egg? I do. The results of going barefoot every possible chance I get (and in the South, that’s a lot) in my 47 years. It works fine. Just have to buy refills every now and then. I’m pathetic for admitting that. What kind of spell do you hold over us to get us to admit to this stuff?


  18. Jennifer says:

    So, when I was about 9 I called and ordered a Gut Buster (remember those???) for my mom because I was sure it was just what she needed. Had it delivered COD (those were the good days). Needless to say I was in huge trouble the day the UPS man showed up and I’m pretty sure she called Gut Buster and chewed them out for letting a kid place an order.

  19. I have the Magic Bullet mixer/blender and it is great for chopping cooked chicken for chicken salad and for making smoothies.

    And, my 9 year old daughter bought me a Total Pillow for Mothers Day. It’s pretty great for napping on long car rides while my husband drives. And, the best part is listening to my daughter reenact the infomercials … “but wait, there’s more…”

  20. As the daughter of a “Ron-Co King”, I sadly must admit that I do have a few items in my household from TV. Yes, the pedi-egg is a delight, and dryer balls work well but are a tad noisy…but come on now…we all HAVE to admit that those infomercials advertising the CD sets have us all thinking of picking up the phone and pulling out the credit card! The sad state of affairs after 24 years of marriage is that once in a great while Hubster and I watch the WHOLE “ad” just to experience the memories that the music holds, don’t you all? Who needs a night out at Lowe’s when you have REO Speedwagon, Styx and Air Supply reminding you of Aqua Net, blue eyeshadow and pegged-leg jeans? Ahhh…those were the days! I’m not alone in this am I?

  21. We have the ped egg, the snuggie, and an entire extra large box of sham wows. The ped egg and the snuggie pretty much live up to expectations, but the sham wow? TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. It does not sop up water like a vacuum in the unfortunate event of a spill or leak. No, it just pushes the liquid around the vicinity of the spill until you finally get so frustrated that you just get up and grab some paper towels. We currently use ours at bath mats. And as far as I’m concerned, even that is a generous position for the sham wow.

  22. I bought a bump-it and I was disheartened to find out that stashing the St. Louis arch under my top layer just couldn’t achieve the sophisticated look I was going for.

    In all seriousness, the Magic Bullet is awesome for making baby food.

  23. Emily F says:

    When in was in high school and college I had acne pretty bad. It broke my (vain) heart and my parents hated to see me suffer. Acutaine ultimately fixed it, but I tried tons of products before that. Anyway, my Daddy called me one day and told me something like “I bought you make-up off the TV, it comes with a video.” What?? I had never heard of such. We did not buy things like that in my family. Anyway, it was Bare Minerals and I’ve been using it since then (10 years.) Daddy was up late one night and the claims of the “makeup so clean you can sleep in it” got him. He’s a sweet man.

  24. My question is: Whose feet are so filthy that they need to be scrubbed that much in the shower? Is Grandma putting in a new septic tank or something? If you are unable to scrub your feet, you probably are unable to get them incredibly dirty.

    There was a segment on 20/20 a few weeks ago about “As Seen On TV” products and how they rope us all in. So good.

  25. I have owned the Snuggie (love it), four pillow pets (my kids love them), the Bump-It (I think you would need to go to a professional to get it to work), and the Sham-Wow towels (totally did not work).

  26. I do not own a Bump-it, though I really tried hard to convince my husband to let me register for one at Bed Bath & Beyond before our wedding. He seemed to think that other things like pots were much more important. BUT my mom just told me this weekend that she bought a knock-off Bump-it from the dollar store. Fingers crossed it makes its debut soon!

  27. There is a mall near where we live that has an entire “As Seen onTV” store!

  28. The Sham-Wow is just that – a SHAM!!! I used to own a thigh-master (you know, from Suzanne Sommers) and I promise that thing worked. Of course I used it as a high school student when I really didn’t need it anyway, but kept it for many years until it disappeared. My husband admitted to throwing it out saying it just took up space. I too, bought my first Bare Minerals from the TV and LOVE that makeup. We have a snuggie (bought at a store) and a ped-egg (also purchased at a store). Use the snuggie, not the egg so much! Oh, and I just saw a new info-mercial for a BABY MAGIC BULLET specifically for making homemade baby food. I’m sure it works, but pretty pricey!!

