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When I was growing up, I loved to watch “The Jetsons.” Everything about it fascinated me. I loved the space travel, the conveyor belts, the bubbles that delivered everyone safely back into the house. Or pod. Or whatever you were supposed to call it.

But more than anything else, I loved the stuff that made Jane’s life easier. Rosie the Robot was always around to pitch in with household chores. Jane could push a button and instantly find herself wearing a new outfit. She could sit in a chair, roll halfway across a room – and within seconds she’d be perfectly coiffed, perfectly made up, perfectly ready to face the day or face lunch or face riding around in her sassy spacemobile.

I’m firmly convinced that Jane had no idea how lucky she was. Because now that I’m older and take care of other people and take care of a house and all that jazz, there are days when I would give anything for a Rosie the Robot to come to my rescue.

Now granted, there are certain chores I don’t mind at all. I love to cook and actually enjoy doing the grocery shopping and meal planning. For me there are few things more relaxing than getting in my kitchen and preparing a (hopefully) tasty supper for my family. I don’t mind cleaning up the kitchen, either. It’s sort of the perfect way to bring closure to the day’s activities, and when I turn on the dishwasher, turn off the kitchen lights and walk toward the den every night, that’s like my personal cue that THE RELAXING, IT BEGINS NOW.

But there are two chores in particular that I don’t enjoy AT ALL. Not even a little bit. And when I heard about the Samsung Power Foam laundry machine (which apparently lets you wash more clothes in less time so that you’re free to do more of the stuff you enjoy), I thought longingly of my own dream appliance.

Because let me tell you: if this particular appliance actually existed? I would pay large sums of CASH AMERICAN MONEY to purchase one.

And what is it, you wonder?

A Laundry-Folder-And-Put-Away-Er.

Oh, yes. It’s a very catchy name.

Here’s the thing. I don’t mind washing clothes. Sometimes I even look forward to washing clothes because, well, I so enjoy the smell of laundry detergent.

(I’m fairly certain that I just overshared.)

(But I do hope you’ll keep reading.)

So the washing of the clothes? Fine. I can get on board with that. And I don’t really mind pulling the clothes out of the washer and throwing them in the dryer since it requires all of 10 to 15 seconds of my time. Provided that the dryer isn’t already full, of course.

But the laundry folding? And putting away? OH I DO NOT ENJOY IT. And if there were a special appliance that could handle all the folding and putting away for me, I think my life would be ever-so-much more pleasant. I’d have extra time every single day – time that I could visit with my family, or go for a walk, or cook a fun new side dish, or sit on my couch and watch re-runs of “The Jetsons.”

Listen. I could even watch “The Jetsons” with my son and simultaneously tell him about the TV shows of yore that we used to watch in ye olden days.

For the time being, I reckon, I’m out of luck as far as the Laundry-Folder-And-Put-Away-Er is concerned. I can always go stand in Best Buy and stare longingly at the new Samsung Power Foam laundry machine and pretend that it could hang up my shirts and put them away after it finished steaming them.

But the next time there are three loads of clothes piled up on the bed in our guest bedroom, I may have to sit down and draw up some plans for the Samsung people. Since they’ve conquered the laundry cleaning, maybe they can conquer the putting away part next.

A girl can dream, y’all.

A girl can dream.

If you’d like to be entered to win a $100 Best Buy gift card, leave a comment that answers the following question: What would your dream appliance do? Would it dust your furniture? Unload your dishwasher? Clean your bathrooms?

Can’t wait to read your comments – and Happy Dreaming, everybody!

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  1. my dream appliance would be a 4-star chef that would cook every meal for me! hey, it worked on the Jetsons!

  2. My dream appliance would be one that scrubbed down my entire shower . . . including the metal door track which has crevices that prove impossible to reach, yet so visible at every angle imaginable. Those darned shower doors are the bane of my existence.

  3. Kelly Campbell says:

    My dream appliance would wash the dog and suck up all his hair. It would also get all the hair that get under the appliances and furniture.

  4. I love reading your blog. You crack me up!

    I can only pick ONE appliance? Seriously. that is soooo not fair. Ok, so I want my appliance to be a multi-tasker. It cooks, does laundry (that folding and putting away part) and mops the floors.

  5. Keturah says:

    My dream appliance would definitely clean the bathroom. My least favorite chore ever!

  6. Mine would get up all the cat and dog hair all over the house. Now, I know what you’re going to say… “Shari, there’s something called a broom or a vacuum or even a Roomba.” But even those things require some operation on my part and they don’t get it ALL. I want something that gets it ALL.

    ALL. ;)

  7. OH. Definitely a dog hair picker-upper/eradicator.


  8. My dream appliance would be a multi-tasker that could clean baseboards, wash windows, vacuum, dust, sweep and mop. Basically everything. ;)

  9. It would clean the dust that gathers around the bottom of the toilet, especially in the back. Oh, what a happy day that would be.

