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When I was growing up, I loved to watch “The Jetsons.” Everything about it fascinated me. I loved the space travel, the conveyor belts, the bubbles that delivered everyone safely back into the house. Or pod. Or whatever you were supposed to call it.

But more than anything else, I loved the stuff that made Jane’s life easier. Rosie the Robot was always around to pitch in with household chores. Jane could push a button and instantly find herself wearing a new outfit. She could sit in a chair, roll halfway across a room – and within seconds she’d be perfectly coiffed, perfectly made up, perfectly ready to face the day or face lunch or face riding around in her sassy spacemobile.

I’m firmly convinced that Jane had no idea how lucky she was. Because now that I’m older and take care of other people and take care of a house and all that jazz, there are days when I would give anything for a Rosie the Robot to come to my rescue.

Now granted, there are certain chores I don’t mind at all. I love to cook and actually enjoy doing the grocery shopping and meal planning. For me there are few things more relaxing than getting in my kitchen and preparing a (hopefully) tasty supper for my family. I don’t mind cleaning up the kitchen, either. It’s sort of the perfect way to bring closure to the day’s activities, and when I turn on the dishwasher, turn off the kitchen lights and walk toward the den every night, that’s like my personal cue that THE RELAXING, IT BEGINS NOW.

But there are two chores in particular that I don’t enjoy AT ALL. Not even a little bit. And when I heard about the Samsung Power Foam laundry machine (which apparently lets you wash more clothes in less time so that you’re free to do more of the stuff you enjoy), I thought longingly of my own dream appliance.

Because let me tell you: if this particular appliance actually existed? I would pay large sums of CASH AMERICAN MONEY to purchase one.

And what is it, you wonder?

A Laundry-Folder-And-Put-Away-Er.

Oh, yes. It’s a very catchy name.

Here’s the thing. I don’t mind washing clothes. Sometimes I even look forward to washing clothes because, well, I so enjoy the smell of laundry detergent.

(I’m fairly certain that I just overshared.)

(But I do hope you’ll keep reading.)

So the washing of the clothes? Fine. I can get on board with that. And I don’t really mind pulling the clothes out of the washer and throwing them in the dryer since it requires all of 10 to 15 seconds of my time. Provided that the dryer isn’t already full, of course.

But the laundry folding? And putting away? OH I DO NOT ENJOY IT. And if there were a special appliance that could handle all the folding and putting away for me, I think my life would be ever-so-much more pleasant. I’d have extra time every single day – time that I could visit with my family, or go for a walk, or cook a fun new side dish, or sit on my couch and watch re-runs of “The Jetsons.”

Listen. I could even watch “The Jetsons” with my son and simultaneously tell him about the TV shows of yore that we used to watch in ye olden days.

For the time being, I reckon, I’m out of luck as far as the Laundry-Folder-And-Put-Away-Er is concerned. I can always go stand in Best Buy and stare longingly at the new Samsung Power Foam laundry machine and pretend that it could hang up my shirts and put them away after it finished steaming them.

But the next time there are three loads of clothes piled up on the bed in our guest bedroom, I may have to sit down and draw up some plans for the Samsung people. Since they’ve conquered the laundry cleaning, maybe they can conquer the putting away part next.

A girl can dream, y’all.

A girl can dream.

If you’d like to be entered to win a $100 Best Buy gift card, leave a comment that answers the following question: What would your dream appliance do? Would it dust your furniture? Unload your dishwasher? Clean your bathrooms?

Can’t wait to read your comments – and Happy Dreaming, everybody!

This giveaway is from 6/8/11-6/30/11.

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  1. Jennifer G says:

    My dream appliance would be something that will fold the laundry when it is dry – and put it away. Or put away all the clutter in the house everyday. Or how about one that does both???

  2. Dream appliance? Child motivator/inspirer/trainer. Hands down. I need one. No..with 11 children, I need two.

  3. LindseyA says:

    Oh, so many choices – I think my dream appliance would put away toys. They are taking over my house and my “workout” each day contains a lot of squats! (Bending to pick up toys.)