  29. I have an unhealthy love of infomercials. I seriously love to watch them. My favorite is the Food Saver Vac 500 (or 5000) infomercial; when it was at its prime, I probably watched it 6 or 8 times. Funny thing is, I’ve never BOUGHT anything from an infomercial. I just watch them.

  30. Love, love, love the ped egg!!

  31. Somebody in my family received Pajama Pants as a joke and they make an appearance at Christmas every year when we do White Elephant gifts. We have photos.

  32. well a pillow pet of COURSE!
    It’s a pillow- it’s a pet…..IT’S A PILLOW PET!
    I bought it for my son and he likes it OK- I think I like it better than he does!
    Your date sounds extra fancy! We just usually skip dinner altogether and head straight to the dub-ya ( wal-mart)

  33. Well, seeing as how I’m 7 months pregnant, I think this would be a GREAT thing to have. But it would only get used for a few months. Then I can’t be lazy anymore with 2 kiddos.

    Oh, and I ASKED for a shake weight for my birthday last year. Just ask my sis in law. She LOVED purchasing it for me. haha! I used it for a while but now it just sits there.

  34. I own two snuggies….AND I WANT THE EASY FEET! I have wanted it since I saw the commercial just after Christmas…I’ve been scouring my local walmart for it too… ;)

  35. Mighty Putty — being single I thought this would be great for fixing things…it does work a little but to be sure it doesn’t adhere the towel rack to the wall that started to fall off because it wasn’t attached to a stud :(

  36. Happy Anniversary to Boo and D! The Rev. G and I will celebrate 34 years on June 11th. (Married as babes mind you.) We end up at Lowes on every date, and that’s only before we head to Publix or Kroger so the groceries don’t melt in our Southern climate. In fact G tells everyone that he hopes I will bury him near Lowes so at least he’ll get a visit from me every now and then, as I love the Garden Center there. :)

    I own no infomercial products, but I’ve been so tempted with the “pasta in the microwave thingy with holes to pour out the water” demonstrated by the woman who so reminds me of Gladys Kravits (the neighbor of Bewitched). :)

    Love you friend,

  37. Amy C. says:

    I am a big fan of the Heel-tastic. It isn’t as good as getting an acutal pedicure, but it does keep your feet soft and smooth between pedicures. The only complaint is that you have to wear socks after you put it on at night. I hate wearing socks at night, feels like I’m smothering. I have a snuggie too. It’s monogrammed and super cute!

  38. I am the proud owner of the H2O Mop. Seriously – I LOVE this thing! My dad bought one off an infomercial many years ago. After mom got over being mad she found it o be a great assest to her cleaning product ist. She bought one for my sister and I. It is the best thing since sliced bread!

  39. Donna G says:

    I don’t think we’ve ever bought anything ASOTV, but I did buy something called “soapy toes” for the Boss that’s similar to the easy feet, but without the arch or the pumice stone. He has to be very careful of his feet, and this keeps them nice without him having to balance on one leg to clean between his toes. As we mature, that balancing act can get a little more interesting, ya know?

  40. OK. Quick story: I used to work for a summer camp (year round job, loved it!). When camp was in session, the kids & staff wore flip flops all the time. Bare feet + dirt paths = icky feet. Or, as we called them, “Camp Feet”. I hate to say it, but that little foot scrubber thing wouldn’t make a dent on “camp feet”.

    Anyway…I own:
    *The Ped Egg: Works well, but you do need to buy refills
    *Bare Minnerals: I bought it, and I use it, but not every day. It does work as they say it should, but I’m just not a makeup person.

    I also bought the Wonder Hanger. It’s very hard to explain how it works but it is supposed to maximize your closet space. Yeah. That didn’t happen. And in fact, one of the hangers broke.

