It. Was. Glorious.

Today I went to SEC Media Days for the very first time. It will probably come as no surprise that I loved every single second of it. And I have every intention of boring you to tears (TO TEARS) with all my pictures and thoughts and favorite moments and etc.

But right now I’m wiped out, not to mention that I need to finish packing for my last bloggy trip of the summer and a flight that leaves early tomorrow morning.

So consider this post a bit of a placeholder. But if you’re an SEC fan, you can watch the Media Days coverage live tomorrow and Friday on the SEC Digital Network, ESPN3, or via the free Watch ESPN app. The festivities start in the morning at 9:30 eastern, I think.

All righty. There you have it. It’s been a good, full, happy day.

Go ‘Dogs.

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  1. My hubs is there and called tonight to say how awesome {and exhausting} of a day it was! Have a blast. YAY for the SEC! I am a Hog fan, though!

  2. Go CATS!! :)

  3. Actually go SEC will cover it. Because when you’re a Kentucky football fan, the SEC’s all you left to root for at the end of the season.
    But right now, it’s July and we’re undefeated, baby!!

  4. SueEllen says:

    Lucky! I can’t wait to hear about it from your point of view, Sophie! (Even tho I too am a Hog fan…Whoo Pig Sooiieee!) The first Saturday in September (also know as full schedule college football holiday) ranks right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas in our family…CAN’T WAIT !!!

  5. You’re so cute!

  6. Yes, I plan on watching SEC Media Days and GO Vols! :-)

  7. Such fun for you! I know you loved it!

  8. Does that SEC banner look purple and gold to you? I guess the SEC knows which team is the best. Haha!

    Geaux Tigers!

  9. Second what Haley said. :)

    I also loved the quote from the director, regarding the Pac 12 and Big 12 (I think???) scrambling to get more teams to have a super-conference: “I could find 16 teams in 15 minutes.” Amen. Who WOULDN’T want to be in the SEC?

    What are you & Big Mama going to do if A&M leaves and joins the SEC? Looks like Texas is pushing them that way!

  10. Can’t wait for a full report! Followed your tweets and loved everything you said about
    Coach Muschamp (or as we like to call him, MusCHOMP). He does kinda remind of Coach Taylor now doesn’t he? And as a Gator fan for over 50 years, I am just jealous you got to be in the same room as the Ole Ball Coach. Is he not a hoot? This may be his year at South Carolina…

  11. Have LOVED your tweets. Have always thought there was a void for a girl sportscaster. You know, someone who would call a coach “just darlin'” or maybe talk about how sorry you feel for the field goal kicker trying to win the game in the last seconds and how you hope, as a mama, that your boy does not pick that position to play one day b/c you just won’t be able to take the scrutiny on your baby boy—but still be able to comment on a great catch, a horrible defensive play, a bad ref call, etc. You filled that role beautifully today! : )

  12. “GO DAWSG!!!!” MSU Alumni, Class of 1977.

  13. I wish I was an SEC fan, or some other sort of sports fan of any kind… it looks like SO much fun!

    I think… (what’s an SEC?)

  14. Go ‘Dogs and Hail State!

  15. I love your blog! I love college football! I love the SEC!! :) Can’t wait to read more about your experience at Media Days. Thanks for sharing with us.

  16. Margaret says:

    watched a little of it. Can’t wait for football season to begin, Roll Tide!

  17. Jennifer says:

    Love the quote form Melissa….what’s an SEC?!!! I for one want to hear every.single.detail/opinion you have! And like the other reader said…its July and we are still National Champions….WAR EAGLE!

  18. Coach Dan — ok, I love him – is he not the greatest!! Go DAWGS!! Woohoo! Can’t wait!