Even Yet More Deeply Still Than Before – Again

So this past weekend in Louisville? At Deeper Still?

It was just the sweetest time.

I was going to write about it Sunday afternoon when I got home, but apparently I needed many uninterrupted hours to watch the Bulldogs in their final super regional baseball game and also nap. Then my two fellas returned from a little father-son weekend trip, and I had a fun time catching up with them and hearing all about their adventures. Today I just wanted to hang out at home and catch up on a few errands, but I haven’t really been in writing mode. However, I’ve definitely been in “Say Yes To The Dress” mode.

So there’s that.

We really did have big fun in Louisville, and I’ll have you know that Melanie and I completely avoided bad Mexican food on this particular trip. I’d like to think that it’s because we’re growing in wisdom about our dining choices, but mainly it’s because we were at Freedom Hall most of the time and the options were fairly limited. And let’s face it: if there had been a sign over a concession stand that said, “Below Average Mexican Food Served Here,” we’d have pulled out our wallets, forked over some cash and enjoyed some astonishingly subpar beef-type product wrapped up in something pretending to be a tortilla and covered with an orange-y substance that was posing as cheese.


Friday morning we both worked at the arena (we were there to do bloggy stuff and also to help with the event). I had high hopes that since Louisville is farther north than Birmingham it would be somewhat cooler, but unfortunately that was not the case at all. It was approximately 155 degrees early Friday afternoon, though certainly I could be overestimating. I’m sure it was much cooler in the shade – a breezy 132 degrees, perhaps. I do know for sure that when they opened the doors for Deeper Still late Friday afternoon, the place where I was standing in the concourse felt like someone had opened the doors of a hundred 400 degree ovens at the same time. It was warm.

Two big Friday night highlights were 1) getting to catch up with some bloggy friends before the event started and 2) getting to hear a new worship song that Travis has written with a friend of his. It’s called “The Word of God Has Spoken,” and I am of the opinion that it is absolutely incredible. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since we sang it Friday night, and that is fine by me because I kind of like having it in my head all the time. You can hear it if you watch the Deeper Still video re-cap, and I think you’ll love it.

My third favorite thing about Friday night (and obviously I’m dealing with personal stuff here; Melanie and I will be dealing with the actual messages over the next week or so at AllAccess ) was that Angie and her friend Kelsey came up to our room about 10:30 Friday night, and y’all, I really can’t remember the last time I laughed that much. There was one point when everybody was laughing so hard that no one was making a sound, and IT MADE ME SO HAPPY. One of my favorite memories ever.

Saturday was chock-full-o-Deeper-Still-goodness. Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer spoke Saturday (both were excellent, as always), and I would just like to say that the toned state of Priscilla’s arms is an inspiration to women everywhere (if you were there you TOTALLY know what I’m talking about). She has such a great sense of style and always looks so effortlessly beautiful, but I am here to tell you that her arms are a revelation. Clearly she has the Lord’s favor because 1) she’s a gifted, articulate teacher and 2) THOSE ARMS. Sweet mercy.

Saturday night Melanie and I had dinner with a bunch of sweet friends, and afterwards our buddy Paige and her friend Kristin came up to our room for LO, EVEN MORE LAUGHS. It was good times all the way around.

So now I’m home, and it’s exactly where I want and need to be. We have a wide open week in front of us – no VBS, no camps, no anything, really – and I’m tickled to pieces about that. I’m hoping to get some writing done for Ye Olde E-book this week, so I may be a little scarce around here. Or I may be here an obnoxious amount. There’s just not a bit of telling.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

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  1. You always have me giggling when I read your blog. LOVE the way you write. I feel like I’m sitting at your kitchen counter listening to stories. :)

  2. I so wanted to come and meet you finally face to face, but there seemed to always be a crowd around you. But let it me known, often times my head wold turn and look your direction! :-) I sat with Lora Lovin Osburn and Kelly Snodgrass.

    By the way, I was thinking the same thing about Priscilla’s arms!!! They caused me to reflect on Nicole C Mullen’s as well and then back to my own flappers!!!!

    I so hope to meet you one day, face to face. Until then….

    Higher Grounds

  3. Sounds like such a great weekend. I wish I could have been there, but it sounds as if I would have had to turn my face from the splendor of Priscilla’s arms lest I get totally depressed about my own! Again.

  4. You will be pleased to know that in KY today, we’re experiencing a high of 70 degrees. It was so downright chilly this morning that my husband wore his Carhartt jacket to work. So glad you had a good time in my home state, even if it was Louisville – home of the Cardinals. Yuck. ;)

  5. Sounds like you had a blast!
    And Say Yes to the Dress always makes me want to redo my wedding (not the groom). ..Of course apparently every wedding dress is now strapless and since I don’t have Priscilla arms, I’ll be content to watch from my couch :)
    Happy week off!

  6. Melanie D says:

    Sorry for the random “HI” as you were breaking down (the booths, not mentally, I hope)! I had just gotten to meet Melanie while waiting to hug Angie’s neck over at .MOM and I was on a bit of a blogger-meeting high! :)

    Between Priscilla’s arms and Beth’s wedges, I did have some envy from which to be freed at the Freedom Hall!

    Can’t wait to hear yall break it down over at All Access…there was SO MUCH!!! I’m working “shabbat” into as many sentences as I can.

    Melanie (smalling7)

  7. Being a Louisville native, I can say that it was hotter than the hinges on Hell’s door the past two weeks and is completely out of the norm for June in this area. But at least there was air-conditioning where you were! I hope you got to see more of the smallest big city than just KFEC!

  8. It was a treat to see you and visit a few minutes. Priscilla’s arms have motivated me to make a margin for the gym.

  9. It really was an awesome weekend at deeper still! Pricilla’s entire outfit was just adorbs. You aren’t kiddin about those arms of hers! And can I just break it to you that a mere ten min from freedom hall there was a chuy’s?! We happily headed there post inference until I received word from home about a puking child and my chuy’s visit was thwarted!

  10. A night of laughter was exactly what I needed. It was wonderful meeting you, love that Angie has such a wonderful group of friends and support. You ladies are so dear

  11. Your title killed me.

  12. How fun! I want to go to one of those eventually. So glad you have a fun laughing good time!

  13. I was there! :) WIsh I knew saw you all – always love to meet up with fellow bloggers

  14. That song IS awesome!

  15. This was great, as always!! I had to laugh because I think you just described the Mexican food our family ate tonight in SD!! Bleh! Our family is on a major road trip out west. In our minivan. All 7 of us!