An Exciting Miss Mississippi Update

I have the best news. Or at least it’s the best news to me.

It’s no big secret that I have long been borderline obsessed with the Miss Mississippi pageant.


And I really don’t even know what that means, by the way. But I feel it way down deep in my soul.

Anyway, tonight I realized that I can actually embed the live video of the pageant finals right here on my blog, and I plan to do just that this Saturday night (July 2nd) around 7:45 pm central time. That way we can watch together and visit in the comments. I’ve been thinking about doing a Twitter party, but those get pretty annoying for people who aren’t participating, so I think this is a much better solution.

And yes, I realize that there may only be four to seven of y’all who actually show up to watch the pageant with me. That is totally understandable since people have families and responsibilities and other things to do that do not involve bedazzled evening gowns.

But I think the four to seven of us who watch together will have a ball. We can make predictions, analyze evening wear, keep our mouths shut during swimsuit because WHO AMONG US HAS ROOM TO CRITICIZE and clap our hands like crazy during the talent competition.

And listen. I know that some pageants have gotten all fancy and high-falutin’, but Miss Mississippi is not one of them. It’s just HOME. So bring your AquaNet, your sequins and your best rendition of “On My Own” from Les Miserables.

We’re gonna have ourselves a mighty good time.

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  1. Amanda Boyette says:

    And surely you knew that the current Miss Mississippi is an XO! I saw it in the Eleusis! There’s a whole article on the Miss America pageant. You’d love it.

  2. This Lousiana girl would love to join this party!

  3. girl, you are Krazy! but i just might join you! sounds fun!


  5. Susan berry says:

    Oh you are a true Mississippi girl! My daughter and I have watched (and critiqued) the pageant for years! We have recorded and watched our favorite parts! Often, we keep our phones hot comparing notes with our friends. I must confess my daughter has been known to recreate talent and other parts in a humorous way. We just look forward to the pageant all year.
    Two times we got to attend in person when it was in the old city auditorium. We got the thick as a catalog —- official Miss Mississippi program! My daughter and her friends just wore the pages out of that book!
    I will be watching and tivo ing the pageant for my daughter who’s in Destin,lucky girl!
    I will love to “watch” with you!

  6. Girl! I put this on my calendar because I’m soon to be a Miss State Mom!! And you know I LOVE a good pageant. And now you’re holding a blog/pageant party… yes! I’m there…. here…. whatever.

  7. I’ll be watching our state pageant that night. We’ve got four local girls competing in it, so I won’t be here. I wish you the best with lots of clogging, singing of Broadway musicals and sequined dresses.

  8. What is an XO? Your first comment mentions it. We Texas girls love pageants too. I hope to join your party.

  9. I know have chill bumps about the upcoming viewing par-tay!

  10. You are quite the girl! And I mean that!

    Hugs from Minnesota

  11. JustBetty says:

    I’ve lived WAY up North for many, many years. As in- probably before you were even born. =/ But I’m thinking it might be time drop a few hints about when my sister-in-law was in the Miss Mississippi pageant. [A year before she actually married my brother, obviously! And those pageant chaperones were a force to be reckoned with.]

    To further woo you, I may allude to the night she won the evening gown competition. [!] And for extra-credit, I might casually mention her talent competition picture on the front page of the Clarion-Ledger and possibly even the Jackson Daily News with a headline mentioning something about the ‘best talent ever’?

    It was in [as you would say] in the days of yore. But I still get all goose-bumpy thinking about it. So, yes! I’ll be watching!

  12. Lauren says:

    Be sure to cheer for Miss Itawamba Community College! She is a friend of mine!

  13. Anne N. says:

    This TX girl loves a good pagent! You make Mary Ann Mobley proud, girl!

  14. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I am so excited. My dear daughter and three friends will be watching a marathon of “The Tenth Kingdom” just feet away but I am going to borrow her headphones and hope that my applause will not bother them! Thank you for providing this wonderful pageant experience for me!

  15. I would like to RSVP with a resounding YES, I WILL ATTEND.

    I’ll be here with bells on, or maybe castanets if that’s what I so choose for my talent!

    Looking forward to it!!