  41. I have a ped egg, which I love. Have snuggie, kids always steal it. Kids all have pillow pets, great for the RV. I use those Cami Secret things…the fake camisoles to cover up the cleavage when your shirt is too low cut? LOVE THEM. I just wish they made them in like turquoise and pink.

  42. I loved reading the comments! We have a couple of knock off snuggies. My daughter would LOVE a pillow pet, but I ain’t forkin’ over $20 for a stuffed animal. :)

    My thought on the shower shoes? If you can’t bend over to wash your feet (or lift them up to appropriate washing height) perhaps you ought not be allowed in the shower unaccompanied. :) I, too, love the idea of the ASOTV things when they’re on TV, but often complain of the shipping and don’t buy. When I see them in the store, however, I still can’t make myself buy!

  43. I’m a sucker for anything Susanne Somers sells. Was by myself at the beach once on Sabbatical and drove home in the middle of the night after buying a pajama set with a matching ring that she was selling on QVC. I knew then I was IN TROUBLE. :)

    I actually just bought the Easy Feet as a gift for a 7 year old. He is nuts about clean feet and his MiMi thought it was a great gift for him. I thought it was HYSTERICAL to give that to a 7 year old. I did add in a few glow in the dark necklaces and straws to the package just in case his humor and mine didn’t line up. ;)

  44. I have not purchased from TV yet, but my husband has come close so many times. Holly Homer, at June Cleaver Nirvana, has purchased the Easy Feet and wrote about it. She has several posts about these kinds of products. They are funny.

  45. I totally bought the Pedi-Egg, or was it Ped-Egg….at the As Seen on TV store at the mall! It actually worked really well for foot grooming. And tons of my friends LOOOOOOVE space bags. My daughter totally wants a Bump-It. She is six. She has wanted it since it came out. It is a good thing we moved to Houston from The North because she was born a Southern Belle in the wrong geographical location.

  46. Teresa says:

    I bought “Cami-Secret” at the Walmart As Seen On TV aisle. Highly recommend it. I’ve even thought about ordering different colors on-line. :) I also love my snuggie.
    Happy Anniversary!

  47. Once I started thinking about what’s in my house I am embarrassed to put it in cyber space! We have the Ped Egg, Pillow Pet, Mighty putty, bump it, Sobakawa pillow, and the last thing we brought home was a pillow for side sleepers. It’s in the shape of a candy cane and has little ear holes built into the pillow. It was used for a couple of nights before the neck and ear pain started, so now it’s relegated to a prop up in bed to read pillow.

  48. My beloved husband bought me a bump it a couple of years ago for Christmas. I’m still not sure what crack he was smoking when he made that purchase. I can’t remember if it’s still sitting in the drawer unused or if I finally threw it away. I was NOT going to subject Goodwill to that purchase too!

  49. Elonda says:

    Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our 14th yesterday also!!! For our day, he purchased a new pick-up and then we went out for a yummy mexican meal.

  50. Walmart, Target or Lowes on every date – that cracked me right up. Every. Single.Date. my hubby and I go on ends at one of those places!
    I have the Magic Bullet and Bare Mineral’s make up – both of which I asked (begged) for for Christmas after watching the infomercials. Love them both!

  51. Jenn H. says:

    Okay, I am cracking up right now. My family just returned from a visit to my husband’s parents house. While there, my 15-month hold found that exact box sitting on some low shelf and brought it to me. I kinda sorta looked at the picture, but didn’t pay attention to what it was. In my mind, I thought they were something you wore on your feet to clean the floor!! Anyway, I put the box back on the shelf and didn’t think another thing of it. Until my three year old tried to open it later that night. And I again took it away and put it back on the shelf. I’ll have to ask my MIL how they work! ;)

  52. anotherlisa says:

    i use WEN shampoo. the guy who cuts my hair asked me “what are you washing it with? it’s so soft!” and a few weeks later my colorist asked the same…”it hasn’t faded at all! and it’s really soft.”
    cheap for me – no special color-treated shampoo to buy, no conditioner, comes to me in the mail, so i always have a bottle, and the bottles last a long time. even my teenage daughter uses it.