  10. Jessica says:

    I definitely want a bathroom cleaner. Especially one that cleaned toilets and bath tubs!

  11. Bethany says:

    Something that actually scrubs the shower really hard that’s not expensive, hard to use, or makes a mess. Not much to ask, eh??! Since I live alone, the shower only gets cleaned when I have overnight guests about twice a year. Now I believe that I’ve also overshared…

  12. My dream appliance would clean the bathroom. WHY is it so dirty? It’s disgusting. It’s just me and the fiance. We have a three-glass-walled shower stall and it is NEVER clean like I want it to be!

  13. Yes to the bathroom cleaner! It is my most despised chore, but also the one I’m not willing to let anyone else do. I want a self-cleaning bathroom.

    Yes, Laura! The cleaning BEHIND the toilet!

  14. I’m not an ironing fan. I’ve compromised by using a steamer on some things, but certain items just need to be pressed. It would be great if said machine could hang the clothes in the closet too. You know, since we’re dreaming!

  15. If I can only pick one appliance it is going to definitely be a multi-tasker. Lets see…it needs to be able to fold and put away laundry (because I utterly despise that part of laundry), clean the shower, and dust. Those are the household chores that I absolutely hate. But if I could be so bold, why can’t I just get a Rosie?!?!?! She could handle all of my household chores. That would be the life!!!!

  16. My dream appliance would be a self cleaning stove top. I realize that some folks have this already, some newfangled flat glass electric range, but me and my black gas range could use a little cleaning help.

  17. My dream appliance would dust. I don’t mind laundry, floors, windows, etc., but I despise dusting!

  18. Brenda S. says:

    My dream appliance would be one that would sort the socks. I despise socks. They irritate me. I do not like to wear them, either! Matching the socks up is my dreaded job. After I do laundry, I fold all the other clothes, but the socks go into a different laundry basket. After the basket has reached maximum capacity, and my hubby starts complainng that he doesn’t have any sock, only then do I match and fold!! ;-)

  19. oh that is easy….dust! dust everything. from the fans to the baseboards. everything. worst job in the house by far!

  20. My dream appliance would be just like yours – a folding-and-putting-away machine for the laundry! In fact, as I type this, I am studiously ignoring a mountain of laundry on my couch that is in need of folding and putting away.

  21. My dream appliance would magically suck the dust out of the house. Like some sort of vacuum-like robot that roamed around the house and somehow magnetically attracted dust. I’d love it!

  22. I hate the dog hair that gathers under chairs and scatters itself around the living room. I’d like to have something that picked it all up. It would be a bonus if it also brushed the dog everyday too to keep shedding in check.

  23. The dishwasher would put it’s clean dishes away. I don’t like cleaning at all but this is one thing that I am horrible at! I can load it… but emptying it is a pita.

  24. Holly Edwards says:

    I would like an appliance that works basically the same as a maid; clean, cook, make the beds…how great would that be?

  25. Carrie L says:

    My dream appliance would be a meal maker- put in what I would like for dinner, when I need it ready by and viola! Dinner for 5!

  26. I, too, would like a folder-and-put-away-er. But a close second would be an auto sweeper. Not a roomba, mind you, because I need wet/dry. And I need it to be more like a swiffer that will for sure get all that gunk. But without me doing it. Or maybe just a Rosie Robot so I don’t have to do any of it:).

  27. My dream applicance would be the handydandyfixanything applicance….or just the one that would get my shower sparkling clean :)

  28. Definitely something to dust for me. I have a severe issue with keeping nik-naks (sp?) around because I HATE…LOATHE…DESPISE….clutter and dusting. Just sayin’.

  29. Thatchermom says:

    One that would follow my kids around and do the nagging for me on endless repeat. Did you do your homework? Pick up your socks! Are your chores done? Pick up those socks! Set the table. Pick up the darn socks. When I said get in the shower, I meant today. And pick up your socks when you get out.

    Notice any themes around here? Maybe even if it just picked up all the dang socks my family leaves all over the house I’d be happy…

  30. I laughed when you mentioned an appliance that would “unload your dishwasher,” because my dream appliance would *be* a dishwasher. Doing dishes by hand – not fun.

  31. My dream appliance? One that changes babies diapers! I have two young ones in diapers and I feel like that is all I do somedays! I’ll clean the house, let my dream appliance do the “dirty” work! Ha!

  32. Mine would unload the dishwasher!! I HATE HATE HATE that job so it would be fantastic if I could have a little root man(one that looked like George Clooney,please) would be PERFECTION!!!

  33. My dream appliance would definitely be one that cleaned my toilets. I hate that one chore more than anything. Please someone invent that. I might sell my right arm or left leg, or both, for that.