  16. Andrea (Baby Aids) says:

    Boo – you know I LOVE a good Miss Mississippi Party! I’m so happy I can watch online this year. There are several Cleveland girls in it – one actually plays the steel drums for her talent! I don’t know her personally but her parents are just precious. So I’m hoping she’ll do well!

  17. OH MY GOODNESS! I am going to try to be there. I mean, I know I have a family and all and it’s the Independence Day Weekend, but this just sounds a little too fun to miss! :)

  18. Ordinarily I would say that the 7-hour time difference would preclude my attending (yes, it’ll be 3 a.m. here,) but I actually WILL be up and cheering this year – only I’ll be watching as my daughter’s Clemson roommate looks to fulfill her childhood dream of the wearin’ of the crown! Y’all have a wonderful time and think of your fellow southern girls! This one will be clapping and cheering very, very quietly so as not to disturb sleepy Heidelberg after a long day of World Cup!

  19. Hmmmm – I suspect it won’t let me watch here in the UK, which is a pity, because I would be there! I have never seen a pageant before, and Miss Mississippi sounds a good place to start!

  20. Sounds amazing. I have a deep love for pagents…unless they involve toddlers.

    I’ll be at a party that night, but can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  21. I’ve been boning up so as to not look like the most inferior comment poster during tomorrow nights show. I recognize several of the names from previous years – Caitlyn Smith, Kristen Benigno, and Fenly Akers. Other interesting tidbits…..

    There are two contestants with the first name “Laken”. One contestant with the last name “Corn”.

    And, I’m thoroughly perturbed with the MIss Mississippi Pageant website as they STILL do not have each contestant’s page up yet, despite announcing at the top of said page that they will be ready Friday morning. How on earth am I supposed to accurately cyber-judge based on looks alone? I need age, platform, talent. C’mon people!!

  22. Jennifer says:

    Oh I hope I don’t forget…..don’t really have a dog in the fight since I’m in Montgomery AL. My mom grew up in Covington County MS. Collins Mt Olive area. So I’ll be pulling for central MS girls….relatives in Jones County too. On a side note some of my BEST memories are picking/shelling peas on Mam Maw’s porch, sitting on the ice cream maker while my Uncle Joe turned, feeding the pigs, swimming in Lake Ross Barnett…..and if I could just have one more of her big ol’ biscuits. MS is just God’s country! Thanks for letting me stroll down memory lane ! Oh and the Tea cakes……!

  23. Joelle @goldenchances says:

    Ohhhhh, Saturday night. Well, it’s not Saturday now is it? It’s Friday…..and that’s why I can’t find the video or anything else for that matter. See y’all in about 24 hours. :)

  24. Tiffany says:

    I want to watch, too!!! I’m going to have to write it on my calendar so I don’t forget.

  25. While ya’ll are waiting for Miss Mississippi, here’s my report from Miss Texas which was live streamed Friday night:

    There was one singer, two classical pianists, a baton twirler and six dancers in the top ten. As a whole the dancers were weak, none nearly as good as Heather Whitestone was (she’s my gold standard for Miss America dancers). The baton twirler was good, she had three batons and didn’t drop a one. Both pianists were excellent.

    Everyone looked good in the swimsuit competition-black two pieces with nude high heels was the uniform.

    There wasn’t an evening gown that stood out. However, the eventual winner’s dress was one of those that looks like a short dress with a sheer extension from the knees to the floor. Not quite a typical pageant gown, but it worked on her and seemed to suit her personality.

    And speaking of personality, I wish the pageant producers would give us more opportunities to see those personalities during the broadcast. The contestants didn’t even introduce themselves or say where they went to college-the announcer did the intro, and never did we hear about their college or major. Seems a big thing for a “scholarship” pageant to leave out, ya know?

    Kendall Morris, one of the pianists, is the new Miss Texas, and a great choice in my opinion.

    Y’all have fun watching Miss Mississippi.

  26. Oh, I wish I could join in this fun!!! I bet it will completely awesome.

    I was just reading the Summer Eleusis and saw that the reigning (I think) Miss Mississippi Sarah Beth James is a Chi Omega (from MSU, of course). I’m sure you were already aware, what with your finger on the pulse of the pageant and all.

    Y’all have fun!

  27. Oh how fun! I’m not sure how much I’ll catch (drasted time zones and all that) but I hope y’all have a tonne of fun!


  28. Now, you know I’ll be here.