Some Riveting Updates

Well, I need to thank y’all for inspiring me to get my earrings organized (OH MY LANDS – that is a first world sentence isn’t it?). I was going to try the ice cube trays method, but I kind of have a thing for big hoop earrings, and I didn’t think they’d fit. I found some adorable little jewelry trees at the Steinmart, but since those kind of things require some follow-through (you have to hang the earrings as opposed to tossing them into their designated spot), I knew that they’d look great initially but eventually become decorative pieces with earrings scattered around the base.

But then I went to Home Goods, and I found a really big jewelry tray that seemed like the perfect solution. It can live (stay, sit, whatever) on top of a chest in my closet, so it’s not anything that has to be stowed / put away every single day. Also, since there’s a limited amount of compartments, the tray forced me to CLEAN OUT THE EARRING HODGEPODGE, ALREADY. And finally, I think it’s cute.

So here you have it.

I know that for those of y’all who are super-organized, that tray probably makes you twitch a little bit. But for me, someone who is definitely NOT super-organized, it’s just the right mix of flexibility and structure. It makes me happy.


This week is our annual cousins’ beach trip. Since the husbands aren’t here because of work stuff, my cousin Paige and I spent most of yesterday afternoon unloading the cars, unpacking the groceries and planning the meals. We also spent a significant amount of time getting really tickled about nothing in particular and then laughing until we wheezed. It’s what we do.

I went to the grocery store in Birmingham last Friday night so that I could get some of the “staples shopping” out of the way. I like to shop in a familiar environment, and a grocery trip at the beach takes twice as long because I don’t know where anything is. Anyway, the cousins’ beach trip is the one time all year when we pretty much throw caution to the wind with snack foods. It’s vacation. ENJOY THE POTATO CHIPS, KIDS.

All that to say: when I was about to check out at the grocery store I snapped a picture of my cart. Because I SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

Please note the redemptive presence of the low sugar grape jelly. And there’s some fruit buried in there somewhere.

And seriously, what’s going on with potato chips these days? I bought a package of the Loaded Baked Potato Pringles because I know an eight year-old who thinks they’re the greatest special snack ever, but I didn’t know what to think when I was steering my car down the aisle and saw these:

People, we may need to accept the fact that we’ve exhausted all of our flavor options as far as the potato chip is concerned. We may need to be done.

Of course, the bacon cheeseburger chips were next to the Molten Hot Wings chips (which several people on the Twitter said were absolutely delicious), so it looks like we may be in the midst of a specialty flavors trend. I can only imagine the possibilities.

Lobster Fettucine chips?

Chicken Parmesan chips?

Lamb Gyro chips?

Fish & Chips chips?

There’s not a bit of telling what’s next.

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  1. I live in China, you can’t even imagine what flavor chips we have here. And yes, they are Lays and Pringles that are throwing out the Seaweed and Italian Roasted Beef flavors. To me those cheeseburger chips look delish!

  2. Have you noticed its almost impossible to buy smaller bags now too. Everything is ginormous!

    Have a great time with your family!

  3. I would totally try the chicken parmesan chips! Have a wonderful time. We just got back from the beach. It was glorious.

  4. “We may need to be done.” HA! So funny! And sooo true!
    Looking forward to the cream cheese filled beach trip recap! Have fun!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Um, that grape jelly was the first thing I noticed! Hey, it’s like making an ice cream float with Diet Coke. Sometimes we have to wise with our choices, right? In college I’d sometimes power up for a cardio/weight training class (insert chorus of laughter here) with a Snickers. But I’d set the calorie counter on the treadmill and hop off once it hit the 280 calories I’d just consumed. Like it never even happened.

    Have fun at the beach! Oh, and regarding all of that food and drink…Remember what a dear friend of mine used to say, usually as she was gulping down a Route 44 Coke (not Diet, the “red coke”): “It doesn’t count if it’s Friday!” Yes, she made up that rule. And, yes, it’s good un.

  6. I am not even kidding when I tell you that sometime last week, while reading your blog, I wondered to myself if maybe you were not going to the beach this summer, because we had yet to see a picture of the beach snacks! So, you can imagine my delight when I came here this morning and saw the snack photo! (I realize that with each sentence I sound more
    lame: )) I hope y’all have a fantastic vacation! From a long time reader in Black Mountain, NC.

  7. I love some of your potato chip flavor suggestions. I do believe you are correct…there really is no limit to the flavors once they open this can of worms (or can of Pringles) rather! =)

    Any-hoo…I just really wanted to say that I love you even more after reading that you are so not super-organized. Thank you….

  8. I feel totally inspired by the earring organization. I desperately need to do this.

    Why don’t we have a Home Goods store here in Austin!?!?

    Chips are a beach staple so don’t feel too badly about your cart…you were missing the really embarrassing stuff like mounds of soda and Little Debbie assortments.

    Have a great time at the beach!

  9. My baby will be 11 this month. She gave me a birthday list the other day. Item #4 was a bag of plain Lays Potato Chips. I’m serious. She asked for a bag of chips for her birthday! She would have loved your cart.

  10. I, too, have noticed the bizarre flavors trend … I’m not brave enough to try. The textures of a chip and cheeseburger do not sound good to me!

  11. I agree that some flavors are getting a bit out of hand. But have you tried the new Lay’s Sundried Tomato and Basil chips? Amazing.

  12. We had the bacon cheeseburger chips over the 4th of July and well, most people tasted one and felt like that was plenty. The problem with them is that they kind of taste like a bacon cheeseburger.