  53. I actually own the turbie twist. I love it, but I have fine hair and a towel doesn’t stay on my head well. Loved reading all the other comments.

  54. I’m surely glad you had second thoughts before you got all indignant. Some of us are old, you know. And creaky. And cranky, too, when people sneer at our ways.
    But seriously, may you have many more anniversaries, and may they all be happy!

  55. Guilty. I’m a sucker for an infomercial. And the easy payments

  56. When our son was just learning to read and write, he found the infomercial on the ‘swivel sweeper’ to be the best thing since sliced bread. He took his time writing down all the information for us, so we felt that we just had to order it for him. Of course, it was buy one/get one, and I think it ended up costing around $75. They really do a good job , and we keep one charging in his room , just for him to use. The magic has worn off for him, but it does still work rather well.
    Don’t hate me too much , but I have an original Veg-O-Matic – it slices, it dices !!!

  57. Sometime while we were dating, ten or eleven years ago, my sweet husband presented me with a box. Inside was Veet. A waxing kit. Apparently he took my complaints about the trial of having to shave my legs to heart. He was so very pleased with himself and his thoughtfulness. LOL!

  58. I have the pediegg. I thought it would be awesome to just give myself a pedicure in the shower. You know what’s awesome? Having someone give me a real pedicure!

  59. I am totally buying the JammaJeans for my four daughters for Christmas! Best gag gift ever!

    p.s. My hubby and I just celebrated 33 years! Congrats to you!

  60. As I read through the comments, I realized that I own a lot more ASOTV products than I thought! So many in fact that a list might be appropriate…

    PedEgg – like it, forget to use it as often as I should

    Ginsu knives – bought them years ago, didn’t think they were very good, still sitting in the knife drawer (why?)

    Sheer Cover makeup – LOVE! It is great for covering rosacea. I’ve used it every day for years. Though right now I’m using something different (temporarily) because it decided it didn’t like my skin anymore, as every foundation seems to do eventually. What is that?

    Space bags – bought a set at Walmart, they work like they’re supposed to unless they rip open like one of mine did

    I’ve also bought at least one CD set and some car cleaning kit that was a complete disappointment. My mom bought the Perfect Pancake, and I’m not sure if she has EVER used it.

    Wow… Maybe I should have listed the products I do NOT own. The list might have been shorter!

  61. First off…Yes! Every. single. date. we end up at Lowes or the HD. He ALWAYS needs a hand tool that eye nor ear hath heard of before. So thus, I buy a cart load of plants while the hubs hunts down an employee to help him find this made-up tool.

    Second…I for one have been eyeing that foot thing forever at the CVS (my go-to pharmacy) and think that my nightly, dirty gardening feet would love a good wipe-down. Then I could read an e-book on my Kindle while my feet are automatically being cleaned for me!

    Third…I cannot remember the name, but I bought (at CVS) the bra thing-y that can harness your bra in like 10 different ways so that no matter what you are wearing, no one can see your straps. Works great, if you do not mind feeling like you are getting into a straight jacket. Also, by the end of the day, you will have the worst back, neck, and head-ache ever! But hey, no one saw my straps! Now my cats think they are the best toys ever!

    Happy Annie!

  62. Oh my goodness, I am so thankful for this bevy of product information! The bump-it testimonies – so good to know!

    I bought those buttons that make your jeans bigger or smaller? I don’t remember the name. In any case, I bought them for pregnancy so I could stretch that transition wear, and they were very helpful for that purpose.

    My girls think we should get everything that’s on an infomercial. Ella told me the other day I should get Easy Feet. I told her I thought I could reach my own feet, but thank you.

    When I was a little girl I wanted a food dehydrator so badly. I wanted to make my own beef jerky. So I should not be surprised that my girls sing me the praises of oxi-clean and the like.

