Crowning Glory


Yesterday afternoon I remembered that the 2011 Miss Mississippi pageant is going to be broadcast live on the web this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

You have no idea how deeply this bit of information touches my heart. Because the Miss Mississippi pageant isn’t just a pageant – it’s an institution. In fact, when I lived in Mississippi, we would have Miss Mississippi parties on the final night of the pageant and hoot & holler just like it was a football game.


In fact, in some deep, dark recesses of some deep, dark cabinet, I actually have VHS tapes of Miss Mississippi pageants from 1989 (-ish) to 1996 (-ish). It’s a treasure trove of memories, especially in terms of the talent competitions. There’s baton twirling, ventriloquism, xylophone playing, magic acts – really, it’s almost more joy than I can take. So good.

I would encourage you to tune in. Don’t miss a blessing.

In other news, I thought I’d update y’all on my ongoing dental drama since it seems to be a theme in the summer of 2011.

A couple of weeks ago my temporary crown popped off – AGAIN. I was out of town at the time, so I used one of the quick fixes my dental hygienist suggested and figured I’d be good until I got home. Sure enough, I called my dentist first thing that Monday morning – only to find out that the office would be closed all week while the staff attended continuing education classes.

Which was really no help at all.

Late in the week one of the girls from the office returned my call and said that everything should be fine, and since my permanent crown should be in the next week (which would have been last week), I could probably just make do with the quick fixes as long as I wasn’t having any trouble with the tooth.


The dentist called me again this past Wednesday to tell me that the permanent crown was in and to call them for an appointment. The only problem was that I spent most of last Wednesday on the road; I drove to my hometown to pick up my mama so that she could come back here and stay with the little man while I was in Lincoln and D was at work. Thursday and Friday weren’t options for an appointment because I was going to be out of town, so clearly the permanent crown was going to have to wait a few days. Sure enough, when my flight left Thursday morning, the temporary crown and I made the trip to Lincoln together. Since it was holding on and fighting the good fight, I did my part in terms of trying to keep it affixed and also in terms of avoiding crunchy and/or sticky foods.

Oh, my temporary crown and I were very considerate of each other. I like to think that we’d forged a real friendship.

The temporary crown and I got back in town late Saturday night, and quite frankly we were exhausted. Sunday morning I noticed that the crown felt a little loose-y goose-y, so I actually took it off before I ate breakfast. It was as precious a moment as you might imagine, and I felt that it was a special way to remind my husband how much he’d missed me when I was gone. I mean, nothing really says Fourteen years later, I’d still marry you all over again like popping a temporary crown off of a back molar and then gingerly placing the crown on a napkin before you bite into a McDonald’s sausage biscuit.

Who says romance is dead?

Anyway, as best I can tell I forgot ALL ABOUT that temporary crown after I ate breakfast. Didn’t give it another thought, really, until I was fixing lunch and realized Oh, my. I think my crown is missing. I looked for it everywhere. I couldn’t fathom that I’d thrown it away, especially since I’ve been trying to be so careful with it, but apparently that’s exactly what I did. And after I’d searched the kitchen for the 18th time, I looked at D and said, “Well, I guess that’s it. I lost it. Or threw it away. Or something. Because I can’t find it anywhere.”

“So am I to understand that you’re 41 years old and have in fact misplaced and/or thrown away one of your teeth?” he asked.

“That’s exactly right,” I replied. “I’ve never been more proud.”

And for the record, I never found it. I get the permanent crown this afternoon.

It won’t be quite as pretty as the one that the new Miss Mississippi gets Saturday night, but FINGERS CROSSED that it’s a keeper.

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  1. Katherine says:

    Oh, I just love how you wrapped this one up! SCORE! Keep it up my funny “internets”

  2. You sound like all those kids in school who wrap their retainers in a napkin then throw them out in the trash! At least you didn’t have to pay for a replacement.

    We have four area girls in our state and teen state title pageants. Exciting!

  3. What a hoot, and am glad that you are gettng your crown replaced.

  4. Oh girl, you don’t know HOW much I can relate to this! I’m fixin to have to get my THIRD crown THIS YEAR !!! Just got one in last week and now last night the very back molar (which was way more filling than tooth) broke while I was eating supper. And I was only eating salad! Am waiting now for dentist office to open so I can call to find out when I can go and get started on crown preparation…. AGAIN!



  6. Oh the level of love at 15 years only gets deeper. We love to discuss how I feel like people either whisper or scream… no in between. I know it can’t be my hearing, I can distinctly hear the sounds of my knees popping as I climb the stairs. All this, at the tender age of 38. Oh Joy!

  7. you made me smile!

  8. Molly p says:

    I can totally understand your obsession with Miss Mississippi. The girls in my family would get together to watch it while my dad sat in the background and proclaimed his hatred for opera. Fun times!

  9. Wow, who knew this post would be so much about crowns? haha! If you were in MS this weekend, I would invite you to our pageant party. It’s kind of like a royal wedding party but not at 2 am! Oh, the memories. You have to be special to get an invite to our party. You would make it even more exciting!

  10. Raelene says:

    So glad you shared this! I needed a laugh out loud funny moment this morning. Now I need to explain to my coworkers that I have not completely lost it!!!

