A Special Little Giveaway

One day last week I bought something on Etsy that I just adore.

I first saw it on Pinterest, I think – and it struck me as the perfect little poster for our kitchen/playroom area. It’s totally inspirational and only $15. So, you know, SOLD.

And then I saw this Family Rules poster on the same Etsy site.


The very kind owner of AlexanderCreative – the designer of these posters – has graciously offered to give away a Family Rules poster to one of you. The posters come in four colors: black, white, brown or red. I think they’re all fantastic.

Just FYI and in the interest of full disclosure: nobody is paying me or sending me free merchandise in exchange for this giveaway. This is just one of those things that I immediately loved – and I thought y’all would love it, too.

So check out the AlexanderCreative Etsy site – and leave a comment if you’d like to win!

This giveaway will close on Monday, August 8th.

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. Melody Peacock says:

    I really need to check out Etsy . . . I have never looked at it . . .

  2. OH I want one of those!!!!!!!! If I don’t win (which I NEVER win anything, ever) (as in my whole life!!) I am going to send this to my family members as a WISH LIST item for Christmas! YOU KNOW… it’s ONLY a little over 4 months away!!!! :-)

  3. Love it! So simple, so true.

  4. Love it!!!

  5. Just “pinned” the poster!

  6. COOL!!
    I love the one you have!!!

  7. Judy in MI says:

    You thought right girlfriend! Love them! Especially the second one you have posted – must. own.

  8. I’ve got that family rules poster pinned too, and I’d love to win one!

  9. Love how things so simple can be so beautiful….

  10. I love that poster too! Perfect for my family.

  11. I have been looking at a way to display some “family rules” . I’d love to win one :)

  12. I have been eyeing these for a few months. Thanks for the Etsy hook up. :)

  13. LOVE it! I have a perfect spot picked out for it. Hope I win!

  14. Laurie Cox says:

    Love it! What a creative way to remind everyone how we should be at home & away from home!

  15. Those are very cute! Would love one!

  16. Carrie in CT says:

    So neat! I would love that poster in black. It would look great in my house and what a great message!

  17. Love the family rules sign!!

  18. Love it! I think this would be really cool hanging in our hallway.

  19. Deborah says:

    super cute!

  20. so great! love this :)

  21. I’d LOVE to win that for my home!! Beautiful!!

  22. I love those posters! So cute!

  23. Beth in the Heartland says:

    Would LOVE to win, this would look fabulous in our playroom! Thanks for the giveaway

  24. I love both of these signs!! I’ve been looking at subway signs like the last one forever and can’t find one that I really like, I think I’ve finally found one!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  25. Love it, I’ve been wanting one of those!

  26. I’d LOVE to win one of the posters!

  27. Rachel R. says:

    I have been wanting to make one, but this is even better. Love it!

  28. I love this! Would be a perfect gift for my cousin who just had Baby #3

  29. angie finnegan says:

    I have the perfect place for this….. love it.

  30. LOVE them both!

  31. Rebecca Scott says:

    I love these – would LOVE to win the family rules!

  32. Brittany says:

    Too cute! Love it.

  33. Stephanie says:

    Oh, I really need this poster for my boys!!!! If I don’t win the giveaway, I will have to dip into my wallet :)

  34. rebecca says:

    Love this!! If I don’t win it, I may just have to buy it. :)

  35. Spiritmom says:

    Love it! Esp the be considerate part. After lots of togetherness this summer, my 4 chicks are forgetting this with each other.

  36. Love them both! I am just now getting into pinterest….and it is still overwhelming…but I can’t wait to find stuff like this on it! PS-since you didn’t lead me astray on FNL, I started watching Parks and Recreation yesterday on Netflix after reading your post on PW. LOVE. IT.

  37. I adore both of them! I may have to add these to my Christmas list. Thanks for the link! I would love to win either of them.



  39. Super cute stuff!

  40. I would love one of these family rules posters! With a large family, it would be great to have some fun/strict rules to live by in our playroom!

  41. I love these. Sayings are my favorite things.. Thanks for the giveaway..

  42. I’ve been admiring that Family Rules poster on pinterest for quite a while! I’d love to have one!!!

  43. Kelly B. says:

    I love the family rules print and would love to put one in our home

  44. I would love one of these posters!

  45. Courtney says:

    I LOVE the family rules!! Precious!