  4. My dream appliance would be a chef. One that does all the planning, couponing, purchasing, preparations, and clean up. That stays within the food budget and counts/tracks all the weight watchers points because I seem to be overwhelmed with all of it. (oh, and this chef gets both of our boys to eat what’s prepared!)

  5. My dream appliance would be a robot who would fold the family’s clothes and put them away! If only I had the robot maid from the Jetsons!

  6. My dream household appliance…. Well, I work from home, so can there be an appliance that does my work for me? No? Oh…. well then, I guess I’d settle for something that cleans and puts away the dishes.

  7. Kim V. says:

    Something that did the sweeping and mopping would definitely top my list, followed closely by something that would clean the toilets.

  8. My dream appliance would be a combo toilet/sink/floor/cat fur-cleaner…the 4 things that drive me craziest about keeping our house clean! Lord only knows what that appliance would look…and do I really want the same thing cleaning my toilets AND my floors? hmm…back to the drawing board ;)

  9. fold the laundry!

  10. Raven In A Blue Room says:

    My dream appliance wash, dry, iron and fold my launfdry

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  11. Raven In A Blue Room says:

    I tweeted your giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  12. In all honesty, the laundry-folder-thingy would be at the #1 Top of my list!!! I would be sooo grateful for that, that I would almost stop complaining about the rest of my chores…almost.

  13. My dream appliance would make dinner every night :) and dust, and clean bathrooms.

  14. Allison Burleson says:

    A dishwasher that would load and unload itself…

  15. Kathryn says:

    Mine would dust then go scrub the tub!

  16. Brittany says:

    my dream appliance would clean the bathrooms!

  17. I would like a robot that sweeps and mops the floor and gets under all the furniture.

  18. my dream appliance would iron (with a razor sharp crease) my hubby’s work clothes so he will look sharp and professional! ;) oh yeah, then hang those clothes up in his closet, in the anal order he likes them, by sleeve length & separated by color!

  19. Hope M. says:

    Machine that dusts my house!

  20. My dream appliance would fold the laundry and put it away! I’ll wash it and dry it, but after that I kinda stall out.

  21. A paper shredder that will shred cardboard.

  22. Shannon says:

    My dream appliance would definately wash my dishes AND put them away!

  23. I would buy a dishwasher that empties itself. I really don’t like emptying the dishwasher.

  24. It would fold my laundry … AND match the socks.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I would love a self cleaning fridge. I hate cleaning the fridge the most.

  26. Ohhhhhh MY! My dream appliance would be a dishwasher that loads and unloads ITSELF! Yea! One can dream…… =) I love your blog!

  27. Clean the bathroom!

  28. My dream appliance would be a dishwasher that unloaded itself and put all the dishes away. Yes, I do believe that would be the best.

  29. Julia Wurst says:

    My dream appliance would clean the bathroom- shower, toilet, sink, floor and all. It’s the one job my husband won’t do! :)

  30. I think my appliancer would be duster. I don’t know why? Dusting certainly does not seem to be so very onerous, but I sure do have one heck of a time talking myself into doing it.

  31. self cleaning toliet

  32. Becky Horn says:

    Mine would do all the cooking, That would just be awesome!!

  33. Becky Horn says:
  34. I’m totally with you. I mean, 1000% with you. My children have these lovely chest of drawers, and what for? What for? Their clothes are stored in beat up ol’ laundry baskets!

  35. Rebecca Graham says:

    My dream appliance would clean everything in the bathroom.

  36. Nothing could be finer than to have a shiny bathtub and bathroom floor with no effort. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  37. amanda says:

    I don’t know…I’ve always wanted the folder putter awayer myself too. Because throwing clothes in the washer and switching is effortless for me, but folding and putting them away takes way too much time and energy! ha…I’m lazy!

  38. I am with you :) I cannot STAND folding and putting laundry away. Frankly, at this point, I empty the dryer and sort everyone’s stuff into their own baskets to fold. Voila! That is my current fold-em-and-put-them-away-er machine :)

  39. T. Lawson says:

    My dream appliance would scrub my shower and bathtubs and leave them sparkling.

  40. A laundry-folder-and-put-awayer. :)

  41. Amy in PA says:

    My dream appliance would wash & unload the dishwasher – for some reason I’m never that motivated to unload the dishwasher. Or clean the bathroom. I would love something that would clean the bathroom for me!