  63. Hi! So…I jumped on the Bump-Its Wagon last year. I was SO excited because I was going to finally have high hair! Teasing and spraying just wasn’t working, so I was psyched. I bought it and tried them…and was SO disappointed! The little knives on the underpart of the headband thing drove my scalp to bleed. Well, maybe not quite. But you get the picture. Needless to say, I returned them. :(

  64. PS :: Happy Anniversary!!

  65. I’ve never bought anything from the TV, but I have bought things once they hit the stores. I have a ped-egg. I think it’s dumb. I’d rather go get a pedicure. We have a couple snuggies. Love them! Great for blogging! And I have those bra strap things that are supposed to help boost and also make your straps not show when you wear a tank top (I can’t remember the name). They were on managers special discount at Kroger so they were only $3 for 3 of them. The first time I put one on it snapped and broke. I haven’t tried to use it since.

  66. There have been many as seen on tv purchases at our home. A couple of the things is the pedegg, heeltastic, and soap magic. The soap magic I don’t know if it’s because the battery is low or what but it dings at the end of the soap coming out. My church is very cold and I want to get a Snuggy to wear. To much? I have been known to take my daughter’s Dora blanket to put across my legs at church.

  67. I have read every comment in hopes of finding someone who has bought the GT Oven Pro! Every time that infomercial comes on, I’m totally sucked in. I want to buy one so badly because look at all the way you can use leftovers! And you can bake a chocolate cake without heating up the big ‘ole oven!
    My dad is the king of infomercial purchases. Until about a year ago, we owned a set of knives that he bought us (buy 1 get 1 free if you call now!) My sister bought our mom and me each a set of ShamWows for Christmas (again, buy 1 get 1 free!) I actually like those pretty well. They do a better job of mopping up a spilled glass of milk than a regular dish towel anyway.
    Happy Anniversary!! Our 9th is today!

  68. 14 years for us yesterday also!! We went out to dinner but no Walmart, Target or Lowe’s trips for us..think I’ll go do that today! Loving the confessions of ASOTV purchases! Happy Anniversary from another May 31, 1997 bride!!

  69. I have to add to my comment about Soap Magic about about the ding aka chime. I read the reviews and apparently the chime is optional, I will be making a change when I get home.

  70. I bought the Wen hair care. I really like it. I have curly hair so it tends to get very dry, I found this helps. I also bought an 80s compilation CD – 4 discs, I love it.

  71. I went on your easy feet journey with you and have gone from bewildered to on board. So funny! And happy anniversfeet.

  72. Several years ago when I broke my left wrist, I remembered that I had seen an infomercial about a hairdryer stand, so I went to my local ASOTV store and purchased one. I’m not going to say my hair looked fabulous for the six weeks I wore a cast, but I think the stand helped me stay out of the “Did you do something different (and awful) with your hair?” category. One-armed drying was not cutting it.

    And after reading these comments, I want a Magic Bullet.

  73. Oh my word!!! I don’t even watch TV live and I don’t go to Walmart (it’s the parking lot that I find overwhelming). In spite of this, I own a magic bullet, a shake weight, a bump it, and a ped egg….and those bra strap things. I love the ped egg. Absolutely love it.
    The bump it is another story altogether. I bought it because I was wearing head scarves in support of a fellow teacher who had cancer. Our staff bought scarves and we took turns matching our friend who had lost her hair. Well, I got the notion that I would look better if I had some lift beneath my scarf. Only not; I just looked like I had tucked a plastic ridge beneath my scarf. The good news is our friend made it through her treatments and our students enjoyed seeing who would be her twin.

  74. Hehe, these comments just make me giggle. I crack up every time I see the ad for the Cami Secret, and I am totally intrigued by the Pajama Jeans, but I think the only As Seen on TV product I own is a Snuggie. My husband gave it to me as a gag gift, but I actually LOVE it and use it all winter long!

  75. My brother decided to buy everyone an “As Seen On TV” gift for Christmas one year. I was the lucky recipient of an “OveGlove” – It was great….until I realized it only had 3 fingers…Where was I suppose to put the other two??