  46. This is why I never get on Etsy! I would spend hundreds of dollars every day on beautiful things like this!

  47. Oh this would be so perfect for our family. And the contest ends on my birthday so what a great birthday present to me!

  48. Gorgeous!! Love it so much.

  49. I LOVE that Family Rules sign. I’ve been wanting to get one–how great to have one that has the most important rule first!

  50. Kelly B. says:

    Love the family rules poster!

  51. Lacey C. says:

    Oh yes yes yes, I LOVE that sign! Perfect!

  52. Julie G says:

    Would love to win!

  53. Love family rules!

  54. Tracey o says:

    It’s gonna be tough to pick which color i want when i win! :-)

  55. This would make a great Christmas gift….but I love it so much that I’d probably keep it for myself!!

  56. Wonderful signs!! Would love to win one and if not, I’ll probably be buying one soon. Must pin it on my board @ Pinterest!

  57. I love the family rules poster!! Love that Love Jesus is at the top!!! Cute, cute, cute!!!!

  58. I love this family rules poster.

  59. Love the Family Rules. Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. Those are fabulous!
    If I’d won, it’ be the day before *GULP* I turn 40. . . .

    Black one is my fav.

  61. ok…i love that. it’s all the things i say to my kids all the time, but now it’s pretty and not naggy. i’d love to win it!

  62. yes, please! love it!

  63. Great! Would be great in a child’s room to remind them how to behave. Also, how about one for your workplace?!!!

  64. Jessica G says:

    Love these! They are so cute and true!

  65. Love the family rules poster! Pick me! :)

  66. Love the family rules!!

  67. I saw it on Pinterest too!

  68. Jamie C says:

    Love your musings, and really enjoyed seeing you on PW! Have a great day!

  69. Okay I’m trying for a free one but this is one that win or not will end up in my house!!!

  70. Kristen says:

    I love the Family Rules poster! That is really great…please enter my name!

  71. The family rules is lovely! It’s very similar to one I found on pinterest but I love that this one comes in brown! So cute!

  72. Jessica says:

    I LOVE the family rules poster. We need that reminder hanging in our house!

  73. Heather says:

    Wall words are my obsession! Things we repeatedly read get stuck in our soul. I love this!

  74. Melissa says:

    I would adore winning the family rules poster. It needs to be at our front door or in our kitchen or in the middle of the living room!! I adore it!

  75. Love it! Simple, true, bold. Thanks!!

  76. Heather says:

    oh I LOVE those!!

  77. Allison B says:

    Oh I LOVE it – It would look awesome in our nursery!

  78. Awesome giveaway!!! :) Love it!

  79. Donna G says:

    That poster is pretty neat. It helps us ALL to remember what’s important, not just the kids!

  80. I love the Family Rules! I’ve been looking at these for awhile. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  81. Well, you clearly have your priorities in order :)

  82. Love these! A great giveaway!!!

  83. Love that! I’ve been eyeing those on Pinterest, too!

  84. So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Kimberly/OKC says:

    I love quotes and word posters!!!

  86. Joanna Miller says:

    Yes, please! I love both of those posters … what a fantastic idea.`

  87. I love the family rules idea!!! Thanks for having a give a way – I went to their shop and love it!

  88. Oh, I love this (in brown :) )!! I have been a reader for a while, but have never commented! However, this warrents a comment!! Thank you!

  89. I would LOVE to win that!

  90. I love the family rules poster! Great rules and pretty too!

  91. I love this poster and it would be perfect in our house. A great find!

  92. LOVE the family rules poster! So cute!

  93. I love this sign! I also love his Boy sign. So true. Thanks for the chance.

  94. love it!!!

  95. Jessica Berry says:

    I love the Family Rules poster and would love to win one.

  96. I love these posters! So cute and original!

  97. Love it!

  98. Love it – such a great piece for a playroom/family room.

  99. Oh my goodness, yes please! I was just recently thinking of making my own, but how much better would it be if it was already done for me? :)

  100. Gorgeous! Love both posters, must go check out that Etsy site ASAP!