  42. I’m with you on the folding laundry. Especially fitted sheets-grrrrrr.

  43. My dream appliance would go to work for me every day and bring home the bacon and cook it!

  44. My dream appliance would collect, rinse, and load all dishes in the dishwasher! :) That appliance is now know as “mom”.

  45. Jennie says:

    My dream appliance would be two-fold, all encompassing washer/dryer/put-away/iron machine and a dishwasher that loads and unloads itself. I don’t mind vaccuming, dusting, even cleaning toilets. But, the day after day never-ending laundry and dishes, I would happily give to a machine to do.

  46. FOR SURE a dusting machine… the tables, tvs, baseboards, blinds and floors are ALWAYS in need of a good cleaning.

  47. Janice Whitaker says:

    Cook dinner without me ever having to touch it

  48. the whole folding and putting away seems the most futile part of the whole process!!!!! Washing … well, it needs to happen … things get dirty … but folding and putting away … well, you unfold to wear it … why fold it in the first place! and putting it away … well, it would simplify things for my fellas if they only had to look one place for clothes … seems the laundry room is as good a place as anywhere else!!! thanks for thiscontest!

  49. Ashley says:

    Something that would move my furniture around and clean all of my floors by itself.

  50. Oh man….it’d have to be a shower scrubber. I hate that job, but love it when it’s sparkling clean.

  51. My dream appliance would be a de-clutter-er. Everyone in my family tends to drop stuff where ever they get done with it or just inside the front door. I would love a little machine that would pick all the stuff up off the floor and take it to wherever it belongs! sigh.

  52. Tweeted about the giveaway:!/bookworm0709

  53. Elizabeth says:

    I think I just need a Rosie the Robot. She could empty the dishwasher, mop the floor, and maybe most importantly, fold all the fitted sheets when they come out of the dryer!!

  54. Lori A. says:

    My dream appliance would clean the bathroom and cook all the meals! That would be heavenly.
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  55. Lori A. says:

    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  56. I would love a machine that scrubs down the entire bathroom . . . but so far, I am that machine! :)

  57. My dream appliance would bathe our sweet dog, Knox, AND it would give him a quick trim. If I had an appliance that could do this I wouldn’t even mind the vacuuming :)

  58. My dream appliance would do floors! Kind of like a roomba, but less expensive and could wash tile floors as well.

  59. I am thinking a dishwasher unloader would be fantastic but a folder and put awayer would take the cake. We have seven people in this house and we are wearing a path in the carpet on the stairs from all of the putting away. Great giveaway!

  60. Candace says:

    My dream appliance would sweep and mop the floors daily while I am gone … and it would pick up all clutter before it swept and moppped!

  61. Donna G says:

    My dream appliance would clean the shower. Or maybe dust. I cannot STAND to do either of them, which explains why there may or may not be a fine layer of – let’s call it a patina because that sounds fancy – dust that occasionally makes me break out the Swiffer duster thingie in desperation. Or why there may or may not be days when I declare, “Leave me alone, I’m going to clean the shower and will you get the cleaner down for me.”
    Thankfully, the Boss cleans the toilets and occasionally the sink. I can’t reach the tops of the mirrors, so he gets to do those too.

  62. It would definitely clean the toilets for me. And unload the dishwasher, too!

  63. Defnitely either a house duster or bathroom (all inclusive = toilet, stupid shower door tracks, etc.) cleaner. Ugghhhhh!

  64. Leigh M. says:

    I would love a robotic house cleaning device that cleans, cooks, & does laundry!

  65. My first thought was that I would want an appliance to fold AND put away my laundry. On second thought, I would want some sort of robotic vacuum that could follow my Labrador around and vacuum his hair from the air as soon as it detaches from his body, thus keeping my floor dog hair free! An appliance with that ability would be worth millions to me!

  66. Oh Boo Mama I would love a something that could dust vacuum and mop and fold clothes. That would be my dream machine. If “it” could also wash and dry the clothes it’s folding it would be even more FABULOSO! I don’t ask much right?

