Attention, People Of The Internet

– If you’d like to enter to win a $100 Best Buy gift card, click on over to my newest giveaway post.

– I am loving – LOVING – the lyrics to this new song by Shaun Groves. And the banjo, too. :-)

– One of my favorite bloggers ever is Veronica Mitchell. I adore her writing. It sings. And this post? Is beautiful.

– If love Friday Night Lights and aren’t reading Alan Sepinwall’s recaps of each episode, you are missing a treasure. So, so good – and so fun to read what he had to say about the older episodes, too.

Melanie and I are headed to Louisville, KY tomorrow for Deeper Still. Are any of y’all planning to be there?

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  1. It is my sincere wish that you and Melanie find Tex Mex goodness in Kentucky. There is a Chuy’s in Louisville. You are welcome.

  2. OK, now you are in MY neck of the woods. Email me if you need an idea of somewhere fun to eat!

  3. Thanks, friend. ; )

  4. Hey, Louisville, that’s where we live :)

    Bring cool clothes – it is STEAMING here. I picked up A2 from football this morning at 11 a.m. and it was already so hazy it looked like smoke.

  5. I’ll be at Freedom Hall Friday and Saturday. Maybe I’ll bump into you. But probably not. I’m guessing you *might* get better seats than me. ;-) Excited to know we’ll be praising and learning in the same room!

  6. Must go check out anything that can add to my fnl experience! So thanks. I will betherewith my bible study girls this weekend. Can’t wait!

  7. Wasn’t just talking fast with my betherewith. Stinkin iPad.

  8. pettsallowed says:

    Go to Lynn’s Paradise cafe, we went there when we were there for WOJ last year. Very fun place and great food! You can call ahead for a reservation,too. Also if you have time tour Churchill downs ($5 last year) Very interesting, and great place for pics.Have fun!

  9. I WISH, I wish, I wish I was going to be in Louisville! If I could click my heels together three times and get there and back the same way, I would! Were I not VBS director of a VBS that starts Sunday night, I’d BE there!

  10. No, but if you get to talking and keep driving up 71 North instead of taking your exit then call me up and we can do some Mexican

    (not that I’ve EVER done that before)

    (yes I did, in the town I’ve lived in for 12 years and ended up 30 miles south before we realized it)

  11. I just love you and Melanie! Totally think you two need to come hang out with my bible study group. We just treated ourselves to Bellinis after our dinner and discussion, we’d love to have y’all! Be safe this weekend!

  12. Have a wonderful time! I hope you and Melanie bring cell phones so you can talk, because according to her blog she’s going to Lexington and what with the whole event thing being in Louisville, she might get a tad bit bored.

    Sophie, do you know if they’re going to record this event for future sale? I’d give anything to be able to hear the teaching. (Except the $1738 the plane ticket would have cost from Germany.) :)

  13. Thanks for the link, lady. You are always so kind. But the new blog is on blogger, not wordpress this time.

  14. Melanie said on her blog that she is going to Lexington. Are you going to the same place?

  15. Yay! I hope I see ya there.

    I’ll be the crazy one waving like a teenager (if I see you)! teehee!