  11. I feel ya. I was one of those retainer wearers back in the mid-70’s who had a bad habit of 1) either throwing it in the trash can, or 2) leaving it wrapped in a napkin on my lunch tray in the school cafeteria. There’s nothing like the teenage angst brought on when you’ve just enjoyed a Whopper with cheese at Burger King with the cutest boy in school only to realize that you threw your retainer in the trash with the Whopper wrapper. Of course, knowing that you would be “dead meat” to your parents if you came home without it, you have to go back in and start digging… Major Fail.

  12. I’m soooo glad you posted about the Miss Mississippi Pagent! And a Yankee, I had never EVER watched a pagent in my life when I moved to Mississippi, much to the horror of my friends. I was quickly initiated into the Miss Mississippi Pagent Party, and faithfully watched it with my girls every year!!! Now that I’m back up north, it is such a blessing to know I can still participate– long distance! :)

  13. Fire batons are my favorite, and if they tap while twirling it is just the best. I actually knew a Miss Mississippi from the 70’s. She had not updated her hair, makeup nor much of anything else. Why mess with something that won you the title??

  14. Hilarious! I love the “41 years old and threw your tooth away” comment!!!! How about playing the old hymn “We Shall Wear A Crown” in the background?? You’re a riot, Boomama!! I love how you see the humorous side to everything:)

  15. “So am I to understand that you’re 41 years old and have in fact misplaced and/or thrown away one of your teeth?” he asked.”

    BEST sentence I’ve read all summer. I love audible laughter while reading. God bless your crown!

  16. I, too, have been a big pageant watcher except I grew up in Georgia doing it. When I was in 6th grade, I got to go to the Miss GA pageant because a friend from our church was in it and WON. So, my mom took me that September to cheer her on in the Miss America Pageant. I remember Miss Mississippi was tough competition that year. Both Miss GA and Miss MS made Top Ten and I later found out were great friends. Anyway, Miss TN won that year {good to keep it in the SEC} but it was definitely a memory I will never forget!

  17. You crack me up! Best story I’ve read all morning! K

  18. I can still remember the very first Miss Mississippi Pageant. I made my boyfriend have us back at his parents house (they had cable we did not) in time to watch it. I watched the pageant and crosstitched all night. Great night for me not so much for him. A couple of years later my sister moved to Texas and anytime the Ms America pageant was on we would spend all night on the phone talking about the girls from Mississippi and Texas. I miss those days. But thanks for the reminder-I didn’t know it was on this weekend.

  19. At least it wasn’t a front tooth. Now that would be quite a crown. :)

  20. oh the MISS MISSISSIPPI PAGEANT..we used to have scorepads and everything at our parties ha!! now i watch it with my 6 yr old little girl and she loves!!!

  21. Sweet Sophie,
    You are an absolute JOY! Thank you for the belly laugh!

    My favorite line? “Who says romance is dead?” :)
    Blessings to you,

  22. This post is genius! Love the segue from baton twirling and xylophone to MeMaw needing a new crown put on! Glad to hear the saga is almost over!

  23. I too had Miss Mississippi pageant parties. Even stepped it up to having Miss America pageant parties. The Miss A parties always had a themed “big cookie” each year with such clever writings as “There She Is, Walking On Air She Is”. Can’t remember any of the other quips. Wish I would have taken pics! Anyhoo, my best friend and I did it for years (in private, only letting a very select few even know what was going on) before accepting our gooberness and inviting other like-minded goobers to share in our joy. That was when each attendee was given a sash with her “title” on it – Miss Understood; Miss Uninformed; Miss Issippi. Ahhhh. Good times, no great times. And now I learn that we weren’t as goobery as I thought. Well, maybe.

  24. You sure know how to make us laugh :D thanks for making my day!

  25. Perfect TITLE to a super post!! Ha!! Hope you and your permanent crown will have a long happy life together!

  26. At least you didn’t have to pay for the replacements=) I never thought of a beauty pageant going like it is a football game, or maybe I should try to watch it more. At least I still remember the times when people really talked about it and it’s contestants and the acts.

  27. amandamw says:

    Oh, you are such a joy in my day! Thank you for making me chuckle when I need it most. :)

  28. Carol N. says:

    I remember (back in the ancient days) that the daughter of my fourth grade teacher won Miss Mississippi! Oh the happiness! And the day the daughter came to our class was, well, just one of the highlights of my life. We all aspired to that! And my mom (who is 74 and I’m 53) still love watching Miss America and rooting for all the good ole Southern girls from Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. I’ll be watching this for sure!

  29. My Eleusis came today and I SO thought of you immediately when I saw all those girls in their crowns–especially Miss Mississippi! Enjoy the weekend, crowns and all.

  30. Now I’ve lived out some dental stories but I have never thought to actually share one. I was laughing so hard.

  31. You crack me up! You know I can still do my “turns” like a pro. haha My daughter CA has a friend and fellow Phi Mu in the pageant. Can’t wait to watch :)

  32. Oh my oh my oh my. I just opened my most recently received copy of The Eleusis of Chi Omega and I thought of you immediately! Did you know that the Miss America Class of 2011 contained FIVE Chi Omegas? Yes, it surely did, including your very own Miss Mississippi. And then there is an extra little article in there all about the Miss Mississippi pageant. I could scarcely get to my computer fast enough to type this little comment to you so that you could just run, not walk, to page through your Eleusis if, per chance, you had not done so yet and therefore had not seen all the pageant glory with your own eyes!