    Love your blog. I live on the outskirts of B’ham, so that makes us almost kin right?

  67. Heather S says:

    It would clean all my floor surfaces w/o my involvement

  68. Heather S says:
  69. Anne N. says:

    my dream appliance would mop the floors!

  70. Flora B says:

    My dream appliance would cook a meal for my family three times a day and wash dishes. But I can give it breaks once in a while so I can cook.

  71. Not certain if it would be considered an appliance but Im all about the jetson gadget where u are showered, dressed, and coiffed for the day assembly line style.

  72. Ashley K says:

    It would be like the housewife multi-tool. Clean the bathrooms, wipe the counters and DUST!

  73. Sarah Hirsch says:

    well, could it clean the whole house, because that’s what we need around here

  74. nicole says:

    My dream appliance would be a self prepping/cooking stove.

  75. Charlotte says:

    I could have written this exact post (although I have three children so we’d all be watching the Jetsons returns)…. so I’m with you on the fold and put away magic machine. Sorry, Dave Ramsey, but I’d actually go into debt to get one!!


  76. An automatic mopper– mops, so I don’t have to! Oh, what a dream…

  77. Cynthia C says:

    My ideal appliance would deal with paper clutter – sort, shred, recycle, file.

  78. Cynthia C says:
  79. Stephanie V. says:

    scrub the tubs

  80. Diane R. says:

    My dream appliance would clean the cat’s litter pan and reduce it’s unwanted contents to basic elements that disappear in a puff of perfumed air. Okay, so that’s not going to happen any time soon..

  81. Shawna says:

    My dream appliance would almost instantly serve me and my family delicious and healthy meals and snacks and would clean everything up too! No cooking and no dishes would make me very happy. Of course I’d still cook, but only when I want to.

  82. Definitely a laundry folder-er!

  83. My dream appliance would wash, dry and fold my laundry all in one machine, no transferring from one to the other

  84. one that cleans the bathroom!!

  85. Mine would clean out the cat litterboxes…and their messes when they puke hairballs, lol!

  86. Anna Hudgins says:

    My dream appliance would take the dirty dishes from the sink and make them disappear!!!

  87. Allison Wilson says:

    My dream appliance would definitely do the dishes for me. My least favorite chore around the house.

  88. Oh me, can I ask for one that will do everything? I would really like a machine that would clean out my fridge.

  89. I would love a toilet and tub scrubber 2000! I’m sure it would be oh so fabulous! As far as the laundry putting away, I am so excited to have a helper finally old enough to actually HELP productively with that! WHOOHOO!!
    My 8 yo can load the washer, move to the dryer, take out of the dryer and SORT! That just leaves some of the folding she can’t do. She’ll even parcel out the piles to their respective places even putting the kid stuff away…
    Just having HELP makes it so less daunting and grueling of a task, haha!

  90. Kristi C says:

    My dream appliance would keep the bathrooms clean at all times. I hate cleaning bathrooms with a passion. I pay my teenager to do it for me.

  91. Chris Nunnelley says:

    There are SO many possibilities but I think of everything I dread most in the world…. I would like to have a machine that exercises for me and I lose the weight. Now THAT would be worth whatever it costs!

  92. Ericka T says:

    I want a machine that scoops and cleans the litter box.

  93. Lisa S. says:

    I’ll have a refrigerator-cleaner-outer, please. My poor children learned to ask “How old is this?” by the time they turned 3. My husband, on the other hand, will never learn. I’m constantly screaming “DON’T EAT THAT!!!” just in the nick of time. He will get a puzzled look on his face and ask “Why is it in the refrigerator if I can’t eat it?” My standard reply is “That’s a good question, but an annoying one because apparently you don’t know me after 28 years of marriage..”

  94. Oh, the Laundry-Folder-And-Put-Away-Er would absolutely be my choice, too. Laundry is my least favorite chore. I’d clean the bathrooms (twice, even!) if it meant I’d get out of laundry duty. I’ve always said I wouldn’t want a housekeeper… but someone to do the laundry? Yes, please!

  95. My dream appliance would unpack my suitcase!!! I don’t mind packing, it’s the UN-packing that is the thorn in my side!