The Big Boo Cast, Episode 19


Well, Melanie has a new modem, and that means we’re feeling a little giddy with podcast power right now. Because we can talk without being disconnected! And without error messages popping up on our computers! And without becoming so frustrated that we vow and declare that we will NEVER USE THE INTERNET AGAIN, EVER, AND WE MEAN IT.

This week we talk about our inability to use our soft voices, The Bachelorette (oh, we are not pleased), our real and imagined ailments, our trip to Louisville, Friday Night Lights, Melanie’s quest to find an aqua shirt and many other DEEPLY RIVETING topics. Like, for instance, THE HEAT.

And by the way, there was a section about mid-way through where we got sidetracked and I had to cut it out, but then I couldn’t figure out a good way to transition between the two sections, so I did what any media professional would do and simply inserted three very loud growling sounds. That’s a sure sign that you’re dealing with some quality production values, my friends. We like to keep it HIGH TECH around here.

You can click here to listen. Or here. Or you can subscribe on iTunes if you’re feeling particularly fancy.

Have a great Thursday, y’all!

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  1. Oh how fun! I shall check this out later once I’m home – I’m dying to hear what’s been going on with The Bachelorette!


  2. Can’t wait to listen later today! I am not pleased with The Bachelorette myself.

  3. ANDREA says:


  4. I’ll tell you what you need a forklift for–all your JOY! Have so much fun in Louisville!!

  5. Favorite quotes:
    “I don’t care for that.”
    “…did everything but twirl his mustache.”
    “…the sound of your voice makes your husband jump.” (I am very relieved to know that it is not purely a midwestern thing.)
    “holding a box of kittens hostage”

    pure magic.

  6. Lisa D. says:

    Ok. Lord help me! I was listening to the podcast on the computer without headphones and I just comment back to y’all like you’re right here at my kitchen table. I’m all “yes, girl” and “don’t you know it?” My husband walks in and starts looking all around the family room and our dining room. Then he walks back in and says “where are they?” Before I can answer him, my six year old son says “They’re not really here, Daddy. It’s Mama’s pretend friends from the Internet!” I guess he thinks y’all aren’t real people, but I surely am glad that you are. Can’t wait to meet y’all someday.

  7. Ho-ly COW, I am falling out over your George Costanza-ing if a flash mob should happen in your presence. HAHA!! Giiiiiirl, I’m so with ya!

    The cheesiness of all that is waaaaaay too much for this gal. ;)

  8. I think I need a translation of what “wheelhouse” means. Is it maybe a southern expression? I’ve noticed you using the term a few times in podcasts. just wonderin’

  9. Thanks for explaining the growling sounds! I thought something had invaded my phone! Loving the podcasts!

  10. I love your blog and your podcasts! I just had to tell you that I was listening to your podcast with my 2 year-old daughter sitting on my lap. She heard those three loud growls and kind of freaked out. She kept saying, “What’s that noise? What’s that noise?” I just love the fact that that was your transition of choice and her reaction made the whole thing even funnier. I also made my husband sit down and listen to the part about Christian radio. I could listen to you guys all day!

  11. Oh my goodness. I hope there will be more this summer. I’m trapped at home with 3 small children, and I feel like I’ve been on the phone with friends. The Christian radio moments CRACKED ME UP.

  12. Oh my goodness! “I must have left my file-o-fax in conference room b” — oh how I miss Friends. People who still quote it really make my heart happy.

  13. I just have to tell you that listening to y’all makes me all kinds of happy! I saved your podcast to listen to while I was cleaning the bathrooms and I laughed all the way through. Y’all remind me so much of me and my BFF (who I am missing this week because she’s off at banjo camp – true story).

  14. Oh my word. The growling? Priceless. I love that the podcasts enable me to “hear” your blog musings. Pure loveliness.

    Now I’m off to whisper sweet nothings to my hubby (as opposed to making him jump) and practice finding religious analogies in this ginormous bag of skittles the bun in the oven seems to be craving.

  15. This is my first time listening to your podcast, or even being at your site. And honestly, I’m only 4 minutes and 13 seconds through. But I think its hilarious, and even if the $$ you’ve made on it wouldn’t buy a stick of gum, I’m really glad I got to listen. Your christian talk-show woman bit is dead on. Have a great night!

  16. I’m loving the podcasts! I’ve started listening to them while working out. (I doesn’t look like I work out, but could you imagine what it would look like if I didn’t! On second thought, don’t imagine that!)

    It’s actually quite difficult to stay on an elliptical machine while laughing and trying not to wet your pants!! Trust me. I’ve only listened to #18 and #19 and am tempted to download all the way back to Numero Uno, but am worried the time lapse may confuse me, especially since most of my brain power needs to be concerned with trying not to collapse at the gym.

    Anyhoo, laughing certainly makes the cardio go by much faster. Only trouble is, I’m going to need a new podcast about every other day. No problem, right?

  17. OH

  18. and the above is what happens when this mama trys to post anything from her phone. iPhone savvy, I am not.
    How ever, what I was trying to say before being so rudely interuppted by the submit button that I accidentally hit…..
    OH MY LANDS! Thank you for the giggles. It makes me feel like I’m not so far from home when I listen to you all chat.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    I am also a first time listener and new to your blog. I listened to your podcast last nite , and couldn’t have enjoyed it more !! You two CRACKED me up ! I’m SO with ya on the strapless wedding gowns !! I have called my own sister to tell her EXACTLY the same things ! How do we get across to these young brides ?? I got married in a long sleeved wedding dress and think every other bride should too. ; )
    I want to hear ya’ll MORE. ( I said in my low Christian radio voice … ) XOXO Love E

  20. I have to admit that I have never listened to the podcasts before because I don’t get sound on my computer at work and am to busy at home…ahem. Anyway, I’ve recently begun listening to podcasts on my phone so when I saw this, I went and downloaded all of them. I’m on #13 and have laughed with tears many times so far. I do have to say that the ones with “FryDaddy” made me laugh the most. Hilarious! And Travis sounded eerily like Neal Diamond! Loved it!