  34. My dream appliance would sweep floors and steam clean them. I hate to do floors. I love when they’re done, but I hate the chore of doing them myself. If there was a little robot that would sweep and then steam, I would pay whatever CASH AMERICAN MONEY it took! :)

  35. Oh, there are so many! But since I have to pick just one – cleaning the bathrooms. Just. . . yuck.

  36. Robin M. says:

    I really do not enjoy unloading the dishwasher… there are always more dirty dishes to put back in and it never seems to be finished.

  37. My dream appliance would absolutely vacuum and dust for me!

  38. julieK says:

    It would have to be some sort of robot device that knows where extra dirt lies – under furniture, base boards, ceiling fans – and destroys it.

  39. Mami2jcn says:

    My dream appliance would be a robot that would mop my floors.

  40. Mami2jcn says:


  41. Lacey C. says:

    It would iron my clothes for me! And I don’t mean steam the wrinkles out, I mean iron some creases in. And thus my sanity would be slightly restored.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    It would be a dual function duster/cleaner of the shower doors.

  43. April W. says:

    Something that cleaned the hair out of the sink so I wouldn’t have to look at it at all. I don’t mind cleaning, i just gag every time I see wads of hair. Sure sure draino works great most of the time but sometimes it needs to come up instead of down and I don’t appreciate that job.

  44. Wouldn’t it be super to have a robot to clean the toilets and bathtubs? yeah!

  45. Desirae says:

    my dream appliance would take care of both of my kids whenever i wanted to take a nap!

  46. Janelle says:

    My dream appliance would sweep, mop, and vacuum my floors. Love being on them, loathe cleaning them!

  47. Mine would mop, clean our shower door & leave no scum unlike me, dust the blinds & baseboards…it would be fantastic :)
    Talk about spoiled! I would smell!!!

  48. bpinks says:

    It’s so hard to choose just one appliance! The laundry-folder-thingy would be FABULOUS, as would a glass-door-shower-cleaning-doodad…BUT the invention I am waiting for is the thing-a-ma-jig from Star Trek that beams people up. To instantaneously travel from one place to another, now that would save me some time!

  49. I would have an appliance to sweep, mop and vaccum all the floors in my home! Oh to have clean floors without getting on my hands and knees!

  50. Can’t believe no one has mentioned changing sheets! I hate cleaning bathrooms too, but changing sheets has even that beat. I love going to bed at night with clean sheets though, so it has to be done!

  51. Andrea says:

    a dishwasher unloader! I hate touching all of the cleaned dishes and finding a space for them in the cupboards.

  52. Sue B. says:

    If someone could invent an appliance that strips the bed sheets, put on the clean ones and folds the laundered ones, I am IN!!!!!

  53. My dream appliance would do all my ironing for me–hands free!!

  54. Julie G says:

    A dream appliance would totally clean my toilets.

  55. Joelle @goldenchances says:

    If I am really reaching for the stars, an automatic toilet flusher like in the airports (I live with three boys, ya’ll…don’t judge).

  56. I won’t have to say any more when you hear this fact: I have 3 boys. And a husband. So I’ll take an automatic bathroom cleaner, please.

  57. Mine would have to be a dusting robot. I don’t mind cleaning the kitchen, putting away clothes or even cleaning the bathrooms but I DO NOT like dusting at all

  58. Casey A. says:

    A floor mop-and-sweeper-and-vacuumer-er. I hate doing floors.

  59. Definitely bathroom cleaning!!! I hate it! But I don’t enjoy doing dishes or laundry or cleaning the floors either? !!!

  60. Amber Hinson says:

    My dream appliance would be a cat-hair-getter-upper. It would know where cat hair was at all times and go get it…..from the floors, to the couch, to the black pants I am wearing!

  61. Johanna says:

    My dream appliance would iron my hubby’s AF uniforms with its left hand and scrub the toilets with its right hand – dual function appliance; yay!!

  62. My dream appliance would neatly put away my folded laundry.

  63. After careful consideration…I have decided that my dream appliance would indeed be a laundry one that washed, dried, folded and divided into 5 piles, for the 5 people in this house. What bliss that would be! No more piles of clean laundry on my bed to fold that I forgot about…at 11:00 at night!!

  64. Carmen says:

    My dream appliance would do general cleaning. I think I dread vacuuming and mopping more that any household chore. It wouldn’t hurt if this dream appliance could wash a window now and them…………..

  65. Leslie says:

    My dream appliance would be Rosie from the Jetsons and she would do everything!

  66. Definitely something that would clean my master bathroom! While I appreciate its size and ammenities, I HATE cleaning it!