  76. You know, they should really put the picture on the front of that box of an aging, swollen and broken-vein-lined foot, which is a truer example of those who could benefit from such a thing. Or those with bad backs, etc. Or for those of us who live in Yellow Box, etc. from March to November, (i.e., southerners) it would be handy to have one outside the back door. Havent you noticed how those Yellow Box flip flops tend to fade black onto your heels? And when they’re already cracked, yeesh. Oh, I have a ped egg- love it. For the abovementioned heel reasons. The only other thing I have bought from the seen-on-tv-genre is the space bag, which I threw away. They don’t hold, over time the air gets in, and the things are so smashed for so lung the wrinkles never really come out. I do want a magic bullet, but the price isn’t coming down, and I’m serioulsy eying the shake weight. The bat-wing arms are getting to me.

  77. Do deer whistles count? My mom bought deer whistles and put them on my car. I never hit a deer. So maybe they worked.

  78. My mother-in-law bought me an ASOTV microwave smores maker for Christmas this past year. I tried it just so I could say I did. It smooshes your graham cracker down as it cooks so that it doesn’t slide off the marshmallow. It worked but it took up space in my cabinet, so I tossed it.

  79. I bought the bump-it. Yep, it would’ve been easier & more fun to have lit my 20 $ bill on fire! I never could get it to work. But then I have a drawer full of hair stuff!

  80. I’ve not been sucked into it because my dad suffered from insomnia for years and the UPS delivery man was a regular at our house for a couple of years. My cousin did buy one of those belts you attach to your waist to “melt those pounds away”. Instead of using for the maximum time suggested, she thought she would do double time and wear it on their drive from Tennessee to Florida so she would be in bikini shape by the time they got there. Several hours into the drive, her husband said, “I smell something burning.” She removed the belt and her skin had burn marks! It had black marks where the stimulants were attached. I’ll bet she had to bust out her one piece for that trip!

  81. I own several ASOTV items (almost all purchased at stores instead of online/calling). Most are crappy, some I love. My 13 month old LOVES the pillow pet she got for her birthday (It’s so FLUFFY! is the look on her face), we have a ped-egg (fine if I remember to use it, my MIL swears by hers), snuggie (eh), the smart spin storage containers (horrible. seriously way worse than cheap gladware), and a few others. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hercules Hooks. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything hung on the wall with an actual nail or screw these days, those hooks are great and MUCH easier than getting out the drill or finding the hammer!

  82. These comments are soooo funny! I also just celebrated my anniversary and we always end up at Walmart at the end of our big date.

  83. I have a snuggie (well, a type of snuggie) and the Ninja, but both of these were purchased from… does that still count? My dad bought the Miracle Blade knives and then when I tried to cut through a soda can with his knives he bought me my own set. I have not tried to saw through anything non-food related (well, a few cuts of my hands, but those were not done on purpose)… Oh and someone gave me a bumpit to try and it was a massive FAIL. Maybe my hair is too fine, but oh my. It did not look good. And now I’m going to go have a good cry over all the tv products I own…

  84. Eight years ago when my husband passed away I laid in bed unable to sleep. Every night. One night on tv they played a bunch of cd’s from the 50’s and 60’s called Classics. Love songs, rock & roll – you name it. It was $120 dollars for 9 cd’s and then you got one extra. It’s possibly the best thing I have ever bought. 8 years later I still listen to them all – on my Ipod shuffle, on my computer, in my car and I even made a copy of them all for my brother. He loved them. I love them – they got me through a lot of sad nights. I really prefer them to Lady GaGa and Chris Brown!! :)
    The feet cleaner thingies look interesting and I say that because I was seriously injured on Jan 1 this year slipping, sliding across the ice trying to catch my footing. I could not walk (still can’t much) and I could not bend over nor get my legs up. My leg was swollen and still is. I wished so much for that foot scrubbing thingie and a shower seat.
    Snuggies! I threatened everyone who even thought about buying me one. (sorry you guys that have one).
    Pajama jeans. I am tempted. Slip those babies on in the morning and you are dressed if someone comes to the door. (I am home due to the injury).
    Wow this is a really long comment – so sorry lol.

    I read every comment on here, something I rarely do. Very interesting to see what your readers have bought and not used.