  13. I feel that the “double fisted” part of the description was misplaced…couldn’t they have better described a juicy cheeseburger?

  14. Check I was amazed at the flavors I found in England. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

  15. we have recently developed a passion for Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Lay’s chips – as a nation – we have gone far too far in the snack foods variety progression – I was good with barbecue, sour cream and onion and regular potato chips – why would I want a chip which tastes like the main dish of a chips and burger meal. I’m just saying – OH in the office (acupuncturist) in which I work – one client brought in dehydrated kale with fresh ginger – and I had to actually put it in my mouth and swallow ’cause she watched – dang I want NOT a fan. Made me long for a fistful of skittles and peanuts to wash the taste out of my mouth!

  16. Have a beautiful time on your trip! My current favorite snack food is the Snyders of Hanover Buffalo Wing Pretzel Pieces. I cannot get enough of these. It’s terrible. It is like a I am pregnant and they are the only thing I’ll eat!

  17. I was happy to see the Cheez-It’s in your cart! :)

  18. Yep, I live in Singapore, and we have some awesome Pringles flavors here, too. Seaweed, shrimp, and crab to name a few. Yuck. Enjoy the beach!!

  19. In China we had Hot & Sour Fish Soup Chips. That tasted just like Barbecue chips, but with a fishy aftertaste. We also learned that what we call “Barbecue” here are, in China, called “Italian meat.”

  20. Geez, that’s wild! Everyday–I find something that makes me sound like my Granny. “What will they think of next?” (said very seriously with a puzzled face!)
    Have fun beach bums!
    I’m heading to the Redneck Riviera this weekend. Can’t wait to stick my toes in the sand.

  21. “I like to shop in a familiar environment….” Oh my word, I had to click through when I read that. That is official ‘mawmaw’ status! Hilarious. (Or maybe I’m just feeling the pressure to join in and get ‘really tickled about nothing in particular’, which is something Southern girls do very well.)

  22. Oh! Laughing till I wheeze….I could use more of that. Come to think of it…couldn’t we all?! Have a great trip! Love to laugh with you at your blog!

  23. I can’t help but see that you left out the all-time-best-ever-tortilla-chip-in-a-bag.
    Please try these:
    You will not be disappointed!
    Publix is the only place I’ve found them so far.
    You’re Welcome

  24. If ever you go to Switzerland, try the Paprika chips. The best chips EVER. And Bev is right – here in the UK the range of flavours available is astounding!

  25. I have not even taken the time to read this current post because do you know why??!!!! YOU ARE ONE OF REE’S POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know I am all kinds of grammer crazy here) I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I have followed you for many a pod-cast issue and all the days in between…but today to see your sweet words on yet ANOTHER favorite blog…OH.SWEET. MERCY. pure joy!!!! I know you now think I am 10 kinds of crazy but we have had a very stressfull weekend and it really is the simple things that bring the joy!!

    Much love!

  26. Did you see the Red Hot Funyuns??? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I mean, why mess with perfection? ;)

  27. I LOVE the wing flavored chips. But then again I have a very unhealthy obsession with all things hot and spicy! I can’t help it. The heart wants what the heart wants!

  28. I just got back from China and Japan and, yeah. Seaweed and fish-flavored chips – including Pringles. Mmmmm?

    Your cart reminds me of when I was a little girl and the only grandchild. My grandmother would take me to the store when we visited her and let me buy whatever I wanted. It was the only time I was allowed to subsist on a diet of Dr. Pepper, pimento cheese, Doritos, and Oreos. :)

    • I can soooo relate! My mom and dad divorced, and when it was his weekend to have us, he’d take us camping. It was really roughing it – sleeping bag on the ground sans tent or camper BUT the shopping for the trip was pure joy. Coke? check. Chips in many varieties? check. Candy? Oh my lands, YES! Thanks, Dad, for indulging me. Ahh. Those were the days & surely calories don’t count when you’re camping!

  29. Oh. My. Goodness Miss Sophie(I’ve been in the South a month, so we are calling everyone Miss this and that again). I loved your tweet yesterday about the names of Alabama towns. We have done two trips to the beach and back this month while here on vacation, and I thought to myself, “they just don’t have names like that in the state of California!”. A little Alabama charm to keep me entertained. And speaking of being entertained, you and Melanie entertained me for two full hours with your charm and wit, via my IPhone and one of those fancy gadgets that I can just plug in and not have to use my fun scrambler! Thanks for that cuz a 4 year old and a six year old, no matter how entertaining, just can’t give me the lively adult conversation I need on a four to five hour drive. Last bit of beach info, if you are anywhere near Pensacola on Sunday(a mere 20 to 30 minute drive from Gulf Shores and worth it) get yourself to First City Church on Gadsden and 13th. Hope you have a great beach trip!

  30. Kathy V. says:

    This bears a remarkable resemblance to last year’s pre-beach shopping trip, does it not? ;) Hey, that’s what vacations are for, right? Indulgence! Enjoy every minute of it and don’t forget the sunscreen!

  31. There’s a lot to be said for Smucker’s low sugar and sugar free jellies and jams. They are wonderful in all their ways and they totally offset the calories of those chips!!!

  32. You have to try the Herr’s Jalapeno Popper Cheese Curls. You’ll never be the same.

  33. “It’s vacation. ENJOY THE POTATO CHIPS, KIDS.” That is laugh out loud funny and the truth! Salty items are the bomb when it comes to beach snack food.

  34. Bernadette says:

    There are lobster flavored chips but I don’t think they are very tasty