  67. My dream appliance would wash my car — oh yeah — and go get it gassed up, too.

  68. Whitney J. says:

    My dream appliance is a new dust buster that would pick up all my dog’s hair that pile up in the corners!

  69. My dream appliance would vacuum my house for me. I know there are those robot thingys to do that, but I don’t think they’d work too well with the layout of my house. Also, an appliance to clear up clutter would be nice . . .

  70. I think it would mop. I don’t mind getting the vacuum out, but I am just NOT into mopping. Would love some sort of automatic mop system – or self-cleaning floors – even better! : )

  71. Right there with ya on the laundry thing! My dream appliance would definitely be a laundry folder & put away-er!

  72. adrienne says:

    definitely a laundry putter awayer! that’s worth the big bucks!

  73. I’m torn between it cleaning the shower, cleaning the toilets, and unloading the dishwasher…

  74. Carolyn Fodel says:

    My dream appliance would follow my kids around and clean up after them!

  75. A weekday chef. Well, like a robot one where I could input the amount of calories and fat I’d like for that evening’s meals to contain. During the weekends my husband cooks and he’s like Paula Deen with the butter and lard and whathaveyou, so my weekday meals tend to take on the more healthy, basic, simple eating. However, I am always looking to find different and tasty lower fat/cal meals. And since I am often not good at preparing them, it would be awesome for someone to prepare them for me. Voila: Healthy-Meal-Making-Robot. :)

  76. charline says:

    My dream appliance would clean tiolets and bathroom floors.


  77. Mine would prob dust and do floors–two things I hate doing and tend to put off. But your idea would be high on my list too. I have no prob getting the laundry clean, but I have been known to leave it in the dryer for a day or two.

  78. I think I would have to be with you on the folder-er and put-a-way-er!!! :)

  79. My dream appliance would be the robot on the Jetsons that does EVERYTHING!!! I don’t think HATE is a strong enough word for how I feel about ALL housework! I praying for the Lord to change my heart on that:)

  80. My dream machine would haul the groceries into the house and put them away. I really don’t like grocery shopping, but if I had a deluxe grocery unloader/unpacker/putterawayer I could probably face going to the grocery store without having to give myself a pep talk before going in!

  81. Margaret Smith says:

    I would love a washer & dryer that also folds and puts the clothes away.

  82. Margaret Smith says:

    I tweeted:

  83. Nicole roberts says:

    My dream appliance would be a dishwasher unloader.

  84. Chesley says:

    Iron-o-matic. It presses, creases, steams, hangs and puts away.

  85. Adrienne Gordon says:

    My dream appliance would empty itself.

  86. I just need appliances. All of them. We’ve just bought our first home and I will not be doing laundry in the original 1960 washer & drier. Not so inventive, but true. And if there was something that would do the dishes for me I’d definitely appreciate that!

  87. I want an appliance to vaccum and dust and sweep the floor. Those are the chores I always put off doing until last.

  88. dallimomma says:

    My dream appliance would rid my floors of dog hair without me having to lift a finger, or a broom. Maybe it would just keep the dog clipped down to the skin so there would be no hair to clean up!

  89. A machine to clean my bathrooms! One that even picks up wet towels, flushes the toliet and turns off the lights! Wait, my kids should do that! :)

  90. My dream appliance would clean all the bathrooms in my house…especially the tubs and showers!!!!

  91. My dream would be to have something that cleaned the floors. I hate cleaning the floors. I don’t mind vacuuming so much but our bedrooms are the only rooms with carpet – the rest have hard floors. And I HATE cleaning the floors. ugh!

    By the way, when you said, “I don’t mind cleaning up the kitchen, either. It’s sort of the perfect way to bring closure to the day’s activities, and when I turn on the dishwasher, turn off the kitchen lights and walk toward the den every night, that’s like my personal cue that THE RELAXING, IT BEGINS NOW.” I am soooooooo with you on that! I’m exactly that way. :)

  92. I like your idea. I don’t mind washing and drying the clothes, but the folding and putting away often don’t happen. I can’t tell you how often I dig through a pile of clean clothes to find something!

  93. Cathy Santerre says:

    My dream appliance would absolutely be to fold clothes. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Really.

  94. Here is my post. :)

  95. Candice Darwin says:

    I would love an appliance that would clean my tub! That’s my least favorite chore.

  96. Denise Y says:

    My dream appliance would clean the toilets, tubs and showers…sparkling clean and pine smelling fresh!!!!!

  97. I am all for a machine that folds and puts away the clothes… it seems that they like the baskets and even multiply there!! I would also pay good money for a self-cleaning car. Those french fries and toys under the seat are beginning to bother me!

    Thanks, Jana

  98. Leslie says:

    It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing! I would dearly love an appliance that thoroughly cleaned the bathrooms, especially the one my teenage son uses as a place to put all of his dirty clothes!