Party Of Three

This was dessert at our house last night. After a quick trip to Walgreens, of course.

I bet you’ll only need one guess to figure out which flavor belongs to the eight year-old.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. OMG Butter Crunch is the new obsession in our house! Unbelievably good :)

  2. Love me some Blue Bell ice cream! There was a flavor that came out last year around Thanksgiving that was sooooooo good. Can’t remember the name but it was in a orange container. Hope they make it again this year!

  3. That Krazy Kookie Dough is some GOOD stuff! The flavor last Thanksgiving was praliene pumpkin pie, or something like that. It was a pumpkin pie in ice cream form. Amazing! Dessert Trio that is out right now is really good too!
    I could go on and on about Blue Bell if you can’t tell!

  4. Wild guess – Krazy Kookie Dough? Butter Crunch is great.

    Have you tried Blue Bunny’s White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie? You’ve got to try it.

  5. I love everything Blue Bell, but especially their motto: “We love it so much that we eat all we can and sell the rest.”

  6. lindsay says:

    At first I thought the Butter Crunch was Buttered Pecan, and I thought I may have found a new soul mate. It takes an old soul to appreciated Buttered Pecan, and I certainly do :)

    If you’re a Blue Bell fan, PLEASE try the Spiced Pumpkin Pecan flavor when it makes its debut around Thanksgiving. It is one of their seasonal flavors. It sounds a little weird, but I guarantee that it will be a religious experience in that you will be thanking God for the blessing from Heaven that it is.

  7. I love that fab Krazy Kookie ice cream! Oh it is SO GOOD! But, I am 37 weeks pregnant so maybe I have the taste of an 8 year old???

  8. kuliejellogg says:

    Do you love a Mounds bar? If so, next time you MUST purchase the new flavor – Coconut Fudge. It is beyond good.

  9. Now that’s my kinda party! Is the butter crunch like a butterfinger? If so, I must run to the store. Pronto.

  10. Anne N. says:

    I live about 20 miles from the factory and new fave is Mexican Praline. You must try it!

  11. Debbie W in Texas says:

    My cousin’s husband drives a truck for Blue Bell in Texas. We all love Blue Bell!

    Butter Pecan is my favorite. Butter Crunch sounds good too. We’ll have to try it!

  12. I love the Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream! I’ve heard good things about Dessert Trio, too, but haven’t tried it. Homemade vanilla with chocolate chip cookies, pecan brownies and chocolate cake with a chocolate ribbon. Ummm…yes, please!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Um, have you heard about Ben and Jerry’s Late Night Snack? It includes, among other unholy things, chocolate covered potato chip pieces. I’ve only eyed it (and it’s nearly $5 price tag) from afar, but it will be mine. Oh, yes. It will be mine.

  14. ooh yeah!! That Krazy Kookie Dough is my fave right now!!! Blue Bell is just awesome goodness!!

  15. Blue Bell – supper of champions! We obsess – I mean enjoy in moderation – yeah that’s it – most any Blue Bell but my fave is mint chocolate chip and DH is a Buttered pecan fella!

  16. The thing I love about summer is guilt free ice cream!

  17. Don’t get worked up now – but I’ve never had Blue Bell….I don’t even know if it is available in my area – I love Blue Bunny ice cream… you think it is somehow related?

  18. I love your blog but this picture is absolute torture for someone who grew up with Blue Bell and now lives where there is none. I hope you thoroughly enjoy every little last bite of that creamy wonderful-ness.

  19. I love Bluebell! When we lived in CA for 4 years, I quit buying ice cream because it just wasn’t even worth it. My new favorite is Banana Pudding.

  20. I grew up in the South, but now live in Chicago. I miss Blue Bell ice cream so much that it hurts. Favorite flavor: Banana Pudding. Trust me.