    Hugs from Minnesota

  85. Every single date night ends at Target for Wade and I. Every single one. Who am I kidding….more often than not they START there! :)

    Your Snuggie-wearing friend,
    Carol :)

  86. I’m glad to know we aren’t the only couple who ends up at Target or Lowes on a date. Although we do mix it up with trips to the book store.

    I bought the Space Bags and was underwhelmed. I had visions of storing the clothes I was saving for my younger girls in a small, neat space. Didn’t happen!

    I bought a set of Strap Perfect things at CVS for my daughter to wear with tanks. They didn’t work for her, but I used one Sunday when my regular racerback bra showed with a new shirt. My straps didn’t show, so I’m happy with them.

    I also have some Pilates DVDs which seemed to work.

  87. MaryBeth says:

    Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 20th and I gave my husband a card with a list of “Stuff only boring old married people like us understand” which included: “that ‘date night’, although a nice idea, bears little resemblance to an actual date.” Which for us means we end up at our local home improvement store, where we run into all of our friends, so it’s really fun!

    As for ASOTV products, my son believes EVERYTHING on TV. He thinks our life will not be complete without EVERY product advertised. He was especially enthralled with Bendaroos. I finally gave in one Christmas when I saw a small set at WalMart. It was hard to see his sad little face when the hard reality of disappointment hit him. But it was a valuable lesson, now whenever he wants something on TV our anthem is “Remember the Bendroos!”

    On the Easy Feet shower thingies, this spring my husband had back surgery followed two weeks later by shoulder surgery. He wasn’t supposed to bend, twist, or lift his elbow away from his body. We were at WalMart (on a date!) looking for something to help him with his personal hygiene woes and I suggested the Easy Feet, but he just couldn’t bring himself to buy it and settled on a long-handled brush instead.

  88. I bought the Big City Slider Station. Supposed to make great hamburgers, egg sandwiches, and everything in between. I was so excited to get it, until all the burgers STUCK TO THE PAN AND BURNED. The clean up? So not worth it.

  89. Happy Anniversary to two wonderful people who make me laugh so much!

    Ahhhh. As seen on tv. I’d love to be a product tester for those items! They all look fantastic, but I’m always skeptical. I have caved though. Own the ped egg and a snuggie. Both delightful. Bare Minerals makeup is quite the fantastic beauty find (although they like it a lot too based on the prices). Still worth it. Would hate to do without it!

    Has anyone tried those adhesive snappy things that quickly hem pants? As a short, non-sewer those may be my next ASOTV purchase. Quite intriguing.

  90. I was filled with The Happy when I saw you already had 89 comments on this subject. I’m an elementary teacher, this was the last day of school, and a visit with BooMama and her cast of friends was just the ticket. My purchase? PedEgg. (Works, but disgusting inside.) They now make them with long handles for people who can’t bend. Missed that little upgade in my haste to be the first on my block to have shaved heels.

  91. I always have to laugh at the Pajama Jeans commercial when it says that it “lifts and rounds” your bottom, or something to that effect. I’m always trying to lose weight and stay away from that bubble butt look, certainly not trying to create it!

    Also, a word about the Easy Feet. I have severe spinal stenosis, making it hard to bend over, plus I don’t have good balance. I’m also diabetic, which makes it necessary for me to take good care of my feet. Consequently, the Easy Feet has been of interest to me. I’d have to sit on the edge of the bathtub to use it, I’m afraid I might fall in the shower, if I tried to use it there. But I just wanted to put in a plug for those of us who are semi-invalids and could possibly make use of things that make others turn up their nose! (But, no, I haven’t broken down yet and bought the Easy Feet!) :-)

  92. Ok, why am I the only one who owns Pajama Jeans? My husband bought them for me for Christmas and…..I love them! They are super comfy and I highly recommend them to all. Especially helpful on holidays that require a lot of eating! I have even (gasp) worn them out in PUBLIC!!! In my opinion….they look like regular jeans. (I never tuck anything into them though) Only if someone randomly came up and pinched and snapped them on my leg would you know how stretchy they were. I still have yet to sleep in them….but they are comfy enough to do that. I know you all want some now…..go ahead….DO IT!! (I won’t tell!) =)

  93. Ok, so I’m in Jackson today for the Mississippi Market and guess who I run into? Wendy D.T.! Oh yes, I did!!! and we talked about you!!!!! So I had to make a run to CVS and I saw these there in the As Seen On TV section and thought how ingenious!!!! BUT I did a double take when a lady walked in as I walked out. Pajama Jeans really do exist!!!

  94. Joelle @goldenchances says:

    Oh this is fun!!! Don’t own any but I caught my kids talking about how they thought the pajama jeans might be a good Mother’s Day gift for me. Seriously, a low point for my self esteem.

  95. Huggable hangars. LOVE them. Begged and Begged and BEGGED for them and gave up and bought a few sets for myself. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.
    Also – totally bought bare minerals and love the products. Bare Minerals is the only eyeshadow I have worn for more than 8 years.
    Say the Bump It and the Sham WOW! and the Snuggie and the Pillow Pet – no interest in buying them for myself but various family members would love them – although now I am wondering about the effectiveness of the sham wow – glad to know they are questionably functional…

  96. LOVE my ped-egg. My mom bought all of us Snuggies a couple of years ago or, as my husband calls it, a reverse bathrobe. Or is the BATHROBE the reverse snuggie? Anyway–he’s been guilty of having one draped over his personage a time or two. I’ve always wanted to try those pretty glass balls that are supposed to water your plants but never have. . .

  97. OH it was so worth my crawling out of bed with my achy back {don’t know what exactly is wrong but something has gone awry in between helping my parents move this past weekend and mopping my floors yesterday. Bad. Really Bad. Yet here I sit at desktop.} to read this!! STILL chuckling:

    Because I could so see me there all indignant as well and then within SECONDS the extreme opposite. SO ME! And YES! WHY YES, I HAVE thought about, even bought, the As Seen On T.V. products. I’m sold instantly! A sucker, I’m sure. The Tweezie thingy–yea, don’t buy that. My two oldest girls put one in my stocking last Christmas and once I decided I wasn’t offended because who doesn’t have hairs to contend with in unwanted places? I was all excited. And then deflated. No good. Just no good. Stick to Tweezers.

    But seriously, right now, this achy back is screaming YES to that crazy new FAYN-CEE SHOWER SHOES. I don’t think I’ll go as far as to buy it. Until you do, at least. :) Really giggling now. Seriously, Sophie. You could be our internet tester just like the woman on GMA who tests all those products. I realize that may sound like a big negative to you because, well, you’d have to buy the products. Or maybe you could convince these companies to send you one to review. OH THE EXCITEMENT OF IT ALL! But then again, you ‘would’ have to shout out those negative reviews and I just don’t know if you could live with yourself.

    If you get the FAYN-CEE SHOWER SHOES, please give us at least that review. Dying to know. Just dying.

  98. Destiny says:

    I’m not sure if anyone else has discovered the Pasta Boat yet, but it totally works, ya’ll! Works like a wonder, I say!

    We bought one several years ago, hoping that it would work, so that our son who was a young teen at that time could fix himself “some real food” if we were out when he got hungry – which was about every twenty minutes or so.

    The thing worked so good that we bought two more. One as a back-up (We haven’t had to use it yet) and one for him to take to college with him. It’s fabulous!

    The Easy Feet, and fungus and fungi that probably live on them, makes my stomach queasy. I’m sure they hold more gunk than the jets in my spa tub. YUCK!

  99. Space Bags saved me on my trip to China. I was doing OK on luggage weight restrictions, but I packed my winter coat (so I didn’t have to wear it on the plane) and with all my clothes, there was just not enough room for everything until the Space Bags came into play. Also, I love the Ped Egg, and I did not buy Bare Minerals from an infomercial, but I heart their makeup. I did once buy the EuroSealer (WHY? I WAS 19! I HAD NOTHING TO EUROSEAL!), and it did not magically cut a plastic bag of water in half without spilling any. In fact, it spilled a lot.

  100. The Ultimate Chopper – my husband fell for that one! And… the Carol Burnett series which I have never had the time to watch, but I will some day, I am sure…